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  1. What about nanaimo bars? I've heard they are a cult classic in Canada.
  2. Same. I wish every cookie recipe was like that. Eat 2 dozen myself, freeze the other 2 dozen. Defrost 2 days later since I have eaten all of the first 2 dozen. Repeat.
  3. As someone who orders even fancy burgers well done (I've taken way too many foodservice sanitation classes, lol), I agree. The foodie in me would say to eat it as it is prepared by a world class chef and then decide if well done is still your speed, but at the end of the day, it doesn't affect me in the slightest. There are much more pressing worries about these women related to food, most notably, their disordered approach to it. (Exception of Erika, the queen of Pumpkin Pie Breakfast). I don't hate Teddi as much as people here do. I actually think she doesn't care if Denise hooked up with Brandi, she kept bringing up what Brandi said Denise said about her when she and Denise had supposedly buried the hatchet at the party, and Denise telling her she had no beef with her. I think that was what was hard for her to reconcile in who to believe-someone that doesn't have a dog in her fight (Brandi) but is a wretched human being, or someone that she feels hasn't liked her and is being disingenuous at every opportunity to come clean or clear the air.
  4. I watched this the other day, and agree that it was really well done-especially the timeline and the other work Kiki had done to undermine the cartel. The series honestly portrays him as just finding that field in terms of achievements, but he had done so much work, cultivating informants, etc, that the show never really "showed" me why he was this amazing narco, and he really WAS! I also didn't realize that there was never any TRUE justice for his family for his death, especially in extradition for the people that were arrested in Mexico for his murder. The fact that we had to kidnap the doctor because Mexico wouldn't extradite, and then we had to LET HIM GO was infuriating. Even COLUMBIA extradited drug lords-it was their one trump card against the cartels. The US wasn't messing around, and judges, juries, etc weren't as corrupt or easy to murder here, and the Columbian government kept it as an ace in the hole for narco traffickers. It's horrifying that US government agents were complicit in his death to cover up the goddamn Contra support. Was there ever a more insignificant country that the US fucked up so much other shit over in history??? (Besides Afghanistan. And Iran. And Vietnam.) Edited to add: And hey, maybe the show covered all of this, but I found this season rather boring and not as great as the last 4 before it, so if it did say all of this-I missed it. Or forgot it. LOL
  5. larapu2000


    She needs to rap about the mystery of where her eyebrows went.
  6. This is on the hush hush, but Taco Bell will be adding vegan cheese sauce by the end of the year.........
  7. Love the onion, cream cheese, and capers. I'm not a turkey person but I would eat a tartine with just those ingredients. Maybe some fresh dill.
  8. LOL, you can take a house off the market if you need a place to fricking LIVE, Kristin. These two. As dysfunctional a union as there ever was.
  9. LOL, I didn't mean that he was left bereft and penniless. Just this-Jay Cutler will never have any money streams in the future that are likely comparable to Kristin's. He certainly has more than her now in terms of wealth and assets. My point was that, if I were in her shoes, I would happily take less than a 50% share if it meant he owned no part of my businesses and had no stake at all in my life other than the kids. Poor choice of words on her "giving" him anything, however, she bore and raised 3 children with him for a good chunk of his football career, so she deserves to be treated as a fair and equitable partner in their finances, especially if they didn't have a prenup, which would say to me that he considered her a fair and equitable partner at one point.
  10. Oh, I don't believe they have been married for 10 years. I think she meant they have been together a total of 10 years. Kristin can be a lot to take, she is selfish and tone deaf, but accusations of gold digging are crass, especially if the facts don't line up, and Jay's money stream has dried up. It wouldn't surprise me if she gives him the majority of their wealth in order to retain sole ownership of her company, which, right now, has a higher NPV than Jay's butcher shop cash projections.
  11. larapu2000

    Cola Wars!

    My new love is the Cherry Vanilla Coke 0. It's helping curb my sweet tooth to offset the Covid 19 pounds.
  12. MTV revived Teen Mom by allowing the moms to acknowledge the cameras and talk about the money, etc, the show provided. It was refreshing and made the "reality" show actually REAL. They weren't struggling financially like their first few seasons, so why pretend? The Housewives have reached a point where the staging is totally unnecessary on the same level. Talk about tabloids, gossip, etc. Be open about a producer sharing information. THAT would be entertaining. Pull back the curtain, it's a more fascinating view.
  13. I thought it was pretty good. In no way would I ever stand in line for one.
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