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  1. I just moved, now I'm in the same boat as you. The Wendy's here is DREADFUL. And I hate that, because Wendy's is decent fast food.
  2. 100% right there with you. Lily Rabe serves no actual point in the show unless she did it. That's what I have worked out as to how and why. That's also the reason Jonathan returned to the scene, to help her clean up the evidence and formulate a plan.
  3. I wonder why the USDA isn't going after consumer's obsessions with breast meat, leading to the breeding of breast heavy chickens to suit the demand in the market. Or why chains aren't doing their part in pushing dark meat on consumers. The food industry is one of the few industries that pivots immediately to consumer tastes and demands. When farms breed frankenchickens, it's not because farmers are making that choice of their own accord.
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    The Baking Topic

    I haven't seen it where I live, but have you tried a restaurant supply store? Restaurant Depot, Gordon Food Service Stores, there are US Foods Chef Stores in Charlotte and Phoenix (not sure where you're at). I found some at GFS, even though it's a large package and it's instant.
  5. I made them this weekend for a party where I was meeting some of my fiance's friends that I didn't know yet. Needless to say, I'm their new favorite. Those brownies are THAT. GOOD. Is there almost 2 pounds of chocolate and 1 pound of butter? Yes. Are they still moist 5 days later without making much effort at wrapping them tight? Yes, yes, they are. I also feel the need to defend American chocolate here, because I honestly don't get why Europeans feel theirs is so much better. Americans overall prefer a darker chocolate profile compared to the milk chocolate that is predominant in Europe, which is what you might not expect of sugar loving Americans! I feel like their milk chocolate is just TOO milky. I would take Ghirardelli and many other American brands (like Chocolove) over the best Europe has to offer. The exception, of course, is Vahlrona. *chef's kiss* I wish Europeans shared our love of peanut butter, because, as has been mentioned several times here, it is such a great partner to chocolate and especially brownies. I'm a traditionalist with brownies, but I will allow peanut butter and caramel since it is impossible to ruin brownies with those 2 ingredients.
  6. I think they did do a pasty type of challenge before-someone mentioned they were called clangers? They were savory on one end, sweet on the other? I also visited the UP this summer and we had the pasties. They were.....okay. We went to the place in Munising that we were told was the "standard bearer" for pasties in the area, and my fiance just kept talking about how we could make a significantly better version at home. Maybe we'll try Laura's, hers sounded wonderful. I'm loving this debate about Key Lime Pie. I agree-the limes MUST be KEY LIMES in order to call it Key Lime Pie. Otherwise, it's just lime pie. And it can still be delicious! I have used both fresh key limes and the bottled juice, and I honestly can't tell the difference. I do dislike meringue on pies, so I am one of the traitorous ones that prefers whipped cream on top. Key Lime is one of my top 2 favorite desserts. It's so exquisitely perfect. It would be hard for me to judge anything equally to even a mediocre key lime pie.
  7. I thought perhaps the bench sitting mention indicated that Hugh Grant and Elena could easily have crossed paths since he walked his son to school. I also thought that since her father was leaving the party early it could indicate that he had interacted with Elena before NK & HG arrived without her seeing it. But her overall demeanor talking with the police would indicate she knows something more. This had been promoted so relentlessly I was prepared to hate it, but really enjoyed it. Elena's 'aggressive' nudity and overall weirdness drew me in.
  8. To be fair, a gorgeous home in Indiana will cost you $500k with loads of land to boot and significantly lower taxes than Beverly Hills. If his estate were in CA, it would be in the tens of millions, so he's also benefitting from the low cost of living in Indiana.
  9. I liked the wedges, too! Are they ditching them for a traditional fry?
  10. Thanks everyone!! I ordered a cabbage shredder that is like a mandolin but wider! I also got some glass jar weights, so I will try again using jars! I'm going to get some fermenting lids as well. Because the one batch turned out fine, I think I didn't give the cabbage enough time or salt to make enough brine. It's reassuring to hear that the right ratio works every time.
  11. Does anyone make their own sauerkraut? My mom did, years ago, and it was the best kraut we ever had. I recently tried out 2 different recipes, but one did not go well at all, and I pitched it, I think there wasn't enough brine-it covered it, but barely. Any tips or tricks? When my mom made it, she used her massive crock to ferment it, and I don't have that, lol. I used some large plastic foodservice containers (and when they say you should then only use them for fermenting, boy, is that right on), but considering fermenting in mason jars with glass weights and seeing how that goes, even if that means "burping" them every 4-5 days or so. Also, I felt like I couldn't quite get the shred right. The food processor made it way too fine, and a knife was just on this side of too thick. I've heard a cabbage knife helps?
  12. I agree!!! I think William was her creation in order to allow her to take part in the "ONLY MENZ ALLOWED IN THE DINNER" event, probably for a very long time due to her father's racist/sexist rules & mentality. Me: Hmm, I wonder how/when they're going to get back to Chicago, Atticus needs to learn about his family history/horror show.... Show: HOUSE GO BOOM FALL DOWN. Me: Well played, show.
  13. The two girls that escaped did end up testifying against the family eventually. From the book Helter Skelter and what I've read outside of it, Charlie picked the people for the murders for a reason. Tex and Susan were violent and Susan had already been involved in Gary Hinman's murder, Patricia Krenwinkel was one of his most ardent supporters, and Linda Kasabian was the only one with a valid license (and thank god she had a conscience and testified). I'm not sure why Leslie Van Houten was asked, but other girls spoke of how she was cold and a bit mean to others, so maybe Charlie saw potential in her. Some of the women, like Gypsy, Dianne Lake, etc, really were gentle souls that personified the hippie movement and were shocked by the murders and ended up testifying against the family, or leaving shortly thereafter.
  14. I thought they were in Massachusetts looking for the dad, not the south?
  15. What about nanaimo bars? I've heard they are a cult classic in Canada.
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