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  1. In the case of Reuschel vs. Reuschel, is there any way the daughter Caroline could be arrested? I’d like to file assault charges...Count 1: my ears are damaged from listening to her egregious up-speak vocal fry. Count 2: my optic nerves and muscles are strained from aggravated eye rolling at Caroline’s overly dramatic interview. Good God, what an insufferable spoiled brat. Wonder why Mike’s other daughter was absent from this story? Did anyone think Susan looked a little too much like Caroline? I’ve heard of “Daddy Issues”; is there such thing as “Daughter Issues”? Cree-py!
  2. Best storyline was the customer safari. When I worked in retail we would share our war stories about nightmarish customers. Of course, we didn’t have phones in the 90’s to document our sightings. Jason Ritter is more fun to watch when he’s allowed to be funny. He was great in Comedy Central’s “Another Period” and “Drunk History”. Playing Jonah’s a-hole brother could’ve been done by any actor, so I think Ritter was wasted here. Glad Dina and her vet are still a thing. Hope Dina gets promoted when Amy leaves for Palo Alto.
  3. After the continual bad parenting and selfishness, my only wish for Cam and Mitch is that when they get older is neither Lily nor New Baby remembers who their parents are, and Mitch and Cam end up in a nursing home with no visitors. Maybe Lily meets a fantastic person at college (that is at least 3 states away), and he or she has an amazing family that invites her to their home for holidays and vacations. She finds a job working on the opposite side of the country from her dads. Lily will be an amazing well adjusted and independent woman in spite of (because of) her neglectful parenting. I hope New Baby gets taken in by one of his grown cousins. And for anyone watching thinking adopting a baby is as simple as this fantasy depicts it, please don’t use this show as your guide. Adopting is a wee bit more involved than swinging by a maternity ward like you’re going through a Taco Bell Drive-thru. WTF was that storyline with the neighbor??? I will watch til the end because I still have some fond memories of what this show was years ago. Phil was and is still my favorite character. The rest of them maybe had some lovable characteristics once, but they were all either turned into egomaniacal self absorbed assholes or idiots so stupid one wonders how they made it to adulthood.
  4. I’m sure it was producer driven, but Matt and his builder buddy doing the home inspection with Amy present was really shitty. It was just another attempt for Matt to belittle and insult Amy. He was acting like a new buyer who’s never walked the property before. It was his goddamn house for many years! He knows about the various needed repairs and half-assed projects HE walked away from when he moved into his bachelor pad with his side piece. What an insufferable asshole. Of course there will be nicks and scratches in paint or moldings. Some switch plates may be cracked or missing, some rugs will be dirty, hardwood will need some sanding. But those are cosmetic things every new owner knows going in. What a real home inspection is for is to check the electrical panel, the roof, the HVAC system, the plumbing, signs of termites or water damage, condition of windows, structural integrity of decks, walls or additions. Matt nit picking over minutia was only to twist the knife.
  5. We have an inground (12x20) and my neighbor has an above ground (18’ oval). By law in my state pools need to have a locked gate around the yard perimeter for safety reasons. I couldn’t imagine having to cover and uncover either style pool on a daily basis!
  6. No matter who said Paris-Brest, all I kept hearing was “Hairy Breast”.
  7. I guess the raccoon repellent thingy would be useful in points of access that humans or pets wouldn’t use....roof lines, balcony ledges, under porches or decks. But the Sharks all made the same comment about causing injury to family or guests if you forget to pick up the stabby strips. I guess if raccoons pooping in my pool was a big enough problem, I would get into the habit of laying out the devices every night , then pick them up every morning, but a person would need to be hyper vigilant about doing both. Baby socks and mitten ladies were ridiculously over priced. It’s a one time buy as a new baby gift, maybe. And only for a certain circle of baby registries. Besides, it’s a short period of time infants need the mittens. And there already are no-slip baby socks out there. Americans love to eat, and pasta and frozen treats are forever being added to store shelves. These 2 food business will probably do well for a period of time, but either get bought out by a bigger brand or fade away when taste or diets trends change.
  8. I was so looking forward to this season. Personally, I don’t mind the cartoons because it helps relate the history of the topic and my middle schooler has learned a lot watching Cosmos with me. However I agree Tyson comes across as “pretentious “ or trying too hard to get an Emmy (or an acting gig). The dramatic pauses, the serious intonation...I find myself falling asleep. Maybe he has a future on one of those sleep inducing podcasts or apps instead.
  9. Likes: the amped up budget, the production quality, the onsite seamstresses, Tim Gunn, Esther, Sabato, Ji. Meh: Heidi....she looks different around her eyes. Not sure it was her bangs, her makeup or a recent procedure that hasn’t settled. Also meh on Nicole Ritchie. Hate: French judge’s monstrous eyebrows...OMG! So distracting and unattractive. They were 3x’s the thickness of even the most overworked, colored in eyebrows. HAAAAAATE: Martha Twinkle Starlite Glitter Girl. She is exhausting and I will be fast forwarding through her scenes and manufactured drama until she gets CUT.
  10. Maybe America Ferrer has the right idea and is bailing on this show. It just isn’t as good as it once was. I think putting Amy and Jonah together was a mistake. Amy has lost IQ and humor points since getting promotion. Jonah is now a needy whiner who also seems to have been dumbed down. Matteo and Garrett’s misanthropic and self centered personalities were funny in earlier seasons because they weren’t purposely out to hurt or demean people (to their faces anyway) with their actions. Now they are just raging assholes. Even Cheyenne has turned mean vs. vapid and clueless. Glen, Sandra and Sayid are my favorite characters. Even Glenn the robot has more charisma than the supposed main characters.
  11. This is the first season I’ve watched. After seeing the obnoxious “personalities” in Ep 1, I can say this will be my last. The Mystikka loudmouth and the Slob Bro’s were just so damn annoying. Their food didn’t look great either. I don’t get the toast people. At all. I guess I’m not clear on Lunch Ladies either. Maybe I am either too stupid or too uninterested in food trucks to watch this. Peace out.
  12. When you have challenges making cat and dog motif baked goods, shoe-horned into a “spring” themed show, it is time to pull the plug. Cats as eclairs? Dogs who do sports activities? WTF? Everything looked so amateurish. Hearing the bakers describe some of the flavor combos was gag inducing. These people deserve better than this to show their skills. And the stupid puns and jokes need to stop. That crap didn’t play well on the kids version, it surely doesn’t belong here. It only encourages camera hogs and attention whores <<cough Arin cough>> to attempt their witticisms. Stop it.
  13. The DNA tests showed the woman in the barrel, Marylese, was the bio mom of the oldest and the youngest little girls. The middle child was not genetically related to Marylese or her daughters. Terry Rasmussen is not genetically tied to Marylese’s girls, but he is the bio dad of the middle child. I don’t believe the genealogists have found the last victim’s relatives but they are working on it. How did Lisa’s grandfather never look for his daughter after she left NH for parts unknown....and never think to call the authorities?? I am guessing he and his daughter did not have a great relationship? I mean, she went missing in the 1980’s, not the 1880’s. There were methods for looking for missing persons 30+ years ago! I wonder where Denise’s 3 Rasmussen siblings were for this story? I understand if they opted to remain off camera. Rasmussen had 4 kids with Denise’s mom, but she only mentioned her brother a couple of times. Whatever happened to poor Lisa? Again, I completely get what she would choose not to be involved in this story. I hope for all her trauma as a little girl that she found normalcy with adoptive or foster parents and made a successful life for herself.
  14. So whether Jack lived or died, Randall still ends up a self important asshole with delusions of superiority. Got it. The therapist told him to open up to his mother about his anger over her withholding the William info for all those years. I don’t think for one second the therapist meant in any way, shape or form that Rebecca owes Randall the chance to continue his savior fantasy. She didn’t give Randall license to exploit his fragile mother with such an outrageous demand. What a shitty, selfish, self absorbed thing to do. Kevin shouldn’t be the only one not speaking to Randall after this. Beth should kick his ass to the curb too. Beth is the bigger saint of the Pearson clan than everyone makes Jack out to be, or that Randall sees himself to be. Good God! How has she put up with Randall’s numerous acts of self indulgence? GAH! And what the hell does Randall even know about this trial? Does he know for sure Rebecca will receive the drug being tested? Is this a beta test or 2nd generation that has shown some inconclusive but promising results in earlier trials? Otherwise, it’s really a roll of the dice. Rebecca could maybe see some improvement. OR her quality of life is diminished more rapidly by being in a strange place, in a clinical environment, away from friends and family just because Randall “never asked her for anything”.
  15. Arin?? And his up-speak?? Are really?? Super duper annoying?? I yelled , “Stop it!! Just STOP IT!” at the TV. And I don’t think he deserved the win based on the look of it. A lot of bakers used berries as their “spring” fruit. I know fruits and veggies are in season at different times in various regions, but berries are summer fruits in my New England Yankee mind. At least there wasn’t any damned rhubarb in site this week.
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