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  1. I hope so, too. While I love all the series (except for the matchmaker ones), these two are the ones I like best. Like some others, I'll miss the restaurant in the Morning Show Mysteries. The chef and his dog were cute. But, I liked the reporter guy and the new detective. ETA: I'd ***love*** to see some new Darrow & Darrow mysteries, too. That cast was fantastic.
  2. I don't know. HMM's scheduling has always been strange. I'd love to see episodes of Perry Mason, Matlock, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, etc., every day (and some of the old British mysteries would be great, too), but instead they run blocks of just one show for hours at a time ... and then disappear a series for months or drop it all together.
  3. When I saw Murder, She Wrote in Matlock's daytime spot I thought for a second that HMM wasn't going to air MSW in it's normal late night run. Thankfully it's still there. I watch MSW most every night (even though its annoying it's now from 11-3 instead of 10-2), and I'd be ever so pissed if they pulled it from the late night schedule. Like some others, Matchmaker Mystery is my least favorite. The only part that surprised me in the newest movie was near the end when Victor's character tossed his handcuffs to Danica's character to restrain the murderer. That was well done. But the rest
  4. Kitty Redstone


    I like the Rev but Deutch is a gasbag in ugly glasses. Does anyone know why Ali Velshi was moved to the weekends?
  5. I'll have to look up the changes at CNN but sincerely hope they don't involve Brianna Keiler. Her take-downs are glorious!
  6. I liked the new Crossword Mystery but I'm easy. If it's a cozy mystery then I'm watching. It's a bonus if the characters are likable and there aren't too many plot holes. The pairing of Lacey and Brennan really works for me as well, and I was reminded how much I liked him with Brooke Shields when HMM ran a couple of Flower Shop Mysteries last weekend (or the weekend before, can't remember). I'd also like to know if there are any Morning Show Mysteries in the works, as well as my perennial favorite Emma Fielding. @LuvMyShows the blonde woman is Tess's Aunt Candace. The guy who play
  7. The people responsible for programming this channel are awful. Every time I turn it on, something's changed. Yes, the loss of Diagnosis Murder (and Hart to Hart before that) are disappointments. Adding LHotP just makes it worse. And while I'm complaining, I don't like and will never like that they pushed Murder, She Wrote from 10pm - 2 am to 11pm -3am, or that new mysteries are apparently now premiering at 7pm instead of 8pm. I missed half of the new Martha's Vineyard movie because of it and still haven't seen the whole thing.
  8. I thought the Christmas movie onslaught was supposed to begin Friday night but apparently it started tonight?!?!?!?! They just had to add one more night? This really feels like a giant FU to the regular mystery viewers. So, so frustrating.
  9. He's the boyfriend of Kelly Martin's character in her mystery series. At some point the names will come to me but I haven't had enough coffee yet. At any rate, my annual boycott of this channel is set to begin with it's onslaught of 24/7 Christmas movies. See you all in 2-1/2 months!
  10. I didn't mind it. The subtext of people you once knew changing into something unrecognizable, and being happy with where you are in life even if it's not where you thought you'd be, was appealing. Or at least it was believable. Because even if you suspend disbelief at the number of murders that happen in this tiny town and which are solved by a librarian with a great coat and sweater collection, that is easier for me to believe than the number of huge houses Aurora lives in one after another after another. I know she inherited a house at one time and had that as seed money, so to speak, bu
  11. I also really enjoyed the PenaVega movie and think the cast interactions are great. Also looking forward to the new Aurora Teagarden movie on Sunday. I'm depressed that this channel is going 24/7 Christmas next week, though. I was hoping they'd at least keep the regular mystery shows on for the late night/early morning hours.
  12. Thank you @TVFan17! Yes, I never trust Hallmark when it comes to programming. The last bit of trust I had for their schedulers evaporated after they pulled Crossword Mystery last October.and started airing 24/7 Christmas movies even earlier than the previous year. It must be as vexing for the stars of these movies as it is for us viewers. Hopefully my favorites will return at some point. I'm crossing my fingers that HMM will keep their regular late night schedule when they go Christmas this year, like they did when they went Christmas for half of July.
  13. Has there been any word on whether plans to do another Emma Fielding are back on? I sure hope so. It'd be great if they did more Darrow & Darrow as well. I forgot how much I liked these movies, especially the cast.
  14. Hopefully it will @mikeb! CTS was in the new sleuth mystery promo HMM was running before the shutdowns hit (old clips from Emma Fielding were used) so I figured they were making at least one more movie. It's good to hear there were definite plans to do so. I adored that whole cast and wish they'd made a ton more films. It would be great if HMM took the opportunity to create even more new series than they had planned before. Sarah Strange deserves her own mystery series and I'd love to see Jen Lilley in something. JL would make a great Annie Laurance Darling.
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