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  1. CousinOliver

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    I’m surprised “Miss I’m a Pure, Pure, Super-Duper Pure Virgin” didn’t go for a full veil with blusher. Cause she’s a Virgin, dontcha know.
  2. CousinOliver

    S07.E24: Sean

    I don’t understand what Sean expected out of a long term care facility. Unless someone cannot get better, long term care is a road to independent living. Even some of my relatives (nursing home residents) that were clearly never going to improve got daily physical therapy with a goal (pipe dream) of going home. He hated the hospital, especially the diet. He hated rehab (arguably a long term care facility). Did he think a nursing home is going to take someone who could be able bodied, then not rehabilitate him/her, thus turning away someone unable to care for himself/herself (or many someones, over time)? Did he think a long term facility would have giant beds, unlimited food, 24/7 attention, and private rooms, all, somehow, magically leading to weight loss? I legitimately don’t know what he was imagining in his mind. Honestly, I think he wanted one of those adult baby/caretaker relationships, which are usually considered a sexual kink, but from my (VERY removed) understanding, are usually non sexual. Not saying that would have been good for him, but I think it’s the closest achievable situation to what HE considered ideal.
  3. CousinOliver

    S07.E23: Lee & Rena & Sarah

    I assumed that Rena didn’t have the emotional or financial support to live in Houston (TX) without Lee, so leaving the program was more of a byproduct of the excellent, brilliant decision to leave Lee rather than being “kicked out” of the program. Lee moved in with family and apparently had the finances to continue visits to Houston (TX). He had enough money for a plane ticket (and parking his car at the airport), something a woman fleeing abuse might lack. I hope she is well.
  4. CousinOliver

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    The elder Stephen can drop off the face of the earth. It seems to me that he does not like his “wimpy” kid (Justin does seem emotional, obviously the worst thing a man can be /s), so he favors the likely source of Justin’s behavior: abuser and drug addict Stephen/John. Gifts of dogs and hobby shops can’t fix what he’s allowed in his home.
  5. CousinOliver

    S04.E04: A Break Is Necessary

    I didn’t watch Andrei and Elizabeth’s season, so they’re new to me. When daddy agreed to pay for her rent in the new place, I lost all respect for everyone involved. The only couple I’m remotely interested in is Nicole and Azan. I do wonder how that will end.
  6. CousinOliver

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    Dr Now *is* the almighty (weight loss) god. Blasphemy, Angie J! Bite your tongue.
  7. CousinOliver

    S07.E18: Mercedes' Story

    I saw that too. I was hoping it was water stains from the flooding/rain that made them have to move.
  8. Jill better hope there’s no Heaven. She’s not going to be happy if there’s a God and s/he calls Jill out on her shit.
  9. CousinOliver

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    At least she’s showing herself and the next guy will know what he’s walking into. Yeah, Cal, this totally could have worked.
  10. CousinOliver

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    I love road trips and there are a few people in my past that I might take on a road trip if they really needed it. He seemed nice and he did seem to care about her, but they’d been apart 10 years and this clearly didn’t lead to a reunion. I agree with you. I think he’s really an ex. A nice guy with time on his hands, hoping some woman he once loved could get her crap together. I’m glad it didn’t turn into a rekindled flame, though. There’s a difference between driving a van/bringing back dinner/etc for a few days and giving bed baths/cooking/being a personal slave for years on end. Eric seemed to know where his line was drawn, and good for him for not crossing it.
  11. CousinOliver

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    I do believe that Angela lost some real weight right after starting the diet (she appears to be well into her regain at the end, sadly). I might even guess 50 lbs, possibly even the 70 she claimed. I can tell with how clothes fit, for instance, if I’ve gained or lost. If the last time her clothes fit that way or she fit into her van she was 550, I can see her assuming she’s ~550 again. BUT, I also think that when she became more mobile and could fit into her car again (with the seat all the way back, a la Dottie), the weight loss probably became less important. Her clothes were fitting, her car was usable, she was back to her “comfort zone” quality of life. Bring on two turkey burgers and buns and cheese on them and maybe fries, and we’ll call it heathy or a diet because it’s turkey instead of beef and baked French fries instead of fried in oil. It’s a shame that she was such a bitch, too. If she had gone to the two month weigh in, I think she would have exceeded her very small goal* and been well on her way to lymphodema removal. * anyone else think this was probably because she already had gastric bypass?
  12. CousinOliver

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Here’s an idea, Angela: if you don’t want to travel to Houston, find a local doctor. Done. No travel. If, by chance, s/he is not capable of doing surgery to remove masses, etc., s/he can refer you out, even if it’s not to someone local. My late husband was, several times, sent to Massachusetts for surgeries that no one in our (plane trip away) home state could handle. But, likely, you’d never have to see your nemesis (and my celebrity crush) Dr Now again. You would have to be weighed in, though, if you went to a local doctor, and you’d not have the (slight) financial benefits or “fame” or platform for (likely) re-writing history that comes with seeing Dr Now on camera...maybe a local doctor isn’t really what you want??
  13. CousinOliver

    S08.E14: The End or the Beginning

    Yeah, $120/year more is not insignificant. Incidentally, my fiancé just added DVR to our cable and it was much more than $10; required an install visit, too, since we needed an upgraded cable box.
  14. I’ve lived in several parts of Florida. It’s a very typical, newer, middle class Florida home (newer being 1980s and beyond). Our older homes have a different sort of look to them altogether. Some people love the style, some hate it, but it’s ubiquitous for Florida. Now, price depends on where that “lovely Florida home” sits. It could be a $~200,000 home or a $~400,000 home, depending on location, and I’m not going snooping into property records to tell. (Basing this price range on a similar house my parent sold recently on the west coast of FL and a similar house my friends bought recently in mid-state FL).