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  1. Dan and other people who are accused of inappropriate touching/looks/comments should watch the The Morning Show on Apple+, specifically Ep 3. The premise of the show is a "beloved" morning show anchor <<cough-Matt Lauer-cough>> is accused of, and summarily fired for his sexual harassment of female staff. Instead of running around the jungle looking for affirmations from all the women that he really is a "good guy", Dan should stop deflecting to soothe his own wounded sense of who he is, and LISTEN to what his actual behavior made OTHERS feel. His lame ass excuses of "cuddling" to share body heat, or touching someone as he tries to get by her is just hand waving mansplaining to make the silly ladies understand what a protective gentleman he is. OK, sure Dan...than please explain how the fuck rubbing/tickling Missy feet/toes at the merge feast was "gentlemanly". Or how repeated touching Kellee's face & hair after she repeatedly told you to STOP IT is actually you "protecting" her. Go ahead...I have plenty of time to wait to hear you out. Like Jeff, I don't plan on "letting this thing go".
  2. Women like Elizabeth and Missy are the reason why sexual harassment will continue to be an issue for years to come. Women like them want to present themselves as empowered females who can kick ass and take names of any competitors, regardless of gender. They talk about being women sticking together, and supporting each other and sisterhood. However, women like Missy and Elizabeth are the first to turn on other women if they feel they aren’t “worth the risk”, or if they can work the situation into a personal advantage. Women like Elizabeth and Missy are the same type of women who will cry with a coworker in the ladies room who tells them she was raped, yet they will be the first people to slut shame that coworker because she was too drunk, or too flirty when they went out for drinks that one time. Women like Missy and Elizabeth are the reason why coworkers, acquaintances, supervisors will always question a report of harassment from other women. When approached by the accused, these types of women will throw the accuser under the bus by reassuring the accused he never made them feel uncomfortable! He’s just friendly, or like a big brother, or the office teddy bear! That other woman must be crazy, or jealous, or horny! Women like Elizabeth and Missy are the reason why victims don’t speak up or report. They are the reason why most females, from 8 to 80 see, feel and understand that “See Something, Say Something!”, and the promise of no reprisals or negative consequences for saying something is 100% absolute bullshit. Anyone looking for female role models or examples of what real supportive sisterhood is should look for women like Janet.
  3. I thought this product was familiar...I remember him on Shark Tank. Found him exhausting after 3 minutes back then. This tap thing is available on Amazon for $28 as a DIY kit. It's advertised as "zero-waste" in most of the Google search hits. But it is not! It's plastic and stainless steel! Neither of those materials is biodegradable! Vinny is someone who only wants to be the "front man" and be on stage. He is never going to be a business person. He kept comparing himself to "Colonel Sanders", but Harland Sanders was a savvy business guy who also hustled & had mad marketing skills. Vinny is a lounge act in an D-list Vegas cocktail joint. If while on vacation, I walked by a cart or a poolside bar selling these fresh coconuts, I might try it. But once a Don Johnson-Miami Vice era dude with a douche hat starts "singing" at me about "coco-this" and "coco-that" while strumming a ukulele, I am outta there.
  4. I fell asleep halfway through Ep 4. I don't think I will bother to finish it. I can go read a Wikipedia entry about anyone involved if I'm curious enough. I complained several times about the writing, but I think Jason Clarke deserves some blame in making this so unenjoyable. His acting was too...actor-y? Amateurish? Misdirected? OTT? I don't know, but I just didn't buy into his portrayal. And his mustache looked like something the wardrobe dpt found in a clearance bin at Party City. This miniseries was a big fail.
  5. Of course Gavin cheats at the triathlon! I called that he'd have a substitute waiting somewhere -either for the biking or the running sprint. Loved the chain of "pushers" for getting Gavin's bike up the incline. I know this is very sick, and I don't want any harm to come to any animal, but I laughed again this week when the 'previouslies' showed the poor birds kept crashing into the evil billionaire's glass walls. His complete indifference and lack of emotion to the horror of it is a trademark Mike Judge dark twist. Dinesh really is a petty guy, but he cracks me up.
  6. Oh boy, this is a spectacular fail IMO. The writing is awful. I'm confused what direction they wanted to go in, and who was the audience? On the surface, it looked like this was to be a sweeping period drama with some heavy hitter actors to bring gravitas to the fascinating historical characters. But after watching 3 of 4 episodes, and listening to the dialogue, I'm wondering if the writers meant for this to be an 21st century take on 18th century events? Kinda like Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"; period costumes with a little modern edge, modern dialogue and music??? Or was it supposed to be one of the updated takes on Shakespeare, a la "Ten Things I Hate About You"??? There were at least 3 anachronistic phrases in Ep 3 alone! I am not a linguistics expert (nor do I care to look up the etymology), but these just stood out as real sour notes to my ears: Catherine to her son: "Get a grip!" Catherine on her way into her council meeting: "Let's do this!" Potemkin at some point between kissing hands and feet: "Let's get this show on the road!" Helen Mirren is fine, despite the "schmoopy" love sick teenager dreck she has to convey. Jason Clarke's acting has been rapidly getting worse each episode. I hope there were a lot of Tums on set after he chewed threw all that scenery. This TV year has been such a disappointment that as a history nerd, and Romanov enthusiast! First the God-awful "Romanovs" on Prime, then this shit show from HBO. Maybe it's a sign that I should just keep reading books to get me history fix.
  7. BusyOctober


    Shovel- smart idea, but I'm not a customer because I can't grow anything. I'm out! Pili Nuts- I would try them if I see them in my local store. Nuts and dried fruits are a great quick snack. Single blade razor - $150?? Nope, I'm out. Dr. Smugy McSnakeoil - OUT! These supplements already exist in various forms. He offered no real differentiators to back up his claim of product superiority. Maybe he didn't have enough time to do it because he was too focused with his dick measuring contest with Mark. His argument about consumer driver health care was on point. Mark, as usual, jumped in to attack anything health related. Mark's point about consumer access to info was so far away from what Dr. Smugy was saying. Aside from the surveys, listen to ANY pharma ad on TV or radio; after telling you about all the side effects that could cause rash, changes in mood or sleep patterns, genital gangrene (WTF??😱) and even death, the VO tells you to "Ask your doctor about PharmaXYZ". Why is the patient dictating to the physician?? The doctor is the one who went to Med School for 8-12 years, not the patient. I know not every doctor or surgeon is as smart as he/she believes themselves to be, so patients do need to be their own advocates. But, walking into your cardiologist or osteopath or any other specialist who knows med history, and asking for the latest wonder drug you heard about while watching "Judge Judy" is a weird way to manage health care. It's the Drug Companies who run the show! And their evil assistance, the Insurance Companies. And the guy was definitely dissing Lori. Glad she called him on it.
  8. Adderall Lady...I lasted 3minutes. Instead of trying to fix that woman, Dr. Phil should be working to diagnose and help her husband. My God, what meds uis HE taking to deal with that much crazy??
  9. I love that Dina recycles her "sexy cop" costume every year. Not sure why they have Jonah & Amy as a couple still. It is not a good relationship. In fact, I wish sitcoms would stop the workplace romance trope. It can work well sometimes, (Cheers, The Office), but other times its just writers checking off the boxes. Garret can be a real asshole. I can appreciate his subtle, dark, dry humor most of the time, but I didn't like him locking Glen in the haunted house. Up until locking him in, it was funny; refusing to get the phone, playing mind games, paying the creepy kid to freak out Glen. But locking Glen in was just too far. That is sadistic IMO. I thought Garret's character would be a tad more sensitive to others' feelings after killing all of Dina's cherished birds. I hope we don't have to see more of Kelly. Although, she and Jonah do have more chemistry than he & Amy do.
  10. Thanks for saying that. That was my first thought too. Made me think of my (white) brother-in-law, his (white) son, and their mostly white & Hispanic Harley Davidson HOG club. That said, I get where Jamal is coming from; if it made him feel a certain way hearing Jack's use of the term "durag", then no one can tell Jamal his feelings are wrong. Whether it came across as condescending or a "Ben Kenobi imparting wisdom unto Young Skywalker", so what. I'm just happy the two men spoke about it face to face; calmly and intelligently and in a timely manner. No run-and-tell to other tribe members, no self pitying behind the other person's back. No letting it fester & bringing it up days/weeks later. Define, Defuse, Discuss,
  11. Phil is still the only one I really like on this show. Despite the theme of relying on "plausibility", Phil's elaborate Claire-Scare was probably one of the most improbable farces written for a TV sitcom. And I LOVED it! Phil for the win. Although, now he's stuck in an escalating mind game cycle, worrying about how his wife will try to scare him to death every Oct 31. Why hasn't Lily called Child Welfare to rescue herself from her two idiot dads? They didn't know she was a cheerleader?? Never saw her uniform before (which means neither dad ever attended a game or practice). They don't keep track of her social media use, didn't know she had Insta?? Then when they were worried that their TWELVE YEAR OLD kid could possibly be coerced into having sex with an older boy, they casually discuss how "cool" they will be when confronting her & the boy? There are so many other parent fails poor Lily has had to deal with too. Glad Gloria was finally shown to be aging. Yes, Sofia Vergara has a beautiful face & figure no matter what her age and I am definitely envious of her good genes fortune! But the Latina sex-bomb storylines week after week, year after year have grown tiresome.
  12. This was the best one. Between this and “Hot Priest” in Fleabag, Adam Scott is my new TV boyfriend.
  13. I am a history nerd, and pretty much anything Russian or having to do with the Romanovs captures my attention. This however is not keeping me entertained or informed. I know Catherine was a very powerful and shrewd ruler. But so far both of these episodes have been about a teenage romance between senior citizens. If they want to explore the Potemkin relationship, I’m OK with it because it happened and was a big part of her rule. However, this seems to be written for 2 actors in high school vs. mature adults. And I cannot stand the actor playing Catherine’s friend the Countess. She is very stilted and trying to sound haughty or imperious, but it comes across as bad local theater.
  14. I don't watch Dr. Phil everyday, but I noticed something I never did before re. the format. Last 2 weeks, I half-watched 2-3 episodes. He started off with his guest(st) and their problem(s), then after 20 min or so, he came back from commercial to discuss another upcoming show for about 5 min. Then he went back to the original guest(s) for a few min. After the 2nd to last commercial break before the show ended, he's back, but now he's talking about yet another case/issue/guest he'll be chatting about on his podcast. Then he ended the shows reading flattering, over the top puffery type reviews and accolades from "viewers". It felt like he never fully closed out the original guests' stories. They just...ended. Has Phil finally realized there's no need to really look invested in these people because; 1) they are mostly on this show for self promotion, not real help, 2) Phil has little to no ability to help these people to change the horrendous lives they've opted to lead. I was grateful that this new format didn't allow time for Robot Robin to tell me about her lotions & potions.
  15. Me too!! As soon as I heard it at the beginning, I said out loud, “OK, pretty sad ass attempt to establish a timeline.” Most of my vm’s to my spouse is more like, “Hey, it’s me, I’m just checking in to see when you think you’ll be home. If you get there before me, please start dinner/empty the dishwasher/get the kids started on homework. See you at the house, bye!” . No one would sound so stilted and quasi-rehearsed like Roslyn did. She rambled too long, giving useless details...”oh maybe you went to a bar to watch the NCAA’s like you said you wanted to do”. If it were a legit message, it would’ve been more like, “if you decided to go watch the game, just let me know.” That dentist was way too nice to give Roslyn a chance to payback all the money she stole, and not tell her husband. The woman stole over $100k!!! If it were only a thousand, I may have said OK, you have 2 months to pay it back. But anything over that? I’m dialing the cops! It was satisfying to see the Pilmers get a guilty verdict for both Roslyn and her brother.
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