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  1. In defense of Sally Field--tossing in my unpopular opinion--I felt like she earned her accolades in the episode when she explains to Abby how she tried to will herself to be well when Abby was born. I think they are sitting at the L Station during this conversation. It was heartbreaking to me--the thought of this mom wanting to be well but not being able to do it. Whether that is an accurate portrayal of mental illness, I can't say, but I was moved. I do agree that there are not so endearing parts of the story arc, and I'm not a big Abby fan. ** edited to fix "can" to "can't say"
  2. I way prefer episodes in the ER as opposed to the out of ER ones but the Fathers and Son one was good--esp with what it led to story-wise---it really did have a point that tied into the show. Also, Mark's last episode guts me every time.
  3. I was crying during the manicure--partly because of the show and what was happening on screen and partly because it brought me back to the last time I saw my Nana. I sat with her, holding her hands and rubbing lotion on them. I had kind of forgotten but that scene brought it back.
  4. Hated this too. At the end of Japril, when it was just a done deal (at a certain point, I give up), I rooted for them. But if I wrote the show, they would have never dated in the first place. They would have stayed solid friends. Remember when Alex as a jerk to her? Jackson reacted like a brother. It was nice. I hate shows that take solid friendships and mess them up. Real people do have solid friendships that don't become dating situations.
  5. thanks for the correction. I've now cracked myself up. I'm even worse than I realized. 🙂
  6. I thought Torres would win since we'd seen more about his teammates and they had more of the heart tugging story lines. But very impressed with Weather Ninja. I have no issue with the tshirts and nicknames--in part because I'm bad at names, and I have an easier time with remembering Weather Ninja etc. It's harmless so I'm cool with it. I was very impressed with Maddy. She was very smooth. If memory serves correctly she turned that honey comb smoother than anybody. Meanwhile, I continue my at home quest to do one pull up. . . .
  7. I may remember incorrectly but I thought the Green/Chuney break up was mutual. I could not stand Greene with Cynthia. She grated on my nerves. I do appreciate the actress a lot after seeing her on Law and Order. Sometimes I wrongly assume the actress is just using their normal, annoying voice.
  8. Minor HIPAA notes for your next trivia event * it's HIPAA--one P, 2 AAs *compliance with HIPAA became required in 2003
  9. there is one scene where Cleo is shooting hoops and interacts with Green. I thought it was her best, most relaxed scene.
  10. I'm with Kim on fear of spiders but also a very boring episode.
  11. in general the show deserves credit for creating characters that were good but not perfect and making it believable. Other shows fail at that--it's either all good or bad or someone suddenly gets a personality transplant for purposes of plot at random times. ER did it better than any show I can think of right now.
  12. got tripped up on the lunatic ledges--lost momentum and could not make the last jump
  13. I love the show. I love how it's the same course for anyone running it (no women's version; no rookie version). I like how some people are former athletes but others have no athletic background. I like the positive, supportive vibe. I even don't mind the backstories (as long as it's not over done and please do not re-show a backstory in the next round; once per person is fine). In short, thank goodness this did not get cancelled by COVID. My only issue is when I watch while running on my treadmill I sometimes almost fall off it if I start trying too hard to help my contestant with a lot of "lean English." Without realizing it, I start leaning to the right trying to help them make that dismount. As for backstories, Jessie's should have included footage of her upside down/hero pose move in the all star competition. Just beautiful.
  14. Yeah, Kerri has this way of doing things where you start to warm to her, start to feel like she's ok--I mean I'm a rule follower and in real life would like it if others did as well--but then she always pulls a jerk move that keeps you from really cheering for her
  15. 1990 grad here with the same issue but I had big hair and big bangs. My older sister worked carefully to pin my cap on top of my head but with some bangs showing out in front. I was very proud of it. No board hanging off my head!
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