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  1. I’m not embarrassed to admit I Was sobbing during Kwame’s hug and again as the credits rolled. Michelle Greenidge as her mother nailed that scene. I thought Fleabag was amazing, but this show was on another level. Wow.
  2. Methylcellulose is a laxative. They use a laxative to make their meringue?! Remind me not to eat at their restaurant!
  3. oldCJ

    S17.E13: Parma

    The fabric was almost identical to my eighty-year old auntie’s favorite shirt! She wears it to every family gathering. 😂
  4. Helena had her first (hilarious) acting job on What We Do in the Shadows.
  5. Always fun to see shows I like intersect. Lilith as Nadja was played by Helena, the goth baker from GBBO.
  6. I am hoping ghost nadja in a doll ends up with ghost gregor in a doll. Very Chuckie in Child’s Play vibes.
  7. Crickets scream the future. Rabbit I can understand. But veal brains? I guess as long as there’s a dairy industry, there will be veal. Might as well eat their brains. When will cheftestants learn preparing something two or three ways is asking for trouble?
  8. Yup. There’s no way Hasidic-inspired could be high fashion. /s 1990s Gaultier would like to have a word with you.
  9. Right? I feel like if this came out a few months ago I would have watched the first episode and been meh about it. But the show has sucked me in now.
  10. I agree. The humor is not humorous. Last week with the keyboard cat meme circa 2007 was a low point. I’m tired of the constant forced puns. It does feel like previous seasons were just more fun.
  11. I’m glad I’m not into gambling because I was wrong on my guess for the final three. Rosa likes making the same fish, doesn’t she. They were off-putting to say the least in this context and made it look like the toilet needed to be cleaned. 💩
  12. I thought it was funny how the judge said making an elevator that works out is hard. What terrible advertising for lego! ”You need to be a lego master to get the moving parts to work!” 🤣
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