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  1. Sonja is on WWHL, says she gets paid $200 to be in Lu’s show. And she’s staying at Blue Stone Manor for the month with Dorinda because she rented her apartment out for a month. The booze bill for the month will be astronomical.
  2. This is what I like about these women, they fight, kinda call a temporary truce, and have some fun. Of course then they start drinking and fight again. Now Lu made Drunk Sonja cry and the others are comforting her, yeah, they are all drunk but it’s nice to see that instead of everyone ganging up on Sonja too.
  3. Kind of hoping Dorinda has not remodeled the fish room and sticks Lu in it again. edited: ok that was cute having the shark in the bed.
  4. Moaner constantly stating she ‘has 50 girlfriends’ is getting annoying AF.
  5. Denise’s daughter seems so mature, kudos to Denise as a Mom. I guess this epi is all about weird procedures, zzzzz.
  6. Wait, what does Denise mean about ‘cancer’, did I miss something? Erika who goes on stage half naked is criticizing Denise for going to a strip club?
  7. Jenny in her distressed jeans. Don’t hold your breathe about the divorce papers Jenny, they don’t exist.
  8. He said his nickname as a kid was cheesestick, I don’t remember why.
  9. Hannah is so cute, excited for having two Dads. And sister needs to stop making Armi feel guilty about the parents.
  10. And here’s Ari who is surprised by the humidity and poor living conditions. Did she not notice these things the last time she was in Ethiopia?
  11. Aw! Armando’s daughter is so cute and he’s a good Dad.
  12. They did a really poor job of blurring out the Pizza Hut box. Rose is right about her facial expressions, you can tell what she’s thinking.
  13. I wonder if fake Williams ever referred to Yolanda as YolandaS.
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