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  1. The finale is on the 29th. What 6 days are you talking about?
  2. There is apparently a leak that has to do with a pre-recorded double eviction.
  3. If Tiff had taken out a member of the CO instead of Claire she would be forever crucified by the fans. Now Tiff sacrificed her game for the cause so she is a hero and she will most likely be called back to play again. After having sexual relations on camera in front of her son and all America I'm not sure she will accept to come back though.
  4. I'm not sure this is the place to post this but I'd like to recommend you a podcast about Survivor, maybe you know it, made by a couple named Jo Ann and Stacy. https://joannandstacyshow.libsyn.com/ They also have a site where there is a game being played where people can predict who goes out next, then they get points and someone win in the end which gives an extra edge to my Survivor experience. http://www.stevejodiweber.com/jsfl/ They just did their JABBIC, Judge A Book By Its Cover, preseason show for season 41. I just love this couple, I love how they are very kind
  5. Don't you mean cocktails?🍹🍸
  6. We were all expecting for the 6 to get to the final 6 so the game would really start and we are going to have a boring week of expecting Tiffany to go, followed by Hannah in the double eviction.🥱
  7. Not that I disagree, I loved her from the moment I saw her, but honestly what else would we have expected her to have done or said?
  8. Can we see Claire's and Alyssa's goodbye messages somewhere?
  9. X had the nerve to say to Azah that he can't win the double eviction veto because then he should be obligated to take Alyssa down! Wtf? Wasn't he the one who was calling Tiffany selfish in case she didn't nominate Claire and break the CO? And now he is like, oh yeah well, if I win veto I'll have to take Alyssa down and break the CO? Wtf X?
  10. I watched a video where a very serious Claire is telling Alyssa that she is in a very weird position right now if she (Claire) leaves on Thursday. Alyssa is wondering why, and Claire can't tell her the truth, she is just repeating that Alyssa is in trouble and that Tiffany knew that Claire would be voted out when she nominated her. Alyssa is asking again and again "why would they choose to evict me, I have no jury votes" and Claire can't answer that directly but I think her very serious face and the hints she says should be enough for Alyssa to understand. Zingbot was not wrong to call her dum
  11. The Cookout is the reason fewer people will sign up for the game next year and even the ones that do play will be scared to death to make alliances, to target people of color, to target anyone in general. It's sad but social media does real harm to the strategy of the game because people are frightened of how they will be perceived.
  12. I watched the talk between Tiff and Claire. How can people insist that this decision is NOT racist? Claire is going home because she is white. I mean, what else is there to say? And I know some former players did go home (maybe) because they were black but nobody said it that openly, there was always a question mark, plus this is not better just cause others did it before...
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