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  1. I agree. The soundtrack was always complete perfection, without being distracting or unnecessary.
  2. larapu2000

    The Baking Topic

    These take like a minute to make if you just roll them into a log versus rolling them out. I slice them and freeze the slices, then bake them off throughout December as needed. A little unique but very in line spice wise with Christmas. https://www.saveur.com/honey-spice-hazelnut-christmas-cookies-recipe/
  3. Tried out this recipe for Thanksgiving and holy shit it's one of the top 5 things I've ever made. Rich, but bright, umami, all of the good things. I made the farro and crisped the shallots the night before and just finished the mushrooms the morning of Thanksgiving. Seriously amazing if you love mushrooms and are looking for a great potluck side. It's a FANTASTIC leftover, too. If it even makes into the leftovers. Herby Barley Salad with Butter Basted Mushrooms
  4. I've been using an air fryer for work functions (corporate food shows), and I've only used it for tater tots, but it does get them nice and crispy, even if they do require a few basket shakes during cooking time. Easier to mess with a pan and preheating an oven, for sure! I haven't tried it with anything else, but my boyfriend wants to try out some other foods on it, so I will update if he does!
  5. Ha, I don't suppose you live in the Lancaster area? My company is based in New Holland and so I have gotten to know that list of menu items you have here well from my numerous visits. I do like the sweet bologna, though. LOL.
  6. Butternut squash is the ONE vegetable I will buy precut because it is such a pain in the ass.
  7. Oh no!!!! I know that I have had some trouble every few years or so with getting a firm set. The batch I made 2 years ago was made with berries so sweet and gorgeous that I had to murder the 4 million picnic bugs trying to eat themselves to death, and that jam was PERFECTION. I do think ripeness is a factor in the internal pectin of berries, so perhaps that was also a contributing factor? If it makes you feel better, my batch this year was very loose, even with ripe berries. It's still delicious, and even works on PB sandwiches, but yeah-much looser than the year before and I know the berries were nowhere as good. If I notice that the jam isn't thickening up enough, I sometimes double dose the pectin. In case you forgive me and decide to try again, lol.
  8. It's not the fastest of food, but I'm VERY EXCITED to head to Southern California this week for a quick work trip because it means I'll get to eat at Lemonade! It's a cafeteria style restaurant chain with fresh sides that range from cold prepared salads to hot options like mac & cheese. I bought their cookbook after I got back the last time. I'm definitely getting their miso roasted beef, it's beyond delicious!
  9. I love my Cuisinart. It's large enough to do a double pie crust recipe. MIne is an 8 cup, I think it was around $75. I would love to get a smaller food processor for smaller jobs. Sometimes it's silly to drag out the big one when I just need one half the size or so. Any suggestions?
  10. LOVED this documentary. I grew up with grandparents that were county (AND western!) fans, so I was familiar with many of the Patsy Cline-Loretta Lynn era, along with Hank, of course. In fact, Hey Good Lookin' is one of the first songs I remember my grandpa singing to me while he played the guitar. However, according to my grandma, Johnny Cash was a no good drug addict and cheater, so she never listened to him, haha. I could watch interviews with Loretta and Dolly being adorable interviewees all day long. I have long loved watching Jack White's puppy dog adoration of Loretta. I remember her dragging him up with her to the stage when she won the Grammy for Van Lear Rose and him just in absolute awe of her force of nature personality, it was charming and sweet. I don't know or care enough about Garth Brooks to have an opinion on him, but I will say this in his defense: Callin' Baton Rouge is one of the best pop songs of the 90's. Any genre. The Hank Williams story about writing a song for that one guy and then recording it himself is the second funniest story in the series. The first is obviously Willie Nelson and his legendary kissing skills, lol. I had NO idea Willie wrote Crazy! What a shame he languished in Nashville, but perhaps it's also good considering how that allowed him to make his music on his own terms. Does anyone else remember the Time Life collection that was advertised constantly around 6 years ago, lol? Like a 30 minute infomercial My sister and I would just sit there and watch it, we were so amused by the music, artists, outfits, etc. It was great! How has no one made the obvious connection on Marty Stuart's fashion/hair inspo??
  11. Do they like bourbon? Good American bourbon is very hard to come by in Europe. Only the really large brands like JD or Maker's even have a presence there. A quality boutique bourbon (maybe Blanton's, or something similar?) might be a good pick?
  12. Is it disappointing to tell you that it's the Sure Jell recipe from inside the box? 😬😬😬😬
  13. "I'M A FUN SKESKI" is now one of my favorite quotes of all time. What a beautiful series, as in photography, world building, color, all of it. My boyfriend and I would get a real gut laugh every once in a while when one of the puppets would "Muppet," as in, look more like a crazy, jangly movement. One of the Gelflings ringing a bell rope had us going for at least 5 minutes.
  14. I like that Dairy Queen has some great snack options if you're getting ice cream and don't want a full meal. Their pretzel sticks and queso are great! (However, their fries are good, but McDonald's, in my opinion, is still better)
  15. For lima beans, I've always made them like my mom. I use the frozen ones. Put them in a pot with olive oil or butter, maybe 1 to 2 tbsp for a whole pack, then add water, not to cover. Salt and pepper. Then cook the beans for avout 5 to 7 minutes on high, with the lid on. Take the lid off and cook until the liquid is almost reduced completely.
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