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  1. himela

    Normal People

    There are not many women who are flat chested and consider themselves ugly because of this. It would be way more realistic if she had a big nose or an ugly body or something. Not wanting to compare everything with the book and it doesn't matter. You can't show a girl who thinks she is ugly and the only difference in her being ugly and beautiful is the make up and the clothes. She has to have something on her that many people consider ugly and it's not fixed with clothes or make up. They just wanted to have a pretty actress and they sacrificed the logic of the story. Just look at the series My mad fat diary and imagine the actress would be a beautiful girl who only is like 10 pounds overweight. Would it be believable?
  2. himela

    Normal People

    What I didn't like about this series is that the actress who plays Marianne is supposed to be (or/and feel) ugly while she is not. I mean, the only thing she changed from highschool to college was her clothes and make up. If only the clothes and make up make a woman beautiful, it means she was beautiful all along. I would prefer that there was an actress who was more ugly or at least not that beautiful. She spends all this time thinking that she is ugly and she doesn't deserve Connell, it's kind of ridiculous. I'd find it more fitting if Marianne was played by the chubby girlfriend instead. Not that chubby people are ugly, but they are the ones who usually feel they are ugly. I can't say I liked this series. I do like drama series and I don't mind when they are slow, but some things were never addressed or explained. Why would her mother who is a lawyer tolerate a husband who beats her? Why would she let her son behave like this? Why would she not speak with her daughter in the end? Why didn't Marianne confront her about these matters? I don't feel I got the answers that I wanted to make this story solved in my mind.
  3. Exactly. It would be like going to work in another country for 4 months. You can still talk with family through Skype etc and you are getting paid to live in a hotel with everything paid. It would be an interesting experience. Fans would surely appreciate it.
  4. I just started watching this and I'm on the 4th episode so some random thoughts. I'm already sick of Mia and her intense looks. She has the exact same look even when she says she is happy. I guess she is supposed to have gone through bad stuff in her life but for God's sake, just go to a therapist or just get over them. Second, I'm kind of tired watching Reese, I have watched 2 seasons of Big little lies and 1 season of The morning show in like 6 months, and now this. I think she has the same character again and again. Also her shows have something in common, they focus on female characters and the male characters are there to solve or create problems. I do like series for women so I don't complain but Reese please just let some other actress play. Regarding the matter with Bebe and Linda, it's not fair but the moment the mother is back and she wants to raise the kid, she has the right to take it. I hope she does. Or monologue them into liking you like Randall in This is us. 😛
  5. By the way, Kim did NOT vote for a woman. That says a lot about her and her whole women power motto she used to win her season.
  6. Not possible! Virtual hugs to you :)
  7. I have come to the conclusion that Sarah, being a cop, has learnt to separate what she says from what she looks. I mean, a cop should be able to hide their true feelings and make bluffs. I think what she does is, she is friends with everyone and cares for them, but her face shows no emotion. She may very well tell someone "I love you, you are my favorite person" and her face seems indifferent and void. That's why we as an audience don't understand why people love her that much.
  8. So proud of fellow Greek Tony for winning and becoming the King of Survivor. Sygharitiria!!!! GZZZ!!!! How embarassing for Michelle, not even her ex voted for her LOL
  9. So what seems to happen is: Nathalie comes back, she plays her idol and takes out Ben. Then, she wins immunity and Denise gets out. One of Michelle and Nat wins immunity, they make Tony and Sarah make fire and Tony wins. Something like that.
  10. I think she said "only three women left in the game" before she gave her tokens.
  11. Like I have said since episode 4.
  12. When Boston Rob says about a player that he is the boss (Tony) we got to know he really is. Of course Kim gives her three tokens to the three women left. I just remembered why I don't like her. Judging people only by their gender. Ew.
  13. I think the EoE person comes back at Final 5 so not next week. It will happen in the finale.
  14. Tony wanted to vote out Jeremy, he said it after he won the immunity challenge. I think what you are saying is a little unfair about him. His biggest ally is Sarah who is not a bro. Actually he voted out Sophie BECAUSE she was getting too close with Sarah.
  15. I think I'm getting crazy. In the last episode's preview did we not see Sarah saying to some people "whatever Tony says this is what we're doing"? Did we see this in this episode? I think it's the second scene that i have seen in a preview and not in the episode. Please reply cause I'm really mad with the editors this season.
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