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  1. Ditto! I felt the same about each pitch/product. The drink combo flavors sounded horrible, but I have a very unsophisticated palette. I hate herbs/florals in my drinks, bubbly or alcoholic. The Quevos could be a big, new idea, but egg whites gross me out, so even if they were the tastiest chips on earth, I would need to never know what they were made of to try them. I really liked the coffee guy. Not so much his “influencer” side kick guy. I think his coffee gadget could be a thing but it needs to be cheaper. Definitely interested in biodegradable pods though! Diaper cream applicator fairy...ugh. I am not wowed by any of these “better” baby gadgets these inventors (and baby gadget companies) come up with. I had a baby 14 years ago, my mom had me 44 years ago. Other than disposable diapers, car seats, and a few safety items, I think today there are so many products that parents could skip buying, and still manage to raise a baby into childhood.
  2. I like Ted Danson in most anything he does. Bobby Moynihan is funny and I enjoy his goofiness. Holly Hunter is worrying me. I think she is a good actress, and “Raising Arizona “ and “Broadcast News” were both good comedic movies for her IMO. I liked her in “Succession” as well. But this character is....not great. I get that she’s supposed to be an over zealous public servant who is committed to doing right be her city and community, in the same way Leslie Knope was on “Parks and Rec”. But HH’s acting seems too over the top or forced here. Maybe it will settle in after a few more episodes? Even “Parks and Rec” had growing pains and character changes from its 1st season. I don’t like the Mayor’s staff at all. The juxtaposition of millennials and the unhip, 70 year old fuddy duddy isn’t new. Or funny. I don’t want to keep seeing those two (I do not know their names) act like whining middle/high schoolers every single week. Yes, this is a comedy, but there must be other humorous avenues to explore for these characters other than stereotypical tropes of twenty-somethings are vain/immature/incompetent.
  3. Watched the newest ep with Glen Close and John Waters. They both had A LOT going in their lives and in their ancestors. Who knew Glenn was part of “Up With People” ? I wouldn’t think John Waters would be surprised to learn somewhere in his southern ancestry that there was involvement with slavery. Same for Glenn since her Virginia born grandmother mentioned having a ‘Mammy’. It must be jarring to be confronted with the news that your 2-3-4 GG grandparents owned other human beings. In the context of present day, it is almost unimaginable that people committed such heinous acts against humanity. I guess I would feel uncomfortable, and have a hard time meeting Dr. Gates’ eyes if he told me my family had slaves. However, I would think most people in the 21st century would feel the same way. So it kinda bugs me when Dr. Gates asks, “how does that make you feel to know your 2x GG was a slave master?” Who is going to say, “Well, sorry about the dehumanizing of generations of people, but thank goodness Granpappy made our family fortune on tobacco!” My Irish and Italian ancestors didn’t land in the US until the 1870 through 1910’s, so I don’t know if there’s any direct ties to slavery in this country. There is a family story that one of my maternal grandmother’s GGG uncles, in the 1700’s was a Cardinal in Rome...who also owned a brothel and was by poisoned by one of the ladies who worked there for not supporting his 4 children he had with her.
  4. How old is Elizabeth? I mean chronologically since her mental and emotional age come in at 14. Maybe it’s the editing folks amping up her inability to do anything, but by this stage in the season, shouldn’t Elizabeth know to tie her hair back for service, check laundry constantly, stay busy because there is always something to do? She still can’t pour a drink properly, still can’t work at a faster pace, even though she’s been doing the same tasks for weeks. As for her love sick, let’s get married “relationship” with James...sigh. You don’t “fall in love” at summer camp, on reality shows, or with someone you meet on a yachting a part time job.
  5. The slices of sauce just look and sound so gross! All I can think of is the texture being like a fruit roll up....chewy ketchup?? NO thank you. I get squicked out when there are dried remnants of ketchup or mustard around the cap. Blurgh🤮 The bracelets and the makeup seem like such over crowded spaces. I can think of 5-7 “bracelets with a mission” companies. And multiple that by 100 for the makeup business! The champagne shooter was fun, I guess? But I like drinking champagne, so it always looks like such a waste of good bubbly when teams spray dozens of bottles all over the place in celebration. Plus, I feel really bad for the person who has to clean it all up later.
  6. In general, I am neutral about Chrissy Teigan. However her two commentaries during the past and present community meetings were the best, funniest parts of this episode. Loved how she “didn’t get all the singing” from her husband! “And his last name isn’t Legend...it’s McGruff, like the crime dog.”
  7. My two favorite Dr. Rick scenes: 1) in the group trip to the store, when the lady is on speaker phone yammering about how she’s having a BIG LUNCH, AND JUST A SNACK FOR DINNER. That is my mom...putting her calls on speaker in public spaces, but only after she answers it by saying “Hello? Hello?? HELLOO???” in ever increasing intensity and volume because she “can’t hear a thing in this noisy store”. 2) the seminar when Dr. Rick says “You got up early. No one cares.” Again, my mom. She will call me (then my sister)to enumerate all the tasks she’s completed since rising at 4:30. Then shame me for “still” being in bed at 7am. On a Sunday.
  8. Mixed reviews here I see! Personally, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Probably because there was no Pearson speechifying or bemoaning their rather privileged lives, or wailing about the sling & arrows the Big 3 (Stooges) have suffered lo these 40 years, and no self obsession (minus Randall’s rudeness to Hai to speed up Laurel’s story and get to the part about “MEEEeee”). I think I would rather have a spin off about Laurel , her brother, their parents, Aunt Mae, and Hai & his family than listen to Kate, Kevin or Randall whine about everything they don’t have when they actually should shut up and be grateful for what they do have. I had a smile on my face and welled up a bit at the end of this lovely story of love lost and found. Then Randall called Kevin. All the oxygen got sucked out of the room because of course a Pearson is facing yet another life crisis next week.
  9. Why is it that almost every murderer on these shows is introduced as “smart”? They may think they are the smartest guy/gal in the room, but they usually end up doing the dumbest shit that gets them caught. Lonnie’s case had so many red flags flying, but I guess that’s all “obvious” to us in our living rooms. The poor victims must be blind by the overall length of the relationship to see it. If I were Micki, my first clue that something was off would have been when I saw that 40 year old bucket of bolts at the dock. To quote Luke Skywalker upon seeing the Millennium Falcon for the first time, “What a piece of junk!”. Didn’t Micki and Lonnie live well prior to the divorce? Nice home, nice cars? I would think Micki was used to a better level of lifestyle than sailing on rusted old ferry disguised as a cruise ship. And their “stateroom”!!! What a shit hole! My college dorm room was more spacious and better appointed than that prison cell! I guess that cruise package cost Lonnie $500/ per ticket. Another big indicator of Lonnie’s guilt was when he got off the damn boat! Your wife is missing at sea, and you jump ship? And cry about how no one speaks English at the hotel? And beg your ex cop friend to get you back to the US? If he were innocent, he would have stayed on the ship to help conduct searches, answer questions, etc. At the very least, stay in Italy and work with the police/ US Embassy to find out what happened! Thank God that research vessel was in the right place at the right time to find poor Micki.
  10. My guess is Capt Lee will fume and rant and rave, then have a sit down with everyone of the guests. He will give them some rules and the charter will continue. I would prefer the whole lot of them get their collective asses left on the dock, but that doesn’t make good tv. Rachel is a good chef, but her personality is annoying. Izzy complains too much, aside from being sick. Elizabeth is useless. She still hasn’t figured out her job after being told time and time again....keep the drinks flowing without having to ask the guests if they want anything.
  11. Forgot to mention...the new deckhand is one of the best looking guys I’ve seen on this show. Yowza!
  12. Started watching this on DVR and I’m only 16 minutes in....HHHHHAAAATTTE the primary from the jump. I actually like his popsicles suit. I think it’s his enormous, overly whitened dentures that irk me the most. Maybe things will improve by the time the episodes ends? I am sure there are production shenanigans going on as far as booking charters with “characters” with “personality”, but this group must have been told turn amp up the personality to 11. I had a feeling Rachel would be back. Mostly because after telling the audience what demanding menus the guests were expecting, and we were still not shown a replacement chef nor a provisions delivery 30 min before the guests showed up. So obvious the food had been ordered and stowed before Rachel ever put her ass back on board.
  13. Thank God the SNL show runners and writers finally figured out how to be funny (-ish) again. All they had to do was tell Alec Baldwin and Jim Carey to stay the F home.
  14. I had no idea who Trace Ellis Ross is, or what she is famous for. All I do know is I can not stand her stupid Lays chip ads. Is she an actor or comedian? A singer? A social-influencer? Does not compute why she is the spokesperson for this brand. Between the damn Skyrizi ads and Lays, I am diving for the mute button a lot. (At least Skyrizi changed the voice of the “singer” in the world’s 2nd most annoying jingle. #1 still belongs to Kars for Kids)
  15. I started watching on the DVR & so I could FF’d thru ads. I was about 20 min in, and I got a bad feeling. Plus I couldn’t stand James and Will much beyond that. So, I deleted it from my DVR a and came here to see what happened. My intuition was right, and the only team I liked is out. I didn’t see the sharing of info on the final task, but I am infuriated after reading what the 3 asshole teams did. 2020 continues to be one of the shittiest years on record, at least in my 45 years on the planet. A deadly pandemic, racial (and racist) violence, a crapfest of an election cycle, economic devastation, remote (non) learning for my kid...all the horrible awful misery going on certainly doesn’t equate to my disappointment in stupid tv show. But now 2020 is ruining my escape from the daily crap?!? So, I am doubling down on my prediction I made a couple of episodes ago...in the Year of the Pre-Apocalypse aka 2020, James & Will will be the winners. I hope The Beards and Chee and Hung relive their stupid game play in a never ending loop in their dreams every night.
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