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  1. Calvada

    NFL Thread

    The emails were to Bruce Allen who was with the WFT at the time and as ebk57 said, they came to light during investigations into workplace misconduct within the WFT organization. He and Gruden were together at the Raiders during Gruden's first time as head coach there, and they were together at Tampa, both getting fired after the 2008 season. I won't miss Gruden and his smirk. He always struck me as someone who was confident he was the smartest guy in the room. He's definitely proven that's not true. What a putz.
  2. In Sleepless in Seattle why does Sam (Tom Hanks' character) get in a plane and fly to New York when he discovers Jonah has gone there to meet Annie on top of the Empire State Building? Jonah has not landed in NYC yet - notify the airline that he is a runaway and have them put him on the next flight back to Seattle, or have them hold him at the airport until Sam arrives.
  3. Calvada

    NFL Thread

    Mason Crosby is such a good guy, so I was happy that last one went through. He looked so relieved. Even though I was rooting for the Pack all the way, I did feel for the Cincinnati kicker who was celebrating what he thought was the game winner in OT which went wide left. After the game, he said he thought the officials "were playing a game with us" when they signaled no good, because he felt he kicked it well and was confident it was going through. Oh honey, really? Because the officials decide to play games like that all the time?
  4. Calvada

    The Royals

    I agree, she looks thinner. For the past two decades, she always seemed younger than her actual age, but I think the fact that she is 95 is becoming more apparent. Perhaps it was just that she looked younger next to Philip, especially during his last years. And not surprisingly, she's lost inches of height. She was never a tall person (about 5'3" as a young adult) but I'd be surprised if she's more than 5' now.
  5. When Bob Griese was with ESPN doing color commentary for college games, I hated when he would do a game involving the Wisconsin Badgers, or as Bob said time after time, the Wesconsin Badgers. Bob, that's not an E in the first syllable, you idiot. It's not like we cheeseheads expected him to be able to pronounce Oconomowoc, Shawano, or Chequamegon, but Wisconsin?
  6. Calvada

    MLB Thread

    Alcohol often causes stupidity. When will they learn that walls are undefeated? Williams tried to throw yesterday and only then realized it was a serious injury; he immediately told the team about it and how it happened. He apologized to the team privately and spoke publicly about how awful he felt about letting the team, the coaching staff, and the fans down. I'm a Brewers fan, so I really hope he's not done any permanent damage to his hand.
  7. Calvada

    NFL Thread

    What a day for the State of Wisconsin - the Ryder Cup win with Captain Steve Stricker, the Brewers clinching the Central, and the 49ers leaving the Packers just enough time for Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Mason Crosby to cap off the day. Thank goodness I have tomorrow morning off.
  8. Calvada


    My mother always said that Pearl Harbor was different than 9/11 because we didn't have TVs to see the bombs blowing up the ships again and again. Also, there was no question about who did it - they knew immediately America was at war with Japan. In 2001, there was speculation about al Qaeda right away, but who was that? Where were they? On September 11, I was in my office and our receptionist sent an email saying a plane had hit the WTC in New York. I assumed it was a small plane and went on working. A few moments later, one of my co-workers walked in my office and he was shaking as
  9. I hope you had a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies to finish off the meal. My grocery store decided to rearrange the produce section last autumn when our COVID numbers were out of control (looks like this autumn is going to be repeat) and I wanted to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. I spent about about quadruple my usual time going back and forth muttering things like "where the HELL are the lemons??" I had to relearn how to write out my grocery list, since I write it in the order I encounter things. Grocery stores like messing with us, don't they? I remember several ye
  10. I agree with the recommendations to get a colonoscopy and a mammogram. Five women in my family have had breast cancer; all were detected early in a mammogram. And the mother of a friend had colon cancer found in a colonoscopy 30 years ago and she's still here. These tests are not pleasant but they can save your life. Get screened! I know you've all been waiting for an update on my package delivery. The "Track Package" app now tells me that my items are coming in two packages and one is still at the USPS sorting center just outside of Milwaukee, with no update on when I can expect it
  11. My package too - this is what they do now, they lull us into a false sense of security, thinking it's coming via FedEx, and then suddenly the package is given to the USPS, which is just a shit show since deliberate decisions were made to slow down the mail.
  12. Calvada

    The Royals

    She's looks shiny, as if it was really humid. The cream and white combo is very meh, not like her usual style. Maybe she overslept, and threw on the first thing she grabbed from her closet, pulled out some big earrings hoping they would distract from the fact that she didn't have time to comb her hair, then ran to this engagement. Royals - they're just like us!
  13. I ordered from a company that used to have a store in the mall less than a mile from my house. The store closed during the pandemic. I ordered on Aug. 28 and was told to expect delivery in 5 to 8 days. On September 2, I got an email saying my order would arrive the next day. However, when I clicked on "Track Package" it said my order would arrive September 4. Ok, fine, whatever. Except it is September 8 and it's still not here. Track Package tells me it is at a sorting facility about 70 miles from my house and has not moved since September 2. How long will I have to wait until the USP
  14. Robbie Benson of Ice Castles, Death Be Not Proud, and One on One. Those are the things I remember him from. I don't think I've seen him in anything in the past 3 decades, but according to his IMDB page, he's been working steadily.
  15. I'll be looking for the dry cleaning tag peeking out of the sleeve of her blazer.
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