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  1. I was able to watch on my phone. I went to peacocktv.com and created an account and when I tried to watch the movie it took me to the app store to download the app. I loved the movie and will probably love any movie they do. Almost every part with Lassie made me tear up. My one complaint is they didnt have a blueberry.
  2. I watch. It's a fun show. I just wish when the get to question part of the competition they would cut out the crowd noise I cant hear what's being asked and what they answer. And you can tell they have a hard time hearing.
  3. Is it bad that I felt more for when Cece's dad showed up for her at mock trial and was so proud of her. He even stayed for the whole thing to get to the awards. I'm so over Annie we get it you like Ty so you hate Cece. And no one in your circle can have any feelings for her. One shallow note i cant with Dana Sue's wardrobe. You are going to a business meeting on a farm and decided to wear an outfit that's more drinks at a bar vs digging in the dirt. Put on some jeans girl. The hillbilly histrionics most be taken straight from the books because I cant see any current writer comi
  4. I really want to dislike Noreen but every time she is onscreen she has this kicked puppy aura around her and I can't help but feel bad for her.
  5. Agreed. She made a point about missing a high school picture because she and her mom moved away. But I also thought he could be Dana or Helens. He is just too into these ladies lives. Does Dana have a story outside being angry mom. She does nothing and has no real role in anything.
  6. I think I remember this in the media thread. I didnt realize Rhylee reposted it. Or that it was from a "private Facebook group" like Tanner said. If it's on the internet it's never really private. Was Rhylee apart of the group or did someone else show it to her. Tanner dont be mad people are ripping apart yo dumbass mom when you and the brus have been doing it all season.
  7. Danny is apart of a hit and run a woman dies and not one mention of the driver. Did I care for the storyline or the lady no but I also dont like loose ends. Wasnt Grover's niece first I Hawaii and for a basketball scholarship? Did I miss the part where she decided she wants to be a cop. Is there a reason the writers hate Adam because there isnt a single thing he doesnt screw up
  8. Placing bets that Hermione is lying about Hiram being sick.
  9. I'd love to know what Tanner's mom thought of this episode.
  10. So Alice doesnt want her grandkids back. One night with Hiram and Hermione is all over him.
  11. I feel like we missed some important scenes like Max finding out Flippa lost his son or Flippa learning that they found Tunde. I know Max is a chill guy but his son was witness to 10 cops pointing a gun at someone who wasnt raised but kept captive and doesnt have the understanding of how the world works. He should have some type of emotion. I like the Quinn Tani friendship I forgot what that was like because there hasn't been to lead females for a longtime.
  12. So Jughead the homeless kid from season 1 is the only one of the core four to have an involved parent. Cool Betty your mom is in the FBI that totally gives her a pass for all the shit she put you through. Writes realized way to late the hole they dug themselves with Alice. So the farm moved like 5 miles away and Fed Charlie couldn't find them. I hate the time wasted on the stupid farm.
  13. The other episode we caught a shot of him eating. I half watch so I dont know if there was one in this episode. The hosts dont really eat unless you count Nancy feeding Jessie like a baby. Maybe John put it in his contract that he gets to taste yhe food even if he doesnt get a vote. And they dont want us to see that he is eating.
  14. That lady was mad chill for having 2 broken legs and being moved around my Junior. She should be in some kind of pain. Lol at the electrocuted guy that needed to get to the hospital asap and he was 4th from last up the rope. You would think the people with major injuries would be the first up but not for the 5-0 team they go last.
  15. Sorry I meant how real BAG abandoned his real son with Venessa Marcil.
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