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  1. That's exactly what I thought. And amazing how she can screw up a good hair style in just one day.
  2. What morning was that brunch picture taken ? Odds are her hair won't look that good tonight on air.
  3. Why does her top not match her bottom ? She really loves those tank style tops. She might look a bit more feminine if she wore a more traditional style top. 👙
  4. And she's trimming her nose hair. Time to switch off. She's really manic tonight. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ! 😘
  5. Ha ha ! Just the day is fine with me. But if other people want to extend my birthday to a week, well I won't stop them. 😊 I am happy to be a Scorpio. Passionate and intense and all that. I have seen some horoscopes which say Scorpio begins on October 24, but I pay them no mind. 😁
  6. I'll follow @Bronx Babe's lead and say that it's my birthday today. I promise I won't write a ridiculous, self indulgent post on FB, IG or anywhere else. 😇
  7. So sad to hear that Peter Scolari has died at age 66. He was so cute on Bosom Buddies and I enjoyed him on Newhart as well. 😪
  8. If the original ring that her mom gave her meant so much and got her through so many things, why doesn't she still wear it ?
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of her actually saying something offensive, not just being annoying. Like how she calls women "girl" or "mamacita". But then again, we've seen how Carolyn treats Gary Goben and she's still there. I think it would have to be something pretty offensive and the person would have to file a complaint about it.
  10. The fact that they are still selling her ring, and now they have it in gold too, makes me think she's not going anywhere any time soon. 😥 But, with things being the way they are these days, and behaving badly in the workplace and offending others being tolerated less and less, she could always slip up and a small thing could take her down. 😏
  11. Yes !!! She draws out the 'a' making it a two syllable word. Ah - and. Bugs me too !
  12. And now she's changed her glasses to a thicker, darker framed pair. She is just awful.
  13. She needs to either part her hair in the middle, in the hopes that some of those hanks will fall more naturally to the other side OR wash her damn hair more often so it won't be so greasy and limp and flop all over the place.
  14. Well, those glasses are better than the thick black Magoos. 🤓
  15. Hank is in the house tonight. She's looking huge in that puffer vest. And she still has not fixed that damn pinky nail !!!
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