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  1. Maybe it was the only one left in the goodwill bin.
  2. Panic attacks aren't necessarily logical things. The smells, sights and situations that trigger one aren't necessarily what you think they'll be. Maybe it won't be colors. Maybe it'll be a small group prayer led by a man. Maybe it'll be having her peripheral vision obstructed. Maybe it'll be a sharp dressed man in a long black trenchcoat, or a woman in a teal dress. Maybe it'll be a busy grocery store, or something else mundane. And a lot of times you won't know until it happens to you. As for that tag, I'm wondering if she's left it in because she's going to sneak back into Gilead. Dumb,
  3. This is from reddit. u/HandmaidHaven posted a summary for episode 9. She posted very accurate spoilers for 1-8 a few weeks ago so I thought I'd share here. https://www.reddit.com/r/coconutsandtreason/comments/nt1zvp/episode_9_summary_spoilers/
  4. Maybe that's when Nick shows up.
  5. Has it really only been a few days since she got out of Gilead? I'm only asking because I feel like Serena's baby bump increased a lot in size between episodes and maybe I'm the crazy one.
  6. I think maybe the reason June didn't mention Lydia, or Washington is that this is the Waterfords' trial. The Waterfords didn't run Washington and they didn't control Lydia. When someone is on trial it's all about them and what they did. What you guys want is a tell-all interview. Some escaped aunt supposedly did one of those in the first season and we never got to see that. That's part of the problem with this show. They won't show anything that goes on beyond Agent Coconuts so when they show these pro-Gilead protestors it feels like they're just pulling something out of thin air.
  7. Yeah, instead of getting handmaids killed now she's going to get former handmaids killed.
  8. I'm just glad that when June got the scissors out she didn't cut off her cattle tag again!
  9. I agree that it's been too long since they've had the issue on the show. In fact, it's only been mentioned once or twice. So if it happens now, outside of Gilead to Serena, it wouldn't really be comeuppance. It would just be the writers throwing in a spoonful of Miracle Whip 3/4ths of the way through the fruit salad.
  10. I believe Esther as a leader much more easily then Janine. This show is in looneyville.
  11. Couldn't that also be spun as her trying to save June's life? June would be sent to the colonies if she didn't have a baby in a certain amount of time. And nobody was with them for the labor rape. That's her word against theirs.
  12. Part of the issue for me is that I have seen so many other dumb choices and implausible things happen on this show in particular that I'm just waiting for the next dumb thing. OK, new scene, let's watch for another one, and invariably it happens. Now this holds true for anything I watch, but when I am entertained, or the story intrigues me, or I'm in some way invested in what's happening, these things don't bother me as much. The problem with this show is that there are too many dramatic, silent pauses, too many dumb choices, and too many implausible situations for me not to question what's go
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