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  1. I enjoyed this episode more than most. I think the rules on person you pick gets to pick their opponent plus the winner getting to choose where they go nicely mixed things up. I do wonder what happens as teams get lopsided. Is it like Survivor with people sitting out? Ruby and Kyle's hatred for it was so funny. It cracked me up with Corey bent on revenge suddenly finding himself leader of a group of misfits that don't want to be on his team.
  2. I feel like the show is reading my posts and has decided to try to make me hate Helm more than Glasses. Isn't happening. Why? 1. as pointed out by many, Glasses is so awful. Please kill his character. You can make it part of some dramatic episode. I won't complain (that much) when characters pretend to care deeply about his loss. 2. I can despise more than one resident. Helm's Grey obsession is just weird. It's not cute. It was at most something she could have mentioned once or twice (" I really came here because I wanted to learn from Dr. Grey"). To keep doing it--and for that basic
  3. we remarked on the same thing. So nice not to waste time trying to figure out yet another challenge, no shots of people hiking up a hill. . . Shan seems to be playing overly hard but maybe it will work out for her. The only upside to JD giving her his advantage--nothing we saw indicated he would have used it even if he had it in his pocket. He didn't seem aware at all that he needed to play it--so it was a dumb move but did it really change the outcome? I don't think so. What changed the outcome is him not fully clicking on how unreliable Shan is despite her pretty much giving that away w
  4. Maya and Carina rarely talk at all. Most conversations are at high volume if not a yell from the get go. They are exhausting
  5. that's my understanding. My mom got jobs assisting Harvard professors while she worked her way through college
  6. as for Owen and Teddy, I feel like we are supposed to pretend her storyline last year didn't happen. They are written like they have always been this adorable couple where some obstacles kept them apart. You really have to just fan wave past the other stuff to watch them this season. At least that is what I do.
  7. I'm here for all the Glasses hate. Please dump him show. I feel like they decided to try to give him more personality but still not working. Get some decent residents who seem competent and write some compelling storylines. I don't know why they felt like we really needed Megan back. They could have just created a new character. Had we ever seen retiring Dr. Wong before? this show seemed to show an unusually high number of doctors outside of the normal circle.
  8. I did not remember Meredith's love interest to the point I had to Google. I could tell I was supposed to be excited to see him but rang no bells. I feel like I may need to rewatch Season 14. the jumping around was a bit confusing especially since we are pretending this is post COVID. It feels very much like a plot contrivance for Amelia to just be "no marriage" given she has never been anti marriage (married Owen). It just feels contrived. I did love new plastics surgeon complaining about the skill level of Glasses. He sucks. Of course she can't expect everyone to know her mov
  9. * this 3 person/butterfly phrase idol thing seems too complicated and potentially robs a person of their vote for the rest of show * I get the idea of a girl alliance but at a minimum you need reliable people in said alliance--and Tiff clearly is not. Even if they save you with a merge, do you really want Tiffany running around potentially blowing whatever plan you have up? because it's hard to imagine her not doing that
  10. I know--I thought he was going to reference Yul--then realized he was talking Woo and I was confused. I am not offended by guys, but I also had never noticed that Probst always says that. If I had been given a multiple choice test and asked "what does Jeff always say when. . ." and you gave me some fake options like "Come on in Survivors!" I would have picked the wrong option. So I don't see changing it as any big deal at all. The phrases I'm more aware of the got nothing for you and all the phrases related to tribal. I'm wondering if yellow will regret voting out Abraham just beca
  11. my favorite was the duck hunting the hunter painting. I loved the segment. I really made me happy. The rest did not--sigh--how do we get out of this mess? the fall y'all thing was very cringe (as my youngest would say)
  12. this show started strong and then got less so; we were ready for it to be over. That being said, I was happy with the ending overall. I'm glad it was positive and not doom and gloom. The Marconis made me sob at one point.
  13. I enjoyed this season. All sports give the advantage to people from rich families--or families that mortgage the whole family on the kid's success. I also didn't mind the teens because they delivered. If they had wasted space with tons of teens who went out early, I would think otherwise. I like the vets but I don't want to watch a show that just shows us vets because we like/feel like we know them. My youngest is 15 so I kept trying to imagine him competing at that level. My kids are not athletic so it's never been a question of "do we sign them up for super expensive this or that"--cle
  14. I wondered if she was looking for a way to say "I don't trust Kaycee" that would not sound like she was saying "I don't trust Kaycee" when Kaycee watched it back
  15. back when the stabbing happened, I had heard that Kelly Martin was leaving--which annoyed me because it did make it likely she died. I wanted to not know that. But the show was so well done I started to think and perhaps she makes it (only to leave the show to go recover etc.) I hate it when I know an actor is leaving a show. Even with the glam described above, I generally praise ER for being more gritty than most dramas. People often looked less than ideal. Not everyone who was cast looked like a model.
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