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  1. I like Lisa and Meredith’s friendship, at least they aren’t tearing each other apart. I don’t understand what Heather and Whitney are getting out of their friendship with Jen aside from bullshit. I would have drowned her in that bathtub. Best thing about this episode: no Brookes.
  2. This is sickening to watch...Jen blaming Whitney on ruining Coach Shah’s party. Why are these women friends with this ratched bitch?
  3. It’s nice to see a couple working on their relationship (Meredith and whatshisname) instead of breaking up. Unless this is all an act. Shut up Jen, you ruined your husbands party by being a psycho.
  4. I was just going to say the same thing. Paige is God fearing religious but sounds like a freak in bed.
  5. Clara looks better with minimal makeup. Chris was engaged only a few months before this? I smell a disaster waiting to happen, poor Paige.
  6. I’m ready. I haven’t watched the two specials leading up to this episode. This one is three hours long (!), not sure I’ll make it thru without falling asleep. I don’t know when they filmed this with all the Covid restrictions.
  7. Amira! How were they able to film her in detention? Well, until next week Snarkers, my region is suppose to open back up on Friday because our numbers are down, keeping my fingers closed.
  8. I see. I’ve never had a mani/pedi before. It’s on my bucket list. One of these days...
  9. And the girl talking loudly on her phone about her lunch plans. I always point at Mr. Straycat and say, that’s you, that’s you!
  10. I love my alone time! When was this filmed? Salons were open and Yara and hired friend are not wearing masks?
  11. Sara is probably a TLC employee hired to stir up shit so Yara doesn’t appear boring.
  12. So what happens if Hazels ex-husband won’t let her son come to the US? Sounds like he has custody.
  13. Why doesn’t he hire a translator and driver and go to Mexico City?
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