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  1. izabella

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I wouldn't call these guys Celeste's boyfriends. She doesn't even know their names or even remember them afterwards.
  2. They have to do something to put on tv. It's their job and this season, cabaret was it since most of the women had no storylines at all. This season was short for a reason. What did Sonja and Ramona bring to the season? Dorinda brought little except for her anger toward Lu from last season, plus she invites people to her Berkshires house so she had the fish room drama to carp about all season.
  3. We were annoyed by those promotions. And we are annoyed by Lu's cabaret. I, for one, never want to hear the word cabaret again, just like I couldn't stand to hear the words burlesque and caburlesque after Sonja's failed venture on stage. The issue here is the cast's double standard on promoting a Housewive's business. The difference is that the cast is expressing how annoyed they are about Lu's cabaret, and no matter how much they were annoyed by Skinnygirl all the time everywhere, or Ramona's products, they never said anything about it much less screamed at Bethy to stop bringing up Skinnygirl and stop with all the product placements. But they are constantly hating on Lu's cabaret and are telling her to shut up about it.
  4. The other women are the ones who pushed Kyle to talk to LVP to tell her they all thought she was lying about planting the puppy dumping story, and to demand she confess and apologize. And that is what Kyle started out saying. Only after LVP asked her if she believed LVP was lying did LVP tell her their friendship was done. But LVP is mad at all of them, not just Kyle, because they think she's lying, so she isn't taking her issues with Kyle out on them. She's taking her issues with them out on them.
  5. izabella

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    From what was shown of the preview for the next part of the reunion, Dorinda goes in again on Lu, so she is not done despite Lu's apology.
  6. izabella

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Maybe she never left and was still there, hiding in another room or something.
  7. It seems like he actually got a promotion and is hosting his own show with more publicity for it than his victim former co-host and her show.
  8. izabella

    Mad Men

    I've always thought Joan and Don had an interesting relationship. After some episodes, like the ones where Don and Joan share a drink at a bar, I was left wondering if they would become a couple at some point but they never went there. I wouldn't want to inflict her with Don since he would, of course, cheat on her. At the same time, I liked them together and would have enjoyed them exploring that relationship more.
  9. izabella

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Dennis never even filed for divorce, so I don't think divorces taking years for wealthy people is at issue with him.
  10. izabella

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    From what I heard, it sounded like Luann was calling around a number of people to see where she could get $6M for the house, including Bethy to ask Dennis if he could finance her. Luann was manic, whatever that means, in her eagerness and urgency for the house, but she wasn't asking for a gift of $6M but a loan, which she obviously wouldn't qualify for with a mortgage lender. But a guy in a quasi-shady financing business might lend it to her. I thought the lighting was unflattering, and the cameras just were not using the filters they used on these women most of the time during the season. Their plastic surgeries and fillers and botox were in full relief on that set, and they looked every bit as gruesome as those people on the Twilight Zone episode where their faces molded and froze into the shape of the gruesome masks they had been wearing. Worst dressed goes to Sonja with her 80's prom dress knock-off. She must have taken her advice to Aviva: Take a XANAX! What the text cleared up for me was that Luann didn't know if Dorinda considers John her boyfriend and takes him on Housewives things as her date. We haven't seen much of him on camera lately, so if she doesn't bring him around, I can see why Lu wouldn't automatically invite him. So, in her mind, it was up to Dorinda to ask and she shouldn't have waited until the day of the event to ask. I get that. We often wonder whether they are actually in a relationship or not since Dorinda keeps him at arms length.
  11. izabella

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    It's part of her cooler than other women, one of the guys shtick.
  12. izabella

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I cannot stand all the wigs and hair extensions people have on tv. The scratching is ridiculous and makes them all look like they have lice or are very dirty and never wash. A lot of the extensions make their hair look dull and limp and lank. Kathryn is the worst with her scratching when she wears those wigs.
  13. izabella

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Is she fantasizing about Joseph, or is she thinking about her mistake? I know when I make mistakes, I go over and over them in my mind, usually beating myself up for being such an idiot in the process. Eventually, I have to let it go and either forgive myself or just move on, but not until after I've tortured myself with it for a while first.
  14. izabella

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    I think I must have missed something, or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying. What stories? Was Bonnie telling her mother that her mother was abusing her and her mother didn't believe her? I'm not sure that makes sense.
  15. izabella

    Good Bones

    I agree. They put light colored butcher block counters along the walls, so they had the right idea there. If they'd user lighter green cabinets with the butcher block, it could have been a cute and fun cottage or farmhouse style kitchen. But then Mina wanted to mix in an industrial style so she brought in the black granite. That made the the green cabinets seem too heavy and dark. It wasn't horrible, though, and the high ceilings helped a lot to make the space feel larger and airy. What made me cringe, though, were the teeny tiny tiles in the bathroom. That's a million miles of grout to clean. Otherwise, it's a cute starter house for a young couple or single person.