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  1. Players don't play to entertain us but to try and win. Dean's move was a good one; he didn't want to be aligned with crazy Noura, unpredictable Karishma and likeable Elaine so he tried to change his game. Good for him. You disliking him doesn't change the fact that his move was good.
  2. With your way of thinking Sandra should not have won two times now should she? She played the anyone but me strategy and she was being seen as a goat, but she won TWICE. Being in the final tribal council and taking no votes is better than not being there at all. I don't support Dean but I think he made the best move for his own game. Maybe he has come to terms with the idea that he can't win so he just wants to take the top 3 money and create some drama so he gets called back to another season.
  3. Wait a minute. Dean will be in the final tribal council with this move. The fact that the viewers support the underdogs and hate Dan doesn't mean that Dean's move was not perfect for his game.
  4. And this is the moment that Tommy and Dean get close and Dean is taken to the final three with Tommy and Lauren. And that's why you never keep crazy people in the game of Survivor or Big Brother for that matter even if they are the perfect goats; they will always find things that you hadn't predicted to make them turn on you. Elaine is going next, sadly.
  5. Sadly I find myself not being interested in this season anymore. It's so obvious that Tommy is winning since episode 1 for me plus all the drama with Dan and Kellee, I just don't care who wins and that they gave to say about their gameplay or anything about them for that matter. At the moment I am considering to stop watching and start next season again and I am a hardcore fan who watches, listens to all podcasts, reads forums etc. It's just ruined.
  6. Now that Toby has lost so much weight, if he presses Kate to stop overeating, it won't look good. I think this is what is going to happen, he will come home earlier one day and see her eating mac donalds or something, he will request that she stops with the junk food, she will explode revealing the message she saw from a strange woman in his mobile phone and this will be the beginning of the end. Toby has said that his ex wife who was slim was not his type, but I don't believe that. I think that he convinced himself he can't have a slim woman anymore because he was overweight and now that he is fit he will see things a different way. If his friends at the crossfit tell him that his wife is bringing him down and she is ruining his being healthy, I think he is insecure enough to fall for it. All in all, I think this couple was doomed even before the baby and they should never have a kid.
  7. himela

    Sharp Objects

    I started watching this show and mid of episode 3 I knew that the killer would be Amma and her friends because of something she said "my friends love me and would do anything for me" and because she seemed jealous of girls her mom was close to. I got bored with how slow it was so I checked an article that was saying who the killer was and omg it was Amma indeed! I am very proud and I wanted to share. I have watched a lot of Law and order and other crime series and documentaries. So proud of myself. 😛
  8. What if Deja herself chooses to live with her mother though?
  9. How awful would it be if Shauna was the mysterious fiance of Kevin and she had taken Deja away from Randall and Beth and this is the reason they don't talk with each other? :S
  10. Yeah this sucks. Aaron and Missy should have proper interviews and tell their side of the story.
  11. Do you think that all Kate needs is ... encouragement? Do you think she spends any time of her life NOT thinking about her weight and whether she will be around in a few years for her son? I read yeasterday that Kate's character is based on the Creator's sister. He said to his sister "I want to make a story about Kate that is not about the weight" and she replied "it's always about the weight". An overweight person is noticed because of it so this is what people focus on. This person may be smart, educated, successful, witty etc but the weight will always be the main thing that is noticed. Especially regarding Kate, I think what she needs is to visit a therapist and talk about everything that made her gain that much weight and also talk about her feelings about having a blind baby. Sadly in this family nobody seems to realize the fact that a therapist is needed. It seems they only want to solve their problems with long monologues. I just wish Kate would go to a therapist she'd trust. I bet they would do wonders. Her family pressing her to lose the weight is like saying to a depressed person "stop seeing things so negatively!". Kate has an addiction and she has to treat it like one.
  12. Even if it's not about Kate, this seems like a serious matter that his wife doesn't know about and he shouldn't be talking to some crossfit strangers about it before he talks about it with his wife. Plus the show would not show us this moment if it was something else other than an emotional affair. There was a reason they showed it to us.
  13. He is clearly talking about Kate lying to him about the avocado.
  14. Toby's motive for losing the weight was the stroke and his newborn baby and this is admireable but the way he is acting now, it seems he has started getting obsessed with being fit and every obsession is catastrophic. Having said that, if I were his wife I would maybe forgive this obsession but he goes and talks badly about his wife to strangers he just met and the only common thing they have is crossfit? This is disgusting. Real men don't talk badly about their wife to anyone ever because by doing that you show disrespect not only to her but mostly to yourself because you were the one who chose her and took vows to stay with her for the rest of your life. Also the response from the other woman "don't let her take you down" is wrong. If this woman cares about Toby, she will advise him to discuss these things with his wife rather than talking to strangers.
  15. I haven't read your comments yet. This was the best episode for me in a really long time. I didn't know it was the last for this season. I liked that we remained in the present and we got a glimpse of the future as well. I am predicting that Deja's mom is Kevin's fiance who is expecting his baby and that they got together on the Thanksgiving day we saw in this episode that's why the 9 months till birthday were mentioned and that's why Randall is not talking with Kevin, because he got together with his adopted daugher's mom. It was predictable that Toby would find another woman. He was annoying with all this cross fit talk. If I were Kate I am not sure I would even want to still be with him after such a drastic personality change. I don't care about Nick or Rebecca stories, I am mostly interested in the big three' s stories.
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