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  1. Hopefully it will @mikeb! CTS was in the new sleuth mystery promo HMM was running before the shutdowns hit (old clips from Emma Fielding were used) so I figured they were making at least one more movie. It's good to hear there were definite plans to do so. I adored that whole cast and wish they'd made a ton more films. It would be great if HMM took the opportunity to create even more new series than they had planned before. Sarah Strange deserves her own mystery series and I'd love to see Jen Lilley in something. JL would make a great Annie Laurance Darling.
  2. Matchmaker Mysteries are far worse than Morning Show Mysteries, IMO. Both the leads in that one are terrible (wooden, affected, etc.). It still boggles my mind that Matchmaker got made over another Emma Fielding or Darrow and Darrow.
  3. Wasn't Diana herself, as she matured, embarrassed by the dress?
  4. Hardcastle and McCormick. I remember watching it during its original run but had forgotten all about it until seeing an old fall promo for ABC. (Remember those promos where the casts of the new and returning shows would sing and dance the network's theme song? The one that really sticks in my mind featured Captain Stuebing from the Love Boat but I can't find it on YT.) Anyway, I wonder why H&C hasn't been re-aired.
  5. I liked Diana's wedding day hair much better than the old lady hairdos she wore for years afterwards. Grace Kelly was a stunningly beautiful woman.
  6. Agreed! Or at least keep the 24/7 Christmas movies to the regular Hallmark channels. I really hope when things return to some semblance of normal that HMM recommits to making lots of new mystery movies. I love almost all of them. Still need to catch the newest Ruby so hopefully they will re-air it again next week or weekend.
  7. Thank you @DaphneCat and @CanaryFan98!
  8. Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well in these trying times. I haven't watched this show in a few months and from reading the last couple of pages it looks like skipping out was a good decision, lol. My only question is what happened to Marlena that she required surgery? Ok, two questions. What does Orpheus have to do with baby David? xxoo
  9. Same here. I love the Emma Fielding series and all the characters. Hopefully it will get back on track as soon as it's safe to do so.
  10. I thought Sal Stowers did a good job portraying grief during the baby David story. I'm not sure why she doesn't spark with LA, though - he is charismatic, funny and the best looking man on the show. What's that old saying .... if you looked up sexy in the dictionary, there'd be a picture of Lamon Archey.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes @tribeca as @boes said I hope the tips are good and the customers treat you well.
  12. Whew - finally caught up! I'm so very happy that SN is back on Days. The story will probably end up unsatisfying, as Ron's stories often do, but for now I'm along for the ride. Kayla and Justin are cute together. MBE is always gorgeous but since the time jump she's been glowing. Gabi and Eli are hot, hot, hot! I really do love them together, and yes he's 1,000 more interesting with Gabi than he ever was with Lani (and I say that as one of the few who doesn't mind Lani). Hattie and Eve are fun together, and I'm enjoying Eve treating Abigail harshly even if Abigail is the only one who believes her. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  13. I'm glad she made this public comment. It's ridiculous that CB hasn't been nominated in the lead category. She consistently turns in stellar performances and has done so for years. In other news, I'm thrilled about the renewal!!!!
  14. Totally agree about mixed breeds and checking for a chip. I have a feeling he was left behind on purpose, though. 😞 So, so glad we were there to find him. Not gonna lie, this would be pretty awesome. ORK would pull it off, too.
  15. Thank you @QueenSerena! Our local NBC affiliate is terrible at updating their schedule. I tried staying up last week to see if they'd show it at 1:05 or some other stupid time, but fell asleep waiting. I may just set the dvr at 1, 2 and 3 am to try and catch them that way. Thank you @boes! I haven't taken him to the vet yet but am guessing he's about four months old. He ran up to me, let me pick him up, and snuggled up right up under my chin and licked my hand. It was kismet! This particular park is about an hour from our house and I was worried the ride home would freak him out, as our other cats hate car rides, but nope! He rode in my lap or on the console between the seats the whole way without making a peep. He's very laid back and happy to be warm and well fed, and I'm happy to be mom to another furball.
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