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  1. Personally, I love that the dining space could be closed off so you can eat without flies, bugs and wasps becoming very interested in your food and drink. There also were a lot of windows, so I think with them all opened, you'd get plenty of breeze to feel you are outside. Also, they could add a deck later, extended out toward the lake, if they really want one. Or even put large pavers out there for an instant patio. The kitchen turned out really well - such a huge change from the tiny box it was originally. And it had a great view. My MIL's summer cottage has a great view in th
  2. Did any of Tom's victims hire other lawyers to sue HIM for not disbursing their settlement funds? They should form a class action lawsuit against him now, if possible. And it seems like maybe laws should be changed in terms of how settlement funds are disbursed. Like, have the payer send the funds directly to the victim, and the victim can pay the lawyer. Or just write two separate checks - one for the victim and one for the lawyer. Eliminates the entire potential fraud and theft problem.
  3. I had given up on Bill ever bringing up anything but his own personal issues and pet peeves, so it was a welcome surprise that he brought up almonds. Things were bad enough, but then almond milk became a thing, and created even more of a market for them.
  4. But then Lu ended it by calling Eboni an "angry woman," one step short of labeling her as an "angry black woman."
  5. One thing that didn't make sense to me is Jeannette and Jamie hearing the gun shot that killed Martin. They were outside somewhere and Kate shot him while he was in the basement of his house. How could they have heard that shot? Were they standing in front of Martin's house??
  6. Reminds me of when Ramona and Sonja googled "white trash" to see if Aviva was right to call them that.
  7. A lot of criminals hide their illegal money in foreign bank accounts in the Caymans and Switzerland. Tom very well could be pretending he is broke but has just been squirreling away the cash where no one can find it.
  8. I notice that Scott always puts in a fire pit at these cottages. Do people really use those? To me, they are fun for about five minutes and maybe a s'more or two, but then the smoke and evening mosquitoes make me run to the screened porch instead. But Scott does not seem fond of screened porches or screened deck areas! I think all these places in the middle of the woods would benefit from screened porches to get away from the mosquitoes.
  9. I think the dementia claim is a ruse and a distraction. Dementia doesn't turn you into a a scheming criminal who defrauds orphans and widows. You don't get dementia and suddenly start discovering sneaky and complicated ways to steal money from clients. You can't use dementia as an excuse if you started stealing money and defrauding clients decades ago. I don't know how the courts will see it. Erika is also a schemer. She's not above stepping over orphans and widows to live her expensive lifestyle. She doesn't have a relationship with her son because of her choice to leave him be
  10. That was my thought, too. I was very confused reading here that people thought she could use that to prove something about Kate not being locked up. With all the talk about tampons, my question is...did that basement have a bathroom? My speculation about Jeanette's transformation is that her little friendship with Jamie turned into a relationship after Kate was gone for a while. And because he's a "cool kid," the other girls accepted Jeanette into their friend circle despite her being from "Loserville." Jeanette's relationship with Jamie made her "cool" by association.
  11. I'm constantly torn between wondering if the writers believe Delilah is a flawed but sympathetic character, or if they are deliberately writing her as a narcissist.
  12. THIS. It shouldn't be a surprise to the driver! Yes, his driver should have stopped and had a conversation, but if Eddie had specified he needed a car that had room for a chair and could help him get in, it wouldn't have happened. There's a reason taxi apps have a place for "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS." If ride shares don't, then Eddie should be ordering taxis.
  13. Wow, pretty shitty finale. I hate that they broke up Linc and Amelia. The parents breaking up Maggie and Winston's wedding was also awful. And I hate Jo and Linc as a couple. Maybe I am done with this show.
  14. Was it? I thought the movie thing was making up endings to Good Will Hunting because they didn't see the ending of it for some reasons whenever it was that they tried watching it. So they would call each other for years with their guesses and imaginary endings. I don't remember Princess Bride being a Kevin/Sophie thing.
  15. Her father ultimately could not find his smile and committed suicide, as did her son. And that depression runs in families since Mere has signs of it too.
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