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  1. Plus, I've never seen such a large disparity in the pricing before this. I mean $60 bucks!
  2. See now this is the kind of thing that is just..a fracking mystery to me. Five colors offered, and four of them are priced at $89 bucks, with the fifth color at $150. Lead in the water, I'm tellin' you, there's lead in the water over there. A369194
  3. That's only part of it for me. They both are prolific smilers, and just go about with an air of warm confidence, that does a lot for the garments as well. I don't believe one has to be either tall or thin, necessarily.
  4. His former girlfriend, the one mentioned in the recent problems, has stated that he desperately needs his mental health addressed. She said what I was thinking. He's off the rails.
  5. Kate really does wear clothes beautifully doesn't she? She has that in common with her mother-in-law.
  6. Jeff just can't not vomit his business over the radio. The man is deranged. jeff-lewis-gage-edward-has-sent-cease-desist-letter-after-custody-battle
  7. She wasn't, isn't, likely won't ever be.
  8. My M-I-L (may she RIP), first generation American of Italian immigrant parents, told of learning how to crochet as a young girl, by crocheting straps and trim onto flour sacks, and transforming them into slips and underpinnings. She became a prolific crochet artist (in my mind anyway), gifting me with numerous pieces, almost all made of thread/string, very little done with yarn. God I miss her. I will go to my grave regretting that I didn't record her many stories for posterity.
  9. Yes and yes. She is all over the place. I get that she's an emotional mess, but then she never impressed as someone who has a high level of emotional maturity. She was and is a poseur.
  10. Such a good idea! From government! Wow, who knew they could do it? fcc-approves-988-to-be-new-suicide-hotline-number
  11. Yeah, but we're just bottom feeding snarkers, so it's all good.
  12. Though I unfollowed Bethenny (and most of the other Bravolebrities), I was compelled to click the ^link. I liked this response best, and it seems Beth had no retort. p.s.: That "late in life" thing had to chap her gluteus maximus but good!
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