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  1. Anyone else wonder why no one asked the Chronocrons why they don't go back in time to just stop Izel instead of trying to take over earth and still have to deal with Izel when she eventually comes?
  2. I am in the middle of the episode and I am totally rooting for the producers to do the right thing and have this thing blow up in their faces. Just finished it and...I guess it did blow up in their faces because they met someone with more integrity in her pinky then all of them out together. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show and yes their rule-breaking was usually for good, but their attitude on getting called out on their carp by Faye irked me. Sigh, even though their scheme blew up, they still got Faye out so they never learned any lesson. Sigh.
  3. Yeah, not sure why people are more interested in grabbing their throat rather than the legs of the Shrike. I would think that Yo-Yo's new hands would have been able to super grip the sucker and make sure it didn't get all they way down. And why didn't anyone think about Daisy using her quake powers to kill the Shirke but somehow not hurting Yo-Yo. Didn't they figure out the Shrike were on a different frequency? And that helped Daisy completely destroy them during the battle in Sarge's truck? I was thinking that if Daisy picked the right harmonic frequency to disintegrate the Shrike but leave the rest of Yo-Yo's molecular structure undisturbed, then it would OK. Oh well, I guess just killing the queen works too, although I kind of thought the solution was kind of a cop out. And where did all the robed guys pop up from before Izel went back through the wormhole? And did May grab the stones to close the door again? Maybe they want to leave the option so that they can send the Chronicons through the portal and let them deal with the spirits...I mean Chronicrons are in theory not living entities right? And did they ever fully explain how Jemma got out of the Lighthouse that was crawling with Chronicrons and where the Quinjet came from? I was a little confused by that part and was hoping for some exposition. And anyone know why Izel's group needed to keep the spirits behind that door and would only open it when they had the portal open?
  4. IIRC there was a splash when Blaine went down, none when DonE went over. The weird thing was that there was no help from Blaine when DonE fell on top of him, I guess he was unconscious?
  5. Finally saw the episode...and this episode would be a teaching aide for a professional responsibility/ethics class in law school on what NOT to do. I am not criticizing as I don't watch this show, or pretty much any legal show for its realism, but man, everyone was doing something that could get them disbarred...that must have been a new record even for the show! Still have fun watching the show, just needed to say it.
  6. My issue with the autopsy wasn't really the lack of precautions, but geezus, how do you first think the knife somehow PUT the bat into the guy? That is what Benson said right? That Coulson's gang PUT the bat in the guy with the knife? Geezus.
  7. My question is that the spy in Renegade's group is zombie pretending to be human right? I thought that she eats with them, does she remember that she is pretending to be human all the time and give human reactions to everything. And no one tried to give her the simple pulse/blood pressure check? Isn't that like the easiest way to make sure the person is a zombie. I am not quite sure why Liv's dad is so interested in Renegade's operation. Is he trying to find the way out of the city to make zombies widespread?
  8. My thoughts exactly. Even if the producers didn't know they were going off the air, keeping Ollerman alive was just stupid. There is supposedly the "Trust" out there, so plenty of new baddies to introduce next season. And in all honesty, the best series are not the ones that have the never-ending story arcs, it is when they end them and create new arcs.
  9. Also, there was some mutual benefit in working with the other team on the task, the Reillys were just asking for a freebie because they messed up. Letting the Reillys look at the clue wasn't in any way going to help Colin and Christie. Unless the Reillys promised not to beat them to the mat.
  10. I was wondering about that, like every time they were saying they couldn't find anything, they kept pulling back and highlighting the buoys. And they were definitely not just looking in that area, one of them said they kept sweeping back and forth from the shoreline. I am curious about their technique. They did find a decent amount of items without really using the scooper method and I guess the detector was good enough to ping a few coins, I guess maybe the last two were deeper in the ocean floor. I was thinking that with the tides and shifting sands, it would be tough for production to make sure the coins were still at a detectable depth under the sand, but it looked like the items found were actually just under the rocky layer, so maybe they wouldn't have needed the scooper and just concentrate around the buoy more.
  11. I personally think it was. The Centurions seemed to make a big deal of him getting it so quickly. And his background in marching band really does help. My counter-point would be that they didn't put up what number attempt it was like they normally do? Maybe the question will be answered on their recap.
  12. They said all the U-Turns are gone I thought. Or was it just no more NELs?
  13. Yup...I love it. Totally believable too. Dwyer has enough crap to deal with at his own division that micro-managing a well-run division isn't worth his effort. I love how his reaction to Bell's elaborate presentation was like WTH, you think I have time to listen to a freaking opening statement?
  14. From what I understand, I guess the 100 episode mark is not the threshold anymore for syndication, so I guess ending it at whatever point it feels organic is good. It still hurts though.
  15. Am I the only one that was utterly relieved that he wasn't brought in as an obvious antagonist to Watson and Holmes just to stir things up and make it difficult? If he is everything as shown so far, he has two divisions to run, he trusts Marcus and his co-workers because Tommy did, and he just needs the bare-bones briefings because he really has too much crap on his plate right now. And yeah he is old-school, but he can't argue with results, and of course he doesn't give a hoot who killed the serial killer.
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