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  1. Waiting for Chris and Matt to ride off into the sunset…seriously though I do think it’s nice Matt and Chris get along. I don’t see them as BFFs but it’s nice there is not bickering between them as well.
  2. Yes, I think Whitney clings on to this Le Blur entity traveling across the seas to spend time with both her and her family. Perhaps he got held up by security at the airport trying to bring more macaroon mix or ENGLISH cat heat pad to their Maine rendezvous. I’m also tired of her I’m “dating” skinny guys because of logistics. Half this country is obese or overweight (both people) and somehow they are popping out kids left and right so I doubt they’re all doing IVF or adoption, she wants the audience to be impressed that this international hottie with the gorgeous face will travel a mill
  3. Tal has a picture posted on June 20th at Bar Harbor. He made it seem like it was the last day of the trip, but not sure if he posted in real time.
  4. I also liked how Hunter called out Whitney being overly graphic in her description of her procedure and Whitney wants Babs to blame Hunter for leaving. I don’t think I can watch this live anymore, too many parts need to be fast forwarded.
  5. She gets more insane each episode. Normally I don’t care for Hunter, but he was the main voice of reason in the episode. I know half this is made up but her literally talking like they’re practically engaged is crazy.
  6. I’ve heard people call nondenominational churches Bible churches, so maybe she meant nondenominational, but these are the Browns so maybe not. I always appreciate how it takes a group of us to decipher what the Browns are talking about at any given time.
  7. I don’t live in your state, but a couple of months ago here they deferred over Covid concerns. They didn’t even ask for any documentation just deferred it over the phone. There was nothing on the actual mailing they sent about Covid deferment, but maybe they will offer it over the phone.
  8. I like this one better than the other one because it doesn’t make the woman look boxy, but I’m all for people wearing whatever they like, so if you like the other one that’s all the really matters because fashion is so subjective.
  9. That’s one of the most genuine smiles I’ve seen on Chris, looks like he’s having a good time at the farm. Did he work the pumpkin season before?
  10. She said the website money was extra money so she would have kept her job at which she had just gotten a promotion. I’m not even sure the website job was real and not just another storyline because the most exciting things that happened this season were locating where dry macaroon mix is sold and guessing what the dog’s name will be each episode.They needed something to beef up the season of stilted Le Blur conversations and the status of Hunter’s banana bread ingredients 😂
  11. The beds look itchy to me but I think it’s just because I don’t like that type of decor. It seems to have good reviews for the most part, the only thing .I wonder as I’m not familiar with the area is what does one do nearby because even though the bed looks itchy it seems like the most comfortable room in the house. The living room/parlor doesn’t seem like you should sit in it. It seems more like a museum. I get why Meri wanted to buy it for sentimental reasons. I’m not sure how profitable it is, but for those that like these type of B&Bs does the place seem comfortable or c
  12. If they have enough money for half million and million dollar homes, plague filled acres of land and multiple expensive cars, they have enough to buy their kids insurance. Kody’s a bum, but in this instance Christine is no better. At the very least they could use the money the kids actually earn on this show and buy their insurance, if they’re too much of an asshole to use they’re own precious money.
  13. Whitney is complaining on IG because people are sending her mean messages about Ashley. I don’t care enough to complain there but she’s saying the show made it seem like that was Ashley’s only income/job. How did they do that when Ashley said multiple times she had just got a promotion at her real job and this was extra money? Ashley and Tal run to the defense of Whitney. I don’t know why they just don’t call this show a sitcom and be done with it. We have to believe everything is fake when Whitney comes off as mean , but we have to believe everything is real when it comes to the romances
  14. Thank God the surrogacy is most likely a storyline because THIS BITCH! I can’t even with her right now, and I have been through so much ridiculous shit with her and this show, but if you had any doubt that Whitney can’t even fake giving a fuck about another person who is doing her possibly the biggest favor ever….ugh I would call this bitch trash, but trash was useful at point in its existence.
  15. Sorry didn’t see the original post saying that, but it’s an improvement over the regular pics because they’re less harsh 😂
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