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  1. I'm all for it if it keeps that sheet-petting guy with the white-piped black blazer from spoiling my tv screen.
  2. Nephew cooks in a local behavioral health in-patient facility. Volunteers for every holiday he can get @ triple x wages. Just bought a house this year, and extra pay comes in handy. Dunno if the tv shopping hosts would be eligible for extra pay, being they're on contracts, but I suppose it's possible. As another poster mentioned, it could also be some sort of rotation share and share alike system.
  3. Welp, dinner was pretty good, not perfect. The turkey was good, breast very moist, dark meat a touch underdone (though thermometer read correctly), so didn't have any of that. The dressing was good, gravy passable. Mashed potatoes were a disaster. I had an entire 5# bag of fresh yukon golds, but chose to "use up" the 3 or 4 older ones first, and they tainted the entire batch with that "earthy" taste. Stupid time to become frugal about $1 worth of potatoes. Overall the day was good. Hubs was happy, there will be leftovers for him to savor, and all was right with the world, if only our little 2000 sqft of it, if only for a day. Hope you all were similarly satisfied.
  4. 22 yrs his junior? No, he couldn't. $20million in est. annual residual income plus a live-in nurse. What more could a guy want?
  5. I nearly spit a gravy-soaked dressing crumb onto my keyboard, the ramifications of which would be dire.
  6. I suppose it's difficult to 'date around', like most people do at her age, when one is celeb-adjacent, and dates high profile people. It's easy to assume that she's a hanger-on, when in reality, with every celeb she dates, she becomes socially familiar with other celebs, increasing the potential that she'll stay in that social environment. Hopefully there's some substance to go along with the attractive exterior.
  7. Jillian Michaels came for Andy Cohen and Teddi Jo. jillian-michaels-reignites-feuds
  8. Turkey, dressing, mashed yukon golds w/gravy, kluski noodles, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie. Yes, it's a brown meal with nary a green (or otherwise colored) food on the plate, yes, we'll be in a carb coma by 4pm, and yes, it'll totally be worth it. Cheers everyone!
  9. Fwiw, TS isn't lauded by me. For anything. It wasn't as if he acknowledged that, at least at the time it happened, as it was folks making assumptions. My memory of it is a bit fuzzy, so...
  10. It's been a minute since Greg Norman was the darling of the PGA circuit. He brought his um, dog to the beach and had a photo taken. Fixed. instagram Dunno who this woman is, but she nailed it, lol. "Paige Spiranac dubs Greg Norman ‘hammerhead shark’ after bulging beach photo."
  11. My only contribution is to say that you can't be the world's caretaker. We all have to learn that there are things outside of our control, and the stress from trying to control those things will cause more harm than good. Your family does not look at things as you do, and apparently, no amount of hand wringing or trying to convince them is going to change that. Might be time to let it go. I know it's hard.
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