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  1. same here. I thought for a minute I was going to start remembering Head Scarf Lady's name but now she's fired. . . (for now) I believe that is why they are careful to show Richard wearing green scrubs in Other Hospital--so you more quickly remember it's a different place.
  2. completely agree. The story was sweet while also being what???? But you know you just have to ignore that and keep going.
  3. agreed. I really like it when Bailey is in strong mode, giving people the for what and the what for. . . but this overly angry, petty version is not that.
  4. it was odd to see Nico actually have a purpose. I actually liked one of his moments on screen--where he told Glasses/Contacts to stop wallowing essentially and stop accepting being an idiot. I still keep hoping Glasses walks into a bus or something. Please get him off the show. I'm ready for this Bailey/Meredith thing to simmer down. They are making Bailey so angry; so petty. I'm not saying Meredith is blameless here but Bailey doesn't have to be a total jerk who seems to put her personal feuds over patient needs. I like Bailey when she is strong and in teach mode. But this version is annoying. I always enjoy seeing Jasmine Guy--I still think of her as Whitley. I kind of hope Richard considers an affair but backs off.
  5. I've enjoyed this deep look at Dylan/Kelly vs. Dylan/Brenda. Personally I'm a situationalist. With Brenda on the show, I preferred Dylan/Brenda. At this point, they never wrote Dylan/Kelly as a happy real couple. More of a fling. [note I'm going off of having last watched this probably 5 years ago so I'm fuzzy on details] With Brenda gone, I preferred Kelly/Brandon over Kelly/Dylan. Brandon relationship felt more real (subject to them rewriting Kelly's character a bit but let's chalk that up to maturing). With Brandon gone, I at this point was 100% for Dylan/Kelly being end game. There are reasons why this is not realistic but in show world, I'm a romantic and want my long time people together. but my ideas on all of the above would change if Brandon was still there or if Brenda was.
  6. Yes, it used to be that way and I liked it better. They could have whatever reaction they wanted to have without being overheard. I generally enjoyed moments of Carsen really seeming to enjoy participating in some of their big reactions. He legit seemed happy for them. I love a dorky over the top happy family.
  7. the part of Peter's departure they handled really well was the last episode with him and Carter. Carter gives him the subway token with a very Carter sentimental story and Benton reacts in a very Benton way--the opposite of sentimental--but you could see the bond. I'm glad they at least handled that really well. It was written in a manner that did pay attention to the characters and didn't have Benton suddenly start hugging people, etc.
  8. when we watched Swing Kids we were shocked, shocked to see Dr. Carter as a Nazi. He played the role well but we were a bit taken out of the movie for a second. . . because it's Dr. Carter!!
  9. There was just too much Abby. Abby in smaller doses might have made for some great arcs and a favorite character. Her mood matched the dark sets. My one carve out though is one of the Maggie arcs--might be the first one. It's where Maggie explains to Abby how when Abby was born Maggie tried to "decide to be well" for her daughter (scene at the L station). And she wasn't able to do that. I think I might have first watched this while on maternity leave, which may be a factor--but the scene gutted me. I really felt like I understood the burden Maggie had as a sick person. Emmy earned in my opinion.
  10. I've always ignored the illogic of the Doug situation based on the fact he left the show. Otherwise it would have been different (or in my brain I would hold Doug accountable and what the hell, let him know Carol. . . ). But that still leaves us with "why did the writers have her get pregnant?" I don't know. Bad idea on their part because what transpired really did not fit the characters at all. I did hate the way they had Peter react to Reese's situation. It wasn't true to Peter.
  11. getting close to the end of season 2 and what I want to know is WHEN DOES CHUMMY COME BACK???? [don't actually answer that but I miss Chummy.
  12. I was thinking the same thing--focus on the dance aspect because that is legit and there is nothing wrong with wanting to continue to have ways to demonstrate dance skill plus the ambassador stuff.
  13. I agree 100% on this. They did a nice job developing the friendship so the idea of them data felt realistic and interesting. It could have been great. I agree with most of your other points as well, except I could not stand Lucy. I don't hate Abby but also not a fan. They really overdid it with her. If there had been less Abby that would have helped.
  14. it was really bad. Surprisingly bad. It's hard to imagine what they were thinking writing it.
  15. I would like the Jo negotiating part better if it seemed realistic. Without knowing details on board exams (as quoted above, thanks!), I knew it doesn't make sense. "Fellowship" is not just "wing it." My sister went that route; it's part of training. If they had done a better job over the years of making Jo seem like a real, competent, independently-practicing doctor, it would make more sense. As written, it comes across as "you hang around and boom just become an attending" as if that is realistic.
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