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  1. The Kandi thing is an insult, or should be. I'm not as bothered by Lena. This episode was just lacking for me. The shining standout was Tyla Abercrumbie's performance. She sold that performance as the tortured mother of a missing/found dead/not found dead child. Stunning.
  2. Same. Totally her business, up to the point that she shares her 'secrets'. I don't believe it was done the old fashioned way, not that it matters.
  3. Yes, apparently the sizing standards vary wildly from one province in China to the next.
  4. I'll admit my imagination has wandered in that direction, even though the practical me knows that it is far too soon, and we have far too few details.
  5. Found these on the shelf at Lowe's about 4 wks or so ago. Fabuloso-90-Count-Lavender-Disinfectant-All-Purpose-Cleaner
  6. Best wishes to your brother-in-law and your family.
  7. I bought some of this Coppertone product to replace this Josie Maran product spf-45-body-butter, which while I liked it, I decided it was way to expensive to slather on to the degree that I need it for yard work etc. Haven't used it yet, but I like the SPF number being 50. I'm still using Maran's Protect-%26-Perfect-Radiance for face, again too expensive, but saved money from eBay, probably have enough to get into 2021.
  8. Yep. I've been buying linen pieces from them for years, but always on sale.
  9. After last night's unending barrage of booms, this is me awaiting tonight's sundown assault:
  10. We've had a run of 90 degree +/- temps, with no short-term relief in sight. Those would be the last things I would want QVC to send me via Pony Express.
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