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  1. notcreative enough

    Season 5 Live Posting Topic

    If the children of the corn were there the whole time why did they need to be saved?
  2. notcreative enough

    S05.E03: Humbug's Gulch

    If Dwight drove into town and Sherry drove into town why exactly do they need a plane to leave. Cant they just drive out of town with the endless supply of cars they find. They spent 2 days pretending to search for Al. Is there is some rush to get back to there not home a soon as possible? They would work harder trying to find her. More stupid kids. This show needs Carol kids dont last long with her.
  3. notcreative enough

    S03. E04. #makehistory

    Awesome both new guys is a cheating scumbags. Wonder how long it will be before Aaron and new girl break up. And just because you can curse doesn't mean you have to. New girl curses to much and it doesnt seem natural when she does it. I dont trust Seth's brand new daughter. She came out of nowhere and he hasn't done any real vetting of her. She is clearly playing him.
  4. notcreative enough

    S03. E03. #privacyplease.

    I have to say if it wasnt for the hysterical campaign lady I dont know if I could still watch. It's not a bad show it's just not the show that I want. I was hoping it would go back to season 1. I wish they would have at least mentioned what happened to the characters that they got rid of. Getting rid of the new characters from season 2 but I miss Mike and Chuck. Hannah is on an entirely different show. Its 3 episodes and she only was seen with one other major character and it was Emily of all people. At least last season she dealt with Aaron and was mildly tied into the show. I'm sure it will be relevant by the end of the season but I'm sure it won't have any kind of payoff.
  5. notcreative enough

    S05.E02: The Hurt That Will Happen

    All Daniel did was remind me that I dont know what the hell happened after the dam broke they just went straight to the baseball stadium. Did a miss an episode? Am I supposed to believe that there aren't any airplanes any more. Why dont they try an airport. Did everyone in the state of Texas try and fly out in there planes.
  6. notcreative enough

    S03.E21: Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House

    I know that next season Riverdale is going to forget everything that happened but Betty needs to never speak to Kevin, Fangs, Polly and her mother ever again. If you make it so I lose one of my organs I am never speaking to you again. And Polly gaslighting her sister. Just why. Dont have Betty be apart of your cult because you know she is going to do everything to fuck it up. I hope we are done with Hiram. He is just to much of a cartoon. How is there 20 kids in Riverdale with no parents. Or are they all like Kevin's dad being to busy pretending to be a boxing coach. Kevin is 17 and joined a cult does he not wonder where his son is.
  7. notcreative enough

    S03.E19: Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper

    So Archie, Betty and Veronica's storylines seemed to span 4 days but the Jones family only seemed like 4 hours.
  8. notcreative enough

    S02.E12: Chimney Begins

    So this episode gives Chim a family but they weren't there when he had a pipe in his head and almost died. When did Bobby join the house? For some reason I thought he was always there and the others were added after. Maybe he shows up after the ahole captain gets fired. All these origin stories do is makes me wonder where are all these people now.
  9. notcreative enough

    The OA

    Trying to wrap my head around this season. How did Hap design, make, program and install 5 large dancing boxes. It had to have only been between 36 and 48 from when he met the French woman and OA went back to the clinic. Speaking of the French woman gets these made every time she jumps. She cant take them with her so does she hop between the same dimensions so that she always has a way to travel. When they jumped into the dimension at the beginning of the season they took over the original consciousness so when they left does the original wake up and take over again or are they in a coma like the French woman said when she called 911. OA said that she interrogated with Nina so that she was able to access her memories so does that mean she took Nina with here. Hap didn’t integrate so will the doctor wake up? Before the jump OA told Homer that Hap was going to take her somewhere that she wouldn't remember but how could he guarantee that. We don’t really know why everyone in the first jump made it to their host but Homer got lost in the building. What in Scott’s flower showed Hap what to do. I don’t get how he can control what OA will or won’t remember. When they made the jump in the last episode Hap knew to call himself “Jason Isaacs*" or did he also get that from Scott. Part of me hopes that everyone jumped with Steve but I also don’t want them to have jumped. We know that OA, Steve and Hap are in the meta dimension maybe Homer traveled but we won’t know until season 3. We don’t really know how the boxes work and how many people that it will piggy back when they travel. Homer, BBA, Buck, French and Angie makes 5 so maybe they could all wind up together and try and find OA and Steve. It would be a nice way to mix up some of the cast and have them interact with different people. I dont know how Karim will fit i with the story now that he is in what I can only assume is a different dimension from everyone else. If he is OAs brother we should see him again. How did Michelle end up with Ruskin and not Hap. With all the other kids being experimented on in Haps lab what made Michelle so special that she was kept save from Hap. Or was it the only way that Ruskin knew he could control Karim that he was more interested in to mystery of the house and not the weird brain flower thing with Hap. *Edit. Because I dont actually know actors real names.*
  10. notcreative enough

    The OA

    Just some quick observations so far I hated Angie and really wish she would disappear. I don't know why but the guy who played Karim reminded me of the guy from Entourage. Maybe that's what he used to base an American accent on. I feel dumb because I didnt connect Buck and Michelle until OA said something. How long ago was this filmed from Scott Wilson and if anyone else remembers the Zendaya patchouli braids controversy. I really wish OA and the others would get some sort of win against Hap. I get that he is the big bad and he seems to always come out on top. I'm terrified of Netflix because it seems like they have been canceling everything.
  11. notcreative enough

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Neolutionists are real. So Tessa is only there for screen time right. She had Sebastian do about 80% of her look and then inserted herself into the horn teams problems. Not only did the bottom team have the worst designs they had the worst body modification. It was hard to see and didnt stand out at all. I'm glad it seems like this version isnt going to keep someone how is in the bottom multiple times. Frankie just couldn't get herself together. Please send Hester home next she is just way to much.
  12. notcreative enough

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    So this episode started at 8:30. Oh well I'm sure I missed nothing. But it does kinda make me want to bale on the rest of this boring season.
  13. notcreative enough

    S03.E14: Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk with Me

    When she was playing with the candle I knew that psycho was going to burn her house down. Kevin's pulling a con on the farm right. He cant really be that big of a shitbag friend. So it has to be either con or he dies because he is the worst. It's nice that Jug Betty and Archie were together this episode and for hopefully the rest. Not sure what show Veronica is on because she adds nothing. When was the last time she had a scene with one of the other core four. PS Veronica your speakeasy isnt a secret everyone knows about it. Don't know why a bunch of "kids" want to go to a club that has parents in it even if they are shady. And what gross ass adult goes to a club geared toward the under 18 crowd or however old these kids are supposed to be.
  14. notcreative enough

    MacGyver (2016)

    I swear if Mac hooks up with new Jack I will be so done with the show. Whatever happened to his girlfriend anyway.
  15. notcreative enough

    S07.E06: Pedal to the Metal

    Did Sean said what's the harm in helping Anya. Gee I dont know but I bet that's what all those poor suckers that lost to a chick that can't sew thought.