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  1. "I know, I'll wear my skinny jeans, red robin hood shirt, and my dominatrix shoes, you know, the ones that I wear to death. You'll take a picture of me standing in the middle of the street, while I gaze open-mouthed, up into the trees, caressing my thighs. Then we'll put it on Intergram, so all my girlfriends and followers can poke it."
  2. SuprSuprElevated

    Shop HQ: Evine No More; Shop HQ Again

    I'm in agreement about the horrid yellow in the new graphics. Cheapens the experience, which this channel needs no help doing.
  3. I agree! Looks like a building trades teaching project.
  4. SuprSuprElevated

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    Absofuckinglutely. All of it. Signed, Northerner With Rational Thought
  5. Sounds more like a satanic possession than a reaction to bad broccoli.
  6. SuprSuprElevated

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    SNDD (Same narrative, different day) "I was broke, single, had no family and no idea what the future held."
  7. SuprSuprElevated

    Real Housewives in the Media

    Lu dishes a bit on next season:
  8. SuprSuprElevated

    Flipping Out

    From Jeff's Instagram. What a beautiful child!
  9. SuprSuprElevated

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    "The EtG test, properly known as Ethyl Glucuronide is a metabolite produced from drinking alcohol and is used to detect alcohol levels in urine. It is being used by courts and probation departments as a way of testing if people are drinking."
  10. SuprSuprElevated

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    It's RO so... kathryn-dennis-and-thomas-ravenel-custody-details If the following is true, this seems to me like it will cause never ending tumult to the family and any possibility of civil co-parenting: The court documents read, “Either parent may request ETG testing of the other at any time when the parent has the children (for example – at the end of their parenting time).”
  11. Oh, nothing much, just hanging with the beautiful people in the Hamptons.