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  1. The Rose addicted to pills isn't the best but has two highlights for me. It involves Dorothy. When they play St. Olaf version of Monopoly and Dorothy says "This is the stupidest game!" Dorothy slamming the pizza down in the commercial and the look she gives the camera when Sy tells her to look at it like she's making love to it. Dorothy saying she can act and write after correcting the script lol.
  2. That scene with the frozen heads also shows a horrible side of Sophia. Sophia says she sent Dorothy's death to America's Funniest Home Videos and won. Now it's just a dream but damn sending your child's death to America's Funniest Home Videos. That's traumatic for any parent.
  3. I have to bring up the Mamie episode again but this time it's Dorothy. It bothered me when Blanche was getting ready to burn the letters Dorothy tells her that she should talk to Mamie because it's obvious that Big Daddy loved Mamie. WTF Dorothy?? Dorothy being a victim of multiple affairs by Stan why should Blanche talk to the shameless mistress.
  4. And the fact that she didn't care that she wrecked Rose's car and even wanted to borrow her car again so she can wreck it again in hopes of rear-ending an attorney for Rose. She did redeem herself by proving the guy was faking his injuries. The way Blanche took Doug from Dorothy when Blanche couldn't get a date at the wedding. Using her granddaughter to land herself a man.
  5. Not to mention Blanche would have been arrested for false arrest. Why Blanche would do that to her friend? Blanche can get basically any man she want so why go the deceptive route. It seems so odd for her.
  6. I just don't like when the girls have a new friend or invite someone in their life they change for the worse. I wouldn't say Dorothy was bad as she tried to mend fences between Barbara, Blanche, & Rose. She understood that sometimes all your friends won't mesh well together. She found out that Barbara tolerates ignorance and kicked her out of her life. Dorothy is at her worse when Stan comes into her life. Rose & Dorothy were horrible during Gil Kessler. Blanche & Dorothy were horrible during Holly episode. Blanche was just an idiot when she was dating that verbally abusive man forgot his name. Dorothy was horrible while dating Elliott. Sophia just sounded like a horrible mother to Dorothy with the way Dorothy tells stories of her childhood. I absolutely detested Sophia in the Monkey Show episode and the episode where she pretended to be Rose's husband Charlie and laughed about it. When Rose told her off Sophia looked like she couldn't be bothered and her apology was kind of half ass.
  7. Especially since Dorothy doesn't allow Sophia to do much of anything. Didn't want Sophia to go back to Italy w/Augustine, didn't want her having a job at Seafood Shanty, didn't want her to get a driver's license, or sleep with Tony, and always questioning Sophia when she gets up late at night. Odd seeing as how Dorothy doesn't want Sophia to strain herself but in the episode with Nurse DeFarge Dorothy says she makes Sophia do things cause she wants her to remain active and vital and not settle into old age. More like she wants Sophia to do what she wants and not Sophia do what she wants, but I do understand not wanting Sophia to drive. Nectarine episode is boring but we seen Sophia can be active and not tire herself out to the point where she has to tone it down.
  8. Yes especially Blanche in that horrible purple eyeshadow. It didn't look good on her at all. I appreciate the fact that Dorothy's clothes weren't scary in the 1st season. She dressed casual but wasn't distracting. In the episode Sisters and Other Strangers, I love when Dorothy tells the Mrs. Doolittle story. I laugh all the time when she said Gloria made her doll look like a morphine addict because I keep picturing what that doll must look like. Dorothy and the paper bird story was funny. Bea just knew how to sell it and love the way she said dead.
  9. That statue was ugly anyway. I would have been pissed having me pose nude and only for it to come out looking like that. I know art is subjective but still ugly lol. Look like it wasn't even finished.
  10. It's always odd when they don't believe each other when they're trying to tell one another about someone. Blanche and Dorothy didn't want to believe Holly was a terrible person just because Holly was being nice to them and refuse to believe that Holly would treat Rose like crap even though there was clear signs that Holly wasn't being nice to Rose. Dorothy didn't want to believe Rose & Blanche when they tried telling her that Stan was using her after his heart surgery. Dorothy didn't want to believe Rose & Blanche when they tried telling her about snooty Barbara Thorndyke. It's like they didn't want to believe it until last minute or think that one of them is jealous or trying to sabotage friendships/relationships in some way.
  11. IDK if you count it as an error but it's a big WTF for me. In the episode where Rose thought Blanche slept with Charlie. It would seem odd to me that years of living together Blanche would know what Charlie looks like. I think it would be safe to assume that Rose at least showed Blanche, Dorothy, & Sophia pictures of her late husband that she loved so much at some point of them living together. This episode was in season 7. Blanche seems to have a good track record of the men she slept with due to that book she kept that spells B.E.D. and how she named all the press members during the Gil Kessler episode. Also Blanche's location when her husband George died. First season she said she was at home when she received a phone call about George's death while the man was eating chips and putting her on hold and in a later episode Sophia said Blanche was off getting a manicure which Blanche corrected her and said pedicure. The episode with plus size Rebecca, she tells Blanche that she loves her home like it's the first time she seen it despite Blanche raising her there. That line should have been written differently. I forgot what Rose was excited about but I think it was a promotion where she said she wish her parents were here and Blanche said because they'd be proud and Rose said no cause they'd be alive. Now is she talking about her adoptive parents or Alma (she didn't meet her bio father until later), cause it seemed like Alma died which would be odd as there was no episode centered around Alma's death, as we got episodes centered around Big Daddy & Phil's death even Frida Claxton.
  12. Dorothy's Prized Pupil episode when Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are on the lanai, those shorts on Rose were so ill fitting. It didn't compliment her at all. I do agree with Jasper DeKimmel, those shoes Rose wore with that blue dress was hideous and didn't go together. I don't like Blanche's blue sequined dress she wore to the dance marathon and also wore it when going out to dinner with Barbara Thorndyke. I just don't like sequins, they're hideous. Dorothy's outfit when they thought Sophia was having a heart attack. That was hideous and I thought the top half was on backwards because when Rose was telling her Herring Surprise pie Dorothy did that fake laugh and turned around and buttons were down the back. Also that ugly purple monstrosity Dorothy wore on her first date with Eddie. Purple is a beautiful color but it is hit or miss with clothes. Either you love it or hate it. Purple mostly work for sleepwear or sports jerseys. One of Dorothy's rare nice outfits is the one she wore to career day IMO. It was simple, white blouse, pink blazer, and a printed dress but she wore it with those hideous boots. The blazer could have been more fitted instead of baggy but Dorothy was able to pull it off.
  13. What really bugged me is that one of the first things out of her mouth is that she had to rush right over to Miami cause Rose wanted to discuss the Will. Like damn woman, couldn't you just want to come over to see your mother, a Will just gave her the boost to rush over to visit. In that episode I wanted to see Dorothy burn that maple syrup, honey, brown sugar, molasses rice krispies log. I didn't understand why Blanche was so hung up on Jerry. Just because he didn't touch her in five dates. Writers showed him having no personality whatsoever. I would think John Quinn or Jake would make her feel more like a lady. What I didn't like is how Dorothy didn't want to date Det. Al because she didn't want to risk dating an officer but while sleeping with Glenn in the first season she told Glenn that the risks shouldn't matter or something along those lines. So she should've taken the risk with Al. Rose talking about having sex everyday with Charlie during their whole marriage made no sense cause he was a traveling salesman and she talked about being alone at times while he was away. I highly doubt they did because before menopause and Rose had her periods so.....yuck.
  14. It bothered me how when Rose was a grief counselor, she openly discussed her patient's problems with the girls. When she lost her job as a grief counselor and had that one guy sitting on the lanai Rose told Dorothy how that guy's friend ran off with his wife and lost his business (I think), and the Christmas episode when they picked up Rose she told them that the patient thinks he's a backup dancer for Howard the Duck. I would think Rose would want to keep her patient's problems to herself. No wonder she had the highest suicide rate in the office. That alone should have gotten her fired.
  15. Once Kyle left the show I lost interest in the show. Tripp was just there, he was boring, not a lot of chemistry with the rest of the cast IMO. Synclair was just a little much for me. There were some episodes I could take her and some episodes I just couldn't. In that episode where she went to audition for an infomercial and she was cast as an audience member and Max got the main role, Synclair was just being unprofessional. Sitting in the audience with a whole lot of attitude. I was like you have to take it on the chin and be professional. I did love Kyle's fashion though. He always dressed to kill. Regine's mother's fashion was something else alright lol. One of my favorite scenes
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