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  1. Yeah, blanket statements, not unlike blankets themselves, don't fit everyone.
  2. Yes!! This 'reply all' vs 'reply to sender' thing drives me bananas! It defies comprehension. As for the bathroom habits of men - I've been asking my hubs to please sit to pee for years, stating "just go ahead and sit; it won't get wet." 🤪
  3. Qurate no doubt counting the days until he's 65 and eligible for Medicare, thereby getting him the hell off their plan. Wasn't this the second heart 'event' that we've been made aware of? With two of these under his belt so to speak, I wouldn't think he'd be too interested in hanging around QVC much longer. Go forth and live the life he's been planning I would think. Edit - yeah, found this on Distractify dot com: what-happened-to-dan-hughes-on-qvc Though he didn’t go into details about his recent medical issue, Dan has been candid over the years about his February 2013 heart atta
  4. Of course - that commercial. So randomly stupid and annoying, simultaneously.
  5. Today's pet peeve: Wet teddy bears. 😣
  6. Makes about as much sense as a cold shoulder goose down parka.
  7. I had one of the forums here as my bookmark for Primetimer. Suddenly this afternoon, when I would click on the thumbnail for it, I'm getting a "__Community Not Available - Check With The Owner" or something similar. So I had to put Primetimer in the search bar, and arrive at it that way. Something's up. p.s.: Primetimer has an app? lol I use a pc
  8. You have just summed the Bravo business model.
  9. I'm betting that they both couldn't fit in the same room. The J-Rod of academia if you will.
  10. It strikes me that T Conn will never be confused with a member of Mensa.
  11. I have purchased a couple of (cheap) pairs, before Q heard of them btw, and I can tell you that the ones I bought anyway are a pain in the ass. The lenses always seem dirty, and almost distorted. I'm done with 'em.
  12. The Unser name was synonymous with the Indy 500 for decades. Fitting that he should pass in the month that is consumed by The Greatest Spectacle In Racing. holcomb-comments-on-death-of-racing-legend-bobby-unser
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