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  1. Ok, I gave this 5 episodes. The best part is always the opening credits. I think I'm out.
  2. I didn't know hospitals had hospice floors. Are they nice, like the new $5M palliative care wing, or do they resemble a warehouse of dying people and beds? I'm glad this episode focused on this. We need to talk about palliative and hospice care more in our society. Human beings deserve care and respect, not just a cold bed in a crowded hallway until they die.
  3. I don't think it's fair to say she messed up in surgery. The woman was told that the options she and her internet followers chose for her was to do the more risky surgery so she wouldn't have a scar. We know the surgery was more risky because the doctors wouldn't be able to see as well and wouldn't have as good access. That's what the doctors were debating afterward - what could be considered a "mistake" could also just as, if not more, easily be described as a complication during a risky procedure.
  4. I had no idea it was live. Literally, no clue, and I did not notice anything different except the line Darlene flubbed about the laptop.
  5. I get this example and it's a good one. Toby is definitely disappointed to unexpectedly and inexplicably find himself in Holland. But I think there is an equal measure of feeling sad and disappointed for Jack that he will never SEE Paris OR Holland. I have to admit, I always want to slap Rebecca when she calls Kate "Bug."
  6. Same here. I have always wanted to see this time period explored, so the last few episodes have been very compelling to me. The other time period I want to see is Rebecca and Miguel reconnecting and falling in love. One of the teens mentioned Miguel to Rebecca in a sneering way in this episode, like, Miguel would come around to help her out or pick up the pieces or something like that. So they already resent him for being around in stead of Jack.
  7. That little girl is so cute, and such a great actress already! Loved her so much. I like the idea of Leah working for Glassman.
  8. I don't know what happened to her. I thought she was still there as his assistant, but this job Leah was applying for was an IT specialist.
  9. It's very weird that it would have such a nice staircase in the living room right by the front door without it going to an actual room. You can probably store stuff up there, and maybe even make a small bedroom or playroom, if they could finish it out in the future.
  10. izabella

    Station 19

    As a business owner, she would also have insurance for situations where someone gets injured on her property. And she'd be able to sue the city or gas company for the explosion that destroyed her inventory.
  11. I don't watch Pioneer Woman either, but I thought some of the animus was that she used stuff that wasn't at all pioneer-like, like marshmallow fluff and fake lime juice and canned beans and other lazy cooking. Also that she is "Pioneer Woman" but was raised in country-club land and lived in LA before she married into a multi-million $$$$ family, so ALL the folksy-homey pioneer stuff is bullshit with rehashed recipes from the 50's. Plus, I vaguely recall some talk of racism...against Asians?
  12. I love that they were able to save that house! It had so many interesting architectural features, like that double-sided fireplace and the different porches, plus the original wood floors, bookshelves and transom windows. They did a great job giving them both an art room and a music room, plus that bathroom and kitchen were huge! I didn't love the green backsplash, but the homeowner did, so ok. And at least it went with the green doors and armoire, so it wasn't like the backsplash came out of nowhere. They made that kitchen so light and bright where it didn't even have windows before - it was a great transformation.
  13. Ok, I've just watched all of the episodes up to the end of Season 9. I never watched the later seasons, so everything after Bobby dies is news to me. I'm pretty pissed about a couple of Sipowicz things. First, no, just no, with all the beautiful women falling for him. Sure, I get beauty and the beast, but he is 90% asshole and 10% nice guy. He is a rude and angry asshole, bigoted and violent, and completely unable to handle anything out of his comfort zone. Yet, he somehow has YOUNG and gorgeous Slyvia and YOUNG and gorgeous Connie falling for him? Not to mention his original wife Katie was also pretty and was likely gorgeous when she was younger, too. Then there was Cynthia (?), the niece of the old cop who set them up, who acted like he was the only man in New York after a few dinner dates. I don't buy it. Worse than that, Sipowicz beats up suspects and family members of dead/missing people regularly long before he knows whether they are guilty or not. Then he doesn't apologize or anything - they just release them from the rooms where they've been (illegally?) held - or imprisoned in the cells - and send them on their way. That precinct should have had BIG, FAT lawsuits filed against them every week and Sipowicz should have been locked up in jail himself for constant police brutality, sorry, I mean "tuning up" a suspect, or a mere "scuffle." Worse, they charge the innocent suspect that they beat up with "resisting." FUCK YOU. I don't think I can watch the rest of the series. The last two episodes of Season 9 made me want to set fire to that precinct with everyone inside.
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