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  1. GoldaVining

    90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

    I watch it On Demand which is an awesome option if you have it. I don't watch the regular show (without the PT commentary) and I can watch Pillow Talk at 4pm when I am cooking supper and there are no commercials to FF through 🙂
  2. GoldaVining

    90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

    Me too! I haven't watched any of the 90 Day shows for a very long time because it was all too awful. I couldn't take it. I like to watch TLC while I am cooking supper for my family but the 90 Day drama was unbearable. Then I happened upon Pillow Talk as I was looking for My 600lb Life (I haven't been able to quit that show yet) and it was so enjoyable! I have been so worried for Annie and I hated David Poor so much and here they appear to be pretty happy. I have totally flip-flopped. Annie seems cheerful and content and David Poor seems less gross. They are funny and fun together. I never would have guessed. I had imaged her life to be one joyless hellride. I think I can stop worrying about her. And Lauren and Alexi are adorable now somehow. Imagine! Obviously this is still "reality tv" but it feels more sincere and the participants comments appear to be genuine. They seem to be having such a good time and it translates to my kitchen! That said, I still have to FF or go set the table during the Pedro and Chantel segments because my stomach can't take it. So gross.
  3. GoldaVining

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I am still rooting for Sebastian. He has good ideas, great skills, and a ton of work ethic. I might have a little crush. I'm glad Tessa is gone. As Hester became more and more tired she was not able to keep up her carefully crafted personality and I stopped hating her but I don't think she should have made it half this far. However, with 10 grand and a few months maybe she will really shine in the finale. I don't think Gary is on the right show. I don't think he wants to make fashion; he is obviously great at making stage costumes for superstars. Keep doing that. I love Bishme. He is kind and sweet and thoughtful but his designs usually look a little 1988. A lot 1988. We don't need to go back there. I googled him. He's 28, far too young to be nostalgic for the 80s. He needs to keep it current and make Baltimore bloom in 2019.
  4. GoldaVining

    7 Little Johnstons

    Anna and Elizabeth both looked fantastic at their proms. I especially loved Anna's dress choice. I would never have thought of a two-piece but it looked both lovely and comfortable. I love her low-key, dry demeanor. Also, I just want to say that when she was dancing with Dylan (I think that was his name, the second guy who wasn't so tall and didn't get on his knees) that it looked no different than me and my husband. I'm 5 foot 3 and my husband is a foot taller than me. If Anna were to date an "average" guy who is on the short side of average I think dancing together would look pretty typical. I see lots of couples with big height differences.
  5. GoldaVining

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    Can you imagine how a few of these women felt after the runway? This is possibly their once chance to be on TV and have a designer custom make their dream dress and a couple of them will literally walk away with little more than rags in their hands. What an experience!
  6. GoldaVining

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    Unpopular opinion, but if Garo had made that same dress and sent it down the runway on somebody else, it would not have been as successful. His model SOLD that dress. She has so much positive energy she just glows happiness and confidence. That cape? Ugh. Not mother of the bride, but grandmother of the bride. Tessa obviously knows she is being filmed. You can't do a thing for people who flat out lie and dare you to fact check. Does she not realize what she is doing to her reputation/career? Unfortunate that the ferryboat deckhand was paired with Jamal. What she wanted was not a dream dress but a magic dress. I get it, I also have no waist, but a body-con isn't going to magically give me one. Jamal was just dithering, dreaming of sleeping bags. He looked so lost. I'm rooting for Sebastian. Bishme if Sebastian really quits next week.
  7. GoldaVining

    7 Little Johnstons

    Yeah, I found this episode tough to watch as well. I wondered why Emma had to do this now. Emma is at a rough age anyway and I'm sure she will have to face her fears doing class projects and such so why push her so hard to make a big auditorium speech in front of older teenagers and adults? Younger teens are usually very intimidated by older teens in general, just walking the halls of high school, never mind public speaking. I feel for her! And give her some credit, she is already doing cheerleading which is clearly a move in the right direction. I have a similar situation with my 8 year old son. He flat out refuses to sing in the christmas concerts at school. He sang in his kindergarten and first grade concerts but refused last year and this year. We didn't force the issue. He is a super social kid so we just let it slide and let him skip it. Hell, I'm a grown ass adult and when one of my very best friends asked me to be maid of honor at her wedding and stand up in front of a few hundred people I told her I would rather die in a fire.
  8. GoldaVining

    S07.E18: Mercedes' Story

    I will not mock Mercedes or criticize her. I realize only she can turn her life around at this point but she is paying for the crimes of her father. So many valid comments here regarding her poor choices or her inability to care for her children and yes to all....but I want to talk about the MEN. Her father raped her repeatedly from the age of 10. Mercedes is no doubt emotionally stunted due to severe trauma. Was her father held accountable for his crimes? Not bloody likely. And her children's fathers seem to have disappeared. Yes, Mercedes must be responsible for what she puts in her mouth. Yes, she must be responsible for caring for her children and needs to do better. But her father was responsible for what he put in his daughter. And Mercedes' children's fathers have a responsibility to care for their offspring but where are they? So many fathers just disappear. I am a mother (kids under 10) and my husband is a wonderful father but even when both of us are working full-time jobs, 100% of childcare and household chores are still on me. Somehow my husband just shrugs. But I consider myself lucky because this house and this family is something I always wanted and I genuinely enjoy taking care of both. My husband goes to work and comes home every day and he is a kind father. That's real. I am grateful because I know he could just disappear if he wanted to like so many do.
  9. GoldaVining

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    What an odd episode. I appreciate that Cillas was respectful to Dr. Now and there was no horrifying home life drama on display but this felt like such an empty episode. I am left guessing at all the relationships. I felt like both Cillas and Jessica must have been playing polite for the cameras. Obviously it is possible that Cillas and Jessica are just a couple in love but they both seemed very blank. Jessica looked very beautiful (to my eyes) but very blank. I wondered if she had been badly burned by men in the past and at least she could be sure that a bed-bound man isn't out cheating? I still don't understand how/why exactly Cillas became bed-bound and how he manages his 1s and 2s. I hope to hell Nevaeh is not involved in that. Not sure. I'm not clear on the relationship with the two older girls, but Cillas certainly wasn't blank about Nevaeh. He sure was crazy about her. I did appreciate that once he was mobile he appeared to be trying to help out around the house.
  10. GoldaVining

    S17.E06: Power Play

    I took another look at all the designs this episode and it is clear to me that Venny should have been out. Awful.
  11. GoldaVining

    S17.E06: Power Play

    A sexy editrix with a whip? Ugh. I realize people of the world seem to want to sexualize everything but gross. The skimpy X over the cleavage does not make it modest, don't tell me that. It doesn't need to be modest, who cares, but don't tell me this story and expect me to believe it. How often do we see this hypersexual dominatrix look in gaming? How inventive in coming up with a new look for girls in gaming. GROSS. I don't want this. Swinging wildly in the other direction to brown wool overalls with a brown wool apron? I don't want that either. It sounded like the gaming experts PR brought in to explain the challenge were hoping to encourage more girls into game design. If girls were the intended audience then at least Hester's outfit looked fun and wearable for movement. I'm not saying it was fashion. The winning look of the survival challenge didn't look like fashion either. Venny what?
  12. GoldaVining

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Yes! Very handsome, I agree. I always thought Zach was handsome, but he is handsome(r) 😁 now.
  13. GoldaVining

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I would be interested in seeing a breakdown of participant screen time. I feel like Kovid has had more screen time than everybody else combined. Maybe it just feels that way, I need to see the numbers.
  14. GoldaVining

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Kovid's outfit makes his model look like a corpse that has been bound with chains in a sleeping bag, dumped in the woods, and found by somebody walking their dog.
  15. GoldaVining

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I love the name Hester. However, it brings to (my) mind the character named Hester in John Irving's book "A Prayer for Owen Meany" who is called "Hester the molester".