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  1. anonymiss

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    That Teen Vogue editor continues to make me cringe. Her look was like a suburban mom's idea of street wear--like she went to the costume shop and bought "90s hip hop" costume. Brandon impressed me with his quick response: Yeah you're like 20. You're not supposed to know who you are. But you are supposed to be able to design clothing. (Brandon and Christian are both proof of that.) And I was impressed with his closing remarks to Kovid about the "cyclical nature of fashion," which were kind and wise. I agreed with the winning and losing look.
  2. anonymiss

    World Of Dance

    I'm very disappointed they got rid of Main Guys.
  3. anonymiss

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    Biddell's was the only one that felt like a high fashion show. Every piece was fresh and exciting and cohesive. The others I can and have seen so much of before. Not surprised since the judges consist of a flash-in-the-pan has-been (Isaac) and a grown-up Olivia Jade (Georgina).
  4. anonymiss

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    That Teen Vogue editor kept saying "real women" this and "real women" that to send Frankie off. Are we still using that silly term? As if non full-figured women are somehow fake/to be denigrated. Just express body positivity of all shapes and sizes without insulting any other type.
  5. anonymiss

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    This is the dullest start to the season ever. Why is this nobody desperate hanger-on Barbara the focus so far? I hate how she butted her fug mug in to grab even more camera time when Bethenny and Dorinda were having a rare genuine conversation.
  6. anonymiss

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I quit PR a few seasons ago. Just couldn't take it anymore. This return to BRAVO without Heidi and Tim and with Christian Siriano makes me so happy! Yay! The designer who was eliminated was right--I did find her garment flattering and the mess that was saved was a mess; however, no one is going to miss her.
  7. anonymiss

    Christian Siriano: PR Winner and Mentor

    Christian "kind of a big deal" Siriano--yassss! I love him. What a breath of fresh air. Excellent to have a bona fide talented designer mentoring. I fell tf out of love with Tim after his mentor show and don't miss him (or Heidi) one bit!
  8. anonymiss

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    Right but wasn't there an episode where Smurf and J talked about this? I seem to recall Smurf saying she couldn't give her money because she would just use it on drugs? And she looked after the condo or whatever?
  9. anonymiss

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    I don't understand the extent of J's venom towards Smurf. It just seems a little extreme for his previous mellow character. The other boys get fed up with her but they don't want to actually destroy her. She took J in like her own (just like she did Baz) without any obligation to do so.
  10. anonymiss

    S04.E09 Episode 9

    I relate to Alison, unfortunately. Was taken in--without my prior knowledge--by a married man. Fell in love with him. Much anguish ensued. Have heard lines like, "This is your fault. You seduced me!" So this whole story has been fascinating and this episode chilling and very true-to-life for me without the fatal ending, but that's because I didn't escalate like Alison had to for the sake of the contract disputes doing her in. Alison dying in the water and the water theme around her reminds me of Noah's characterization of her as this nymph.
  11. anonymiss

    S03.E11: Jackpot

    It's consistent with his character to be responsible and capable--the good boy--so I think it was instinct. I think Lucy told Pope he gets to go free if Mommy admits what she did. The way that Lucy ended her scene with Pope by saying something like, "Let's see how this goes," followed by Pope's stony reaction to being rescued and his surefire accusation levied at Smurf makes me think that. I just don't know why Pope would be certain Lucy wasn't just covering her own ass and making Smurf admit it under duress.
  12. anonymiss

    S05.E06: A Changed Man? 08.05.2018

    I don't understand what Tariq claims is his motivation for hating his family. So he hates his dad for being a G but is going to keep trying to be one himself? Even after it kills his innocent sister? And does he have Stockholm Syndrome with Kanan?
  13. I would have a Glam Squad, too, if I had the means. Unlike other spoiled rich girls, she seems like a sweet and self-aware one so I have no problem w/ her being a Princess. When Ramona rightfully calls you crazy...Dorinda, you have an alcohol problem. Bethenny saying, "I understand more than you know" and trying to mediate was coming from an honest place with regards to her alcoholic mother I think. This was refreshingly full of real drama, unpleasant but real.
  14. I always assumed she would get the ax for rejecting and standing up to Queen B, just like Heather did.
  15. anonymiss

    The Americans in the Media

    Just watched it. They all seemed kind of over it, esp. Keri and Matthew. Holly seems like Paige.