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  1. She can join Saint Benson from SVU in the TV pantheon. Olivia's sainthood stopped me watching SVU and St Grey's may do the same if episodes like this are too frequent. 🤮
  2. It was like a parallel universe version of the Seinfeld series finale!
  3. Yep, she was as toasty as Goose in Top Gun once the wife and cute kid showed up!
  4. I would watch Manu in anything (but not MKR) Phwoar! 😍🤪
  5. If Bailey's age didn't make the scenario unlikely enough, how about the fact that she and her husband would hardly get any alone time due to demanding shift work jobs, and then there is the small matter of Bailey being a recovering heart patient who would be on some strong medications for that. None of these things suggest her as a likely candidate for a "change of life" baby. While I think it's been shitty for Jackson to move on with lightning speed to his new romance with Vic, Jesse Williams and the actress who plays Vic have good chemistry IMO. Far more believable than Jackson with Maggie, anyway.
  6. No worries. 😊 Try these links.
  7. I am really hoping a woman being part of the judging panel will mean no more pretty little blondes getting away with week after week of frozen desserts. Here's a brief interview with all three judges which hopefully the overseas viewers will be able to check out.
  8. Hello to all you MC AU fans out there. So, we have some new judges. Be interested to know what y'all think!
  9. I get the impression that under the surface she isn't the nicest person at all so to me she comes across kind of fake?
  10. Well said and I couldn't agree more. Tessa could be a total rock star if she had a fifth of Larissa's chutzpah and if she can work with the right people she will do brilliantly. Simon has some great ideas and is a really impressive young guy. I keep reading that the replacement judges are Poh, Maggie Beer and Curtis Stone. The first two, maybe. But as was said upthread, Curtis Stone is way too successful, surely, to need the gig? ETA: I can't link to the article as it's subscriber only but Tessa has landed a job at Arc Dining, which is run by Alanna Sapwell. Great to hear.
  11. Well, I can't claim to be surprised that Larry is the winner. About six weeks ago on Sportsbet she became the odds-on pick to win and her odds have only shortened. The order of those behind her switched around but her favouritism has not wavered. I am not happy about it but I do have to concede that from all appearances she deserved the win. As disgusting as Szechuan pavlova sounds to me (🤢🤮) I guess we need to take the word of the judges that it tasted good. And it's not as though she didn't also cook a good entree and main. If Simon couldn't win I would rather it was Tessa but unfortunately I think her conservative personality went against her. Playing it safe was never going to cut it when up against Larissa's bizarro flavour experiments. Simon's cooking never really got going today and it was clear from early on that he was playing for third. So, what on earth is going to happen from here? Will there even be a new season with all new judges? Hard to imagine that it could all be over. ☹
  12. What the? Did they fall or were they pushed? I only expected George to go, not the others!
  13. Well, I can honestly say I'm quite shocked at the result tonight. According to Sportsbet Tim was supposed to be part of the final two (and I wasn't really happy about that) and I actually expected Tessa to go home today. Instead, the editor monkeys fooled me because everything seemed to be going brilliantly for Tim during the pressure test whereas Tessa was behind everyone else, nervous about making a dessert and in her first actual pressure test. Instead, she knocks it out of the park and it would appear that Tim's speed might be exactly what brought him undone. He's overachieved to get into the top four so I'm happy for him to go. Meanwhile, I'm happy to have two to barrack for in the finals. I know people find Tessa dull but I have always liked her and I feel she's an excellent cook who I'd be happy to see win. Simon has really grown on me during the competition and I'd be just as happy if he won. Larissa - well, I don't dislike her as such but she'd be my third favourite to win. And I'm betting that means she will, knowing my luck! I can't wait to see Larry's three-course menu for tomorrow. I'm thinking for entree we'll have a prawn and harissa sorbet, followed by tuna ice-cream with a pilchard tuile, a mandarin granita and chocolate rum sauce. For dessert we'll have a garlic bread parfait accompanied by pizza crumb and seasoned with anchovy cream. And no matter how revolting it all sounds, the judges will collectively burst into raptures. God, I hope I'm wrong! As far as Sportsbet goes now,
  14. I usually really enjoy the equivalent episode ever year where the contestants get to choose difficult stuff for a mystery box for the judges and then get to cook off against them but even that was pretty meh tonight. Of the four contestants left, none of them really have overly exciting or fun personalities. The editors obviously know this too because they focused so much on Tati's fangirling over Curtis Stone again. (By the way, Tati, Curtis was just cooking for you in your romantic dream about him? Suuuuuure. 😉) Tim is just Blokey McBloke. Simon is probably the most fun but even he has quite a serious side. Larissa is too driven to be much fun and poor Tessa, even though I really like her as a person, for work she is a "criminal statistician" and that so doesn't scream fun or creativity. Remember season 8 when the final four were Elena, Matt, Harry and Elise? I remember Matt and Harry in particular were hilarious wandering around the judges' benches and trying to psych them out with needling comments. I missed that season tonight. Oh well. I knew Nicole would be going home due to the spoilers but for a few seconds I allowed myself to hope for once Sportsbet were wrong and Tim would go. They weren't, unfortunately, but I'm glad he had to cook again because he had that first round handed to him on a silver platter and managed to stuff up cooking with a huge hunk of meat, something he is supposed to be good at.
  15. I think you're right, @SnideAsides. It's kind of like Diana Rouvas finally winning The Voice this season. If she'd been in any other season except the first one, where the competition standard was enormously high compared with this season, she'd have already won. If there's another version of Masterchef out there that an Aussie can also find ways to watch and snark along with, I'm definitely open to suggestions. 🙂 I am pretty sure I will get withdrawal symptoms after this season's over.
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