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  1. Or maybe, people are reporting stuff they know nothing about? ‾\_(ツ)_/‾
  2. If I had a $buck$ for every time Jane uttered "I can't even" and "ohmygosh", I'd have enough to buy QRate and then close it down. On principle.
  3. Thanks Thump! Unfortunately, he's in the NICU, as he was born about 5 weeks early and needs a little lung strengthening. I'm not terribly worried about him, but I know gd is going to have a very tough time going home without him.
  4. Don't beat yourself up too badly. Declawing was the norm for decades. We got smarter, and don't do it anymore. I haven't done it since 1987, and yes I have guilt too. Give yourself credit for being smarter. Wasn't doing that. Check Zarin's Insta. That dog's feet never hit the floor.
  5. That would be the 2nd best news I've had today. Since you asked, my first great grandson was born this morning! Friday the 13th will now and forever on be lucky! NutriSystem, exercise equipment, New Year/New You, followed by Valentine's Day crap.
  6. Clearly, she isn't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- With apologies to anyone here who accessorizes with their pet, I hate it when people never let a pet's feet hit the floor. I will never understand, don't try to make me.
  7. The scripting is tired. "This is the last Isaac blue skirt with a flounce hem and goring, made with pima cotton, woven by elves on a handmade loom...until next year."
  8. Only 32 years old, and he and his wife expecting their first child in February. Rough. chris-cotton-2019-comedy-central-comedian
  9. Exactly why I haven't jumped into this product segment - they aren't ready. couple-says-stranger-hacked-into-bedroom-ring-security-camera-set-up-to-watch-puppy p.s.: I'm aware of other security vulnerabilities in my home, I'm talking about this right now.
  10. Involving this...this trick in the show is clearly a thinly veiled attempt by Bravo to inject some nastiness/drama into a franchise which should have been euthanized several years ago. mv
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