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  1. Lilah is walking with a standing rolling toy of some sort. I’m not sure if she’s able to walk unassisted completely for long periods. I’m not sure of her exact age or whether her dwarfism has influence that milestone since there’s a range, but her feet look dirty so she is probably running around at least some in the field. And why do I feel like this isn’t the first time this has happened? They should just keep an extra pair of shoes for each kid in the car.
  2. Well in her defense, the webmaster, Mr. C++at, is probably still recovering from watching the cooking videos, and hasn’t composed himself to correct any mistakes.
  3. I used to really shake my head at Zach, but Tori is getting right up there with him. You forgot shoes for both the kids, and stop to buy shoes and only decide to get them for one child? I mean you couldn’t even triple up on some socks for her?
  4. I think the lighter hair looks better on her, maybe she’s trying new looks for the wedding. Hopefully, the garage sales goes better than the weird auction from the show. I wonder if Amy priced things to go. I’m sure a fair amount of people will show up, if nothing else to be nosy LOL.
  5. Amy had on one of her IG stories she’s using some Fitness app (it was a paid partnership) has she done a story/video/post that wasn’t AR Little Kitchen crap before?
  6. I believe Zach mentioned having to pay for their health insurance. I think it was the episode they were trying to sell their old house and they were talking about having no money because they were paying two sets of bills.
  7. Thanks for posting, sounds like another snoozefest, but I’ll be here for the snark.
  8. Where did the new guy rumor come from? I mean I’m down for another round of white board of lies and deception with a complete rundown by Sherlock Thore...maybe another chase (the verb not the person) in a random parking lot!
  9. Yeah, I’m like shouldn’t they accommodate their guests more since they don’t get to do as much because of Covid. An extra 2 minutes on the ride isn’t giving away the house and MINIMALLY more work for Zach. Then Tori wants to charge the people the normal price even though there’s like half the things to do. I get you want to make money but like you said these are most likely repeat customers, try not to completely rip them off, if you want to keep them coming back. I don’t know why I expect any different Zach practically has his party guests drawing straws over who gets to eat half a hamburge
  10. Yes, Chris said he wanted to poke his little pookie bear when he was “teasing” Amy about using Matt’s place for the groomsmen hangout before the wedding because Amy was complaining about him saying stuff to get a rise out of her. I don’t know that he was actually teasing her I think she gets annoyed he doesn’t seem to hate Matt and he acts like it was teasing instead of maybe a legitimate thought he had.
  11. Enter to win a chance to cook with Amy and Lisa (over video chat). I hope I win....bring on the garlic!!!
  12. I only remember it because Murphy almost knocked Amy over when she came in the gate.
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