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  1. I'm so glad PR is back! I've missed Christian, Brandon and Elaine. It was a bit strange at first with no host, but actually it's fine without one. The judges can take turns doing that part. Like some others, I'm reserving judgement on Bones. Darren, too, as shutting down when overwhelmed is totally relatable. But that's why I'd never do a competitive reality show. Maybe his talent got subsumed by nerves? We'll see. I'm just glad they didn't cut the adorable Sabrina. Her look was not great but she clearly has a unique pov. While I don't wear many bright colors or patterns, I love
  2. Ugh. Welp, I guess my annual boycott of HMM is on after all. And it will begin even earlier than last year. When I get the urge to watch Christmas movies in December (not July or October or November), it will be on other channels since this one doesn't value me as a viewer.
  3. Me, either. I thought HMM would make up for 2020 with lots of new mysteries this year, but they didn't. As it is, I already feel neglected as a viewer by this channel; the 24/7 holiday movies only makes it worse. I'm probably getting my hopes up for nothing, but HMM's advertising for the holiday movies is a bit different this year. In the past they've emphasized the 24/7 aspect and they're not doing that now. At least not yet.
  4. Is HMM not doing 24/7 Christmas movies this year? I was hoping they'd limit the holiday movies and at least leave the late night schedule alone.
  5. Katie Couric is awful. Just awful. I never liked her anyway, but am still surprised at how shallow, vile and self-absorbed she really is. I wonder how many women she destroyed over the years - by her own actions and by aiding and abetting predators like Matt Lauer - that we will never hear about? Maureen Callahan's review in the Post is a nice start at a comeuppance. Sadly, though, accusations of misogyny and acceptance of harassment and rape by her male colleagues won't move someone like Couric. However, Callahan's line that Couric's "downward trajectory — from “Today” to her disastrou
  6. It really was! I recorded the possession finale on my cassette tape recorder (I was 10 years old so this was before vcr's were available/affordable) and would sit and listen to it whenever I was bored. Soap was so great at juggling multiple storylines and showing true character development. It's a shame today's soaps don't do the same.
  7. If it could be as entertaining as Corinne's demon baby on Soap a million years ago, then that would be ok. But, in addition to Ben being a psycho killer, he's a miserable fuck with no sense of humor. You're probably right about this story being in service to Ben, though. And that makes the whole thing a lot less fun.
  8. Me, too. I've missed some episodes here and there but have been loving Doug trying to warn everyone about Marlena. The preview showing him being possessed looks super fun. I'm also liking how this ridiculous story is bringing in a wider range of characters, which is as close to an umbrella story as Ron C will ever be able to tell. As I've said before, I've given up on soaps ever being as good as they used to be. If they can bring me some small bit of enjoyment, then I'm taking it. The preview of Nicole and EJ? Hotttttt. These two were together (with James Scott as EJ) when I f
  9. Ditto. Also, their haircuts are hideous.
  10. You're probably right, which makes it almost as depressing. This channel's obsession with months and months of 24/7 Christmas movies really pisses me off. Hallmark Drama gets to keep its regular schedule, so why not HMM? Totally agree.
  11. That's a real bummer. Even though I'll watch the old mysteries over and over again, I so miss new mysteries. Is there no more filming because of this damn virus or are there other factors involved? I also miss Garage Sale mysteries (more so because of the supporting cast than LL, though I don't mind her). Since HMM is under new, enlightened management (Murder, She Wrote fanatics will get that reference), I wonder if they'll give Lori Loughlin a second chance?
  12. Yes, I wonder about the renaming for the Melanie Abrams series. HMM did it with another recent mystery as well - it was supposed to be Destination Mysteries:(something) but that descriptor/indicator of a series was stripped away and the movie had a singular, non-colon title which I can't remember the name of. I liked it, especially a couple of the supporting cast members.
  13. Yes the books are why I never watched the movies, even though I love Alison Sweeney. Not even she could make me want to spend another second with Hannah Swensen and her elastic waistband pants. I read the series through book 8 or 10 if memory serves - or up until the last book that was published before I threw in the towel in frustration. The unbelievably stupid triangle was what finally did it. Poorly constructed mysteries I can stand, but the prim, never-ending triangle was a bridge too far. Hopefully there will be more Chronicle Mysteries. I really liked those.
  14. Kitty Redstone


    I haven't been following (much needed news break!), so am curious about the backstory here. Can you please share?
  15. Yes, I agree that the break up/engagement to someone else is probably a set up for a case. This was a decent mystery and I really enjoy the cast. My husband even got sucked in and watched it with me, ha ha. We must have missed something, though. When it came to the boxes of estate material, who was lying? Did the protegee steal the boxes and extra apartment key from the TA, as she said? Or did the TA give the boxes and key to the protegee, as he said?
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