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  1. It could be discontinued, or it could also be product expiration dates beyond a certain point. Grocery stores return or purge product that hits certain expiration dates. If it's not a high demand item, companies may also have elected to stop making it if they are facing shortages. Like the current situation with Coke and Pepsi only making their more popular formulas since they have a shortage.
  2. Ina Garten. Start there. She's always solid.
  3. We do have excellent housing costs compared to both coasts!!
  4. No kidding. What is she supposed to wear around her children and stepchildren? A burqa? Jesus, the sexism is stifling.
  5. YES. I think they have the best fast food burgers next to In N Out.
  6. I have mixed feelings on plant based ice creams. I enjoy the option to eat fewer meat based options, and I will agree with you on the flavors-vanilla isn't your friend here. I have been pleased with some of the oat and coconut milk options I've tried over soy or almond milk variations. There is an oat milk oatmeal cookie flavor that's great, and a S'mores one that was also rather good amongst the ones I've tried. The biggest thing missing from plant based options is the softness and creaminess of real dairy. You have to let it get a little soft since it's rock hard, and the mouth feel
  7. I just googled it and it sounds like perfection!! I love a whipped cream filling/frosting over regular frosting, as regular is just too cloying for me in anything more than minimal amounts. (I'm the best kind of friend to have if you're a frosting fiend, you can have almost all of mine!)
  8. There are shortages everywhere in foodservice right now, for multiple reasons. Plastic is up, steel and aluminum are up, lumber (for pallets) is up over 300%. Bad weather last winter in key areas. The Panama Canal boat delayed another boat with a key ingredient that is needed to produce starches for industrial, foodservice, retail markets. My company is facing a crisis like we have never seen with this ingredient. THat, on top of the Texas freeze, where some of the other ingredients to make starch are produced, was not able to get back to full capacity until April. We make puddings/chees
  9. This sparkling grapefruit from Fever Tree is SO GOOD. 30 calories, perfect mix amount for a 1.5/2 oz pour of vodka or gin. Perfect for summer! This is Great
  10. "Never go with a hippie to a second location." That episode is *chef's kiss.* I hate that it took a dark turn with the suicide, but if that's what it takes to get Ava to be less of an asshole, well...
  11. I had to to share the incredible 2 recipes I tried and LOVED the last 2 weeks. Chocolate Oatmeal Moon Pies These are SO good! I'm not usually a marshmallow lady, but these were seriously so amazing. I would suggest storing them in the fridge to keep the marshmallow from getting messy in your storage container. The cookie dough was so good I told my fiance we would be lucky to get any onto the pan. They have chocolate, oatmeal, cherry, and pecan and they are dense but soft, chewy, just the perfect cookie. Considering entering them in the local domestic arts competition for the coun
  12. The best part about gin is that the really great ones are still super affordable, especially when you compare it to bourbon or other liquor categories. My faves are Sipsmith, Hendricks, and a few local distilleries are making some quality stuff near me (Indiana). I also enjoy the Hendricks special gins they put out seasonally. I have been a little disappointed in Aviation and the Botanist. They were fine, just nothing special. I love Fever Tree tonics, especially the Mediterranean flavor.
  13. It's also good to know which gins are better for what kind of application. I have found, for example, that some gins are just not as good in a gin and tonic but amazing with fruit/citrus flavors. I think Sipsmith is my favorite "all around" gin, but I also love Hendricks for G&T and general mixing as well. My fiance insists Haysmith is the best for Tom Collins. Best Gin Brands for Gin Drinks
  14. I LOVE GIN. My favorite gin drink is the French 75, which I recommend making with Meyer Lemon Juice and rosemary simple syrup. However. I just made the best cocktail where I put strawberries in a blender, then strained out the seeds. I added some fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and the strawberry mix with the gin. The best part is you can do with any berry and it's great! You can also use the strawberry mix to make a berry lemonade (1 cup sugar, 1 cup lemon juice, strawberry mix, fill water to 2 quarts) that makes it easy to mix. It's a little sweeter that way, but you can reduce sugar
  15. The Sackler family all deserves to be in prison, but so does that LifeTree doctor. That woman's husband and the pictures he took of his poor wife to convince her there was a problem broke my heart. I don't understand how that doctor was able to get her back into his care once the husband had gotten her off of the opoids. My mother passed away last year from metastatic breast cancer, but at the end she was on Fentanyl patches (constant) and oxycodone (as needed-and she did take those more sparingly). We were worried that she was addicted (I think she might have been), but her oncologist
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