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  1. The royal family had better be really careful in how they push back on this. It’s clear the relationships between William and Harry and Charles and Harry are broken. If they try to lie about Meghan again, the gloves will come off. And Meghan mentioned several times that she has letters, notes and email documentation. She kept receipts.
  2. The whole the cast found out the show was over in EW isn’t true. Nick as contradicted Aly on that before
  3. What makes me sad is this difficult label that both SMG and Charisma got stuck with had to have hurt their careers. While Joss got to go on to greater and greater heights
  4. Eh I think that is some revisionism on James part. He was in the Joss clique on the show with Aly and Alexis and Amy. David, SMG and CC were always outside that clique. As for CC, she was 2nd in billing on Angel and went over due to David Greenwalt’s involvement. She had great storylines until David G became less involved and Joss got more involved
  5. Apparently David and Charisma are close friends and he liked both SMG and Charisma’s posts. And David is the only one of Joss’s male tv stars to not like him. David said flat out a couple of years ago at a convention that he’d never work for Joss again. I would still place money that Vincent K is the only Angel star that might publicly back Charisma. Amy Acker is one of Joss’s muses and Alexis is godfather to Joss’s kid.
  6. After watching this episode, it is impossible for me to decide which of the children are most awful. And I finally realized that Liz is just a humorless Lucile Bluth, a woman who hates all of her children and takes zero responsibility for how they turned out. Horrible family
  7. Yeah that is what I meant
  8. Great episode it you can set aside how they are trying to make terrible people look like the good guys. It was easier for me to separate the hagiography of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips among others in earlier seasons. With them covering more recent history it’s hard to forget how truly terrible these people are I feel like this show has glossed over British occupation of Northern Ireland and the issues in Scotland as well. It’s a show with a very British point of view
  9. pivot

    Outer Banks

    I'm not going to lie. I binged this show in 1 1/2 days. I have a thing for shows/movies/books about regular people caught up in the criminal world. Mix that with a treasure hunt and this is my kind of show. I haven't had such fun watching a show since Wanted. I do have to say that the main character's name was John B was annoying especially with how often they said his name. I really hope they get the opportunity to make season 2 and they continue to take it seriously and not give into the camp potential. That's what makes the show. There is no obvious wink to the camera like with so m
  10. pivot


    MSNBC's line up is way, way too white. I'd like to see Joy Reid or another PoC woman get the Hardball slot.
  11. I liked the show overall but it is weird how few Latinos there are on this show. LA is almost 1/2 Latino but they tend to be nonexistent in shows that take place outside of maids and criminals particularly on CBS.
  12. I am like the one person in the world who can't stand Lauren Graham's acting so I wasn't thrilled that she had such a big storyline this week. Her voice was grating as well. Hoping she goes back to the background in future episodes.
  13. pivot


    Shep Smith on MSNBC? That's a mistake. The head honchos at NBC/MSNBC keep trying to move over ex-Fox talent to their network not realizing that the stench of Fox News can't be washed away. How many millions did they lose with Greta Von Sustren and Megyn Kelly? Between that and the increasing number of white Republicans on MSNBC it sure seems like they are trying to turn MSNBC into Fox Lite. Also, what will it take to have Brian Williams no longer hosting big nights on MSNBC? He is dumber than a box of rocks and brings down the entire discourse. The entire panel becomes more vapid when he i
  14. I really liked the season overall but loathed the idea that Sol and Robert are going to live with Grace and Frankie. After all these seasons, I still don't think Sol and Robert have really comprehended how much they hurt and devastated G&F. S&R are just selfish assholes and they prove it season after season. Plus, Martin Sheen playing Jed Bartlett with a bit of arrogance made sense. His playing Robert the same way doesn't work because Robert is pretty much a cold, selfish prick. The worst part of S&R living at the beach house is that I can no longer fast forward their scenes as th
  15. I really like this show though it is heartbreaking to see adults being assholes to them because they are small-minded.
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