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  1. qtpi17

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Did anyone catch last weeks John Oliver show? It was on mobile / manufactured homes and Clayton was one of the companies called out. Our girl was thankfully not featured in it.
  2. qtpi17

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Who did she piss off to make her look like this? It's like she took every trendy look over the past 20 years and applied to her face. Good grief.
  3. Pretty sure nothing was "sprung" on anyone. This, along with so many others, is scripted. They're just told to act surprised/play along.
  4. qtpi17

    S07 E27 Nique & Alice

    Is alice a man? Not that it matters since they are "gender fluid" Blah!
  5. qtpi17

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Sad, if true. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/01/blind-items-revealed-1_13.html
  6. qtpi17

    S07 E24 Shakinah & Chris

    Tiffany, the name, was around prior to the founding of the Tiffany store. The Tiffany store is named from the founders last name. I don't know if Mario Tricoci salons are outside of the Chicagoland area, but it being this woman's first name......¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. qtpi17

    S07 E24 Shakinah & Chris

    I get people have unique names, but the friend's name is a hair salon.
  8. But if the Rest of one's teeth are "little", how does that make it better? Who's to say all teeth have to be the same length?
  9. I, too, have "woodchuck-like" teeth. What should I have done? Shave them down (too little)? Get veneers? What should Whitney do? We all can't have perfectly proportional teeth.
  10. I dont pay attention to what happens outside of the show, so what is the lawsuit about and what did Lu do her kids?
  11. qtpi17

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    All I can think of, is that chris has a little head. Why is the strapback pulled so tight?
  12. qtpi17

    S08.E28: Forgot About Dre 2018.07.09

    Well, to be fair, nothing they say is "in private" when they have every conversation on TV.
  13. qtpi17

    S05.E12: My Big Fat Baby

    I'm guessing it's just a storyline, like everything else. Tal is nit living with Whit and there is no plan to adopt.
  14. In the episode where they send the pig away, isn't she wearing jeans as she says goodbye to the pig?
  15. Not to mention the lethargy! Twit probably is tired/sleeps late because of the crap she eats.