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  1. That could be...But whether I read it somewhere or just created my own answer for what Tuunbaq was, I could infer the creature was a warning to the white man. That spirit wanted to keep the Europeans/Americans out of the territory to hopefully avoid a collapse of their culture and resources. But the yurei in this series just seems to be haunting people for the sake of getting close to one character (so far). I hope there is some kind of payoff as the series ends...what ties the ghost/spirit to Chester? Why did Yuko choose to kill off Chester's elder family members & friends? I just hope nothing bad happens to Yamoto-san! George Takei better make it til the end!
  2. This season of The Terror has me confused. I am liking the historical info about WWII, and the Japanese Internment Prisons Camps. The actors are good, their individual story lines (limited as they are) are good. If this were just a drama about what happened to Japanese-Americans, I'd give it a 'B-'. But the yurei plot is just not coming together for me. There hasn't been enough explanation of who/what/how for me. I don't need to be spoon fed all the details, but a little more exposition would be beneficial. I've just been watching this show as if it has a split personality disorder; there's the human drama about the families and their predicament during the war, then there's the "spooky" spirit plot that just makes me kind of zone out. The presence of Yuko takes the show down to a 'C-'. So the spirit/ghost inhabited the body of the new young Japanese translator to get her rotting remains closer to Chester. What happened to him once he landed at Chester's camp?? Next thing I know is Chester's translator buddy is forcing him to hijack the jeep and go AWOL. So, the spirit took over this guy and he's now dead in the ditch??? Yuko the yurei needs to stop body jumping more than once per episode. I sure hope we all get the big reveal of why the spirit is there (in the camp and traveling across the Pacific) & why Chester is so important to her.
  3. Defendant in mauled kitten case uses her disposable income for false eyelashes, but I think her money would be better spent on orthodontics. Or rhinoplasty.
  4. So tragic...the whole season, all the stories, th endings for the characters...fucking tragic. Many people have the attitude that people who break laws deserve to be punished, and severely, to “pay back society”. Lots of people believe illegal immigrants need to be rounded up and sent back to their countries of origin with no delay. I know OITNB is a TV show, but I dare anyone to watch the institutional breakdown of people’s souls depicted on this show, and still not be moved to question if we as a country are doing right by anyone trapped in such broken bureaucratic systems. Yes, laws are being broken, and people need to take ownership of their actions and bad decisions. However, the way things are currently (mis)managed only sets up everyone involved for failure. For the people rounded up in ICE raids- No plan of what to do with the US born children, no plan to provide proper legal or translation services, or adequate temporary housing or medical aid. For inmates in for-profit prisons - very little meaningful educational or therapeutic assistance. Inadequate or non existent medical/psychiatric care. No support channels for post-release to prevent recidivism. Heartbreaking to think of all the real life Maritza’s,Tiffany’s, Tastee’s, Red’s, Karla’s, Morello’s etc etc etc. Tens of thousands of lives destroyed every year.
  5. I am not of this “selfie, if it isn’t on Insta, then it didn’t happen!” generation, so I am kinda surprised by the constant professional photo shoots these folks have. I totally understand commemorating big moments like bdays, births, or graduations. But my gawd! This Roloff clan is obsessed with documenting not only those events, but every damn day in between! How many “Oh! You just caught us by surprise as we went a-stroliin’ across the daisy filled meadow/black sand beach/organic corn fields/ certified free range apple orchard!” How many of these faux ‘candid’ pictures of themselves do these people need? Is it plain old narcissistic behavior? Jeez...Even the evil queen in Snow White looked away from her mirror a few times a day.
  6. @gonecrackers & @funky-rat- thanks & apologies! It was early and not enough coffee in my system!
  7. See also "littles". Makes me want to scream. My daughter is now 12, but some of her friends' moms will use this in every single FB post or text. "Taking my littles to the beach today!" "Hosted a pool party and all the littles had popsicles!" "Littles" was enough to make me want to never talk to you when our kids were 3. They are now almost teenagers. Please STOP using this infantile stupid non-word.
  8. I need the name of a good personal injury lawyer because watching/hearing that idiot "science" woman this morning has given me seizures and an anxiety attack. WTF is her problem??? I think being around all those chemicals has caused brain damage. I have never seen anyone so manic or heard anyone speak so fast. I couldn't understand a word she said and I have no idea what "science" she was attempting to share. Unless her lesson was "This is what happens when you divert educational funds to create a personal meth lab."
  9. I wasn't expecting Arlene to go like that. This show's body count is going to rival "Sopranos" pretty soon. I also wasn't expecting Bryce's book to be a big hit with the White Supremacist crowd. I did htink there had to be something up when he got his book deal. But I figured it was one of those scam-type fake publishing deals...like Bryce would be on the hook for the cost of the "printing" or the distribution. Can M & M die ASAP? It can be quick & off screen. As much as I loathe these characters, I don't need to see their deaths drawn out, or in an extremely painful. manner...that just means more screen time for them. I swear, the campy, OTT villains on the old Adam West 1960's "Batman" series had more credibility and gravitas then M & M.
  10. "I want to know" WTF I watched for 7 weeks. I feel like the writers wrote "Emmy reel" scenes for Meryl Streep & Laura Dern first, THEN half-assed it to craft the rest of the stories around them. The legal battle & courtroom proceedings were made up BS. No WAY ML's issues didn't come up long before Celeste's Closing Argument Eve revelation. And I have a hard time believing a FAMILY COURT judge would let 2 minor, very young children attend that shit show (just a couple of eleventy-million flaws against reality that irked me about the overwrought, unrealistic custody battle plot). I don't get the point of Bonnie's mom. She came in like a stealth shit stirrer and ends up dying silently? I guess we got a little bit of Bonnie's back story filled in but, still unsatisfying. And, since no one cared enough to make us care about Nathan, bye dude! Madeline & Ed's marriage is magically healed with some cool hipster throwback music & a hippy chic private beach wedding? I can't even with Gordon and his inability to read the room. Too bad that bat didn't do more damage. We all are left to imagine what happens to the Monterey 5 after they walk in to the Police Station? Beyond being guilty of delaying/impeding the investigation, I would imagine none of them are going to be charged with murder. Maybe manslaughter or a lesser charge? But Bonnie was defending a person getting beaten up. She was intervening to assist someone first, not deliberately trying to kill the aggressor. And if anyone with a grain of sense in the aftermath of the "push" thought about it, or obtained legal counsel LAST SEASON, we wouldn't have had to limp through this extraneous second season.
  11. I'm sure this has been covered with all the other annoying pharma ads, but seeing the Emgality ad for the 50 millionth time has broken me. The mom suffers from migraines and poor little child has vewy vewy sad feewings b/c mommy may not be able to play <insert frowny face here>. I HATE THAT MOTHER (and by association...the kid). I hate the way the woman speaks...there's a vocal fry when the kid asks her if "mommy can play", and mom replies "sure honey! wanna plaaaaaaaaaAAAAAYYY...PIRATE & PRINCESS?!?!?!" GAH! I HATE this ad sooo much! I have no real reason other than her voice. Wish I could sue for the assault on my eardrums. I I just HATE that lady & her voice & the whole stupid premise. I can't dive for the mute button on the remote fast enough when I see/hear it. I need to go breathe into a paper bag and calm the eff down...Emagality lady has raised my BP. And I think I'm getting a headache. I'm sure there are pill ads coming on that can help me... side note: (I know migraines are no joke and people truly suffer horrible, debilitating pain. I have no problem advertising the drug if it can help anyone!)
  12. Preach! This show has been an escapist goofy OTT guilty pleasure in the past, but this season is losing me. I hate M & M and the whole casino thing. I don't get what many of the side plots are for...UncleDaddy's rehab insurance scam?? Is that bringing in any money? Or doing any actual rehabing? Mahjong??? Who cares! Desna's dad being found after 40+ years and being oh-so cool with meeting his adult kids & wanting to move in with them??? Polly has always been the crazy pants in the crew, but I don't get why she is with the casino dude. Brazenly shaking down store owners and robbing them for a thrill is going to land her back in jail. And I still don't understand how Quiet Ann's cop GF is still involved with her. Didn't GF & her partner try to bust Desna's whole crew? How do they have a relationship with the cop knowing all the dirt? How does GF keep her job as a cop when she's dating a known criminal?
  13. In addition to her ridiculous outfit and that gimmicky eye patch and her loosely-goosey fluid accent, what is up with Madonna’s teeth? Does she have braces? Dentures? False teeth as part of this new album’s “persona”? And why does she behave like a complete asshole In every interview? The goal is to promote your latest opus to the unwashed masses, so maybe show a little gratitude for being given a platform to peddle it? If she feels she is so superior and above doing chat shows or press junkets, then stay the fuck home. Aside from her presence, I liked the other guests. Ian McKellan is a joy. I really want to see “Yesterday”, and Himesh Patel has a lovely voice.
  14. I missed the explanation of the snorkel challenge...why did the camera keep zooming in on Chris and Brett’s gnome?? was there a coin hidden on him? I missed what they missed obviously! I never watched Big Brother so I have no idea who any of those teams are. I don’t know anything about Nicole, except that when she speaks I want to jab an ice pick in my ear. The accent and the whimpering whine combined have convinced me that her boyfriend and all of her friends and family back home must be profoundly deaf.
  15. Rinna is going to hustle until she makes Amelia Gray (& the Other One) “happen”, come Hell or high water. She raised those girls to be vapid, selfish and spoiled. They watched their mother starve herself and obsess over her weight and looks for years. Like most women and girls in Hollywood/Beverly Hills, the outward appearance is all that matters. Wear the right designer. Carry the right bag. Have a glam squad on retainer for even the most mundane trips out of the house. Eschew serious pursuit of an education; just get into a “prestigious” school thanks to your parents checkbook and/or connections. And above all, keep your face and antics in the public eye CONSTANTLY! If you aren’t on Instagram or YouTube around the clock, promoting yourself or your ‘cause of the week’ or your favorite brand of 10” long fake eyelashes, then you don’t exist. As the parent of one of these pretty-pretty outer shell young adults, Rinna now overcompensates for their lack in substance. She exaggerates any perceived accomplishments. Her daughter is an “activist” because she wants to study nutrition and psychology? Um...how ‘bout she gets a degree in either first, then puts her knowledge and skills to work? If Amelia is an activist for talking about her eating disorder or her mom’s tv show, then is she a ‘writer’ because she signed her dad’s birthday card? I truly wish the young woman good health and recovery, but I don’t think she is helping anyone at this point in her “journey”. No one with any type of disorder can make the announcement one week, declare themselves in recovery the next, then take on the role of activist or role model the next.
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