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  1. Welp, I'm certain that she was the topic of conversation if true, but not in the way she or Cuddle Duds would want, lol.
  2. She's a liar. They would haul her ass to the nutbarn in Naples, Fla if seen walking the streets in that. 😆
  3. Agree. Increasing revenue today, but diluting the brand for future. Probably planning to sell (the name), therefore dgas.
  4. Aw, so sorry Benji. Play hard over there Benji, play hard little one~
  5. The song would indicate that he's still a bitter Betty. About everything. Also, despite the lyrics indicating he 'can do anything', I would submit that songwriting might be one exception.
  6. Never was much of a Rogers fan, but he's growing on me daily.
  7. DH has same reaction to 'slip and fall' vids. He fell in employer's (thank heavens!) parking lot 9 yrs ago. Slammed elbow on a parking block...surgeon stopped counting at a dozen fractures...18 mos. of therapy later, he has a shortened arm that can't be fully extended/straightened, which provides daily, chronic pain.
  8. I realized it was a foretelling, and resented the spoiler frankly, but I like your part one reasoning.
  9. Ridiculously not germane, but whomever does her makeup deserves a bronze likeness by Rodin himself. Stunning!
  10. More like road apples found along a parade route.
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