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  1. larapu2000

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Not the way I took it, only in regards to the age factor since I'm close to Tinsley. I know I look adorable in them, lol.
  2. larapu2000

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I love it when Tinsley wears braids. I'm 41 and wear braids all the time. They are fantastic at a low maintenance, keep your hair out of your face look, along with being a better option under hats instead of ponytails. I think she looks sporty and adorable when she rocks them. Braids aren't for little girls only, sheesh.
  3. larapu2000

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I think she probably agreed that it suited the character to make her look older, rougher, more traumatized. As a seasoned actress, she's probably not very concerned with her vanity, especially as she's aged.
  4. larapu2000

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I don't know why this made me laugh so much, but it did. Isn't Nancy going to college in the fall? Wasn't the paper just a summer internship? Jonathan kept yelling "internship" at her when she got fired (and he got himself fired and then blamed it on her, he is SUCH A BORING DOUCHE).
  5. larapu2000

    Unpopular Food Likes/Dislikes: Table for One

    I hope you're not a Midwesterner, because hating ranch will revoke your membership card.
  6. larapu2000

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    I also thought they seemed playful, not negative. I'm not sure what I'm missing that others here see and comment on. If my boyfriend was making something that was my favorite dish of my mom's, I wouldn't want them to mess it up because THEY might feel bad that it didn't please me or meet expectations, so I would also have been sweetly offering to go get takeout if it didn't work out. They both laughed it off. Where's the damage?
  7. larapu2000

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    You don't have to insult country bumpkins to make your point. Country bumpkins have manners and are polite, and some of them are considerably better traveled than city dwellers. And quite frankly, traveling and doing it wrong also helps you learn why and how to do it right. So they are uncouth or unworldly? I'd much rather they at least had France on a short list to visit versus another Housewife trip to Mexico. Having said that, this country bumpkin just got back from Provence and it is lovely and beautiful, and the French people are among the kindest you can find in the world. A magical place with delicious wine!!!!
  8. larapu2000

    Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That?

    I totally agree, and as someone who prefers a well done burger (I've taken too many sanitation courses, lol), that's one of the things I like most about it! You might prefer the Beyond Burger versus the Impossible if you are seeking meat free alternatives.
  9. larapu2000


    From what I've read about the Soviet Union, they NEEDED women in the workforce, so women actually had it better in terms of promotion and opportunity than the United States and other western countries. The Soviets put a woman in space in the 60's, it doesn't surprise me that women were such a large part of engineering and their nuclear programs. COME ON, only 5 episodes???????????? So not fair. I want SO MUCH MORE. (Something I didn't say the entirety of the final season of Game of Thrones) Just curious, why couldn't the moon rovers work on the 3rd roof? Was it that much more radioactive and difficult? And leave it to the Soviets to fucking lie about the levels the robot needed to withstand. Run, kitty cat, run!!! I was cheering for the cats, even though I knew they would also die horrible deaths. Were they more susceptible than humans? If you can evacuate humans, why not pets? How devastating.
  10. larapu2000

    Barefoot Contessa

    I'm actually headed to Provence tonight, so I'll keep an eye out for our girl! Obviously I will need to say hello and tell her how much I love her.
  11. larapu2000

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    I've read an article or two about how total relaxation is the point of a massage, therefore relaxing every part of you is part of the process. It's not sexually motivated, even though it is, inherently, a sexual act. It's become more sordid because uptight Westerners traveling to places like Thailand treat it as a cheap hand job and have made it a punch line and have made professional massage therapists into sex workers, rather than treating it as a part of the overall massage experience. I like how nonplussed Denise was about the whole thing, it probably took place in a different culture, and not all cultures are like our own.
  12. larapu2000

    S11.E09: Tears of a Clown

    LOL, I'm not even anywhere close to a millionaire, but I make a good living in a small city (fewer peer salaries) and I find it VERY challenging to find a guy that is comfortable with making less than I do. And it's not even that I share my income, but they eventually guess or figure out the range, and from that point on, it becomes an issue. I'm not even joking.
  13. larapu2000

    S11.E09: Tears of a Clown

    Tinsley is the kind of housewife I WANT to see. Real money, nice to others, laughs and enjoys other's company, doesn't hold grudges, has a real life outside the show, etc. The others are so vicious and mean towards one another to their face and behind their back and it's so horrible to watch. Tinsley was a breath of fresh air for me when she came on the show. The level of mean girl antics she put up with from Sonja alone, and handled gracefully and tactfully, earns her a place on my favorites list.
  14. larapu2000

    Recipes for lazy cooks

    If you're lazy, this bread will make you look like a superstar. Try to use a shallower dish versus a deeper dish, as that will take longer than the time in the directions. No Knead Bread Also, the world's best and easiest pasta recipe is this: Boil some pasta. Saute garlic in a 50/50 mix of olive oil and butter (or if you prefer one over the other, just use that) until it's BARELY golden, toss with pasta. You can add canned clams or fresh thyme to the saute pan as well and it's bomb AF. You can also add parmesan cheese (the GOOD KIND) once you toss the pasta in the oil/butter. It costs like $1.00 and it tastes like a million bucks.
  15. larapu2000

    I Need a Recipe!

    https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/amy-thielen/fried-onion-dip-2204700 I know you're past needing a dip, but Amy Thielen's onion dip is MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD. It's fucking incredible, and maybe this will change your friend's mind on using the soup packet.