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  1. I know, right? Judges to Callum: "Hmm, we've eaten 10,000 chicken liver parfaits so yours better be perfect or else!" Judges to Laura: "So, you're just making a couple of snacks?" Judges to Reynold: "OMIGOURD, you're making the GOLDEN SNITCH from HARRY POTTER?! This is the most amazing concept EVAH! It's going to go down in MASTERCHEF HISTORY!!!!!" And this, mind you, before they'd tasted a single bite of it. Something smells fishier than Laura's dish last night.
  2. Reynold's Harry Potter dessert being hailed as the Second Coming notwithstanding, the bookies still don't think he's gonna win.
  3. Oh, indeed, @misgabi13. What are the odds! 😆
  4. Especially when the editors pretty much gave away the "mystery" of who would win immunity at the end of last night's episode. We all knew damn well it was going to be Reynold. And really, though that dish was impressive and showy and I don't doubt it tasted good, it's still yet another variation on the frozen dome with an oozy centre, a chocolate coating, a snow/granita and possibly toxic levels of liquid nitrogen, so I have to question how much progress Reynold has actually made when he's still making versions of the same things, knitted together with sometimes very thin "concepts". This one happened to work but mostly they don't. And I know that all sounds like sour grapes because I wanted Callum or even Laura to win instead, but it was just hard watching them work their guts out producing excellent dishes and yet you could tell they both KNEW they weren't going to beat BlastChillerBoi.
  5. Not just you. The edit was so dramatic, you'd think Poh had received a terminal diagnosis for some awful disease rather than being eliminated sixth from a reality cooking show.
  6. I enjoyed tonight's episode for the most part because at least Reece wasn't part of the top three, which is a good start, and Callum is and made a beautiful dish which really looked the way he said it would, and I bet it was delicious too. But Reynold's sad little mushroom stalk - I don't know what to say about it without sounding like a pervert so here goes. It looked at one stage like he was trying to fashion a shrivelled uncircumcised penis. There, I said it. 🤣 But it doesn't matter because it looks like he has a massive tongue bath coming his way tomorrow and will win the last immunity for sure. I'm sorry but I think the guy is overrated. Talented, yes, but not the biggest thing the dessert world has ever seen. And in a way, I blame him for several years of Masterchef contestant dessert chef wannabes with their parfaits, granitas, soils, sorbets, ice creams and bloody blast chillers. And not a single one of them knows how to actually bake anything. OK, rant over, and I hope I'm wrong about tomorrow.
  7. Wait...WTF just happened?! I was SO convinced that Callum would be the one to go home tonight, especially after he did so badly in the first round, that I mentally prepared for it. And even after Poh veered into disaster in round 2, I was ready to get my rage on because I was waiting for the judges to yet again find an excuse to put her through despite flaws in the dish because they've done it quite a lot already. But then when Andy said she was going home I was absolutely astonished. I just thought she was a shoo-in for top 2 and I have the whole time. That certainly puts the spoiler cat amongst the pigeons!
  8. Actually, she would be fine too. As long as it's not the "shoved down our throats" Poh or Reynold, that's okay by me.
  9. Meow! Saucer of milk for Chris? And enjoy this little trip down memory lane with Andy. It's hard to believe, looking back, that he survived his season at all, let alone won it. By the way, Amina lost quite a bit of weight between her seasons, didn't she!
  10. God, I so hope the ones about Emilia winning are true, then. Knowing Callum is probably going to go next means the only one I could stand to win this season is Emilia.
  11. They say a fan favourite is going to leave on Sunday. If it's Callum I'm going to be a very unhappy camper because in no universe should Reece outlast him. Much as I'm not such a fan of Reynold's, in terms of meeting the brief I do feel he deserved to win immunity. Poh's dessert was pretty slapdash and I don't really think a few slices of red grapefruit was enough in terms of having that ingredient front and centre. And if the crumble Laura had on her dessert had molasses in it, I can believe it would overpower everything else because it's a very strong taste (and smell - I spent a lot of time as a child visiting my grandparents' cane farm and that distinctive and kind of sickly aroma of molasses instantly pulls me back in time to those little sugar towns). It's funny how when Poh is presented with a scenario like tonight's episode, where she can't just shoehorn a dish she already knows to "sorta" fit the brief, she never does as well.
  12. A really good lemon tart is right up there with my favourite desserts to eat but Reece has made me almost hate the sound of those two words with all his multiple mentions lately! In saying that, though, even though I think he's in the top seven under false pretences, I felt a little sorry for him tonight because he looked like a kicked puppy. But we've got to the point of the competition where even good dishes like the ones Emilia and Callum made aren't enough to give you a shot at immunity so them's the breaks. I found the moment between Mel and Poh tonight when Mel got all teary over Poh's Malaysian curry to be very touching and genuine. Poh doesn't always come across that way because sometimes there's more than a whiff of "tryhard" about her pieces to camera but tonight that was very real and lovely. So I'm okay with her getting best dish. I'm NOT okay with Reynold getting picked over Callum because Reynold basically made a modified frozen something he's made lots of times before while Callum actually invented a dish, and to me that deserved more kudos.
  13. Oh, and I forgot that Poh also said that with both she and Reece making creme caramel, it would be the battle of the custard queens. Hehe. Here is tonight's recap with a few choice quotes. Meanwhile, Poh is crouching by the blast chiller like she's trying to hide from the men in white coats. Melissa visits and carefully assumes the same low position as not to frighten her, which is the same way I deal with my cat when he is high on too much catnip. Poh is next and feels embarassed she couldn't turn this out properly. The judges taste her puddle and all say they love the flavour, and Melissa says she loves Poh's "aggressive" caramelisation. "Agressive caramelisation" is also how I would describe the level of fake tan my skin needs as a result of this dark depressing winter. Andy loves the chips, but says the fish was a touch over. He also says the tartare is controversial, because it should have had capers in it. Jock agrees that the tartare should have capers in it and this could get her into round two. Maybe you just should have told her like you told Reynold about the sponge?
  14. Gotta agree with you there. I'm sure Tessa was convinced that even if she made the best dish of her entire career, she was still going to be the one eliminated purely because she was up against "Masterchef royalty" (their words, not mine!). I actually think Tessa has shown remarkable composure in the last few weeks where it's seemed that no matter what she did (especially where Jock was concerned) it wasn't good enough. It was clearly getting her down and she was starting to look defeated, but she somehow managed to stay cool, get back up and keep going. My God, Poh actually made me laugh again tonight with her comment about how at first she was wondering how the judges were going to divide that tiny banana-leaf dessert thing into three, but then realised they'd be used to it after Reynold's micro desserts.
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