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  1. I agree--that is not how she came across but maybe after therapy she'll get to a more comfortable place. I don't think the writers or the performance were trying to depict my situation/type feelings. I think they were trying to show a person with a really strong reaction--one not shared by everyone in her situation I'm sure. (my very true was in reference to human emotions being complex)
  2. I still enjoy sister MJ even if unrealistic. I watched this out of order since Netflix put at the end of Season 9 for some reason (even though it got all the other seasons in order). I'm just glad to know there is a season 10!
  3. it was great to see the Clooney bit again. It's always annoying to know if it's on the show, something is wrong. You know it won't be a feel good hour on how great this program is.
  4. very true. My dad's mom died when he was 16. My grandpa remarried the woman I knew as grandma. She was wonderful. I loved her but there is part of me that wishes I could have known my dad's mom. It is complex.
  5. I also for a brief second thought the story might be about how climate change was making this an issue for northern states who built their prisons without AC at a time when it didn't get that hot there, but now that we are getting record highs. . . but no, of course, the Southern states are at fault too
  6. * I hadn't thought about whether prisons had A/C but kind of assumed they did. I cannot imagine sweltering like that--it's not like a prison is going to have big windows even if there was a nice evening breeze. So kudos to educating us on what seems at first like a mundane fact. * I also found it interesting the fact bit on how fans don't help much above a certain temperature. I had a summer job working in a non-A/c factory. When it was 100 outside, it was worse inside (working the 5 to midnight shift). They would blast us with fans--and now I'm questioning that. They didn't make you feel
  7. I was not a Morris fan but he and Claudia were great.
  8. I enjoyed this--glad the course varied a bit. The teens are still amazing and nice to see 5 women finish in the top 30.
  9. I don't mind the teenagers at all, because this show is not a popularity contest. It's the same course for everyone. If you can run it, you get to compete; if not, you go home. Since there is sliding scale for them, I'm fine. Judging by how well many have done, it looks like a good idea to me. Why should they wait 4 years more? if they were all crashing and burning, they would be taking off space--then I'd say "get off my lawn." I'm just always amazed by what people can do on this show. I also don't mind the background stories. I'm glad we don't only see them for finishers--or it w
  10. I did not realize people were leaving. I always prefer not to know. They could really replace most of the cast and just try to restart the show with better writing. No one would mind.
  11. I also noticed this was episode 2 in a row of Jo working in a "used to live in a car" reference. We had been almost free from car references this season; sad to see it come back. WE GET IT. YOU USED TO LIVE IN A CAR.
  12. I wanted to name my dog Luna. I think it's picked up as a pet name due to Harry Potter. At least that is what made me think of it.
  13. I really expected the first/objection wedding to be a dream of Maggie's that she woke up from. Pretty dumb. And I can't imagine buying 2 wedding dresses because of your parents' last minute objections. My sister got married 3x--once at city hall to get her husband's visa process going faster, once in the US as the official family wedding with reception and once in Germany for his extended family/friends. They celebrate all days. Winston and Maggie had a reasonable plan to do small now and large production later. Totally reasonable. This was a pretty low drama episode and will say it was
  14. I get zero chemistry between Vic and Dean. In contrast, he had a nice vibe with the lawyer. So, I hope they do not put Vic and Dean together. Not rooting for that at all.
  15. the show got me again. I thought (a) wedding was Uncle Nicky's or (b) wedding was Kevin's actual wedding. Did not expect Kate at all. I'm torn on the bridesmaid dress. I generally agree with most posters--it's not about you; suck it up and wear it for this wedding; get out of it when the wedding is over--but I do wonder if it is more of a true issue for Tess than it would be for me. I'm straight; like dresses--so any issues with a dress are small. It seemed to mean more to her. I love this show. I cried as usual. I also was dismayed to realize next year is the last season. I'm glad t
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