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  1. Haven’t watched the good Doc in a week or two, but finally caught the last 30 min today. First 14 min (minus ads)Angry, angsty teen is going off the the “real working ranch” for therapy and hopefully won’t be angry and angsty anymore. Then the last segment was some new (to me) mail order meal subscription service for “busy people” who can’t find time to make healthy meals at the end of their busy day. Must be better and more healthy than the other 875 meal subscription services out there, because Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez endorse it! Well, you’ve sold me! If anyone can convince me that I need this heat & eat baggie in a crock pot business, it’s multi millionaire celebrities. JLo and ARod are just like me! When I get driven or flown home from touring or acting or endorsing products, and it’s the nanny’s and personal chef’s night off, it’s good to know I can grab a bag o’ beans and rice and ladle it out for my kids in 15 minutes! Good God, I assume Phil or Robin the Robot or one of the sons is somehow financially involved in this company. And the samples looked horrible! Mushy, nondescript bowls of slop. The spokeswoman demonstrating the stuff actual described one dish as “casion”. I assume she was trying to say Cajun, but no regional cuisine modifier is going to make that look appetizing.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for any forum that might be out there for "Little Dorrit". I know it's an older program, but I just stumbled across it on Amazon Prime. I'd love to read what others thought of this production. Thanks!
  3. Almost fell off the couch at Geoffrey in his most flamboyant, Pride Parade regalia peeking from the background and asking Christian, “Did you know I’m gay?” He is a bit neurotic, but Geoffrey is really funny and sweet.
  4. I must have missed A LOT of the beginning, and several key points along the way. First, what made Grafton any more desirable to invest in than other surrounding (and I assume, flooded) communities? Not knocking this little city, and I feel awful for all the residents who lost homes and businesses. Was Grafton a well known vacation spot on the Mississippi before the flood? Was it a hot fishing or boating or riverboat gambling destination pre-flood? Otherwise, I don’t understand how Marcus and his money is going to “create” a brand and turn Grafton into another Branson or a resort hotspot like in the Ozark lakes. And I am a proud American, I am grateful for every veteran who has served or is currently deployed. But, is a ginormous flag going to be enough of a draw to bring in tourists and inject the city with tourism dollars? My other big question is what 2nd, 3rd...9th job did the Mayor have to support his family??? His mayoral salary was only a tad over $3k for God’s sake! His wife had a little ice cream shop, and now another new tchotchke store, but how did this family afford to live? I really do wish the best for this community, and any of the other towns in flood zones. I prefer the original format of The Profit, and I hope more businesses are profiled vs. Marcus doing drive through therapy sessions.
  5. I liked the rope thing. The rest was not of any interest to me. But, I know of two families whose kids had food allergies as toddlers. They had the same pediatrician who suggested re-introducing the allergens back into the kids’ diets. They were closely monitored and there were guidelines for amounts, frequency, etc. The families had epi-pens already, so if an emergency happened they had a first line of defense. Both kids were “cured” by the time they got to first grade. One had an egg allergy, and the other was peanuts (no other nuts tho’). These kids are 13 and 14 now and eat pretty much whatever they want! So the allergy powder guy’s product could work for some people, as long as a doctor had knowledge it was being given to the kids.
  6. Sergio gets worse every week. His attitude and designs are on a downward slope, and I’m hoping his days are numbered. That dress was a mess. The styling was awful. His poor model looked like a sad, stereotype of a 30’s Latina Betty Boop by way of 50’s Lucy Ricardo. The silhouette was horrendous. His message was completely lost and made him look opportunistic IMO. As others have noted, it’s as if he figured he would be safe if he paraded an emotionally/politically charged topic in front of the judges. If they dissed him, then they would be heartless, racist monsters. Thank goodness the darker haired judge spelled out the separation of his message and his half-assed attempt to convey it. I can barely sew a button on, but I know I could have interpreted Sergio’s message better in a garment. I get his family connection to cotton, so maybe a stark, all white cotton dress, inspired by Mexican traditions. Add red accents to represent the “blood” of immigrants’ struggles to make better lives for themselves and their kids. But not that lacy material he chose for the red. Maybe use blood red embroidered flowers (or appliqué them from another fabric) around the hem (or ‘border’), with six loose, tear-shaped petals, scattered so look like they are floating up and away from the hem. Baffled by the Victoria adoration. Yes, she can sew and do impeccable tailoring, but most of her designs are better suited for space aliens once NASA establishes an outpost on Mars. I have been meh with most of Brittany’s designs, but I really liked her Western inspired outfit.
  7. Thank goodness the dog bed biz is dead, or dying. The scenes with Claire & Mitch seemed so rushed. As if even they know this show is gasping its last breath, they know the writers and the actors don;t care anymore, and they just wanted to read their lines and get the hell out of there. I never found Mitch (or the actor) funny or engaging. He plays everything "one-note": Neurotic, petty, self absorbed... I hope the actor who plays Manny saved his salary and residuals from this show, because if he plans on "acting" after this ends, I don't think his phone will be ringing much. Phil and most of his scenes in most episodes continue to be the best part of Modern Family. I feel bad that someone as delightful and positive and funny ended up marrying into the Pritchett clan. Very sweet (if abrupt & unnecessary) send off for Phil's dad.
  8. OMG! that vocal fry was killing me. Thank God the character was married and lives far away. If she was going to be Kelvin’s “love for the ages” (blurg), then I would need to stop watching. Randall was extra Randall in this episode. Extra hostile (Miguel), extra smug and self righteous (Miguel), extra obnoxiously entitled (46 emails to get appointment). I would even include ‘extra selfish’ for waking up his sleeping wife, but that’s because I personally hate being woken up in the middle of the night just to hear my spouse say, ‘I’m home! I going to bed’. I’m kinda shocked that Kate and Toby aren’t already in some support group for parents of special needs kids. They signed up for that counselor to come “blind baby proof” their house pretty quickly. Poor baby Jack was thrust into that over-stimulating ‘Mommy and Me’ type music class at a few months old. They seem to seek out therapy or help for other issues in their drama filled lives, but not for the very stressful case of being parents to a blind child?
  9. Socks were a good product. Not sure I'd spend whatever price she said, I can't remember, but I thought it was high. Although maybe I'm just cheap and out of the sock-market loop, because Bombas socks are crazy expensive IMO. Sex button was stoooopid. If I can't talk to my partner, or give enough clues verbally or physically that he can detect, then why am I with that person? And as dumb the device was, I did not understand the guy's insistence that going to an app was the next "big" step. Are people supposed to use the app to signal they are ready to get busy? Wouldn't that only work if the 2 parties were in close proximity to each other? If I'm feeling frisky @ 2:30pm, but my partner doesn't get home until 6pm, the mood may have passed by then- the kids are home, they need rides to activities, gotta clean up from dinner... Why I am alerting my spouse or BF that I'm ready for sex via my mobile phone if he's not within 50 feet of me? Date spread maybe tasty, but I agree with Mark that she should have had plain, straight date flavor in her current line up. I guess I am a cheapskate because $12.99 for a jar of stuff I might use 1-2 times a week seems exorbitant to me. And I thought Barbara was rather bitchy about the young woman being "supported" by her dad, and not motivated to succeed because "she didn't feel the pressure". So many of the inventors on this show have had financial support from family to make their product come to life. Whether it's paying the rent or allowing the person to live rent-free in the basement, or co-signing a loan to help buy materials, I would bet over 90% of the people on this show had cash injections from Mom, Dad, Gramma or Uncle Joe. So, F U & shutty, Babs. The Haitian castor oil products sounded good, but the health/beauty market is saturated with that kind of stuff. Without scientific data to back up testimonials, it would be difficult to differentiate their product from others.
  10. Exactly! None of that “Shhhh! The baby is sleeping!” BS in my house. I didn’t tap dance outside her room, or host raves while my child slept, but I definitely had ambient noise of everyday life going on around her....vacuum, dishwasher, radio, conversation, or just me walking around the house doing stuff. I also never had. an issue with her not wanting to be in her crib/bed. From the first night she came home, she slept in her crib. When she transitioned to a twin bed, same thing. I would read to her in her room, either in a rocking chair, or in her bed, then leave and turn off the light. If she had a bad dream or called out, I would go to her room and sit with her until she felt better. She never came into my bed, and I never got into her’s to sleep. When we traveled, she slept in her portable crib or in a separate hotel bed. One time we had to share a bed due to a power outage and we went to a hotel that only had one room with one dbl bed. She was 3 or 4, and couldn’t sleep. She told me she only likes herself and her stuffed animals in “her” bed.
  11. RoxiP - I didn't think you were! I just meant in general I try not to make fun of kids on these forums, & try to avoid pointing out any awkward looks or quirks. However, I think the parents of those 2 boys are doing them a huge disservice! My daughter had delayed speech at 2 years old. We got Early Intervention involved (after testing her hearing and ruling out physical causes). She started talking almost immediately. Then when she was 3, we noticed her rhotacism. The speech therapist worked with her until she was ready for pre-K. Then the school therapist took over. By 1st grade, she had pretty much lost the impediment.
  12. During my early college years in the 80's, I had a pair of black & white stripe shorts that I wore with an off the shoulder hot pink cotton sweater, and black Doc Martins. Hair crimped and worn in a high, side ponytail, hot pink lip gloss and heavy black eyeliner. Thais was my go-to weekend party ensemble. As much as I thought that outfit was THE BEST, when I saw all the mathcy-match black & white and pink, my first thought was "Garanimals- the Beetlejuice Collection". Does Sergio even hear himself speak? The level of smug insufferabilty is just...wow. But whether I like him or not is apparently not his problem. Says someone who is trying to make a name for himself (and earn a living) by providing a unnecessary "luxury" commodity to consumers. Cyndi Lauper looked great on the judging panel. Softer & more natural makeup, but still Cyndi. Like Nina, I could not remember anything Melanie put on the runway. I'll go a step further and say I couldn't remember a "Melanie" was even a contestant on this show.
  13. It’s not nice to make fun of children, or their looks, or their speech impediments. But...come on! Why wouldn’t those boys’ parents seek out speech therapists for their kids? Those kids should have been receiving therapy for their rhotacism (pronouncing R as W) once they were toddlers, or certainly by the time they got to kindergarten. Most states have early intervention services. Most public schools have speech therapists on staff, even if not in each school. Those two boys may be considered cute or precious by their families now, but speaking like Elmer Fudd as a tween or teen or adult will not be easy for them. Duff and Valerie are so good with the kids. Encouraging but not coddling. Other than the kids with speech issues, there are still waaaay too many kids for me to remember now. Once they thin the herd in a few weeks I may get better with names.
  14. WTF with the baby beater and the weak o mother/grandmother????? Did they ever explain where the little girl’s birth mother (or her maternal grandparents/family) went?? HOW. THE. FUCK. did that poor little girl end up adopted by her paternal grandmother? That woman has obviously enabled her son’s behavior for years, and she stated several times she won’t “abandon” her son, no matter what. He has restraining orders all over the place for what he did to his infant. If Mommy is always going to welcome her unstable, brain damaged, emotionally stunted offspring into her world, what happens to the little girl? How can the authorities consider parole with all of his issues? That little girl won’t have a chance if she has to ever encounter that psycho.
  15. JJ has all my sympathies re. the loss of what used to be common knowledge/shared cultural references. I recently went to a holiday party with people of different ages- some millennials, mostly 40-50 year olds, and a couple of 60 &70+. The topic of “lost knowledge” came up, and things like telling time on analog clocks, counting back change, and cursive writing were the most mentioned. There were all the usual millennials’ arguments for it being ok these things aren’t taught anymore since they are “irrelevant “ today. I brought up Roman numerals...they may not be taught in school these days, but watches and clocks still have them. A 20-something woman said, “Well, why does anyone except Romans need to know what those are? We use American numerals mostly, don’t we?” I (and several others just stared at her for a second, and she got all nervous....”OMG! Is that racist of me?!?”
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