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  1. I understand these designers having low energy and lacking urgency. They are all established designers with their own brands already and some, if not all of them, are making good money. In all but one challenge so far they don’t have to sew their own designs, the seamstress’s do. So you don’t see the time crunch pressure, freak outs, and racing around the workroom like you do on P.R.
  2. Considering some of these designers can’t sew or pattern and only having seven hours to create a look I thought everyone did ok. I don’t know why they didn’t call this show Project Amazon. It seems like you aren’t going to win unless the judges think your design will sell on Amazon.
  3. I’m still not understanding the judging. One couple (the black and red collection) was criticized for being too matchy-matchy and Josh and Troy were criticized for not matching. I’m glad Josh went home, huge neck tattoo’s are so distracting. He seems to be successful in Asia so I didn’t feel so bad for him. So. Much. Black.
  4. WTF is Dorinda and Tins fighting about? I don’t know about this show anymore. I think I might be out but right now there’s nothing better to do than watch mindless TV shows like this one. And they just showed the previews for the season, looks like a train wreck as usual. And I prefer Bethenny over Leah for sure.
  5. Lol at new girl having never heard of Jovani. But that’s ok I never heard of her Mobster clothing line either. Lu and Leah trading felon stories like it’s something to be proud of 🙄
  6. I’m already annoyed with her for cursing twice in one sentence to her 12 year old. The daughter was more mature than her by telling her not to curse.
  7. Theatrics from Moaner already. And she’s 63 not 60. Dorinda looks good. New haircut or something.
  8. Here we go...I’m going to miss Bethenny. I thought Tins got back with Scott? Leah belongs on Bev. Hills, she’s already talking about masturbation, yuck. Not a first good impression IMO.
  9. I’m so glad this show is back! It did seem ominous that they mentioned a couple times that the building the nuns were in was going to get demolished. I hope they don’t end the show if they let this happen. When did these house visit and delivery at home end in England anyway?
  10. I’m confused too. Maybe Michael is lying about a death in his family?
  11. Why are Meka and Taylor still talking like there’s still a chance things will work out in these fakey non-marriages? This is the worst season ever. And speaking of fake...WTF with this seance?
  12. You didn’t ‘steal’ the golf cart Derek, the producer handed you the keys. Really, these scenes with him and Katie are so producer driven and corny too.
  13. Brandon and Michael are trying to make a break for it, the people in the house have no clue what’s going on. Good luck to the experts on trying to fix this shitshow.
  14. The show should kick his drunk ass out of there. If he signed a contract to be filmed he is breaking that contract. And he threatened the crew. He also called that lady a bitch.
  15. It’s Brandon’s fault he went to work, so it’s his fault Taylor went out with friends. Ok. Makes sense to me *eyeroll*. oooh, Brandon almost gets in a fight with the producer?
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