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  1. BellyLaughter

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Sorry double post.
  2. BellyLaughter

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Yep telling fans what they need is the ultimate condescension and irritating as hell and this is coming from someone who never shipped Veronica and Logan for one second....
  3. BellyLaughter

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

  4. BellyLaughter

    S03.E06: Household

    I wonder if the actors hearts sink as they read each script and think this just isn’t that good anymore.... it’s a hot mess.....
  5. BellyLaughter


    Let me start by saying I am enjoying the show so far. I went to the drama forum to look for this show so colour me surprised that it was in the comedy forums. Yes, it has funny moments but other than the run time I would not describe this show as a comedy?? No complaints so far....will watch more tonight!
  6. BellyLaughter

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Count me in....I seriously do not get the weird "pity" that Aunt Lydia seems to get every so often....no interested in that OR her... she's a savage.
  7. BellyLaughter

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Seems like a completely insane, infuriating way to get Nichole back to Gilead thereby extending June’s stay as well .... yippee 🙄 Canada’s gonna cooperate, isn’t it??
  8. BellyLaughter

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I was just about to ask the same question...
  9. BellyLaughter

    S03.E01: Night

    OK we're back again with June taking fucking forever to do anything (sure, play with some smoke in slow motion and stand in a house that's burning down and caress the walls, by all means..) .....she even blinks slow.....ugh.
  10. BellyLaughter


    So many heroes....
  11. BellyLaughter

    Killing Eve

    Yes you are and no she can’t..... for me this show is about so much more than silly fan girl shipping..... Eve reclaiming her humanity and Villanelle feeling betrayed by it takes us to a very interesting place next season and happily ever after is not that place and IMHO was never the place they intended to go. Could it be interpreted as queer baiting.....absolutely, if you forget Villanelle is a sociopath incapable of feeling or loving....
  12. BellyLaughter


    They basically arrived at the conclusion that when actors do accents they are acting the accents not the characters.....if I remember correctly the original plan was for accents but they felt that a lot of the performances during auditions and rehearsals didn't feel authentic! (completely contradicting my original complaint lol) .... It's a bit of a mishmash of different brit accents and "kind of" russian accents which is, like you said, a distraction at times but I'm starting to be won over by the choice the showrunner made?! I honestly didn't notice it as much in the latest episode....
  13. BellyLaughter


    I wasn't sure whether I would like this even though I am very fascinated by the Soviet era but wow -- it was good!! And the podcast makes it even better. Can't wait for more! I have a feeling the cultural consultation that was done in creating this is gonna pay off big time. My only nitpick is the accents...the podcast did give an explanation which makes sense but for me personally it takes away from the authentication of the show?? YMMV
  14. BellyLaughter

    Killing Eve

    Villanelle looking amazing, hating on an instagram “influencer” ..... Psychopaths should not be this fun!!!
  15. BellyLaughter

    Killing Eve

    Absolutely! I just wish they would write Eve differently in dealing with her fascination. The psychopath comes across as interesting and charming....Eve is just a mopey, self centred mess who’s on the verge of embarrassing herself most of the time. The premise is great....the writing and execution could be better and all this season has done is confirm my belief that Jodie Comer should have been showered in awards for last season ..... not Sandra Oh. of course YMMV.