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  1. I guess Erika should start dating, maybe bag another rich guy to pay for all her upcoming lawyer fees.
  2. I can’t believe I’m going to side with Sutton on something but she’s right about Crystal blowing the naked thing way out of proportion. They’re going to talk about this ad nauseum for the rest of this season aren’t they? *groan*
  3. Are we suppose to feel sorry for Erika? I don’t. Garcelle is too. I hate Rinna’s scream/laugh.
  4. I don’t know WTF Kathy is talking about. And does she have hearing problems? She’s always saying ‘what’?
  5. Mykul should be relieved Big Ang wants to be done with him.
  6. Here’s your chance Andrei, lure them all out of the bus, just jump back in and drive off fast!
  7. Yeah, real smart Libby’s bitch sister, harass and distract Andrrrrei while he’s driving a giant bus. And one baby is not in a car seat.
  8. You know what Jovi did for a living, you came to America, you had unprotected sex and got pregnant. Jovi can’t quit his job, you had help and didn’t want Mrs. Gwens help. Jovi has to work to keep you in designer handbags. Sorrynotsorry, I don’t feel sorry for Yara.
  9. Angie, growing old gracefully. And this woman is raising how many grandchildren?
  10. This poor guy probably thinks a possessed demon from Hell has entered his business.
  11. That house Ang is going into looks shady. I think she has Herpes in her mouth.
  12. I hear the beep, beep, it’s called a car Asuelu. A car.
  13. The couple on this new show You, Me and my Ex is from my town. Everyone is all squirked out and embarrassed by this. I’m watching anyway.
  14. Mrs. Gwen, woman have been taking care of their own babies alone before. I know I did with no help.
  15. Oh no a rat! This is my phobia, I have to change the channel guys!
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