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  1. I live for Rosa and Holt's friendship! God I love this show!
  2. Yep. The White Lotus was a steaming pile of overrated crap but this isn't any better.
  3. Is anyone else hovering between "this show is absolute garbage" and "I can't stop watching..." Help me!
  4. Probably a sensible decision then! Silence of the Lambs is a full on movie experience!
  5. You never watched Silence of the Lambs? Curiosity didn’t grab you?? There’s so much tie in to that movie in this series I’m stunned you weren’t even curious?!
  6. OK this may be a stretch and my memory of the scene is pretty sketchy but when Zabel and Mare found the shooting location was there not a conversation about the trajectory of the bullet being unusual?? Could that mean a child fired the gun??
  7. Especially as this version of Katherine Martin does not in the slightest resemble the awesome Katherine Martin from the movie.....I can't imagine that Katherine being so insufferable.
  8. Thankfully this is being called a limited series.....I doubt there will be a season 2!
  9. As bad as they wrote Amy out of the show ..... they more than made up for it to bring her back. I really, really loved what she said to Jonah at the end. Lots of great moments but my fave may have been Sandra circling the names and putting A.M next to hers. After all the shit she's taken it is so good to see Sandra owning it!! Oh and her absolute disgust at Amy's admission that she made a mistake not marrying Jonah... all hail Queen Sandra!
  10. It’s almost as if 2 seperate shows were spliced together but I have to admit I quite liked it and would like to see a second season.... not many tv shows have left me with this feeling of confusion and fascination. I also never thought Amy Brenneman would play a character to truely loath so there’s that....
  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this was a bit exploitative.... without the “creepy” video not one of those web sleuths would even know her name. What a sad story.
  12. Why did Jamie get so posh in her older years??!
  13. How were they able to beat The Whisperers in the middle of a giant horde of walkers without drawing attention to themselves or other Whis.... oh never mind.
  14. That’s a lot of stinking, contaminated walker bodies to clog up you river system.... and biggest source of water? No? I’m finding Negan more acceptable and I really don’t know how I feel about that..... god damn you Jeffrey Dean Morgan you charming, lovable human!
  15. Not to mention how mind numbingly boring he was.....I would have snuck out the side door in my first meeting....it's always been a mystery to me how so many intelligent people get caught up in this kind of BS. Maybe my deeply ingrained cynicism and lack of concentration span would help me in these situations? Hope I never have to find out!
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