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  1. Meg (??), the red head who can’t shut up and wants to white woman-splain cultural appropriation and racism can STFU. “Waaaahhh, I was a chunky white girl who never saw plus size people on teeveeeee!” Oh poor baby…she must have a hell of a hard time…how does she deal with all the PTSD from that tragic childhood? Thank God Project Runway cast her to speak on behalf of all the brown and black people, and bring their collective suffering to the forefront. 🙄
  2. Julianna Margulies has ruined an already blah season so far. I don’t know what it is about her, but after she left ER, I just can’t like her. I watched the Good Wife for a few seasons, but had to quit because it got too soapy and was past its expiration date IMO. JM just seems like a real diva, and I find her hard to like. And I so believe her character is using Bradley. Lara is a predator and looking out for #1, so Bradley is gonna feel the sting eventually (purely speculation, not a spoiler). And I’m ok if Bradley gets stung. Not liking her so much so far. I love Steve Carrell
  3. If you have HBO Max, Series 1-3 of the UK aversion are available
  4. All of these advantages and their complex “if-then” logic are making me think the Survivor planning dpt used Ben Wyatt’s “Cones of Dunshire” game as inspiration. How did they think adding MORE advantages/idols/ hints with EXTRA intricate dependencies was what the Survivor fans have been clamoring for this year? It’s still early in the game I guess, but I have no favorite team or player yet. Plenty of “who is that??”, a few “UGH, STFU already” and mostly “meh” players for me.
  5. All these switchback stories of Erica’s are making me litigious. I think I need a personal injury lawyer to sue Bravo and Erica for pain and suffering. Watching Erica play both sides of her many lies all season has given me whiplash. My neck hurts bad as if I were a passenger in one of the Giarardi’s Fabulous Fleet of Flipping cars. Erica’s personal style and makeup were never great IMO. Even when she could afford professional stylists at the height of her Sugar Daddy bankrolled “career”. But now that she’s “broke”, and the whole world knows she is a lying thief, I think she is doubling
  6. Ana is definitely a sociopath. She will forever be looking for her next mark to take advantage of and do whatever it takes to live in her fantasy world. She definitely deserved jail time and restitution. When I first heard of this woman (can’t remember when or where), I was completely on Rachel’s side. I thought she was taken advantage of and saddled with huge debts due to that trip to Morocco. I remembered her side of the story as her company made her pay back some of the changes she put on her corporate Amex, plus was held responsible for her own personal credit card. But thi
  7. Erika’s “look” at the outdoor dinner was a cross between a latex blow up doll, a Disney live action villain and Tammy Faye Bakker. In other words, she looked as wretched on the outside as she is on the inside. Her lipstick is especially awful this season. I am no “Influencer” nor do I do makeup tutorials on Tik-Tok, but is the over drawn, dark lipliner and non coordinating lighter lip color coming back?? That seems to be Erika’s go-to this season. Her sunglasses on the yacht were ridiculous. Sure, Erika, sure…your lawyer called you “courageous “ because you expect to get nothing aft
  8. I really liked this episode, but the jewelry stolen off dead bodies was just not believable. Maybe a ring here, a gold chain there from an occasional body could “go missing” but stripping the deceased of ALL their jewelry just wouldn’t happen. Every friend or family member who has passed had their jewelry on for the wake. Before the burial service, the funeral director always gave the jewelry back to the spouse or children, in private and in a velvet bag. I don’t know of anyone in this present age who would want to be buried with their gold and diamonds! Unless it was in their final wishes
  9. Not sure if it’s COVID’s fault but this season sucks. Hate it. Aarti,Shinmin and Eddie seem like nice people, but there is NO chemistry between any of them. Eddie always looks/sounds like he’s either repeating what the produce is saying in his ear piece or he’s reading off cue cards. Aarti lost all her credibility IMO because of her constant presence in Guy Fieri’s orbit. Shinmin has the judging credentials, but there is just no connection between the judges and the contestants. I have no clue what a Zack (D-Bag) Bagans is, but I don’t care to know more than shown already. His “museum”
  10. So, in addition to Erica being an expert in oh sooooo many areas - law, anesthesia, head trauma, physics (in reference to rolled automobiles), dressing like a blow up sex doll, and overall general cuntiness- now she is an expert in the proper care of Alzheimer’s patients. If she really was so educated about this horrible disease, then she wouldn’t make derogatory statements about care facilities. Saying “there’s no coming back” once admitted as a patient like there’s a different outcome possible? There is no cure for Alzheimer’s you dumb twat. It is a fucking degenerative disease, so
  11. Just finished this. No need to pick up the book, unless it is 180 degrees opposite of this pile of Kidman vanity project shit (ex.- good character development, sensical continuity, engaging storytelling…). WTF indeed. No matter who is cast and how much I typically enjoy the actors’ work, I will not be fooled into watching anything else Nicole Kidman produces and/or stars in (or god forbid, anything she “sings” the opening credits for either).
  12. I seriously doubt if she's "riding" it; she can barely walk. Looks like she's just hanging on to it. But Tori. The bigger question is did Lilah Bean ride that scooter like she owned it?
  13. Am I getting micro dosed thru my tv? I swear I am seeing Nicole Kidman’s face morphing into a porcelain statue with each episode. Her accent and her acting seem to be getting incrementally worse too? I think I am only tuning in each week so I can see her final transformation completed. I was never a big fan of Kidman, but this mess, on top of her performances in The Undoing and Big Little Lies seals it. Nine Perfect Strangers is truly the trifecta of shitty Nicole Kidman series. She’s lucky she has supporting actors and moderately good writing to hide behind.
  14. Regarding the money owed to the victims Tom represented… I feel like Erika has the attitude “better me than others” re. the money from “The Firm”. Does she think each of those victims was going to get mmmiiilllYEONS to live the high life? Like they were planning to join country clubs, purchase several homes they will never live in, invest in private plane shares, and buy tacky unflattering porn star designer clothing? I don’t think any of the cancer and burn victims were practicing choreography and curating costumes for a new “pop star” career. I would bet my life that not a single orp
  15. Nicole Kidman and her immovable face look extra harsh this episode. I just want to rip that wig off her head too. It’s too long, so thin and ropey. I don’t think that’s her real hair, (which is also too long for her IMO). Personally, I am 80% enjoying this enough to keep watching til the end. I think 2% of my disinterest is the music, 18% is Nicole Kidman.
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