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  1. There is still a criminal charge in process for rape. Weinstein may yet be held accountable, at least for that one person he violated.
  2. And the women wouldn’t even get all the money. $12M to lawyers, and none of them getting more than $500k.
  3. Dorit looks like a school lunch lady wearing a hair net.
  4. I can’t take their outrage over Hunter seriously when they do not mention the Trump kids and Kushner. Or all of Trump and Ivanka’s Chinese patents mysteriously bestowed during his presidency.
  5. I would have liked to see their Thanksgiving!
  6. They have apparently never heard of a duvet cover, either.
  7. I think Piper's update is from Emily. Maya said the gift was "from mom to Piper," so she thought Jo had given it to her. But Emily thinks of herself as her mom.
  8. The husband was talking about how they would have babies, along with the love, so I'm under the impression they could still have sex, but she wouldn't orgasm with her clitoris removed. Which makes sex a lot less fun for her, but still not impossible, unless removing her clitoris makes her sex drive disappear too? Lots of women have trouble with orgasms but they have sex anyway. It was a very confusing storyline and I didn't really understand what they were doing to her or saying, except that she was likely to die from sex at some point.
  9. izabella

    S03.E09 Fallout

    The problem is, they aren't using her as a 911 call center operator anymore. We aren't seeing the call center much, and mostly we've been seeing her off on her own with her own abusive ex problems and going on missions to save other abused wives. This show is way too deep on the personal dramas and tragedies. It's becoming less about emergency services and more about personal emergencies or missions.
  10. She doesn't really have that option. Her legal parents and guardians are Randall and Beth. If she wants to be with her mom, she can visit with her until she is 18 and then she can do whatever she wants. Only a few more years.
  11. In all fairness, Shaun was the one who dragged her into his sex life by talking about it and asking her inappropriate questions about her sex life. In all fairness, it is always Shaun who drags Morgan and Claire and Leah and everyone else into his relationship instead of talking directly to Carly. It's true they don't have to go to Carly with anything, but half the time, Shaun ASKS them to.
  12. izabella

    S03.E09 Fallout

    He did a good thing there. Athena needs to remember May had this experience with the traffic stop, and it is her story to tell, her emotions and fears to work through, and her feelings to sort out. With her mom also being police, that makes her thoughts and feelings even more complicated. It's good that May is talking about it, even in essay form, because it wasn't something she could just move on from. I like that they are showing the longer lasting repercussions, and aren't just sweeping that traffic stop under the rug.
  13. The way Kevin said "We're not talking to Randall. Don't you remember?" sounded like he had reminder her of that more than once. It made me wonder if she was the one who wasn't speaking with Randall, not Kevin. She was angry about what he was saying about taking care of her in present time. Maybe that issue got worse in the next few months, and Randall is mad at Rebecca so he's staying away. Maybe sometimes Rebecca forgets that and wants to talk with Randall.
  14. It must take an amazing strength of mind to be able to be fine and ok in our society that is highly intolerant of obesity, especially in women.
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