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  1. I keep thinking that Katie’s doctor is Tisha Campbell. She played Martin Lawrence’s wife in the TV show Martin. But I could be dead wrong.
  2. Since I haven’t watched since Jan/Feb....is Sally gone? Don’t see anyone talking about her storyline.
  3. I am hoping that when Sam wakes up she is all in with DoD. Like moves in, teaches classes, gets knocked up...The whole deal.
  4. Stopped watching in January. Continued to record and would check here to see if I should watch. Actually stopped even recording in late March. Still drop in here to see if I should put it back to record. Thanks for the daily reminders that I made a great decision in January.
  5. I’m curious what she did in her job that she quit. Anyone?
  6. What’s happened to the Dance Moms non actress? Did the character leave?
  7. Remind me....didn’t Bunchy get his money back at the end of last season?
  8. They mentioned the film would be shot in Harlem. That’s when I knew that’s how the story would get Darryl to NYC,
  9. Hummmmm...he pinged mr redcookie and my gaydar. Didn’t even believe the baby was his. We must be hypersensitive.
  10. So are we all in agreement that the actress that plays Steffy is preggers? Steffy is so muted now....just odd writing to me. She’s been in that green double breasted blazer for weeks it seems.
  11. A thousand thanks. Gonna dive back in.
  12. Does anyone have any idea what the new stuff is, or perhaps what episodes? I watched this ages ago and wonder if it’s worth watching again. Thanks
  13. Loved it. Chomping at the bit until Season 2 came out. I hadn't heard about a Season 3. Is that confirmed? Not sure how a Season 3 would work.
  14. Was I the only one who noticed Frank V sitting in the waiting area when Josh went to sit down after Carly went with Michael upstairs to get him sorted inhis hospital room.
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