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  1. If she's only there a couple months of the year, I can see staying in a hotel. Tinsley also told us last season, I think, that she prefers a hotel because they have 24/7 room service and a concierge.
  2. Maybe Dorinda is just as much of an overbearing mean bully mom with her own daughter, so to her, Tinsley is just needlessly whining.
  3. I did agree with Bill and the doctor regarding the demonization of cholesterol. A couple of years ago, scientists admitted that they are just guessing on the guidelines of what is a healthy range for your cholesterol numbers. They don't know! They don't even know if cholesterol is a cause or effect of heart disease! It pisses me off to no end because they force statins on people to lower their cholesterol but they don't even know whether the numbers are important or what they should be.
  4. This is where I am with Dorinda. It's really something to hear the women saying they are all afraid of Dorinda. She's grown progressively more unhinged as the seasons go on, to the point she is almost completely unhinged now. Many of the women have had their really bad seasons where they flip out - Sonja drowned in alcohol during her Grey Gardens smokey-eye updo Gstaad, Bethy was a bipolar mass of tears or screaming at people, Ramona lost it during her chasing cheating Mario season, Lu... but they get a grip during off-season. Dorinda never gets a grip and just gets worse. Dorinda definitely needs an intervention of some sort. If I were the ladies, I'd tell her she needs to get herself under control or they won't film with her. I guess Tinsley is doing that in a way by moving on, so good for her.
  5. They were tightie-whities. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be Aiden's that she was borrowing, but my guess is they put her in them to show how they were getting all "boring old couple comfortable" with the relationship...except they weren't.
  6. I finally watched this episode after weeks, because I just can't deal with Bill these days. I'm happy to see that Amash's run for POTUS is already dead and gone. But it was a good reminder that all those Republicans who are against Trump now are still Republicans who believe in all the Republican policies.
  7. It is my fervent hope that we will one day be like Canada and the UK where they have only a few weeks of campaigning.
  8. izabella

    Station 19

    It's also all happening way too fast! So much drama in such a limited amount of time. How many romances have begun/ended/rebooted/ended/etc. already? They don't let relationships develop or ebb over time on this show. It feels like a constant revolving door of relationships, so it's hard to feel any of them are compelling or worth caring about.
  9. I sure hope so! I am one who thinks Elizabeth and Nathan are both super boring and deserve each other. Lucas deserves someone more interesting than Elizabeth, and he and Fiona would be great together.
  10. That has long been my pet peeve with all the reno shows. Hey, we've spent an hour on the process! I want more than a few minutes of zooming camera shots and cuts to take in the finished product!!
  11. I think the Adam Driver thing is similar to the running joke he does whenever he reports on Steve Mnuchin - dorky looking tall, slim, white guy with dark hair and larger nose...who do those "hunks" look like? IMO, the only thing sports arenas are good for these days is as a visual of how many people have died from COVID-19 to date....90,000 and counting would fill more than two Wrigley Fields, for example.
  12. I couldn't help but wonder if this information is backward. It seems like Susan-Sharon's husband must be the one who was modeled after Dorinda - short tempered, screaming angry, and verbally abusive.
  13. It's market manipulation. Some people made millions yesterday. Stock price jumped 20%. The Moderna "trial" was 45 people, which is ridiculously small and not at all like a large-scale trial, AND they only reported results on 8 people. 8! Joe should have mentioned that since those are important facts a journalist should report. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-health-202/2020/05/19/the-health-202-the-hopeful-news-about-moderna-s-coronavirus-vaccine-is-extremely-preliminary/5ec2e480602ff11bb118504f/ If you want more information on Moderna, google Moderna and fraud. Not saying they are being fraudulent now, but they aren't exactly innocent to the ways of secretive studies and stock prices.
  14. There are often bills that get passed as "bipartisan" because they have a boatload of stuff in them. Like, one party really wants to pass a coronavirus stimulus bill to provide money for individual Americans, but they can only do that if they also agree to the $50B bailout of the airline industry that the other party is pushing for. So the USPS act could have been one of those where there was some other pressing issue that seemed to be just as if not more important.
  15. Yes, this. I mean, do they expect Charles himself not to ask many, many questions about how he came to be and his parents, both of them? What will they tell him about Sophia? We know nothing about her but we are SURE you are the son of my son? Even the dullest boy would know he was being lied to about the full story and that grandmother was hiding something.
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