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  1. I just finished binge-watching the latest series of Sewing Bee and I'm so happy there's a forum for it here. 🙂 It took me a while to warm to Clare because my own preferred style is more like the stuff Nicole would make, but I have grown to love how unashamedly eccentric Clare is with her total dedication to the 40s style. And really, it's hard to imagine her not being good at whatever she turns her hand to. I doubt there are many doctors out there who sew that well in their spare time (although, yeah, suturing)! From the point of view of what Clare's medical specialty is, I'm even more glad she won because the last few months for her will have been incredibly difficult. Hehe, I loved those remarks too.
  2. Thanks for filling in the blanks. I'd honestly forgotten that but then Laura was so young and immature in her season that it's understandable she didn't handle the finale pressure so well. I agree! A few minutes on the MC Au Facebook page and I'm ready to explode over the stupidity. The Rey-Rey fans have been noxious ever since he didn't make it into the final and their reasons for being upset are along the lines of, "We ALL know Reynold's skills are far superior to Laura and Emilia's but they got into the final because they cried/used to work for Jock/are the teacher's pets." They obviously weren't watching too closely when Reynold was helped in past episodes, or practically picked up and shoved over the finish line by the judges when he didn't deserve to be i.e. in the episode prior to Callum's elimination. They won't remember those flashes of outright arrogance from him. And homophobic comments...they NEVER mention those! Apparently he's verging on sainthood. But they wouldn't have seen those things anyway, because they're blinded by their adoration. Bahaha! And he should have at least had a chance of being there. I will never, ever believe that Reynold fish dish was actually better than Callum's dish in that fateful immunity challenge. I can - Emma Dean and Lynton Tapp!
  3. That's as good an explanation as any! Pity it had to lead to years of agonising self-doubt for both Laura and Emilia because I'm pretty sure that even six years ago they were both better than Brent. I have a very gross answer for you. I really think poor Emilia suffered from the edit that introverts or shyer people get on reality shows. Because they're not 100% in your face and brimming with personality, it's assumed they are either boring or snobby or both. I don't think she's actually either but maybe it's helped being a few years older. She also seems more relaxed and it could be because now she's doing what she loves to do full-time whereas before she had a job she probably didn't like and cooking was a hobby. She actually seems a nice person and I too love her humour.
  4. Awww, that finale was a surprisingly emotional watch. In a way I wish they both could have won because either way, Laura or Emilia were going to beat their favourite person in the competition. But even though things went wrong for Laura in terms of getting that bad burn early in the piece, and that probably rattled her enough to make a rare mistake like not shutting the freezer door properly, Emilia was the rightful winner because she really didn't put a foot wrong. I knew she was going to win because Sportsbet spoilers, but I find it a joy to watch her do what she does. Some people thrive on drama and chaos and those are the people who probably loved watching Poh, but I found her either stressful or annoying or both. Emilia is almost meditatively calm and it's kind of like watching someone pilot a jumbo jet or conduct a huge orchestra with complete confidence in their ability to make it all work. My heart broke a little for Laura because for me, I'd actually rather have been booted weeks ago than get that close and come second AGAIN. And it has to be said - how the hell did BRENT of all people beat Laura and Emilia in the first place?! He hasn't exactly set the culinary world on fire since! As always I'm going to really miss you guys because in all the COVID-19 chaos I actually started a new job on March 30, so it's been an extra stressful time so the familiarity of being able to watch a favourite show along with some old mates has really helped. And look at the result we got - someone who won because they're just that good and despite lots of producer/judge machinations! But no doubt we'll do it all next year, or for Masterchef Kids, or maybe even Celebrity Masterchef (UK version?) if I can find it somewhere. 🙂
  5. So I know Sportsbet has been saying for several weeks now that Reynold wasn't in the top two but until I saw it with my own eyes I wasn't prepared to believe it. But yet again, they were right, and as a member of Team ABR I can't say I'm displeased about it. And if that seems heartless, particularly considering Reynold cried a couple of times during his one-hour tasting/elimination (it seriously felt like it took up half the episode), it's not because as far as I am concerned he shouldn't have even been in the final thre since he took Callum's spot. And the judges could not have done more to get him into the final two so no wonder he seemed so shocked. He probably figured they'd find a way to save him but I don't think that the guest chef would have had a bar of it if they'd tried. I also find it very schadenfreudelicious that Reynold's arrogance is what brought him unstuck. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap Emilia has been getting from Reynold fans on the MC AU Facebook page about how she lacks humility because she said at one stage recently, "I'm an exceptional cook." And yes, I suppose that could be seen as big-headed but, let's face it, she IS. Jeez, look at how brilliantly she did tonight. But at least she's humble enough to know that when a chef with all that experience sets you a difficult pressure test, you bloody better make sure you follow his recipe to the absolute letter. Reynold had the guest chef offside within the first half hour when he came over and made a comment about Reynold's caramel, and Reynold was all, "I've made caramel thousands of times before. I've got this." That's a far worse kind of arrogance in my view because he thought he knew better than that highly lauded chef. I'm about to head over to the Facebook page and watch it melting down! Edit: The main thing they're outraged about is the fact that Laura beat Reynold. They say she should have given him her spot because without his help she wouldn't be in the final. Actually, no, it was mainly Emilia who helped Laura, and Laura would have done the same for either of them. Not to mention, did she force Reynold to sweeten his caramel or stuff up those leaves in the oven?
  6. Yes, just like Tess just against Poh and Reynold - she just KNEW she wasn't going to survive that contest, and she was right. Meanwhile, on the Facebook page there's a photo with the tagline "Who will win?" and at this stage I'd say the comments are 90% in favour of Reynold, 5% in favour of Emilia and the rest are people complaining about who's not made it. It seems very clear nobody really wants Laura to win!
  7. Finally, someone mentions the elephant in the room i.e. the All-Star season.
  8. The Facebook Reynold fans are a very fanatical bunch, I've found. If you don't agree he's a cooking god they jump on you like a ton of bricks. Meanwhile, this Insta post about Callum makes me even more of a Mel fan. Awwww!
  9. Spoken like a true adoptive Aussie, @Niuxita! 😁
  10. I don't think so either but a quick scroll through Facebook comments on the MC AU page on any given night shows that Reynold is by far the most popular of the three left so I hope they're prepared for a tsunami of negative comments and backlash when (hopefully) Emilia wins!
  11. Well, I might have prepared for Callum to be the one to go, but it still sucked to see it happen because of the way it happened. I'm sorry but not for a second do I believe Reynold really cooked the best dish in round one. In fact, I was expecting it to be between Callum and Laura as to who was number one and I thought Reynold would be in the second round for sure. His dish, to me, was by far the least impressive. He did fish on the inevitable hibachi with a bit of a tartare and a kohlrabi flower. Big deal. Look how much Callum did in the same amount of time, AND they said it all worked. Even Laura's dish was a little simpler but I think she deserved credit for an interesting concept executed well. So the cook-off for elimination probably shouldn't even have involved Callum so I think he has a right to feel hard done by. Emilia brought the comedy again tonight. After Callum got tearful at the end of the cook, Reynold looked at Emilia and said, "Are you crying too?" With tears in her eyes, she said, "No, YOU'RE crying!" Cracked me up. As of now I'm Team ABR (Anyone But Reynold).
  12. Really glad to see Emilia beating Reynold tonight, I have to say. She is good and she knows it but still retains enough humility to realise that the others are also really good in their own right. I am not sure Reynold feels the same way as there's quite a bit of arrogance there. Mentally preparing myself for Callum to go tomorrow night. I feel like the editors are telegraphing it. Maybe it's because even though it never gets mentioned, he already DID win one edition of Masterchef so they feel he's had his turn, or maybe it's that he seems to almost be going rogue in the laste few episodes and trying really "out there" stuff. It's unfortunate it hasn't quite worked but at least he's tried to do something different. Well, it seemed a hell of a lot more original than Laura's fish and vegetables.
  13. Well, it should have happened weeks and weeks ago but finally Reece has been eliminated. I feel a bit sad for him because all this fulsome praise he's been getting in recent weeks from the judges might have made him believe he was actually on the same level as the other four, but I don't know that he ever was. I was half thinking it might be Callum because of that bizarre "off-the-cuff" remark by Jock before the cook even started where he implied Callum had "the wobbles" and looked visibly unhappy to have drawn the dessert course. Way before Callum became a food industry professional, he made his Masterchef name cooking desserts so I don't see why that would have given him even the slightest qualms but whatever, dude. 😏 In saying that, there's no doubt he is an overthinker and I'm sure that's what was bothering him more, not having to make a dessert i.e. he knows that having too much time is not good for his type of brain. I get that because I'm just the same. I think that would have been a superb dessert without the last two things he added, from the sounds. It's been a weird season towards the end thanks to COVID but I'm still going to miss this show and you guys. Now let's see if we can get Emilia or Callum home in first place!
  14. I know, right? Judges to Callum: "Hmm, we've eaten 10,000 chicken liver parfaits so yours better be perfect or else!" Judges to Laura: "So, you're just making a couple of snacks?" Judges to Reynold: "OMIGOURD, you're making the GOLDEN SNITCH from HARRY POTTER?! This is the most amazing concept EVAH! It's going to go down in MASTERCHEF HISTORY!!!!!" And this, mind you, before they'd tasted a single bite of it. Something smells fishier than Laura's dish last night.
  15. Reynold's Harry Potter dessert being hailed as the Second Coming notwithstanding, the bookies still don't think he's gonna win.
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