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  1. Agree with your entire post except the reoccuring question: "Why don't they just call the cops?" If they call the cops much of the show's premise is over since this is a martial arts combat and bullying themed show, not a psychological thriller or romantic intrigue etc. But from a "realism" standpoint, it never bothered me because I never even thought of that as a possibility for kids and men whose pride/toughness is challenged. In my lived experience and from what I've seen of others, when the average kid is bullied or the subject of violence, they are too humiliated to tell an adult. Everyone will know you called the cops, akin to everyone knowing you called Mommy and Daddy like Eli endured before he flipped the script. The culture growing up was to handle it yourself. Also, many kids get caught up in thinking high school is everything. And don't realize there are real resources outside of high school but much of it is about pride and shame. It's why some kids who get bullied don't report it and end up committing suicide (like those who spawned the "it gets better" campaign). Some others, like many mixed martial artists, say they got started in it just like these kids--to take matters into their own hands and learn how to fight. As for men, from what I've observed and experienced, calling the cops to resolve your fights and challenges is basically admitting you lost the pissing match, so to speak. I easily believe they would settle martial arts rivalries via martial arts and not law enforcement.
  2. I don't have any issue with violence or really much of anything as long as I can or want to believe it and it's entertaining in that it works with the plot. The writers are above a deus ex machina and that was why the result of the Japanese plot was insufferable to me. If they needed to give everyone their reunion time it should not be shoehorned in. But that's just one of the many instances I found too contrived and dragged on too long, making the other stories with main cast whom I love feel messy and rushed. A lot felt disjointed and I found myself wanting scenes to wrap up already because I knew how they would end instead of savouring each moment and getting lost in it. I did love Demitri's growth and Yasmine's involvement. That was delightful and unpredictable.
  3. I agree with the Rolling Stone review. I was/am obsessed with the first 2 seasons but this was a big letdown, probably because it was too ambitious. They needed to edit and focus or order more episodes for the season. I found the Okinawa plot horribly contrived and boring. I was bored to tears waiting for Komiko to finish reading. I hope Season 4 has less fan service and just authentically tells the story out of a labor of love like the first 2 seasons.
  4. Good for them if true. I'm so jaded about how PR works in entertainment that I wouldn't be surprised if Keo agreed to be a cover for his buddy.
  5. I honestly would have preferred a Nelly win after all the comments here predicting it. I would have at least understood it from a feel-good TV show perspective. Kaitlin is so boring. Even if I watched her show I can't imagine having enthusiasm for her. But good for Artem.
  6. Perfectly said. It's sad Gleb is "that guy" but the depressing reality is, in his situation, I suspect most men would be.
  7. It doesnt surprise me he has more viewer support/name recognition because Nelly has sold millions and millions of records worldwide. Johnny has skated professionally for millions to watch for free. Not the same kind of fanbase breadth or depth. I don't think Nelly's fanbase from his heyday watch this show but there's probably a sizeable number of women who were casual fans who do (like myself). I'm right there with ya. He also comes across so phony and pandering--even for this show. When Derek (or was it Bruno?) opened his critique with, "You've done this before, haven't you?" Nev was at a loss for words and just plastered on his huge phony annoying grin.
  8. I love Janet's "If" and hated seeing Skai's feeble attempts at staccato movements. She can feign intensity in her face but it's as if her limbs are too weak to actually be intense. It doesn't matter if anyone is voting for her because the ABC Disney producers certainly are. Very glad Nelly was safe. Would be happy if he or Justina won. The catfish guy is a total nobody dance ringer and I've never heard of Kaitlyn but she said she once aspired to be a professional dancer as well. That is fine but they have no charisma that makes me care or be excited for them. I am not rooting for Johnny but he's a dear and I know it would probably mean the most to him if he won. He looked like he was going to fall apart at the prospect of elimination. He's improved a lot and he should always wear a costume that covers his butt and tendency to stick it out, lol.
  9. Nelly has that "looks like he's having fun" quality and he has stage presence. I'd much rather watch Nelly's sexy self grooving to the music with his natural charisma than a technically much better dancer like Nev or Kaitlyn who are eyesores for me. Kaitlyn just seems joyless even when she smiles, perhaps because of the frozen upper face due to all the injections.
  10. Derek's Dr. Hyde is the only time I've found him attractive lol. Wow I never cared about Justina Machado until that tango. That was so much theatrical fun and she was in complete control of the ballroom. Sasha has also always been a fave since he started. I was distracted during Nelly's dance because I couldn't stop thinking about how bad Ashanti must feel seeing this. Holy cow at Jenna's back muscle definition. I wish I cared about her partner because they're doing a great job. Tyra is OK now. If she had started this way there wouldn't have been a fuss.
  11. Jeannie has always been very opportunistic and calculating but I was moved to tears myself. Ugh. I really enjoy Monica and her partnership with Val. I would probably enjoy her with anyone, but I think they're particularly well-matched. I don't care about the Disney Girl or the Catfish Guy but I would miss Jenna. I love how she attacks a dance w/ the same intensity that I appreciate in Peta.
  12. Derek is so much better than his shrill phony sister. I really enjoy him in this role. Tyra is being Tyra. Erin was awesome but nervous on Day 1 and I recall people were still hating her. Tyra will get better but this is still going to be tough for her because she is so used to shows being all about her and being the boss. Oh I like Jenna now that she has job security. She used to reek of desperation but now is more herself and is enjoyable. Jeannie Mai acts like she spends 95 percent of her day practicing her facial expression poses for the camera. She has admitted as much in the past for rehearsals for The Real. It's a bit exhausting.
  13. I love Tamar. I love her voice and her sparkly attitude. I don't love her tantrums but I see she has a good heart when she comes down. Ppl like that have rage from unresolved stuff. I think she said once she had been sexually molested and physically abused.
  14. This is one of the few shows I still look forward to. It's always a bit of a disappointment when the episode ends though. It's not satisfying and exciting like it used to be. I wish it were less contrived. Enjoyed the dark end of this episode though.
  15. I'm all for choosing the most fashion forward designer but this was such a hip hop Barney cartoony gimmicky look that I've seen before. Lame. Would have preferred Victoria but would have been happier with anyone else tbh.
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