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  1. It's behind a paywall, you need only set up a free account with email and password. If you can stomach this. I couldn't and didn't. bethenny-frankel-medical-masks-coronavirus
  2. At least you all are getting notices about them. They've sent me squat. I know we ask the same questions endlessly here, but wouldn't you think someone there would have some experience/prowess in customer service? Can't they realize the damage and ill will that is borne of silliness like this, over bras of all things? It's absolutely nuts.
  3. I'm askeert to consider how the "cat" scented sandals may smell. πŸ˜ΌπŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
  4. You know, property owning has it's benefits, and if she lists this as her primary residence, there are tax advantages and deductions etc., but I cannot imagine, no matter how hard I try, to grasp the upside of padding around in a 10,000 sqft home, as a single person. In my 30's and 40's I enjoyed entertaining, though rarely for overnight guests, but as a person close in age to Dorinda, I am o.v.e.r all the fuss and bother associated with it now. The $50k annual taxes are only the start of the financial burden of keeping up a property like that. The insurance is probably close in $$ to the taxes, and just the maintenance of the grounds would be very daunting. We all know that she appears to be hamstrung by the memories of Richard <yawn>, but if I were her daughter, I would have a hard time NOT constantly badgering her to offload that albatross, turn it into cash, and move on.
  5. I received two of mine today, the two unlined that supposedly shipped on the 19th. Still no word on the molded cup version. Still can't cancel them. Infuriating.
  6. This cat. I just can't get over the relationship between Carrot and her human children. πŸ’ž
  7. "Blah blah 7-1/2 years blah blah blah 7-1/2 years..." psst! Dorinda! You've got sumpn in yer teef der.
  8. Her not-so repressed anger makes her seem more suited to Mob Wives than Housewives.
  9. I am constantly amazed at the burdens parents are willing to lay at their children's feet, in order to indulge their own eccentricities.
  10. I guess this split never really happened. Or at least the cycle wasn't completed. (Note photo credit). Also, apparently no real SC friendships? At least no 'likes' from current or past castmembers.
  11. Chronic disease is very difficult for anyone, but for a person involved in athletics their entire life...well, I can't imagine. jerry-sloan-1942-2020-utah-jazz-coach
  12. Agreed. I remind myself that these are snippets of their lives that we see, heavily edited to no doubt show them at their worst. Even so, some certainly seem more vulnerable to going all-in than others. Would we watch a teetotalling version of these shows? Not sure, but I wouldn't mind viewing that experiment.
  13. Don't feel too badly, they got a lot of us with those, lol.
  14. Oh, well nobody asked about Amazon, lol. I'm going to need an abacus to calculate that.
  15. Ramona refuses to relinquish those metallic jeans. She should stay in Florida with those damn things. lol
  16. Speaking for myself, the issue is less about the exposure than it is the type of exposure. As has been mentioned, the display of her daughter in agony over a dying dog, and filming her as she groped her mother's breasts from behind, show an incredible lack of good judgement. If it were up to me, none of the kids would be on camera or social media (at least outside of a private group of friends/family) until they reached a reasonable age of consent to do so of their own free will. Maybe that's 15/16? I know social media is like breathing for many, but that doesn't make it a wise outlet for vomiting every thought or displaying every aspect of private life. <end of rant>
  17. Pretty well documented that many of us here would rather drink Liquid PlumR, Industrial Strength, than listen to Rachael talk.
  18. I've spent about $200 in 2020. That's probably below my average, though every year that number shrinks. Interesting note about the TSV Jockey bras from last week. Bought both styles, unlined and molded cup. The unlined have shipped, the molded cup are still "in process". Ordered on the 18th. Both show a estimated delivery date of 5/22. Don't have either. I'm concerned that they don't have the molded cup, and will send me someone elses return. Makes me want to call and cancel them, but don't know if they will even take the call. Tried to call customer service about an issue with my account last week, and was basically told via recording, that due to "COVID19 blah blah, they couldn't help me, and to handle it myself on line", and the call disconnected. Not kidding. So does that mean they don't have any CS reps working? Edit - just tried to cancel the molded cup bras via automated system on phone, and the system tried to transfer me to a cs rep, but alas, they don't start until 7am. That tells me they're not going to let me cancel. Assholes. Update: After a 20 minute wait for CS, I cannot cancel the order. I know good and damn well they're waiting for a return to ship my order. I told her if there was even a hint that this item had been previously worn, I would call and raise holy hell, and would not pay return shipping, and would get my credit card company involved if need be. (I'm sure they've never heard that threat before, lol) We'll see.
  19. One of my favorite weight-related Corona memes. (Forgive if I've already posted it - mind is a vapid wasteland these days.)
  20. These apartment tours made me again appreciate my midwestern, corn fed, flyover world. I don't have a posh life, but I do have room to turn around without knocking into something. I love looking at the city views, and I know they come with a price in terms of both space and dollar$, but I don't think I could adjust to it. I've been in motorhomes that seem more spacious. Different strokes.
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