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  1. Calvada

    MLB Thread

    Damn, hearing Brian Anderson on this golf match with Woods, Manning, Mickelson and Brady is making me miss Brewers baseball more than ever.
  2. I'm imagining it was a windy day, and there was a hat attached to that frame, but it blew off. She has had some goofy hats, but then they all have. Look back at some of those pictures of QEII and Princess Anne from the 70s when the style was to loosely drape some fabric around one's head. No structure to them at all and horribly hideous. Willem-Alexander and Maxima look like they would be a hoot to know. They always seem to be having fun, and they clearly delight in each other's company. It's lovely to see.
  3. Calvada


    In the final episode, it was clear that Jessica Raine was pregnant. Especially in those scenes where she was wearing that white blouse. I began to wonder if that was going to be a twist - that her character was expecting a baby and the father was the one she was visiting in that hospital/nursing home.
  4. According to an article I read in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about this show, Garry Marshall gave Rob Lowe his first break by casting him in a sitcom pilot that never made it to air. According to Lowe's twitter account when Garry died, Garry Marshall hired Lowe when he was 15, and gave Lowe's wife (a makeup artist) her start. Per IMDB, she worked on Frankie and Johnny. It's evident that so many of these actors realize how lucky they were to work with a guy like Garry Marshall when they were just starting out.
  5. Wow. Rachel actually showed a video clip of the president. Devastating for me - if only my three family members who were diagnosed with early stage breast cancer after it was detected on a mammogram had not had that annual check. They never would have had cancer. How could they have been so misguided? I really want to know what made Rachel 22 seconds late. it is Friday, so perhaps she was mixing a cocktail?
  6. Wasn't it thought that an episiotomy was better than tearing, that it sped up delivery, and resulted in less infection and quicker healing? And now isn't it the standard belief that most women heal better with some tearing rather than cutting? It all sounds awful. What's amazing to me is that many women decide to go through this more than once!
  7. My parents had a baby born in 1957, everything seemed fine, and three hours after his birth, the doctor walked into my mom's room and said there's a problem with the baby. My parents were told that his heart hadn't formed correctly, and he would not make it. He died four days later. My mom said the thing that saved her was that she had other children at home who needed her. Hearing of the deleted scenes is why I buy the DVDs. It irks me that we miss out on a few minutes of each episode, since so often those few minutes are very important to the story line.
  8. Joyce was on with Lawrence O'Donnell in the hour after Rachel. I would love to see Chuck Rosenberg again. I assume Trump will still pardon Flynn after the election, because as Rachel and others have pointed out, he admitted other crimes other than the one he was charged with. Glad to see Rachel pointing out the unfeeling idiots who are blaming workers in meatpacking plants for getting the virus. And the moron who is the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court (yes, another reason to be mortified to admit I'm from Wisconsin) talking about workers are not "regular" people - Lord, give me strength. We've gone from screw prison inmates, if they wouldn't have committed crimes they wouldn't be exposed, to screw old people, because let's face it they were going to die soon anyway, to now talking about essential workers as not being "regular" people. How can they not understand that all they consider throwaway people are someone's son/daughter, wife/husband, brother/sister, mother/father. And get a clue, morons - they interact with "regular people" every day - prison guards, health care workers, grocery store workers, their families, and then all the people those "regular" people interact with - lather, rinse, repeat for generations of infection. And hey! Look what's happened, it's a pandemic!
  9. I thought the Queen's speech was lovely, and how wonderful to hear her memories of being in the streets of London that day. I remember once asking my mother (born 8 months before the Queen) a bunch of questions about WWII - hearing about Pearl Harbor, how she found out about the Holocaust, rationing, and how she celebrated VE and VJ Days. On VE Day she went to work. It was a Tuesday, and she was a 19 year old working in an ammunition plant. She said Americans were happy the war in Europe had ended, but knew that the Pacific War would continue for a long time, certainly into 1946, requiring an invasion of Japan that most likely would kill hundreds of thousands of GIs. She probably would have loved to dance through the streets on May 8, but was very happy to be laid off in late August.
  10. One wonders how much pressure Giffin's publisher put on her to issue an apology. I know that people on Twitter were reaching out to the publisher of her latest book - I think it was Penguin Random House - asking how they expect people to purchase anything they publish when they finance this hateful person. I think that apology is a load of bullshit. She had problems with H&M and the way they withdrew from the RF so that makes a mother reading a book to her healthy & happy 1-year-old child "phony" and "unmaternal?" She realizes that her remarks may have felt mean-spirited, with racist undertones, but that was not her intent? She is not just a hateful person, but she clearly is an idiot to have no awareness that publicizing this spite would backfire on her.
  11. On the BBC, the hour before the Queen speaks will be a musical celebration featuring music of the 30s and 40s, things like "There'll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover" and "When the Lights Go On Again," music that my parents loved and I heard so much during my childhood. I have the feeling I'll be a weeping mess by the time the Queen shows up.
  12. My PBS station is showing at 7:00 pm Central tomorrow a one-hour program called "The Queen at War." It's about how World War II shaped her reign. On Friday, the anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day, there will be multiple commemorations including a national 2-minute silence, the BBC will replay Churchill's announcement of victory, Prince Charles will read from George VI's diary about the day, there will be a national address by the Queen exactly 75 years to the minute her father spoke in 1945, to be followed by a national singing event of "We'll Meet Again" - - - - led by 103-year-old Dame Vera Lynn from a window at her home!!! Even in a pandemic, the Brits know how to put on a show.
  13. Yes, and it's one of the few where I figured out the murderer because I knew the Gene Tierney story!
  14. Kate really is a good photographer. She seems to put a lot of thought into setting, lighting, and manages to catch her children in candid shots that reflect some sense of their personality - or what we think their personalities are! And it seems they're the only shots we get of George smiling. When he has appeared in an "official" capacity with photographers around (airport arrivals, first day of school, etc.) he never seems very happy. Family resemblances are funny things. People think Charlotte looks like the Queen, or like William, whom many people compared to Diana, and then if you compare Charlotte with a 5 year old Sarah Chatto, they look like twins.
  15. FDR thought December 7, 1941, was "a date which will live in infamy." So much for that notion! As a history major in college, I certainly knew the date of the attack. I didn't know the exact number of those killed on the USS Arizona, but I knew it was more than 1,000. This show caused me to do some research online, where I discovered that 1,177 men were killed and only 335 survived from the Arizona. And as of February, there are only 2 survivors remaining, both nearing 100 years old. I cannot believe that the vent in the motel room would not have been searched. It's a logical place to consider as a hiding place. I thought from the beginning that the Purple Heart never left the house, that Joe hid it there He said he tripped over the stool - no one considered that maybe he was standing on it? Would a hospital really do emergency heart surgery on a 95 year old? I thought that was sloppy writing. They could have just said they were unable to save him and he never gained consciousness.
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