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  1. I can agree to a point. But, as the resident "how the fuck am I supposed to wear a bra with that?" curmudgeon, I think only showing on thin models lets the designers off the hook for designing clothes for an actual market. Because most women with natural breasts need support, and, for example, one reason red tube top guy could get so much praise for his look was because he did not have a plus size model. No woman with natural breasts of even a B size will be buying a teeny tube top to wear anywhere. If a designer wants to truly be a designer of women's clothes, they need to know how to ma
  2. Andy is tone deaf. Maybe he is so stuck in his bubble and completely out of touch with real people, or maybe he's just a plain ole asshole, but he is often on the wrong side of issues and gives his favorites a pass while dumping on others. Sometimes, I think he is just stirring up controversy, but other times, like with Sutton, he is clearly as much of a mean girl as Kyle and Rinna.
  3. It means she used someone's stolen credit card to buy things.
  4. Someone said grape popsicle with hands and feet….yup.
  5. If true, Harry has been living a lie his whole life. Too bad. He could come out and live his best life openly, instead of hiding it and forcing himself to deal with Rinna just to keep it hidden. That has to be soul-killing. He's a fool if he is staying with her to hide being gay.
  6. Yay! PR is back! I like this version of it, with no useless, wooden host who contributes nothing. There were some messy looks on the runway, but I loved this burst of color to start things off. I am not a fan of team challenges. Let's do flower inspired looks! But let's only add bows! WTF? I was not a fan of the red outfit that came in second place on the Warm team. The pants just looked sloppy and baggy and unflattering to me. And then it was paired with a tiny tube top. Tube tops are not tops! I can't believe there are grown women who would buy tube tops and call it hig
  7. My guess is it's money for a PPD hospital stay.
  8. I think we already found her fatal flaw. She's a bitch who punches down.
  9. I hate everything about this highly unrealistic storyline with Gary. Gary has needed anger management training for multiple seasons now. He is out of control, and lets his anger get out of control to the point he is now a criminal. How are we supposed to just accept that he is a criminal guilty of kidnapping and assault? Whatever Peter is doing, I'm not here for a dumbass blackmail plot.
  10. I really liked Dr. Charles' and Dr. Scott's storyline with the misdiagnosed schizophrenia patient. What a nightmare for the patient and his family. I'll bet those quickie 5 second diagnoses happen a lot, too. How can they not? Doctors barely spend 15 minutes with patients in the real world.
  11. Mark's Grandpa Connor is pretty tall, though, as is DJ. Maybe the tall gene skipped Darlene but manifested in both of her kids, because Harris is pretty tall, too.
  12. It's bullying. Dorit is projecting that onto Garcelle, when it is her, Rinna and Kyle who are doing the bullying.
  13. Bravo has already started the new season, according to the Media thread. They want to cash in on Erika's infamy. I don't know when anything is happening with the legal stuff.
  14. Now, now, she also moved her head back and forth as though watching a ping pong match, overacted her reactions, and swung those stiff, pointy strands of hair hanging in her face like parentheses. Rinna gave it away when she projected onto Garcelle and accused her of doing whatever to be relevant. No, Rinna, it is you manufacturing drama with Garcelle to stay relevant.
  15. Crystal did the same thing to Sutton, though. When she was with the other women, and in front of Garcelle, she said her snobby "I don't know her." She didn't say it TO Sutton, but behind her back. So how is that different from what Garcelle did? Does Crystal think she is being passive aggressive by digging at Sutton behind her back?
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