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  1. It's too bad she doesn't have a clothing line, it probably be so much easier to find comfortable clothing that fit larger-sized people...oh yeah.. <insert eyeroll>
  2. Anybody know who the guy in Whitney’s instastory is? Whitney looking thinner again LOL I can’t keep up
  3. I wonder if any of the other barnacles will be dropped or have their airtime cut for him....Has Whitney posted which barnacles will be on the cruise?
  4. Yeah I was being sarcastic last time she tried to do this move it looked like but it did give us this so there’s that. Todd’s face is still priceless
  5. How long has Whitney been working out Ryan? Since January??
  6. I was thinking they used a high speed camera and judging from the grimace on her face it wasn’t high speed enough. Although she is a dancer and use to moves like
  7. Think he’s doing a Savate kick
  8. We sacrifice a lot for this show.
  9. This may be stupid, but what’s a COL?
  10. I think this is another picture from the same series. The tattoo is clearer here
  11. Irate Panda

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Im convinced shes buys vegetables for a tax write off....business expense.
  12. At least she got the first one up there this time. She usually just post the second one LOL
  13. I won’t complain about Mariah’s body (except those damn eyebrows) because the Browns seem to have weird genes in general. Only a couple I would classify as “nice” looking. I honestly think Mariah got the worst of both her parents and that’s not her fault. What is her fault is her foul attitude or nonsensical posting. Reminds me of Whitney Way Thore from MBFFL. Both claiming all these healthy traits: exercising, eating right, etc., but then posting humunogous breakfast or Starbucks with heavy cream. I’m probably 6 to 8 years older than Mariah and probably half the size, but it doesn’t make me a nutritionist. Mariah is unaware and for somebody so into analyzing everything, she should should start with that dysfunctional family she grew up in. Maybe that’s what her yoga journey should be about instead of just a trip to Bali. I don’t find Mariah’s body shameful, but her personality is a whole other story. She comes off as pretentious and full of herself. If she thinks she looks good, great for her. I’d honestly rather see that then her beat herself up for her physical flaws. Would she inspire me to take any kind of health advice from her....not really. Mariah is stuck on the ME channel. That’s fine when your 4, not when you’re 24 or 54 (*cough* Kody *cough*). I’m hoping Mariah will really focus on becoming a decent human being. If she is one it certainly doesn’t show. If gay causes are important to her, what is she really doing to support them? Going to a parade to take a selfie or wearing rainbows doesn’t count. What are you actively doing to support real change? If you care about Migrants, what are you actively doing to support policy change besides posting a pic of you in a T shirt? What is her end goal of this social justice education she’s going for? She doesn’t explain herself. No offense, but there’s plenty of social justice warriors on their keyboards who didn’t waste tens of thousands of dollars at Westminster and now Loyola, whose are promoting just as much change and introspection as our dear Mariah. Social media is a tool to help promote your work and your strives for change, it’s not the totality of it. At this point Mariah, you’re just an IG model and a poor one at that because those people basically just rely on their looks. I don’t say that to shame you, I say that because most of those people know that’s why they’re there and don’t expound greatly on how their picture of cheap clothing is changing the world. They collect their money and change into their next tacky outfit and post whatever caption is given to them. Why not spend time volunteering in your local community for causes you care about and post about that. That would not only make your message clearer, but might actually inspire some others to join your cause. As not to end the post on a completely negative tone, I do give you props that you usually take pics of your food before it’s completely picked over and eaten. Perhaps you can share this skill with your mother.
  14. Yes, that is the photo...I mean wouldn’t other cruisers possibly see this?? If so, I’ll never talk my husband into going on this cruise. Again, why is this the picture you post for a family friendly cruise? ETA: I didn’t know whether to laugh, love or cry at your post @Dot
  15. LOL! Well....I was trying to give an example without the imagery, so I just said her belly might hide it completely, but yeah there’s that too. I honestly think most bottoms are going to look like training pants/diapers because it just takes so much material to cover that area, if she wants to wear a “bikini”. Didn’t she go to the beach in an early season what did she wear then? Also, wasn’t she claiming she hadn’t been to the beach in years because of stares but now she’s posting semi nude pics online?