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  1. Not unlike her Kyle by Ailene store. This project will probably be just as successful as that one. In otherwords, not successful at all.
  2. I'm sure the skin definitely has an effect on the quality of the tattoo, but that tattoo was wrong in so many ways, there were more reasons than just the skin. Also, other people have also had to tattoo older skin, some with better results than others. Luck of the draw.
  3. So glad I read this because I didn't see Hiram get eliminated. Not sure if I just shut it off after Frank left or my DVR cut it out, but regardless both eliminations made sense. I liked Frank, but his tattoo was horrible. Am I correct in remembering portraits are supposed to be Hiram's strength. If so, not this week.
  4. Now I'm sad I deleted this one. Guess I have to go back and watch it.
  5. It was way before the show was on, so I don't remember which website it was. Might've been CDAN. I've also read that since she was the fantasy of adolescent boys during the day, she was the biggest draw and when they did the reunion, revival shows/movies, TPTB wanted her badly enough they were willing to pay more. That's on them though not Maureen. Update; I found it. Here's the link. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/08/blind-items-revealed-2_4.html
  6. In the interest of full disclosure, I missed the 2nd episode so I'll have to go back and watch.
  7. I truly loved the Brady Bunch as a kid and loved that my kids loved it in reruns. My favorite was Jan, so it was always sad to me that she seemed to hate her association with TBB. Even during this show, it was more like she went through the motions but only because she had to, not because she really wanted to. And those ugly silver shoes? Don't get me started... I lost a lot of respect for her when I read she refused to be part of this unless she was paid 2 or 3 times what the others were. She was definitely enjoying the attention. Have you seen a photo of fake Jan? Talk about not aging well!
  8. Though I thought Miche had been rude/controlling at times in the house, I believed he deserved to win. I agree that when gr8ful kept Nicole out of the room it verged on/crossed the line into bullying, but as far as the racism, I'm sorry, I disagree. Kemi was not exactly warm, fuzzy and welcoming so she was not going to endear herself to people. Her behavior was also rude, condescending and annoying. That type of behavior is going to work against someone regardless of the color of their skin. I do think gr8ful, including Michie was rude to Ovi and treated him badly. I think inapprpriate comments were made about Bella. These actions were by a few houseguests. I wasn't thrilled with this season for a multitude of reasons which have been discussed ad nauseum on this board. I'm happy its over and Michie, Holly and Nicole walked away happy. Now we can all go on our merry little ways as well. Until next summer...here's hoping its a better one next year.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7465133/Queer-Eye-cast-dazzle-Creative-Arts-Emmy-Awards-Jonathan-Van-Ness-Tan-dons-dress-bow.html Their personalities definitely show in their sartorial choices. Not loving Jonathan's look. I think it'd look better if it were a little longer. His legs may be strong but at this length its stopping at the widest part and making them look fat, not fit. Love how Tan's outfit reflects his culture. He looks amazing. Bobby's looking a little disheveled. Karamo is a trooper to wear that in 96 degree heat. Antoni is always adorable.
  10. I felt bad for Tommy. Tommy + Christie =no bueno. Tommy - Christie = bueno
  11. You can tell this cast is super boring just by the amount of fluff that gets thrown in every episode. Its getting to be more and more. I'm hoping Zingbot isn't going to be longer than usual to take up time. I hate Zingbot; that voice, and the joikes aren't usually funny. In the past you'd see the hamsters all sitting outside talking, but this season, nuthin'. Little to no interaction shown unless you're Jackson and Holly or are grovelling at the HOH's feet.
  12. It also showed how saggy her chest is. Not a good look no matter how skinny you are. I may be in the minority here, but I HATE Zingbot and am not looking forward to next week's show.
  13. Vote Nick as the prankster, if for no other reason, to spite Christie!
  14. Not a problem. I thought maybe I missed something because at this point nothing is out of the realm of possibility.
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