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  1. Holy shit! 50 years?!? You just crushed me. 🤯😩
  2. I hesitated to share this as I know many of us have enough sadness in our lives, but it was simply too poignant and sweet. They knew joy together, and that's the bright spot.
  3. Eeks! Don't eat the stuff myself, but... too-much-candy-mass-man-dies-from-eating-bags-of-black-licorice
  4. Mixed bag for me too, but I have more that left a negative impression than positive.
  5. I'm old enough to remember this tidy little cheddar transaction - famous-for-his-tequila-marins-red-rocker-now-makes-rum
  6. You're probably clicking on the " mark instead of the editing pencil. I do it all.the.time.
  7. We've seen the skills of the IT department on numerous occasions. Since the telephone service isn't as reliant on Q employees, they probably have a better shot of actually being able to get through an order via telephone.
  8. I'll be sure to not suggest it to you.
  9. My wish is that no one gets it. Get well soon!
  10. Had the Q on when I went to bed. Fell asleep and awakened by the nonsense of Shawn telling me how the polar fleece sheets and the MukLuks sherpa socks are year-round items. It's one thing to romance your product, it's another to fabricate stories.
  11. Don't be afraid of posting photos on this silly site, lol. There's plenty out there to be afraid of, this shouldn't be. Plus, you can delete all of those slipper photos. I'll help if you're interested.
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