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  1. Yep, S3 was far and away the best season of this show.... really good! And left it in a place that could be the end or leave you wanting more. It was really well done....
  2. Yep... completely tacky and weird. I don't feel the true crime community needs it...it's not a good fit at all.
  3. Has Josh ever been less convincing that he actually cares about fishing?? What a big phoney.
  4. Rob Endres seems like a sociopath trying to act like he thinks we want him to and failing really badly at it (the performance with the ashes was creepy x1000 and the story of picking up the skull was off the charts strange). And to treat a child the way he treated Pistol after Patrice’s death....unforgivable.
  5. “The irony is, by not wanting to lose, he’s the biggest loser of all.” Betsy Andreu
  6. The amount of deflecting he did in this new documentary was typical of Lance Armstrong. To this day he still can’t admit that hospital room dialogue played out! Just goes to show the psychopathy of him.... Betsy stood up to him, didn’t allow the threats and bullying to beat her and the absolute narcissist in Lance Armstrong is never going to give her the satisfaction of a true confession and apology. I was stunned that he equates the tragedy of Jan Ulrich to his own downfall.... like all of Lance’s difficulties aren’t 100% self imposed.... I don’t really feel like Ulrich’s issues are the same at all. But I will concede his concern for Ulrich did seem genuine..... if there was one positive thing to take out of this doco.
  7. Betsy Andreu is a boss! His bullying of her was abhorrent but she never backed down. Has he apologised to her yet??
  8. The glorious contrast of Jeanette getting trollied and ogling strippers as Jazz was burning grains and chanting mantras at her retreat is what this show has needed for a long time!
  9. So The 12 don't want Villanelle distracted by Eve (who is currently investigating them in connection to Kenny's death.... are they unaware that Eve is doing this?) Dasha was told to get rid of the distraction and she thinks the best way to do that is lure Eve to Poland and pretend to be Villanelle and kill Niko...maybe it's just me but that makes ZERO sense....Dasha just metaphorically held a red rag to a bull... I'm officially confused.
  10. Am I the one one expecting a twist involving Kenny's sister?? Do you really cast Gemma Whelan to play a boring, naive, sweet character??
  11. I haven't read the book but I already have a fairly good idea where this is headed. Not very original if I end up being right but yes....the beard, oh and the fact it's attached to Chris Evans....
  12. Oh wow.... this show has to be Ricky Gervais’ best work .... season 2 was just as good! Funny and heartbreaking in equal measures! Could have done without the therapist scenes however!
  13. Loved every part of it except the fact that Amy gave birth to a 6 month old who could already hold its head up..... bless this show!
  14. You know what really struck me whilst watching this series was just how overwhelmingly sad it is that much of their faith is based in fear.... every main character was in some way living in fear..... even Moishe. The children growing up in Hasidic communities are lied to from day one...I don’t think that speaks very highly of that faith.
  15. Aren't we supposed to (conveniently) forget that now??
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