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  1. himela

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Hello everyone, I can't watch feeds (not American) but I listen to Taran's live feeds podcasts. Could I ask, why is Christie so hated by the audience? I would appreciate a short reply. Thanks!
  2. himela

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I haven't read anything from what you write in these forums regarding this season, I just want to say that there is nothing or nobody that can convince me that Luke P. is NOT an actor that the producers threw in there and that Hannah is NOT informed about it and playing along with it. I have never been so sure about someone in the bachelor being an actor or an actress before. And he is a bad actor as well.
  3. himela

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Lol when the episode started I could not yet tell who between ERic and Chris was Chris. And then he goes and win. Michelle Fitzerald, you are not the most useless winner of Survivor anymore! Chris' journey to the win: I got voted out day 8, went camping for 28 days and then came back and won. I don't even know what happened IN THE GAME I WON during those 28 days, I had to watch the episodes in order to find out! Next season is Rob and Sandra? I will seriously pass after watching 38 seasons straight (most of them twice). I can't even listen to Rob's voice AT ALL.
  4. himela

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Yet I don't dislike Rick, I can't get myself to accept that a person who was voted out is a valid or reserving winner. The minute you are voted out, in my eyes you have lost.
  5. himela

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    I hate the idea of people who were voted out coming back to the game but my biggest problem was the advantages that were sent to players still in the game. It goes against the idea of the game that if you play it well you stay in the game, if you don't you are out. Helping people who were in the minority alliance is bizarre and surely unfair. Rick, Aubry, Aurora should not have any help. The only game that is going on should be between the people who are still in the game.
  6. himela

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    The good thing is, Kelly and her stupid smile is gone. The bad thing is, the only person who deserves the win from the people remaining is Wardog. I would say also Rick but he was voted out once and he would have been voted out again if it wasn't for the advantage David gave him. Victoria has played a good game but she has not made it aware to the rest of the players so if she gets to the final tribal council she will have the same result as Aubry had in her first season. I was thinking about it and I think that the only two people who were in every episode were Wardog and Rick. From the way the edit is going, nobody from Ron, Julie, Gavin, Victoria or Lauren can win. I predict the winner will be between Rick and Wardog. Both are bad results for me cause Wardog is not likeable and Rick has been voted out so I don't count him as a winner. Plus the game has become too complicated for my liking. We don't even know the rules, how the jury will work, what will happen if say 5 people quit from the jury etc. Bad season. Looking forward for Survivor SA in May.
  7. himela

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    What I imagine is, 4 people vote for Kelly, 4 people vote for Lauren (+1 the double vote of Aurora) and 4 people vote for Rick, 3 idols are played so we have no vote for anyone. I think this would be something that has never happened before.
  8. himela

    S03.E18: Her

    I think Kate was not in the future scene because she is supposed to lose some of the weight and therefore leave Toby because of that. I don't know why I have this impression, but it happens a lot that obese men or women lose much of the weight and then think they can do better and leave their spouse. I think this is what will happen with Toby and Kate. Toby seemed in bad shape.
  9. himela

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    Yeah, my winner pick Julia finally made a big move! I knew I picked that girl for a reason! I was screaming at my TV "you go girl!". 😛 I guess the thinking behind voting out Eric and not Ron was to send someone to extinction island to win over Joe. Do we have any indication that what Wardog was saying was true? That Eric and Ron were planning to keep Rick and David in order to vote out the Kama people later in the game? Or was it based only on the fact that Eric did not want to vote out David? Weren't Gavin and Eric really close?
  10. himela

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    When the people watching the show have so many questions about it, you realize you have gone too far with the twists.
  11. himela

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    When Kate said "I want to name him Jack" I was screaming to myself "why the hell do I continue to watch this idiotic and predictable show?". I don't know. It used to be good but even I can't take emotional conversations for 42 minutes straight.
  12. himela

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    I'm confused. The player first voted out is in jury? Could it BE more weird? But the people in jury also have a chance to get in the game again? And what about all the information they have already exchanged in extinction island about their game play or other people? I really don't know with this season. I think it will be remembered as one of the worst ever.
  13. My big question is, will the win of a person who has been voted out be valid? For me, it won't. You are voted out and only won cause of a twist. You didn't play a winning game, you were just lucky.
  14. I think this season has too much production manipulation; first of all of course the extinction - redemption - second chance for Joe amazing - Island. Then, when David is in danger, Rick conveniently finds an extra vote to give to someone. How come did they not add advantages in extinction island people before this episode? And finally, when fucking Kelly is in danger, oops, there is an idol right in front of her, that was obviously not there for the last 6-7 days they are on this island. Well, I'm disgusted, I like the strategy and the omg of it all, but production STOP, you are interfering with the game too much. I wonder, if any of the returning players win, will we count this win as valid or will we refer to it like the one Boston fucking Rob had? I'm pissed, as you can tell, sorry for the cursing, I don't use to talk like that but .... yeah. Other than that. Wasn't there a rule sometime recently that when there is a tie vote you just go to rocks and you don't revote? Why wasn't this the case this time? Do people start to consider Kelly and Lauren a power couple (as I had said in the first episode) NOW? Or do they need more proof about it? I didn't understand what would happen with the advantage that said "practice" Chris found. Will he be the only one practicing or can he let the other people practice as well? If this season had no returning players, this would be the time that I'd be excited and looking forward to see where it goes. But with all the production interference, nah, let whoever win, I don't care. Lost season for me.
  15. himela

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    What I don't understand from the way things are going is, how will the editors start to show confessions from other people after say 5-6 episodes? I mean, assuming one of the old Kama tribe wins, how will it be explained that the winner had so little confessionals in 6 episodes and they started being shown after the merge? I still think that the best strategy for the new players this season would be to vote out the four returning players and then, after episode 4 (that means now) they would begin to play the normal game. What a slap this would be to the producers face to show that we don't want returning players to play again! It would have been priceless.