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  1. A lot of people have mentioned those dumbass $4000 range hoods. I vaguely recall that Allison sells those range hoods, like a side business, and profits handsomely from them. Does anyone else remember her talking about that in season 1? The couple that restores run-down homes in Galveston on DIY channel made their own range hood recently, too. They said the hoods cost $4000, which would no way fit the budget for the shack they were renovating, so they made their own out of wood covered in copper sheeting for virtually pennies.
  2. When Chuck Todd is your news director for both, it is the same, isn't it? Hence why NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC will all be broadcasting the town hall.
  3. That huge room ended up looking cold and formal with that furniture, especially the way it was scattered all around. I thought I heard the homeowners say they wanted it to be a family room where everyone is comfortable hanging out. It ended up being the exact opposite. The coziness of the inglenook (now I finally know what that is!) was an odd contrast to the room it was attached to. I don't know what kind of seating arrangements and furniture would make it more cozy while still fitting in with the airy room, but there has to be a style that would work and be more comfortable for a family with kids.
  4. Everyone is eligible to be on the Supreme Court. There are zero rules about it. You don't need a law degree or to have passed a Bar exam or to ever have been a lawyer or judge. Mika could be on the Supreme Court, as well as any of us, or anybody, anybody at all.
  5. Narrator: He can't. I loathe Jim Carrey for that frenzied mania. He ruins everything he is in.
  6. But the car would be insured, so why wouldn't he be able to get another car?
  7. This first episode was great! So many terrific actors and actresses. Can't wait for the next episode.
  8. I'm wondering if she went out there to look for her husband. Didn't Jude tell her (or someone) on the phone last episode that he was in Osea? I'm unclear on the timeline, though. I have no idea how long Jude has been missing. Nor what his name is on the show, apparently, lol.
  9. What's up with Cecily? There were a few mentions in the current episode thread that made it sound like she is leaving.
  10. That's where the corporate examples work for me and help me understand getting sucked in. There have been plenty of times where I have felt I needed to be available and to answer texts or emails from my boss right away, no matter the time, and losing lots of sleep preparing for presentations, meetings, or waiting for flights in some godforsaken airport terminal during a storm. I used to travel for work and felt lucky I only traveled within the US because they were an international company, which means I could have been losing all kinds of sleep and huge chunks of my life to business travel. I've also been to lots of "team building" type retreats and learned all the acronyms and double-speak, so get the whole group-think experience. The main difference, though, is I was getting paid, and I never believed I was doing anything other than working my job so I could get paid, plus bonus.
  11. That is the one of the big "suspension of disbelief" things they are asking of us. Every island and coastal area I have been to has a thriving boating community. There should have been a ferry that goes back and forth during the day, there should have been a marina and docks, and there should have been lots of boats! It's weird that no one has a boat, much less a ferry. Island dwellers tend to love fishing and swimming and sailing. The lack of boats makes me think this place is like Brigadoon...it only appears once every 100 years, although much more creepy than magically delicious.
  12. OK, now I feel totally justified in disliking the agent becasue she seemed fake, fake, fake and the last person I would trust when buying or selling. She'll say anything to anyone to unload a property and get her commission.
  13. I was really confused by the easement, too. Like, what if it breaks in the future Your property will be dug up in order to repair their sewer? You get their sewer leaking into your yard or basement? It all sounds very sketchy.
  14. I watched! Because Jude Law!!! I had no idea what to expect going in as I had never heard of this - just saw it on the lineup and recorded. It seems there is some supernatural stuff going on? Lots of unexplained weirdness with the girl and the little boy - makes me wonder if they were intended to lure Jude Law's character to that island for some reason, like for that festival they are planning. Maybe they need someone from the real world to be part of it for some reason? I have no idea what's what with the money, but I think that's one of those supernatural things that are unexplained. I'm ready to believe anything, even that Jude Law is in a coma and this is a weird coma-dream or that he is dead.
  15. Wow, this was crap. Baba takes the fall, and Lily is a psychotic piece of work. She murdered her friend Frederika,, blamed the headmaster for something he didn't do, and then pushed and then pushed him down the stairs, paralyzing him. Now, she murdered him, for no reason. The ending where she gleefully gets away with every murder pissed me off, and I wish I hadn't wasted the time or energy in watching this show.
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