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  1. She called because she wanted the roux en y surgery. I understand it; she likely stretched out her sleeve and wanted something more effective. She just didn’t want it enough to do the pre-op work. That was her complaint, that Dr N didn’t just give her the surgery when she decided she wanted it. Very unlikable woman. How can one be too busy to get a weight?
  2. Oh, her mom’s fault. Got it. Impressed with getting a scale, though.
  3. She has admirable goals. I like that. She wants to work. Allegedly.
  4. Did they make it half way with only 2 meals?
  5. 13 hours in 2 days is reasonable. I don’t like to drive more than 8 hours a day.
  6. I don’t think the tiny plate trick works when flanked by two take out pastas. What was that tiny kids plate for? Show?
  7. Not the biggest breakfast we’ve seen on this show
  8. First time I’m not working during live chat! I usually read through next day.
  9. Dawn was odd, but I don’t think she was the problem. Usually the enablers bring food into the hospital. Joyce’s 200 lb loss tells me that Dawn was not sneaking stuff in. The In-hospital weight loss also tells me that Joyce will lose on 1,200 calories a day. I think bodies are very different and some people might need more extreme measures to lose, but Joyce surely isn’t one of those people. I think Joyce is eating way less than she used to, but still way too much for her sedentary lifestyle. That egg dish certainly indicates that she doesn’t know what 400 calories per meal lo
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