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  1. pivot

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    Thank God that smug moron is gone. So incredibly unlikable. At this point, I don't care who wins.
  2. pivot

    For The People

    I am disappointed the show was cancelled though both the actors who played Allison and Sandra didn't work. I would have written both off the show. The rest of the cast works perfectly together and was a delight to watch. The voter suppression story is very timely as it happened in 2018 and will likely happen again in 2020. Minorities have been threatened and intimidated at polls since Jim Crow era. Any plot around that shouldn't be considered political unless you think one party is the one trying to get minorities not to vote.
  3. Wow, way to completely misread my comment I can't stand Rachel because of her personality. I find her oversize ego baffling because she doesn't appear to be above average in any way but she acts like she is a cross between Albert Einstein and Angelina Jolie. It's bizarre. I also never said I would punch Rachel. I am just suprised more people don't lose it with her because she is genuinely terrible in every way. Her sister is a saint to put up with her.
  4. pivot

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    I guess I do. I just binged watched this season and I still didn't get his name right. Well, whatever his name is, I like him because he had Rachel's number and is pissed her off.
  5. Rachel is the worst contestant on the show bar none. Absolute worst. And what is with her oversized ego? She's not smart, athetlic or attractive and she thinks she is the greatest person ever. She is constantly putting her sister down when she is the fuck up on the team. I am surprised someone hasn't punched Rachel by now. She is just that unlikable.
  6. pivot

    S31 Preview & Speculation Thread

    So in the preview, it looks like Rachel gets karma and gets voted publicly into the U-Turn. At first, I hated this twist, but now that I think about it, it basically ends up punishing the asshole teams. Votes for the Assholes (Rachel and plastic sister): Zac/Nic, Bret/Chris, and Tyler/Korey. Votes for no one (if that is allowed): Team Fun, Colin/Christie Votes for Colin/Christie: Team Fun, Afghanimals Votes for Team Fun: the Assholes just to be petty and Colin/Christie for clique reasons
  7. pivot

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    Rachel is my least favorite contestant ever on this show. I loathe BB and Survivor so I wasn't happy about this year's theme but surprisingly all BB/Survivor other teams were not annoying but Rachel is the worst. She's whinny, absurdly overconfident for reasons I can't fathom and then we add in her sister who looks like a blowup doll version of Rachel and I am in a living hell. The other BB team didn't start questioning the worst team ever until Rachel started changing her story and embellishing it. When Zac started questioning her inconsistencies in the stories she was telling, that's when Rachel attacked Nic. Even Rachel's own sister had to tell her to stop being such an asshole . And angry, competitive Colin was way more fun to watch. This guy is just a bit much. I am hoping for Team Fun to win but I'll be happy with anyone but the assholes, Rachel and sister.
  8. pivot

    The Voice in the Media

    Gwen is the worst so I can't be happy she is back. She may have some great songs but her personality is vapid and annoying. I am guessing she was a last minute choice though. If Adam quit, I can't say I am surprised. He had the same look as Usher and Shakira had on finale night basically saying fuck this mediocre shit. Blake/country's popularity has pushed through so many shit contestants. If you are a musician it has to be hard to sit there and pretend that those contestants aren't terrible.
  9. pivot

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I really loved the finale. It left us on a hopeful note and there was a real chance the wheel was broken when you have that group of people making decisions. Things I loved: 1. Sansa as Queen of the North. She was one of the only leaders who consistently put her people first. She was a fierce defender of the North and it was only fitting she earn the North their freedom and be named Queen. 2. They didn't have Sansa try to be Queen of the Seven Realms. It showed her character growth from the foolish little girl to went to KL to marry Joffrey. 3. That council. It was my who's who of favorite characters. 4. Jon joining the wildlings north of the wall where he was always supposed to be. 5. The Jon and Ghost reunion. 6. Dragon destroying the Iron Throne and understanding why Jon did what he did. 7. The better explanation of why Dany did what she did last week. Things I hated: 1. Arya leaving on her own. I thought she had grown enough to realize how important her family was and would have stayed with one of her siblings. 2. Having another man on the throne. 3. Wanting a better end to Jaime's character. Why have him get together with Brienne if it ends like that. Brienne still could have written in the book for Jaime if they ended as friends only.
  10. I have not been liking this season at all. The show has seemed really mean spirited but I loved this season finale. I like when they all work together to defeat the man. And ICE is fucking evil. I am up for any show that highlights that.
  11. pivot

    Season 16 Discussion

    Oy, this show has been American Idoled. Mediocre white men can outlast any woman or minority. I can't stand Adam but he and every single judge knows what is going on. White, male contestants have such an advantage over more talented women and minorities that it has to be depressing to see. If Adam wants to win, all he has to do is pick an entire team of meh white guys. That's what Blake is doing and it keeps working for him. If they keep the cross battles next year, the smartest thing to do for everyone not Blake is to cross battle with the other 3 judges only and when Blake picks you, sacrifice your worst singer to his mediocre white guy. Adam's team got destroyed because he spent the first cross battle night only battling Blake and it killed his team.
  12. pivot

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    Man the idea of Amy having an abortion makes me sad. I think there is significantly more comedy potential with a pregnant Amy. Richard remains a joy on this show. So clueless. Him along with Ben are the highlight of every episode
  13. pivot

    S07.E01: Iowa

    Man I love this show and every one of these incompetent morons.
  14. pivot

    Season 1 Discussion

    I wish this was just a show about Marianna's workplace. I really have no interest in the Callie storylines or the loft people.
  15. There was some alluding to the fact that Julianna was an ass to work with from other actors on the show.