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  1. I personally think the slap pretty much ended any chance of that storyline. And in terms of the idea of Junior aiming for another part of the body, it is all about instinct. It is realistic that it was center mass, that is what they are trained to shoot. IMO, everything was telegraphed and Junior knows Tory's intent and Junior just said that Tory was not a killer, IOW, Junior shouldn't have shot him at all knowing Tory was not going to pull the trigger.
  2. HawaiiTVGuy

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I agree...I am still holding out hope that the whole Ashley/John thing was a misdirection. Ashley seemed genuinely confused as to why they were at the apartment, and John didn't look like a guy who was bringing her there to get it on. IMO, I feel like they should go the route that Ashley read the situation wrong and jumped John thinking John wanted to get it on with her, but I think John is using it as the source of some backroom business dealings and the next season we will see how John had to set her straight. I sincerely hope so, because making it just an affair, then all of John's warnings to Gary (and the other guys, but mainly Gary since he is the man-whore of the group) to stay away from Ashley seems so obvious and how ridiculous that the friends didn't see it. But if they throw in the twist that John is telling them to stay away because Ashley has some personal issues (sleeping with Gary and then jumping on John when it was unrequited) then it adds layer to the characters involved. Just my thoughts.
  3. HawaiiTVGuy

    S07.E13: Inevitable

    Wait, did I miss something, or did the firm actually "lose" this time? I mean in the sense Baxter got to do what he wanted to do in the beginning, sell the company, and now at a premium over the Chinese offer because of him being vindictive against them? Too bad they couldn't figure out the equity method earlier and save Teddy and the workers some money.
  4. HawaiiTVGuy

    S07.E14: Pulling the Goalie

    So late to the party, caught up to Episode 15 last night via Prime. In terms of Sheila pulling the goalie, it is true that the odds of her getting pregnant "naturally" are not high, but the fact she is willing to even consider it is a huge step for her, like she said, they would let fate decide if they ended up with a kid together. And yeah, I guess if being "horrible" is defined as committing professional conduct violations and/or criminal misdemeanors, this show is full of anti-heroes like Breaking Bad, but I guess their redeeming quality is that they do it for "good" reasons to help others instead of just trying to be a drug kingpin.
  5. HawaiiTVGuy

    S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    So the US government agreed to let him leave but never come back because an ally requested it and the victim was a serial killer? When I first heard from the FBI agent he had confessed, I thought he did it in the safety of the UK Embassy or the UK. Then it would be a little more realistic. I mean the US government wouldn't push too hard about it on an international diplomacy level considering the victim.
  6. HawaiiTVGuy

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Yeah...it is interesting how Jon is the only one of the three that sees the relationship issues between Eddie and Katherine as two sided, and not solely Katherine's fault, which is how the other two guys see it. That is because the other two only see it from Eddie's perspective while it is possible Jon saw things from Katherine's view as well. Eddie was the screw up, who had an addiction problem and still lived in the past to his "Glory days" as some random band. He never grew up, so Katherine needed to support the family financially because he sucks. But of course he keeps blaming Katherine for emasculating him because she is the breadwinner and sells the story of how Katherine is somehow blocking his "genius."
  7. HawaiiTVGuy

    Single Parents

    Yup my thoughts too, rough around the edges but has promise with the premise. Reminds me of Superstore like trying too hard. It makes one appreciate a show like Good Place so much more for being so "smooth" out of the gate
  8. HawaiiTVGuy

    S01.E01: Pilot

    So...the assistant has a note left by Jon and is also deleting a business file? I am not sure how I am going to think about it if it turns out Jon and the assistant were having an affair. It kind of seems like a cop-out justification for the wife to than sleep with the stay at home dad, who of course is given his justification by being married to the stereotypical female breadwinner who is a bitch. But from what we know, Jon was the best so why would she cheat on him.
  9. HawaiiTVGuy

    S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    I couldn't quite hear Sherlock's exposition. So what exactly was his confession that allowed him a pass back home?
  10. HawaiiTVGuy

    S15.E14: Finale

    I was a fan of Adrienne and thought she was more creative and interesting and would have loved for her to win but I think the emphasis that some people online are passing on the criticism of Joe's beef seems to be grasping at straws. Joe's beef was described as "chewy". Sure that is not the ideal texture but it isn't like the meat was inedible like certain other proteins we have seen. Also, the issue with Adrienne's second and third courses were the same, they were dry, no sauce to speak of to finish the dish. I was thinking the same thing when I saw her plate the octopus dish. That is all the grits you are going to give? And she didn't really put the octopus on the grits. Like they said, having it on a bed of grits probably would have helped with the dryness issue, along with having a sauce. And her beef dish, their issue with her smashing the peas was that it made it dry. Again, no sauce, the peas were her starch and from what I could tell there was no broth, so even though mashing beans is a good way to get a cream texture, if the beans are not sitting in a broth of any sort in my opinion it is likely any "creaminess" that one would get normally might have been lost. I don't recall how it looked on the plate, but it looked like a pile of the beans and additives, not really "lumped" indicating a stickiness or wetness Again we are not tasting but it doesn't seem unreasonable that could have happened. And in terms of dessert, naming issues aside, it seemed like they didn't have enough pudding. Again, I personally liked the concepts of Adrienne's dishes but it seems like she missed on a couple execution points.
  11. I think the rule was that the person who did not do the rappelling task had to take the puzzle. I know that based on the interviews that it was widely believed this was the case so at least Kristi and Jen based their rappel decision based on the fact they wanted Jen on the last puzzle even though Kristi's arms were hurting from HK. I think in an interview Henry and Evan said they agreed Henry should do the puzzle even though as Evan said at the rappelling roadblock, Henry would be better at it. I don't know if they realized what was the task before choosing Evan for the RB.
  12. HawaiiTVGuy

    S30: Trevor & Chris

    I totally agree, they were my favorite team. The fact that Team BB decided to UTurn them was definitely a negative in my book. In all honesty they should make the NEL the UTurn legs. The UTurned team still has a speed bump next leg if they are last but it will add to the inter team drama right?
  13. It definitely was not as bad as Vanck and Ashton from last season. Of course, Team Ocean Spray was the first to the 2* U and had a bigger axe to grind and did it first. Team Indy had no real reason to do anything at that point except to save Team BB, and they decided to throw Team Yale under the bus instead of Team Extreme, a far bugger threat. It probably wasn't a matter of "ganging" up but it was definitely a matter of playing favorites because if Team Indy was thinking rationally and as "competitors" they would have realized that sacrificing Team BB would have made the most sense because with Cody they were a strong team. Not sure why there is much speculation about the grief between Evan and Henry. All interviews have shown Evan having nothing but pride for Henry and an emphasis on how far behind they were but Henry pulled them to within a couple minutes of winning. Also Evan has admitted to being self-aware that she can come off a certain way and specifically says how grateful she is that Henry has a patient personality. I think there is a big difference between being snippy in the heat of battle and wanting to win and being a sore loser which is something Evan never exhibited.
  14. HawaiiTVGuy

    S30: Cody & Jessica

    Don't they always have the final team finish the puzzle? I don't think I ever saw the crew go to the last team and have them stop...except for maybe once when the other team didn't even get to the last puzzle by the time the first two finished.
  15. HawaiiTVGuy

    S30: Evan & Henry

    Yeah trying to discuss while running around is ideal but not sure how heavy the pieces were but the wings looked kind of bulky, I think the idea of trying to run as fast as possible and looking at the symbols and have a coherent conversation about the symbols was probably considered too much effort at the time. Especially if they were as far behind as has been said and were probably in panic mode by that point.