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  1. I hope there’s a twist, I zoned out after the first 30 minutes it was so boring. I’m rewatching right now and trying to stay awake.
  2. Yep, just watched her explanation. So cool! I can’t wait to watch The Stand.
  3. WTH is right! I watch this show sometimes, read the comments here. Why does Whoopie have a mop on her head?
  4. Oh man, now this massive head injury story will draaaag on for the rest of this season and probably beyond.
  5. Shannon kills me how she always talks about ‘all nature’ but gets plastic surgery and Botox and who knows what else.
  6. I think it was last episode when Gina wanted to talk about her DUI with Emily and Emily blew her off and started talking about her problems.
  7. So Bravo is paying for this hotel room I bet. And dumbass Shane isn’t even there and Emily says I Love You and he says ‘bad connection’. What a tool he is. Gina is a twit. Brownwynn has to have a tummy tuck, no one who’s had seven kids looks that toned.
  8. This is the episode where Emily does her sexy time dance in witches boots for Shane. Oh, this will be so sad.
  9. At least the women are calling Matt out on his asshole behavior which is what the experts should have done.
  10. Does Matt have all his stuff in garbage bags? Fitting, he’s a piece of garbage himself. I’m surprised Matt didn’t come to the cook out with a date.
  11. Oh fer....these two idiots won’t stay married. Isn’t there one more episode where we find out if they have stayed married or not?
  12. And we’re going to end with psycho couple who should not stay together. Remove any tables from that room!
  13. Why are the ‘experts’ sitting there looking stunned? They screwed up big time this season. Finally! Amber grew a backbone!
  14. Here comes hot messes Amber and Matt. Seriously, if she says stay married her family needs to have an emergency intervention.
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