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  1. somewhat off topic but this is why I've always loved Sandra. She told Russell outright she didn't like him. I recall one time where he said "if you are not with me, you are against me." and she responded "I'm against you, Russell."
  2. so true. I think you captured why we still watch this show and love this show so many years later. Is it perfect? no. Did the quality always remain high? no. But throughout the series, even at the end, when it was great, it was truly well done.
  3. Sad to see Elaine go but it was obvious at that tribal. If she thought she had a possible chance to not leave, then she completely screwed up at tribal with the waterworks. I assumed the fact it was such a lovefest meant everyone there had just about pledged to vote for her no matter what and the editing was just trying to make me think there was a chance something else had happened. Glad to see Dan is gone but there was part of me that for a second wanted it to somehow mean Elaine was back--as someone else put it, a newly created Tim Gunn save--that there was some reason the circumstances of the Dan pull nullified that vote.
  4. I was very glad Rose made it through. I had hoped she would not be in the position to have to fight through the twitter save to get there. She's my favorite, but I like all of the final 4.
  5. I was the opposite. 2 early miscarriages--which led me to freak out with both my other pregnancies to the point a friend wisely advised me to call my doctor, tell her I needed an early ultrasound--which I did (around 9 weeks) and it greatly calmed me. What I did avoid was visiting baby stores until the end. I can understand either reaction.
  6. people have difficulty with the concept because it's called "modest" when it actually means "covered up." Since the word "modest," has a meaning outside of fashion--and it doesn't mean covered head to toe--people react to it. I know I can't decide what things get named, but I'd prefer if it was named something like "fully covered fashion" because when I hear "modest" there is part of my brain that takes exception--as if saying her fashions are modest means the clothes I wear are not. I wear modest clothes (in my opinion) using the "non-fashion" meaning of modest--i.e. skirts to the knee, necklines that don't scoop down really low. . .
  7. I think you mean Dean. I thought the same--and wonder if editing cut out footage that made his move at trial more sensible. Maybe not--I don't mean to give Dean any more credit than he deserves--but I could imagine Noura saying stuff that further eroded any hope the plan was going to fly so that his move seemed more reasonable.
  8. 1. 100% agree on Del Amico. I really wonder what could have been if she'd stayed. She was one of the best add-on characters--where the character had multiple sides. She wasn't perfect which made her realistic and also she wasn't a Debbie downer like Abby. 2. Cynthia Hooper is just so hard to take--though she has a good heart she just isn't the type of person I want to be around. It actually makes me respect MH as an actress more because it's clear how much she is acting in that role when you see her in a Law and Order add. Watching her Cynthia makes me forget it is acting and expect the actress to be this drippy person too.
  9. My favorite moment too; it completely cracked me up--so much than when I caught the episode rerunning Saturday morning and I kept watching just to see it again. My thoughts so far is that this seems like a good cast. I saw lots of things that I liked; people generally seemed nice (subject to some arrogance but so far not mean arrogance). I hope it continues.
  10. I very agree with this. It felt like they were looking for story lines and just added that on.
  11. the ending with Chiijohn was the segment I didn't know I needed. But I did. The hopeful last line. . .sigh. Thanks John and the writers. Also, I'm not normally that fond of the ATT jokes John does. But the bit about the message in the bottle being the most reliable way to reach them since he has ATT was awesome.
  12. anyone able to come up with top 10 list of ER Christmas episodes? I thought they had lots of good ones. I can't recall all of them so I can't compile the list--but would love a list (with brief plot descriptions) to consider. Blizzard from season 1 is one of the best. There is a later one that ends with Archie and Helah (sp?) singing that was really sweet.
  13. * I liked CeCe and Dr. Charles so for once I was actually moved by this show. Her telling him she wanted him to remarry and him responding with "but I'm happily married to you" was both funny and heartbreaking * I felt a kinship for the hospital attorney when they needed an answer on the kidney and it had to be right away. Those aren't questions that get addressed all the time so it's not like you can just quickly look up the answer. And the attorney knows it's a legitimate rush--but doesn't make it any easier. * just hoping Natalie and Will stay away from each other. Please.
  14. Elizabeth going home is great. Can't complain about that. Karishma still annoys so much. She seems to be get really wound up anytime anyone tells her what the vote plan is (accurately or inaccurately).
  15. exactly. it would not have been odd for her to forget his new place but remember the address for his NJ house. Then when the new owners open the door, she'd be really confused. So I was surprised by the cabin.
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