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  1. I despise virtually every Discovery+ ad thanks to the constant exposure to them. I watch TV from 8-10 several nights a week. I catch up on DVR’d shows when I can’t sleep. The number of times in a 1 hour episode that I have to see all the Magnolia/Discovery/HGTV/Food Network “personalities” is ridiculous. So many repetitions of the same crap…Oprah’s interview show , Joanna Gaines’ cooking show, some “special” about Tom Arnold’s meth-head sister ( BTW, I can barely understand what either one of them is saying. They both sound like they had strokes…maybe they indulged too much back in the day
  2. For some reason my DVR opted to not record this episode. I’m not too upset because I think I can figure out what transpired without watching. Matt- droned on about how happy he is to do projects on the farm, but dithered over how he and Zack can come together to run the farm Zack/Tori- Zack complained about his dad’s wild and expensive ideas for the farm. Tori wrung her hands over the health of her children and discussed how “there may be some concerns” for both kids ( here’s a hint Tori, yes there are definitely going to be issues for both kids all their lives…ask your husband, or
  3. A 70’s pageant as a Halloween party sounded kinda interesting last week, but now that I watched it…What a sad and pathetic party. I know it was filmed in the fall during COVID, but that “crowd” of hired help milling around looking bored summed up the night perfectly. I am sorry for Leah’s family’s loss, but I still hate Leah. If she was so heartbroken over the pending death of her beloved grandmother, she should have been at the hospital and not ruining the Hamptons. The fact that she wasn’t at her grandmother’s bedside convinces me that Leah’s mother and other family members told Lea
  4. Watching “Breakout”, and I’m not familiar with the story. I’m only 15 minutes into it, but I just heard Andrea Canning say one of the dumbest things I’ve heard from her. She was describing Toby, the woman at the center of the story. Toby was a volunteer at a Kansas prison, and she ran the the prison’s dog training program. Apparently, Toby was a much loved and respected presence at the prison. Andrea said “Toby, a woman so beloved, they even gave her an endearing nickname- The Dog Lady.” Now, maybe Andrea hasn’t been showered with many endearing nicknames in her life, but “The Dog La
  5. Dorit has most definitely had several nose jobs. At least one during her RHOBH residency. Unless “contouring” has leapt into the sci-fi realm, and applying makeup now works like the “eraser” icon in Photoshop*, no amount of makeup will reduce the actual 3D shape and profile of your face. *(When/if this technology is available, please DM me…asking for a friend😬)
  6. As of this episode, I do NOT like Crystal. She’s a mean girl. Yes, Sutton is a tad bit overly emotional, and prone to crying jags, and quick to play victim. However, Crystal has made up her mind that Sutton is “crazy”, and therefore she is not going to give an inch to give Sutton any room to change that opinion. So, now that new hunter Crystal has exposed the weakest gazelle, this pride of lionesses clan of hyenas will pounce on Sutton. They will not leave her alone until her entrails are ripped out and exposed. WTF with Rinna’s story of Harry Hamlin’s friend raping a girl (!!!), the
  7. She looked like one of those trashy Bratz dolls that I never allowed my daughter to have. And the coy, empty headed baby voice reminded me of Meg Tilly in her early acting days.
  8. I have only had tofu a few times and I hated it. I don’t know if it was “firm” or “extra firm”, but it came down to a texture thing for me. Maybe if a Top Chef made it for me, or someone with more skills, I’d feel differently. Once I heard ‘tofu’ I kinda checked out of this episode. I do like most of the contestants this year so it’s a bummer when any of them have to go. Shot a and Dawn are my top picks though.
  9. I only watch RHOBH and RHONY, so not sure about the other franchises, but I find it so ironic and irritating that these privileged, pampered, plastic women are forever and always squawking about “honesty” and being “real”. From their heads to their toes, there is very little of them that is real or honest. Phony hair, faux lips, fake boobs, false lashes...their whole world is a lavish fantasy, but they are demanding their for TV only BFF’s be HONEST with each other? WTF was Erika’s 2 truths and a lie bullshit?? Does she think she’s adding to her “mystique” by not answering? Don’t pla
  10. Leah is emotionally stunted. She stopped maturing at 6. What a narcissist. Every. Conversation.Has. To. Be. About. LEAH. Her mommy didn’t call to give her private time with her sick grandmother, but did ask the sister (who is just as damaged as Leah IMO), so Leah has to get all indignant and whine, “What about meeee?!?” Ramona wanted to finish a sensitive conversation about Sonja, and in typical Ramona fashion, ungraciously invited Lea to step off for 5 min. Leah is butt-hurt and trash talks to Ramona’s hired staff. The whole vow of silence was beyond narcissistic....did she think everyon
  11. I am actually surprised by the ending. I thought for sure she’d hire all 3 of them. I guess anyone one of them could have “won”. I think they are all smart and savvy enough, and it was nice that they all got along. Not sure if this show will be back, but if it is I won’t be. Best part of the season was seeing Dorinda looking so fabulous. I miss her on RHONY so much I may have to stop watching that show too. I can’t take much more of delusional drunk Sonja and mean, fashion impaired and immature Leah.
  12. Looks like Sonja took a handful of her “water pills” before getting on the field trip bus. As we learned last season, it’s those damn water pills that makes Sonja get so drunk so fast. They must also be to blame for her recurring bouts of Pseudo-nostalgic Morganitis Dementia. That’s Latin for “Whackadoo 50 year old divorcée perpetually ‘reliving’ false memories for twice as many post-divorce years as she was married”. I never liked Leah, her voice, her personality or her sense of “style” last season. She is 10times more annoying this season, and we are only 2 episodes in. I would usu
  13. I know Bethenny had the proof of Nicole’s goofs with the website, but part of me thinks the web designer may have purposely taken Nicole’s directions juuuust literally enough to passive-aggressively give Nicole a jab for her non stop bragging and yakking. Wouldn’t a professional web designer call out an obvious nonsensical error like the “pepper” thing? Or do they take the “final copy” as gospel, and run it as is? I was surprised but not surprised that none of the women could cook! It isn’t hard to do if you have a recipe and follow the directions! I get that they were multitasking
  14. Agree 100%. It should be a basic skill, but I am constantly amazed and appalled at the errors I see on a daily basis. I work for a Fortune 500 company, and the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes from some of the managers, directors and VP’s is astounding. I don’t mean just on internal memos or emails either. Marketing materials with run on sentences, incomplete sentences, dangling participles, mixed use of possessives in the same sentences, lack of punctuation... Don’t get me started on the haphazard use of there/their/they’re and to/too. It’s as if no one proof reads or reads it out
  15. I do not understand why Bethenny brought Brody back to “interview” for this shit show. But at least he was at the initial cocktail party (that was NOT a a cocktail party per B). John was just some rando off the street just like Kristin (??-I can’t remember her name and I am not that invested to look it up). Where/why is she finding the surplus fake applicants? One would assume she culled the herd to get down to the dozen or so “best” fake applicants who showed up on the first ep. But now instead there’s a 2nd pool of mystery candidates that just come through some revolving door she instal
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