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  1. Kitty Redstone

    General True Crime Shows

    Agreed. I said as much to my husband after the show. I've been thinking about LJ all day - not just his determination to survive, but that he grew into a compassionate and gracious young man. Hopefully he knows that his parents would be proud of him. Good to know. Thank you, badhaggis.
  2. Kitty Redstone

    General True Crime Shows

    LJ was amazing, and a remarkable narrator of the horrors inflicted on himself and his family. I'm so happy he found a family that took care of him and that he could love and trust. The pain he carries must be enormous, and he clearly feels guilty that he didn't assure his sister he was still alive after the second attack. He shouldn't - he was trying to stay alive - but it's understandable. The murderer really was a monster. Hopefully he's in prison for the rest of his life.
  3. Kitty Redstone

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Jack was great today! Though like some upthread have said, I don't understand why Traci continually makes excuses for Ashley and then expects everyone else to take the high road. Fuck that. If Victoria gets back together with Nostrils, she'll be dead to me. I'm also liking Jett and Elena. A lot. Brytni Sarpy is very charming in this role. I'm also liking Devon and Ana's brother/sister relationship. Agreed. Individually they each have a lovely voice but they don't harmonize. His is too high or hers is too low.
  4. Kitty Redstone

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Interesting. Her husband (rather than the lawyers) seems to be the one driving this train. The article says she hopes to convince the judge of their cluelessness is not a crime defense, so I wonder if that means they're going to ask for a bench trial? Or go with a jury but ask the judge to dismiss after the prosecution presents its case?
  5. Kitty Redstone


    I don't mind Ari's hip hop references except when he interrupts his guests to spout them out. He's as bad as Chris Matthews at rudely interrupting people. I'm somewhat amazed that either one of them can still book quality people. Ari's had George Lakoff on a couple of times and 1) only gave him a very brief amount of time then 2) proceeded to interrupt him over and over again. It was tiresome for me as viewer; can't imagine what it was like for Lakoff. He does the same thing to Matt Miller (who my husband has labeled a Mii from Wii Sports), but since Matt's an MSNBC contributor maybe he has to do Ari's show from time to time?
  6. Kitty Redstone

    The Zoo

    Haha! The looks the girl Pallas cat was giving her keepers was hilarious. Bonding was not on her list of priorities. She clearly did not want to play or have her box cleaned. I wonder how long it took her to leave her niche and explore the new habitat?
  7. Kitty Redstone

    House Flipping Shows

    I liked it! The hosts were fun, the location was great and the house turned out beautifully. I really liked the master bath with the refurbished clawfoot tub. Dark green, black and white is one of my favorite color combinations.
  8. Kitty Redstone

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    I was thinking the other day how strange it was that after all the years Rafe has been on Days, he doesn't have any kids. It might be a nice change for his character to be a father. He's not a great brother, or boyfriend, or husband, or cop. Maybe fatherhood is something he'd be good at? Thank you, buffynut.
  9. Kitty Redstone

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    That's true - what is going on now is much better than back then. Still, nothing is really grabbing me and there's plenty that's working as a repellent. My dear father was taken early from this earth from lung cancer. It was a sad and painful decline for a vital, loving man. It's for this reason that I have zero interest in watching any serious health problem stories on soaps. I watch them for an escape, and if they don't offer that then I leave for awhile. This whole thing with Jack is also a missed opportunity. Someone, somewhere should have been looking into where he's been, who had him, what did they do to him, etc. It didn't have to be a major plot point, but a thin thread to keep people invested in his story apart from Eve (and even Jennifer). I was hoping JJ would get that story so he'd have something to do besides wring his hands over Haley. It is our little slice of paradise! I bet yours is as well - northern CA is beautiful. The yoshino cherry is going to be spectacular this year. If our yard was just a little bit bigger I'd have more of them. Yesterday I saw bumble bees for the first time this year, so I need to hustle to get more blooms out for the pollinators.
  10. Kitty Redstone

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    JT's Billy is repulsive. He's aggressive, arrogant, whiny, and generally unattractive. I'll be super pissed if Victoria gets back together with him. I missed most of the conversation between Jack and Phyllis but his smirk upon hearing her ridiculous tantrum through the door told me everything.
  11. Kitty Redstone

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    Me, either. I've been working in my garden - the weather has been beautiful. The dogwoods and crabapples are blooming, the yoshino cherry is close to blooming, the roses are leafed out, the peonies are up and almost all my hostas are awake. And for the second year we have the sweetest little morning doves nesting in the Fat Albert Spruce right outside the bedroom window. While I've missed Camila Banus in all her glory and ORK knocking it out of the park, the choice has been easy. I'd much rather be outside enjoying mother nature than inside watching a pathetic Hope, depressing Will, ridiculous Tripp and Haley, Eve and Jack doing whatever it is they're doing, etc. I'll keep track of what's going on here but will tap out of watching for awhile. Soon it will be time to add some impatiens, petunias, elephant ears, caladiums, hibiscus . . .
  12. Kitty Redstone

    Fixer Upper

    It really does. I don't care about their views on raising kids, cooking and eating, faith, yada yada (paraphrasing from the new CEO). I thought they'd get their own, new channel and never dreamed they'd take over one I loved.
  13. Kitty Redstone

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I know! I've been worried about that cat since first hearing about it and am very glad someone else is taking care of him.
  14. Kitty Redstone

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The cat is safe with a new person. Shortly after being warned to take better care of the cat, someone else took charge of him/her. I don't think most people would willingly go along with their parents' scams. I definitely would not have, but then my parents weren't crooks. She knew what they - and by extension she - was doing was wrong. She had options, not the least of which was shaming her supposedly moral parents over the whole scheme. If indeed her parents threatened to cut her off if she didn't comply, she was in a better position than 99% of the population to assert her financial independence. She's very clearly telling them to fuck off now, after they've all been caught. She could have done it a year ago, too.
  15. Kitty Redstone

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    It's ridiculous that Rey's keeping this secret. I hope when Lola finds out she kicks him in the balls really hard. And then does it again as soon as he recovers from the first kicking.