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  1. I echo those who have grown to love Nurse Crane. Never disliked her really but I kind of expected they would have her come along, stir things up and be sent packing with everyone being "yea, she's gone!" Instead, she has stayed, made an impact on everyone while becoming a deeper character. I like how she kept her personality--and still bumps up against what others prefer--while becoming integrated and a real part of the crew. This show definitely made me appreciate living in the modern world with less judgment on pregnancies. I take things for granted--had 2 children while working and of course had no worries about getting fired, etc. But it really was not that long ago the opposite was true.
  2. I've watched 2 seasons with her and both involved her being smug after winning. Otherwise, I get the love. Not a hater but it seems like she gets a pass on things going to her head due to the accent.
  3. I enjoy CT and her as a pair and like them figuring things out together. But the court thing, is a no for me. I did love her mean face.
  4. There are moments I like Big T and then moments where to me she is too much and seems overly smug--like people overlook it because she speaks with a lovely British accent. I continue to be puzzled by people with no plan to get a skull (unless they are legit just trying to ride out screen time as much as possible). If you put 2 people you want to go home in a challenge--downside is one of those non-friends now has a skull and you have one less chance to get one. I hated to see Natalie go home. I became a fan of hers on Survivor. I've only seen Tori on this season and the previous one where she lost so I'm unable to get why she thinks she is so good. She also seems to lack a strong social game.
  5. this is what made me cry. I thought he'd say something else--like "I'll be watching over you." Something that was moving but that I could handle-- But wanting to stay just gutted me This episode had so many good moments. I can't list them all. Very well done
  6. I enjoyed it--and worked out that I finished Season 4 right around Christmas. I don't get super picky with this show but it did bug me a bit that brand new (surprise mom) Iris just strolls into church what seemed like a couple hours of giving birth. Maybe there was a longer time lag? but right after giving birth I was not near that mobile for practical reasons Otherwise--great episode.
  7. Fessy seems like an idiot, but I was grateful for him at least making this an interesting episode. I can't follow people who are super into "loyalty" when this is an individual game at the end of the day. And Josh not getting what (he at least was claiming to want) was great. Devin is definitely the character I enjoy for periodic smart ass statements that make me laugh but then I dislike for being a jerk for no apparent reason (being a jerk to rile up Josh I get). I did enjoy the banter with him and Tori. I hope they are stuck together for a while like the premise of some sitcom.
  8. the same idea popped up to me when I saw it. I found myself saying out loud "oh shit!" with the thalidomide ending. Everyone seemed so happy. I'd forgotten about it. So sad
  9. this 100%. I'm not sure why you cast someone that old for a role that young (or does season 2 time jump?) unless they are a Ralph Machio type who looks years younger than they actually are. In episode 1, I thought "this person looks like the older sister."
  10. * yes on the painting. I had the same thought. Normally when something like that gets ruined it also signifies the end of the relationship etc. *interesting on Eloise--because the one thing that bothered me about her from the beginning is she looks a lot older than Daphne. I now know why.
  11. [I've only read part of the responses so apologies if I'm repeating something already covered in detail] I enjoyed this episode and the wrap up except for the idea of Pen being Whistledown. It doesn't add up for me at all. I have not read the books so perhaps there is some explanation (such as the Modiste helping her actually write it). I don't take this show super seriously so I have not been thinking seriously about "who is W" because it's not that type of show for me and I honestly would not have been surprised for W to just be a writer's device--where we never find out who it is and it's like a narrator who just knows everything conveniently. Anyway--if we're to buy it is a real person, then Pen being it makes no sense at all (again assuming no team of people we later learn about). A lot of people have defended her actions with "naive teenager"--I can buy that. It fits how she is portrayed on the show. BUT I'm supposed to believe this teenager writes a gossip newsletter that comes out on the regular but does not sound like teenage drivel? Have we seen anything demonstrating Pen's maturity and adult writing ability? did I skip that part? It just doesn't fit. The Modiste does and I was content with that. Then add in why Pen thinks its a good idea to go so far as to ruin her sisters chances etc? and do nothing to fix it if it was an ignorant mistake on her part? I'm also wondering what Pen does with her cash from this effort? no mention of her finding a way to pay off family debts with it. So she's sitting on it while her mom can't pay for dresses? if she's so clever to find out all this gossip while seeming to be stuck at her house a lot, get it published and distributed, I think she'd figure out a way to make come up with some underhand way for the Modiste etc to get paid without it appearing to come from her. Ok back to not thinking seriously about this show. Although many find Daphne bland, I do find the Duke and Daphne to be sweet together. When they are happy together, they honestly look happy as a couple.
  12. it seemed like Meredith could have benefited from watching tape of her performances. She seemed so oblivious of the issues.
  13. I watched this show in the old days, stopped watching when they started adding lots of new people and started back again last season--so I've never seen this Devin person before. I understand from posts on here that he is a jerk, but what I've gotten to see has cracked me up. Devin v. Josh, I'm on Team Devin. I liked his use of math facts to antagonize Josh. I also liked his "Big Brother Sucks" and BB people acting like that is some awful slur. It's a tv show; plus it was clearly a joke. I always find the challenges more interesting in theory than they are to actually watch. I hope someone who had a shot at getting a skull and skipped it ends up not ever getting the chance to compete for one. That would make me very happy.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble keeping the brothers apart. I did learn to least spot Anthony with the sideburns
  15. somewhere in these 94 pages are posts from me questioning the Ed Asner storyline when it first aired on Pop. It made no sense at all. Very sloppy writing. We're also supposed to believe Ed Asner just clears out that space overnight where the clinic was. If you are getting a big guest star, you should have a reasonable exit storyline--like Alan Alda getting ill.
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