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  1. I'd love to know what Tanner's mom thought of this episode.
  2. So Alice doesnt want her grandkids back. One night with Hiram and Hermione is all over him.
  3. I feel like we missed some important scenes like Max finding out Flippa lost his son or Flippa learning that they found Tunde. I know Max is a chill guy but his son was witness to 10 cops pointing a gun at someone who wasnt raised but kept captive and doesnt have the understanding of how the world works. He should have some type of emotion. I like the Quinn Tani friendship I forgot what that was like because there hasn't been to lead females for a longtime.
  4. So Jughead the homeless kid from season 1 is the only one of the core four to have an involved parent. Cool Betty your mom is in the FBI that totally gives her a pass for all the shit she put you through. Writes realized way to late the hole they dug themselves with Alice. So the farm moved like 5 miles away and Fed Charlie couldn't find them. I hate the time wasted on the stupid farm.
  5. The other episode we caught a shot of him eating. I half watch so I dont know if there was one in this episode. The hosts dont really eat unless you count Nancy feeding Jessie like a baby. Maybe John put it in his contract that he gets to taste yhe food even if he doesnt get a vote. And they dont want us to see that he is eating.
  6. That lady was mad chill for having 2 broken legs and being moved around my Junior. She should be in some kind of pain. Lol at the electrocuted guy that needed to get to the hospital asap and he was 4th from last up the rope. You would think the people with major injuries would be the first up but not for the 5-0 team they go last.
  7. Sorry I meant how real BAG abandoned his real son with Venessa Marcil.
  8. I think it might be the writer that got fired he left way to easy and he had a look on his face when he walked away. The bodyguard thing was weird he just shows up at her house no phone call no paperwork nothing. How does she even know he is a bodyguard because he said so. I'm sticking with the kid being Brian's long lost son. The kid said something about his mom doing way worse stuff. If they are going that route it's kinda icky because he basically abandoned his son.
  9. She should know when one of her deckhands gets knockout drunk everytime he leaves the ship. Travis is always drinking on the boat that is something that a captain should pick up on.
  10. Let say Colin does leave and they offer the spot to June why would he think she would take it. She was just fired who would want to stay somewhere they feel they aren't wanted. How did no one report what Travis did. It really shows how little they respect their captain that they would report a major violation. You would think she would be embarrassed by this behavior but she will say she didnt know what was going on until she seen the show. Lady you run the damn boat you should know everything that happens. I get Jack defending Travis because they are friends and when the both sobered up he told travis he was in the wrong but that dumb ass Aesha saying everyone was making a big deal out of the situation and Joao is such a dickhead for sticking up for someone who got smacked out of no where why dont you see how Anastasia is doing see how she feels is in the wrong.
  11. If the children of the corn were there the whole time why did they need to be saved?
  12. If Dwight drove into town and Sherry drove into town why exactly do they need a plane to leave. Cant they just drive out of town with the endless supply of cars they find. They spent 2 days pretending to search for Al. Is there is some rush to get back to there not home a soon as possible? They would work harder trying to find her. More stupid kids. This show needs Carol kids dont last long with her.
  13. Awesome both new guys is a cheating scumbags. Wonder how long it will be before Aaron and new girl break up. And just because you can curse doesn't mean you have to. New girl curses to much and it doesnt seem natural when she does it. I dont trust Seth's brand new daughter. She came out of nowhere and he hasn't done any real vetting of her. She is clearly playing him.
  14. I have to say if it wasnt for the hysterical campaign lady I dont know if I could still watch. It's not a bad show it's just not the show that I want. I was hoping it would go back to season 1. I wish they would have at least mentioned what happened to the characters that they got rid of. Getting rid of the new characters from season 2 but I miss Mike and Chuck. Hannah is on an entirely different show. Its 3 episodes and she only was seen with one other major character and it was Emily of all people. At least last season she dealt with Aaron and was mildly tied into the show. I'm sure it will be relevant by the end of the season but I'm sure it won't have any kind of payoff.
  15. All Daniel did was remind me that I dont know what the hell happened after the dam broke they just went straight to the baseball stadium. Did a miss an episode? Am I supposed to believe that there aren't any airplanes any more. Why dont they try an airport. Did everyone in the state of Texas try and fly out in there planes.
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