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  1. Minicatfall

    S02.E07: High End Italian Fashion

    I recognized the fabric right away, too. It was Viktor Luna, Project Runway All Stars. I didn't like Chris's design -- I thought the way he used the print made his model's bottom half look oversized and choppy. And since I'm commenting... I didn't get the love for Izzy's design and would have switched her placement with Haawaa.
  2. Minicatfall

    S15: Final 6 Collections and predict the winner

    Yes -- it's the same site, gettyimages.com. To save search time, enter project runway new york fashion week september 2016. There are several still shots, none of which are organized by collection and may not be complete, but at least you can see them close up.
  3. Minicatfall

    S15: Final 6 Collections and predict the winner

    Collection 1: Boring. Sorry to say it because what she produced this season, particularly the black silk/leather dress, was very good. Maybe she burned out? Collection 2: Ugly -- I want to like it because I find him likable, but I can't. Collection 3: Uglier. High marks twice, combine the two to make a collection? Collection 4: Delpozo (thank you Tom & Lorenzo!) Note the sleeve treatment. Collection 5: Interesting and agree that it looks a lot better in motion. One of my favorite designers this season. Collection 6: Wearable. So happy he won the $50k along with his mom (I suspect this was a consolation prize). My personal favorite is the short-sleeved denim dress -- love that print! I think Erin will be taking home the win because deliberation always comes down to Creativity vs. Wear-ability (Nina vs. Heidi) and I believe it's Nina's turn to call the shots?
  4. Minicatfall

    The Accessory Wall: Off-Topic Discussion Thread

    For anyone interested, Project Runway is selling season 15 designs on ebay (seller ID is project.runway). All items through episode 2 have sold with Erin's neoprene dress selling at the highest -- $510 -- so far.
  5. Minicatfall

    The Shows of 2016: New Year, New Chefs, Same Sob Stories

    During the intro, there should have been the following disclaimer: For product placement only I guess they edited it out...
  6. Minicatfall

    S05.E12: Prince of Prints

    Dimitry! Seth Aaron! Mondo! Alfalfa! Oh my!
  7. Minicatfall

    S05.E05: Birthday Suits

    Coming out of lurkdom to say, NAILED IT. I'm okay with Alyssa as a host, and she is forever lovely to look at, but yeah, she seriously needs a new stylist. I wanted Kini's outfit -- don't care what the judges think. Sam? SHOO... just go.
  8. Minicatfall

    S14: Predict Your Finalists & Winner

    Okay! I was going to ask how to mark something a spoiler, but I've figured it out.
  9. Minicatfall

    S14: Predict Your Finalists & Winner

    Sorry -- I wasn't aware! Cheers!
  10. Minicatfall

    S14.E10: Crew's All In

    Paraphrasing Tom and Lorenzo, In the real world, designers don't choose the client, a client CHOOSES the designer - would you go to Chinese restaurant and expect/ask for/demand a taco? I agree with you and it was certainly unfair to all of them. It seems Swapnil had the extra burden of having a mentor who wanted him gone.
  11. Minicatfall

    Tim Gunn: Your Fabulous Gay Uncle

    I just want to make a quick comment about the season 12 reunion special led by Tim. Generally speaking, I think the reunion shows are little more than vehicles for stirring up old wounds and serve no other purpose than to humiliate contestants. I was shocked, seriously, when I saw Tim was its MC. Tim was the last person I thought would engage in this crap. Okay, so maybe he was under contract and he had no choice, but it was definitely an eye-opener and a huge disappointment.
  12. Minicatfall

    S14.E10: Crew's All In

    Chew toy... I can't stop laughing!! I was going to re-watch the video, but I'm too cheap to spring for the buck 99. Anyway, I saw it when it was first aired and should probably continue my post in the TG thread.
  13. Minicatfall

    S14.E10: Crew's All In

    Ahhhh... I did a quick read through and also checked out the EW interview. How sad that the final thing Gunn said was 'the producers were happy.' That just about sums up the tenor of PR.
  14. Minicatfall

    S14.E10: Crew's All In

    What did Tim do or say? Like several posters here, I am thoroughly disappointed in the direction this show has taken. PR is/ was my one Thursday night must watch, but I'm just about done.