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  1. He’s not funny, is the problem. Was there anything funny or amusing about his interview with KAC? She spewed her verbal diarrhea, as usual. He started off trying to push back, and even agreed with her on a couple things, but she just kept talking over him. Finally, he just gave up, browbeaten by the motormouth, and just let her spew her script unchecked. What insight or comedy did Bill offer? None. He didn’t even note that her final declaration that one of Trump’s accomplishments was that he didn’t get us into a new war was dripping with irony! Holy shit lady, did you notice the deadly insurrection at the Capitol while Congress was in session a couple weeks ago ? Bill hasn’t been funny much lately. And he isn’t adding anything new to the discussions. He’s doing a lot of bitching about some of his favorite themes, but not funny bitching.
  2. I laughed because KAC had just been on, at his invitation, lol. He himself keeps inviting the aliens onto his spaceship and then laments at the alien on the spaceship.
  3. I was ok with Madison forcing the issue. They both need to think about what they have signed up for, and get on the same page with some kind of understanding and plan. They both have fallen in love with the idea of a family, but what does that mean to each of them? Fantasies need to meet the practicality of raising twins at some point.
  4. I could see how the washer dryer was an eyesore, but I was more troubled by all the windows looking onto concrete, and that weird tunnel entrance. They could get rid of it and install free standing, side by side washer and dryer, install a countertop and shelves above, and it can blend into the rest of the room. Or build a closet around it. Or remodel that whole kitchen and laundry. That is something they could deal with. But the concrete everywhere was permanent and awful.
  5. izabella

    Station 19

    Bailey decided to stay at the hospital because she was needed there with all the COVID patients. But, there are phones, so I don't know why she didn't call to talk to her children.
  6. I think Amelia performed brain surgery on the guy who had a stroke. The controversy was about saving his life when he was such horrible, criminal, asshole person who kidnapped those girls so they could be trafficked.
  7. From what I've seen, a lot of shows select the focus characters, and it's very often the detectives or the bad guy or the families more than the victim. I've seen countless shows where we know almost nothing of the victim or the victim's life, much less their POV. They are often even completely anonymous. It's always a conscious choice of which characters they focus on. In this show, it was Nicole Kidman mostly, with considerable Hugh Grant. The focus was on a psychologist married to a sociopath capable of murder and how she comes to realize that. I think we were robbed, to a large extent, of the horror of that dawning realization from Nicole since her face could not emote. In any case, I wish we had known Elena better, because they had her do some curious and unexpected things, but then never filled in any rich characterization. But they were like that about a lot of things, including Nicole's character. "I walk a lot at night wearing beautiful coats," is not a well-developed character.
  8. That was my thought. It's OB/GYN because now Jo is baby crazy. I wouldn't put it past her to kidnap one at some point.
  9. Bailey really moved me this episode with her mom's death. I kept thinking, though, how "lucky" they both were that they could be together, since we can't visit our loved ones with COVID in the hospital, even if they are dying. I'm glad they are doing these episodes. I'm sorry if viewers hate that it feels like a PSA, but there is so much misinformation and denial out there about this disease that I am grateful that the gravity of what is happening in our hospitals - and to families - is being portrayed.
  10. They were my favorites in the beginning, but I'm struggling with their scenes. Maybe it's good acting, but Regina's misery is too depressing. I know she suddenly wanted a baby after not wanting one at all ever, but acting like the baby died is too much. I get it - she is disappointed. But it is truly JUST disappointment! The baby didn't die, she didn't have a miscarriage, nothing bad happened except her HOPES were dashed. That's not grief - it's disappointment.
  11. I actually liked it a lot. I was turned off by the voiceover in the beginning - too much like Grey’s Anatomy for me. But I like the focus on the nurses.
  12. I agree. It would have been weird if they ignored COVID. Also, they've done every kind of bizarre or obscure medical illness possible over all these seasons, including various contagious disease outbreaks. This pandemic gives them so much to mine in terms of stories.
  13. Personally, I think the ovulation test was a prop mistake. I find it immensely difficult to believe a teen would use one of those even if she were trying to get pregnant on purpose.
  14. She is my number 1 suspect. She is an unreliable narrator, and I can't tell half the time what is real and what isn't, and I wonder whether she can either. She's having unexplained fainting spells, so yeah, she could easily also have unexplained time where she doesn't remember what she does. As for the video tape exonerating her, nope. We could easily find out the time stamp was incorrect for whatever reason.
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