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  1. I like this idea. One of the reasons I like Chris is that he has been around for years and has seen it all, so he has a perspective that the younger hosts don't. I wouldn't want to lose that.
  2. Maybe Keenan can take over for Lorne after Lorne steps down, if there is a show after that.
  3. SDNY is federal, so any charges there could be pardoned by a POTUS. However, State of NY charges cannot be pardoned by a POTUS; only the Governor can do that. Mika should know that.
  4. I was sitting watching with my jaw open. What is is this mutual masturbation I am witnessing between Howard Stern and Bill Maher? Have I ever seen Bill suck up to anyone like this and for this long? How much did Bill just want to cancel the rest of his show so he could tell Howard some more how amazing he is, and how honest and right the two of them always are? Bill could give lessons on breathtakingly obsequious apple-polishing to the people he frequently derides for breathtakingly obsequious apple-polishing.
  5. Wow, I've never thought about that, but it totally makes sense. We hardly ever or never see a Vet on tv who isn't messed up somehow.
  6. Banter, sneering, bombastic pomposity...it's like they don't give a damn what is actually going on. They need to be reporting and commenting seriously about the very serious things going on. Their tone is so off compared to the actual news itself. It's like local tv news people reporting on murder, mayhem, and a huge mulit-car pileup, and then chirping to the weather person, "I hear it's going to be a great day for a barbecue!"
  7. Delilah continues to be the special snowflake this episode. First, Gary comes over with diapers (because Amazon doesn't exist in this world?) and says he'll bring them but he won't change them. 10 seconds later after Delilah bats her eyes, Gary is changing diapers and babysitting for the night so Delilah can go on a date "because it's been so long." Long? STFU! Your husband killed himself when you were already pregnant with another man's child, baby is still tiny and "it's been so long" since you've been with a man? Then we have Andrew complaining about the lasagna on the restaurant menu. When Regina tells him it's Jon's favorite and Delilah wanted it on the menu, instantly, Andrew backs up and is all "oh, since it's for Delilah, ok then!"
  8. I am enjoying watching Koracik enforcing his restraining order. It made me laugh every time Owen had to leave a room....less Owen! That restraining order is also partially to thank for Owen offering to take over child care so Teddy could work, which means he'll be off screen some more, yay! Unfortunately, that means Teddy is coming back to work so we'll be seeing her more and I am not a fan. She had that one brief moment in Germany when she kicked Owen out when I liked her, but that Teddy was all too brief. Loved seeing Piper and Phoebe together! I liked Richard and Alex and the sisters story line at the other hospital. Despite the drama, it seemed like a nice break from all the interpersonal doctor drama at Grey Sloane. Except, is Richard opening the door to trouble? I missed what happened at the end. Why did Bailey fire Qadri? Why had she been crying? Maggie? Do you know anything about Jackson? Do you know that he instantly abandoned his girlfriend Stephanie when they were guests at a wedding so he could stop the ceremony and run away with the bride? If you know that, it should not be a surprise to you that he is impulsive, moves on quickly, and doesn't look back at who he left behind. I also think it's weird that Maggie is still upset about their break-up when she seemed to not want to get too close when Jackson wanted to.
  9. I watched the first episode expecting this to be a serious drama, but it's more of a comedy drama. With that different perspective, I enjoyed this episode more than the pilot. And I've come to appreciate Roxy, whom I couldn't stand on the pilot. What's with all the cheating on this show? Two episodes in and we have two cheaters already. I was having trouble warming up to Edie as it was, and now they saddle her abrasive personality with a cheating story, too?
  10. They are saddling Maggie with one of my least favorite tropes in medical/police/fire shows - the one where a person has a terrible injury or illness and absolutely refuses to take time off work to take care of themselves. No, we have to see them throwing up secretly and falling over and cringing in pain while dragging themselves around because 1) they are so fucking "dedicated" to their jobs, 2) refuse to admit they are human, and 3) no one else could possibly do as good a job as they. Hate.
  11. He gave her Ativan (?) to calm her down, but gave her enough to knock her out. In the meantime, he sent her blood for tests, including a hormone test that would show if she had been pregnant. I don't know if he was suspicious from the start, or if April convinced him to be suspicious, but he wasn't just ignoring the possibility that April was right. They were too vague and too quick with the ending of that story for it be clear.
  12. Seriously, she refuses to consider anything but what she wants and what she thinks, ever. Even if she thought she figured out what was going on with the kid, she should have gone to Will and told him instead of barging in there to do it herself. Will should report her and she should get suspended. Natalie's bf is creepy. Why is he always hanging around the hospital with the kids for no reason?
  13. I think it must be a rental. If someone had bought it last season when Conrad took here there, I can't imagine they'd be selling only a year later.
  14. Ok, this makes a lot of sense to me. Bug is not a nickname that would make Kate feel pretty. Quite the opposite.
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