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  1. 1. wondered the same thing--what was Cory's deal? 2. I found myself puzzled by the urge to like Nelson. Who is this guy
  2. I don't like these episodes because I feel badly for the kids. That feeling ruins the whole watching experience for me. But I get what you are saying.
  3. On any show, I always hate and want to skip any episode where a character thinks they are rich but turns out they are not and part of the episode is them dreaming about what they will do with the money. I believe Little House has one with Laura finding fools gold. I could be mixed up since if I see that in the episode description, it's a definite "nope; find something else to watch." Also, in general, I'm not a fan of any dream episodes. Waste of time.
  4. I liked it when they asked what exactly "vibing with" meant which seems to be Kaycee's go-to phrase. that no one else uses. but we're all supposed to know what it means.
  5. he was truly all in and must be hard to beat at family charade games.
  6. I thought the work they did acting out paparazzi was really impressive, along with "middle." Even though the person did not get it, taking turns moving into the middle was a great idea vs. just standing there pointing, etc.
  7. thank you. I agree he was a jerk and the crusty guy with a heart of gold thing is over done. But with you in that there were some good moments and kudos to the actors who helped sell that bond as being true. I've certainly watched a lot of poorly written/acted shows that try to toss on a moving moment and it doesn't ring true at all. ER had me willing to ignore the parts that don't add up.
  8. I thought the same thing. I'm old (old enough to remember dropping off film and getting double prints so I could easily mail the good ones to eager grandparents) and I don't have a pile of photos to go through of my kids
  9. Pratt's death really got to me the first time I watched it--the look of fear in his eye that came from having the medical knowledge to know what was happening. I grew to like his character and it made me sad. In reruns the scene where the wheel him out and Frank's reaction touched me. Dr. Green and the song get me every time too.
  10. There are few people to really root for. There are idiots like Josh and then non-players who sit around doing nothing and then whine about needing a red skull despite making no effort to get one. I also can't feel sympathy for the Corey's of the world. When he was being all sad about being away from his kid, I just found myself thinking "get a job." Don't like this job? get another? you chose this "job." So I just can't get all worked up for you.
  11. This 100% and is what I loved about watching him on the Voice. You could see the intensity and how serious he is about what he does. I also loved his bond with Michelle Shamuel (sp?). They were a great pair.
  12. it wasn't my favorite episode but I do love Usher. I like how shows like this allow non-musical business people like me see a little behind the scenes. I enjoyed seeing Usher as a Voice coach--you could see that his success was not just talent but also drive---which is kind of obvious but it's one thing to think "I bet this successful person is very driven" vs actually seeing all the hard work and intensity. Songland is the same way for me.
  13. thank you for jogging my memory
  14. thanks but I was picturing a girl getting shot in the stomach. Now wondering where I got that idea!
  15. I read the recap. I had remembered it wrong. I thought Sylvia jumped in front of a gun shot and got shot in the stomach. Am I remembering some other character's death?
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