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  1. I’m not sure all you’re going through but have you may want to try Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone DVDs. They helped my grandma when she broke her hip. She lost 20lbs without really doing much. You can get them at the library so you don’t have to spend any money. Agree with those who say seek a specialist. Good luck!
  2. I think Heather said it best here. I mean I think while she was upset initially, this whole thing has become her storyline. I mean showing she’s raising two kids, has a real job, and pretty much goes about her business, kinda makes Whitney look stuck in prepubescent drama more than normal. I enjoy Heather’s food posts and pet pics so I’m a little biased.
  3. Honestly, I can never get an accurate sense of her weight, whether she’s posting pictures out of time order, photoshopping or both, I am bad at accessing her size. The only time I got an accurate sense was one time when Ryan posted a picture untouched from the cruise. I mean I can’t honestly tell if she weighs 300 or 450 and I don’t mean that as a dig, I usually based people's weight in comparison to mine (130 lbs). Once they are more than about a 100lbs more, I get a really skewed concept of their weight.
  4. Love the dog, like Whitney’s hair this length and also like the bottom/skirt, the top not so much. This is the best I’ve seen Buddy look in a long time good for him.
  5. But I thought Buddy was marrying Whitney 😞 and this better not be a reverse love triangle fighting over Buddy!
  6. I generally like Christine although all this is comparative, but I would hope she is not begging fans for money be it through GoFundMe or begging people to buy her rags. The fact that multiple people in this family have million dollar homes, and she herself has a half million dollar home, but allegedly can’t afford either insurance or the copay for a child’s major surgery is disgusting. So “big tv stars” can’t come up with with 10k a piece because you know that’s one of the benefits of polygamy, having all those adults around to take care of all the kids that “belong to everyone” 🙄
  7. I want to believe Mariah is trying to help, but her overall message always comes off as self-serving. LOOK AT ME! I get she’s trying (not all that effectively) to describe systemic/institutional racism, microaggressions, and their consequences that affect someone’s entire life. My problem with Mariah is that she rarely explains whatever her actual points are without coming across as a somebody that just rattles off her theories, but personally doesn’t really do a whole lot of anything to help fix the problem. How is she an ally? What is she personally doing besides telling all of us what we need to do? I wish Mariah would say I did a,b,c to actively fight against racism, sexism, gay bashing or whatever she is speaking about that day. I think people seeing what she does would inspire more change that her musings on IG. Even if she didn’t know how to go about it, she could find some actual people creating change and offer to showcase them on her fairly large platform, although I think she’d probably spend a good amount of time interrupting them.
  8. IIRC, and this was a long time ago, so I may be fuzzy on the details; I believe the Inspector enters his vehicle from the passenger’s side because Amy is in front on the driver’s side door. He may have been getting his card from that side of the vehicle or trying to leave, but either way he got in the vehicle on the passenger’s side, and Amy got in on the driver’s side. Amy had said she wanted his card before he left. I believe they were both trying to get into the driver’s seat at the same time and because he is bigger and could presumably put most of his weight down she appeared to be sitting partially on him. If they were both average height it may have looked more smooshed together in the same seat. The way she hopped up there made it look like she was almost in his lap. It looked like she put her foot on the door jam to keep herself in the vehicle as he was trying to get fully in the seat. He told her something she couldn’t be in a county vehicle and she said something like he couldn’t be on her property either. I don’t know whether the guy was trespassing or not (the police officer that came out I believe said he wasn’t, but it was so long ago I don’t really recall what else he said in total). I figured the inspector could have gave her his card, however she was guarding him like he was a soccer player trying to get to the goal and IIRC, she put her hand on his chest or stomach as he was trying to leave. I don’t know why he didn’t just give his name/employee #/whatever and I don’t know why she’s jumping into county vehicles when they had his vehicle number. DISCLAIMER: I don’t want anybody suing me, so this is just the best of my recollection as to what happened. If anybody has a clearer memory feel free to correct me. What I always wondered was it looks like Amy’s car magically appears following Amy and the inspector. Who is driving the car? Kid Jacob (maybe 11) or one of the production crew?
  9. I was just thinking the same thing....I never saw anything posted but I don’t usually watch those chats with Lisa if it was included on one of those, but I’d figure she would post that type of video separately. Wasn’t it supposed to be with 5 people?
  10. I think it’s one of her better pictures, they’re both smiling and both in the frame properly. They both look happy, which is nice.
  11. True I always assumed he was outside barking orders, but you’re right he was probably in the mule. Amy does seem like she like outdoorsy stuff. I’m glad she’s able to do all that, I’m not her doctor, but it seems like she doesn’t have a lot of the health issues a lot of little people have. I wish she’d try a different hairstyle. It looks stringy a lot of times. Of course, I’m being judgy. Does Matt own part of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen? Are all the businesses: farm events, books, salsa, fudge,etc. under the Roloff businesses umbrella, so the monies are split?
  12. She looks kind of weather beaten. Even more so than Matt, who I assume would have been outside more. Guess it’s all genetics. Amy seems to have really aged in the 8 years since that video. I’m not sure exactly how old she is, I guess early 60s?? I’m not sure if she’s just aged badly, sun damaged or just takes really bad pictures. Nothing wrong with aging, but that last picture with Ember startled me a bit. Chris always looks fairly put together and Amy a bit disheveled , I guess opposites attract.
  13. I think we both made good points 🙂 The truth is probably a combination of everyone’s hypotheses. I still think Joe Kenda should investigate LOL 😂
  14. I’d love Joe Kenda to interview all the barnacles and Whit to find out who’s telling the truth and who’s fibbing lol
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