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  1. The best part about gin is that the really great ones are still super affordable, especially when you compare it to bourbon or other liquor categories. My faves are Sipsmith, Hendricks, and a few local distilleries are making some quality stuff near me (Indiana). I also enjoy the Hendricks special gins they put out seasonally. I have been a little disappointed in Aviation and the Botanist. They were fine, just nothing special. I love Fever Tree tonics, especially the Mediterranean flavor.
  2. It's also good to know which gins are better for what kind of application. I have found, for example, that some gins are just not as good in a gin and tonic but amazing with fruit/citrus flavors. I think Sipsmith is my favorite "all around" gin, but I also love Hendricks for G&T and general mixing as well. My fiance insists Haysmith is the best for Tom Collins. Best Gin Brands for Gin Drinks
  3. I LOVE GIN. My favorite gin drink is the French 75, which I recommend making with Meyer Lemon Juice and rosemary simple syrup. However. I just made the best cocktail where I put strawberries in a blender, then strained out the seeds. I added some fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and the strawberry mix with the gin. The best part is you can do with any berry and it's great! You can also use the strawberry mix to make a berry lemonade (1 cup sugar, 1 cup lemon juice, strawberry mix, fill water to 2 quarts) that makes it easy to mix. It's a little sweeter that way, but you can reduce sugar
  4. The Sackler family all deserves to be in prison, but so does that LifeTree doctor. That woman's husband and the pictures he took of his poor wife to convince her there was a problem broke my heart. I don't understand how that doctor was able to get her back into his care once the husband had gotten her off of the opoids. My mother passed away last year from metastatic breast cancer, but at the end she was on Fentanyl patches (constant) and oxycodone (as needed-and she did take those more sparingly). We were worried that she was addicted (I think she might have been), but her oncologist
  5. You are both evil and doing the Lord's work simultaneously.
  6. Pre-pandemic, delivery service was still growing at triple digits YOY, and ghost kitchens were an emerging trend in most major metro markets in order to combat the massive foodservice labor shortage. It was no longer a term of derision as early as 2017. It has been on the market trend radar for quite some time now.
  7. They were running DNA to match it to specific people for paternity, not to make sure Erin was also related to the baby or there were incestual links? If that makes sense.
  8. Holy cow, those look amazing!!!
  9. I wish Leah's bow had functionality. Like "look, this insane bow doubles as a mask! Instead, she looked like Goofy's sad girlfriend. While I think Ramona was trying too hard in the first episode with Eboni, why does Leah have a problem with her saying she connected with her? Even if they didn't speak singularly to each other a lot? You can feel connected to someone by listening to them speak and identifying and empathizing with them. You should know that, LEAH, by the number of fangirls weirdly invested in YOU that probably claim they have a connection with you. My fiance is n
  10. My heart broke into 20 million pieces for Dawn. I am guessing that incident might harden her to think her daughter is gone for good, or to not believe it if Katie were to gain access to communication and try to call her mother. That was such an awful scene to watch, especially knowing how weak and sickly she is because of her radiation treatments. I feel like this episode was very centered on the parent/child dynamic that is so fundamental to who we are, how we're raised, how we turn out. Dylan and his parents with his not/son, Mare and her mother and her daughter, Mare and her son,
  11. larapu2000

    Food Hacks

    Not really a food hack, more of a technique. Use your fingers to separate egg yolks and whites. Not a water bottle. Not the shell. Use your soft fingers instead of hard edges that can break the yolks. I got that from Sara Moulton, circa 2000.
  12. larapu2000

    Cola Wars!

    Totally agree-the Pepsi Zero Mango made me want to barf, but my fiance and his daughter both like it! I also agree with zero sugar sodas getting considerably better. While Diet Dr. Pepper is really good, I would encourage you to try the new Dr. Pepper Zero-one of the closest to the original formulas I think is out there and it's still fairly new. Finally, Coke has re-released Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero. I became obsessed during quarantine, then they stopped making it due to the aluminum shortage, now it's back, albeit in plastic bottles. Cans are SO much better tasting than the stup
  13. larapu2000

    The Baking Topic

    I have to photograph food frequently for work, and it is NEVER easy. We utilize professional photographers and food stylists for certain shoots, but often do recipe concepts blogger style, where you don't get to use tricks or professional studio lighting to get perfect shots. It's just me, a nearby window, and my best attempt at presentation and angles.
  14. She also can't be bothered to find a REAL local joint for coffee. Cuz....Yolk's a chain, Amber, you absolute fucking idiot.
  15. larapu2000

    The Baking Topic

    I would also submit the tart. However, the photo has a bit of a yellow cast. Any chance you can utilize more natural light to get a cleaner shot?
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