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  1. The argument could certainly be made that both terms are offensive.
  2. Though the judging on this show seems oddly esoteric to me, what I think happens, is that they are calling up three designers, one of which will be the winner and one or more to go home. It's sort of like PR (gasp!) where everyone except those 3 are "safe". They are going out of their way to NOT state it like that, because that would be too PRish.
  3. I don't disagree, but at least for this event, it's hard to imagine a scenario where there wouldn't be a 'potential' impact. We will all be so much smarter when it's over, lol.
  4. There do seem to be plenty of people that don't understand the far and not-so far reaching consequences of their behavior. If they are people that believe this is all a 'hoax', or perpetrated on our society intentionally, they are less likely to comply. That mentality or argument won't be solved by the time we get on the other side of this crisis. People raising torches over the guy arrested for paddleboarding by himself off Malibu, CA can't make the connection that his actions could lead to endangering others. If he drove there, he could have gotten in an accident requiring others to be exposed, he could have needed life saving actions requiring others to be exposed. Extreme? Maybe, but no less true.
  5. KL's Instagram post would have been fine and reasonable had she not A) Ended it with a self-serving judgy statement, and B) Bizarrely chosen the photo of a tiki bar to accompany it. Wtf? You’re beautiful You’re loved You’re smart You’re wanted You have the power to make others happy by what you write on the internet. I choose to verbally vomit every thought, and annoyingly post provocative selfies, but you don't get to drag me for it.
  6. To your first point, yes! She sure did. To your second point, barely.
  7. I came armed with yet another mask article, lol. Though they seem to be well represented, I'll drop it anyway. coronavirus-faqs-is-a-homemade-mask-effective-and-whats-the-best-way-to-wear-one?
  8. Because I watched that soap as a young girl, I had to look him up, and I remember him still! Sad.
  9. Um, Rachel? meghan-markles-real-name-and-title-revealed-on-archies-birth-certificate
  10. Will Rogers said it; "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging."
  11. For your post-COVID19 air-it-out phase. A443034
  12. I'm with you TT. My hubs watches the darkest, most violent stuff all the time. The other day I sort of mini snapped, and said "find something happy and light or I'm throwing something through that television screen!". He got the hint. I'm on the laptop most often, and am getting better at tuning it out, but still.
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