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  1. So now that the three idols/advantages are found and the phrases spoken, how high were the writers who thought up broccoli/goat/butterflies, can the people who found them now vote? But everyone knows who holds the idols now. I don’t like this new system, go back to old way, less confusing IMO. Genie was too nice, no shock she got the boot. If they merge next week I don’t know who I’d root for. I like Xander and Naseer but they seem too nice and will probably not make it.
  2. Michaela is scary. She tells Zack to leave, tries to stop him, he leaves, she goes ballistic and trashes the rec room. Drive faster Zack!
  3. Don’t all the couples live in the same building? Can’t Michaela get a ride home with any one of them?
  4. Bao is the last person to give relationship advice.
  5. Man, Michaela goes from zero to 100 in three seconds.
  6. Finally, I think Brett is getting it, Ryan is just not into you. Tell him Buh-bye!
  7. If some of these couples are not getting along, putting guns in their hands is maybe not a good idea.
  8. This is boring now, heading over to the shitshow that is Married At First Sight. Two more reunion shows to go *groan*.
  9. He was mentally competent to do that? Lol!
  10. I can’t believe she’s not really believing that Tom ripped off all these people. Doesn’t she have Hulu?
  11. My Mom is 91, sharp as a tack too, she just likes to tell the same stories because it makes her happy.
  12. Andy looks so flummoxed. He’s not believing her either.
  13. If Erika’s hand were tied, money went to Tom, etc…how was she able to snoop thru his phone? Sounds like she was sneaky enough to do that, she should have known how to get a hold of her money. I call bullshit on all these excuses.
  14. I saw Eboni K. Williams as co-host and immediately changed the channel.
  15. No you are not alone. I knew he looked like someone, yes, he does look like Fred Armisen. I hope this storyline of wanting more kids is only for the show because this is spousal abuse threatening Jen with a sister wife if she doesn’t do what he wants.
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