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  1. I decided to give this show a three episode chance. I made to 2 1/2. Judging by the very few comments here people gave up before I did.
  2. Yazan listen to your Dad. Move on and find a nice Muslim woman. Yazan is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  3. Times have changed so much with babies...my grandma put her babies in dresser drawers, washed them in the kitchen sink, had one that was premature and put him by an open oven door to keep him warm. Everyone survived.
  4. Lipstick, make up and nails done. I looked like death warmed over after both of my births and one I was only in labor for 20 minutes.
  5. IKR? I was waiting for Bini to snatch him away from Ari and hold him up in the air And music from Lion King to start playing.
  6. I’m actually surprised they got a second season, the first was soooo boring!
  7. General anesthesia isn’t so great for baby but she wasn’t cooperating so it’s good they knocked her ass out. Too bad she missed her baby’s birth tho.
  8. Cheeseball and whatshername are boring. Snack break.
  9. Oh fer Pete sake...Deavan bitching about money but hey let’s spend money we don’t have on another wedding. Idiots.
  10. Does Deavan even know how to be happy? She’s constantly bitching and complaining.
  11. Did Bini just say surgery would be less painful? Ugh, spoken like a true man.
  12. Sweet little Hannah! I really miss my daughter being that young again!
  13. I’m going to give Ari a break here. I was a Surgical Tech. There were lots of times we had women come up to the O.R. For emergency or unplanned C-Sections. In my experience a lot of these women, didn’t matter what age, were absolutely Terrified and acted like Ari did (sometimes worse). Everyone reacts different in cases like this. My best friend was an L&D nurse, she told some pretty wild stories about women giving birth naturally. God bless nurses!
  14. I’m watching the first look now. Armando’s daughter Is just adorable. She’s so innocent and accepting of Kenny, it just warmed my heart when she said the three of them will be a family. I feel sorry for Brittany’s family, I hate how her selfish actions are hurting her mom and sister. Not quite sure what happened with Ari. She was too upset to sit up for the spinal anesthesia so they were going to give her a General (knock her out) but then they showed her laying down but still awake and crying so I guess I’ll wait and watch the whole episode Sunday night.
  15. I’m watching this tonight, forgot it was back. This is filmed so long ago, there are Christmas decorations in Chicago in Brittany’s scenes.
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