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  1. There's always Jeff's garage. 😐
  2. ... and tells them he won the veto but used it on Beth!!!
  3. A fake double eviction will just mean that one of the trio will be the first to be evicted, then Terra or Brey gets evicted in the "double" and then one of the trio who was the first evicted will come right back inside. Poor Terra, she finally gets her will to eliminate one of Jed and Ty and they will come back inside. So sad. The only good thing now is that there may be some cracks in this trio's relationships. Beth was mad with Tina yesterday before the eviction because Beth tried to do some jury management with Tina and Tina basically told her that she (Beth) is the one in the trio who is p
  4. I was surprised at how Kiefer reacted. I would be really really mad. I mean, I would maybe call a house meeting and tell everything these people did and what they said about everyone. I would say that I would do my best so that they don't win in the end and even if they are against each other I would vote for the worst player. I don't get why players always are scared to be bitter jurors. This is what people will remember and the reason they will invite you back.
  5. It seems that they are not cause they have had interviews.
  6. You could just watch the live feeds updates with Taran. This is what I do. There is nothing interesting anymore in the episodes. I only watch the Thursday live eviction episode.
  7. To be honest yes, I don't care about the game anymore. What bothers me is that, they did their best to have a diverse cast, there were many players who were not the "white beautiful bro and girl" but still the person who will win will be the "beautiful, fit bro" and the showmance had the main impact to the game once again. I mean, we were in here day 10 talking about Jed, Ty and Beth being in the final 3 but we didn't want to believe it but I think this is what is going to happen. I'm tired of the fit bros in a showmance winning the game and the rest of them being scared to vote them out.
  8. She has changed her mind a million times so don't get ahead. She even said once that she knows it's good for her game to send out Vic but she prefers to help her boys. So sad and pathetic. Why is it that women always sacrifice their games for men and not the opposite? When Jed only uses her for sex and is referring to them having sex as "he sealed the deal". So humiliating in front of her family and the whole world.
  9. There is speculation that he maybe understood the question backwards. The question was "how many days in the calendar had NO events on them?" and maybe he heard "how many days in the calendar HAD events on them?". But if he did throw it it was smart because they know the double eviction is coming and he may prefer to win that HoH.
  10. Victoria has some kind of jealousy thing with the two guys. I think her having two guy best friends (her boyfriend and his brother) has made her being used to be around guys, so she would expect that the two black men of the house would choose HER over a white (trashy, if we want to be honest) girl. She is desparate to have an alliance with them (and she has succeeded it for now, they solidified their alliance but the bros are not serious about it, they just want to make her keep helping their game) but she doesn't know that they are thinking of getting rid of her soon (probably at the double
  11. I think Rob just cares for his youtube videos not being demonetized. Don't you remember the podcasts he used to have with Corinne from Survivor? F-bombs every 5 seconds.
  12. Nope. It's Vic. She is now thinking of nominatinh herself and Austin so that people don't think she is the HoH.
  13. Brent is right to still be upset but I think that he will do better now that he doesn't have Rob above his head to tell him what to do and what not to do. Apparently there was some drama with last night's recap episode of rhap that was going live on YouTube. AJ, a guest podcaster, said something about Beth apparently which included the pphrase"suck a d..". The three other people who were there including Taran were shocked and it seems that the video was removed from YouTube and when it was uploaded again the phrase had been edited out. Start at 37:26.
  14. It seems that Victoria is the HOH and she has told Kiefer. I think the HOH will secretly select two nominees and at the ceremony the two nominees will just be named.
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