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  1. These judges. Of course they love Victoria. She’s going to be in the finale isn’t she? Why does maternity have to be tight fitting, I’m glad when I was pregnant the clothes were still loose. Tight and clingy would have been uncomfortable and hot, as in sweaty hot. Yay! Nancy won! And everyone else is safe. Which is great because all the clients liked their designs. Oh, and shut up Victoria!
  2. Geoffrey’s look is sloppy looking. Victoria is what she always send down the runway. The rest are basic but I like Sergio’s, it is pretty.
  3. I can’t stand her either mainly because she’s such an asshole to Nancy.
  4. What would these designers do without Sergio’s guidance? *eye roll*
  5. Replace Pastor Cal and the other experts with Mindy’s friend Mallory. She’s very direct. The only reason Zach is there is for the cameras. I don’t even know Mindy but I was embarrassed for her getting so excited when Zach came over for wine. And boxed wine at that.
  6. Mindy should listen to her friends. Brandon looks high to me.
  7. The humping dog is a collie. My neighbor had one when I was a kid and it was always trying to hump everyone’s leg, maybe it’s the breed? IDK, but that was funny.
  8. I’m a little behind because I was watching Survivor, I’m impressed with Austin, cooking and doing the dishes. I think Derek thinks bathroom humor is funny.
  9. I never understand why if someone like Rob and Parv have so much power, why not immediately vote them out? I’m not a fan of either of them so I wouldn’t miss them.
  10. I didn’t know there was a live thread now, cool. Rob acts like he doesn’t care, does he want to go be with Amber?
  11. Well deserved win for Marquise. And I was so glad mean girl Brittany was going to go home until Christian saved her. Ugh!
  12. Are Karli and Thom Brown wearing pants? Thijin (sp?) really walks the hell out of everything. I thought everyone’s was pretty good except Brittany’s.
  13. I don’t like the way Delvin and Brittany are treating Nancy. I hope her design wins over theirs.
  14. Victoria is criticizing Nancy for doing the same design all the time? Hello! Tight, asymmetrical hem, cut outs. Duh!
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