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  1. I totally get this. But one throw away line like “Charlie is asleep in the house, can’t wait for you to see her” or have Delilah rocking a stroller and say “she just fell asleep.” Anything would be better than the ridiculous way they went - holding a blanket too small for anyone other than the newest newborn. The writers don’t even try on this show. Yet, still I watch. Lol.
  2. Maggie’s hair grew faster than Charlie!
  3. I think what annoys me the most is that they fired Tom yet I can’t see what they gained by switching to Tyra. If they wanted a change they could have gone with someone younger - and I say this as someone who is very much in Tom’s demographic. If they wanted to add more diversity, great! But I don’t think Tyra gets them what they need. She doesn’t bring any fresh energy to the show. She’s terrible at non-scripted banter and isn’t even that good at the scripted stuff. Just an all around fail in my opinion.
  4. I thought it was Michelle and Victoria who said Uruguay was in Africa? Which fits since they think folks in South America speak French.
  5. At least next week Victoria and Michelle can correctly use “merci.” I don’t like the alliance because it’s 5 out of the remaining 8 teams and just feels like mean girls teaming up against teams they don’t like. I do get the feeling it is Will and James pushing it and the others go along since it is to their benefit. But quite soon they will have to turn on each other or at least stop helping and I’m expecting a fit from Will/James the first time someone declines to help.
  6. Loved the mom. “You can change anything. Can you change your....attitude?”
  7. I always imagine a producer just off camera saying “I’m not sure the viewers will understand what you want. Can you say ‘Dutch charm’ again?” Lol.
  8. Am I crazy or did one of the sisters - Michelle or Victoria - say “bonjour” to the white bearded guy and “merci” to the cab driver?
  9. Right! “I guess we should learn some Thai”. Ya think? You’re in Thailand!!!
  10. Ugh they were awful! You’re in Thailand and don’t have a job. Get out and walk/run. Buy some weights. His insistence on “I must have a gym membership” drove me nuts.
  11. I may be wrong but I believe Hung is the wife and Chee is the husband.
  12. Yes! I straight out screamed at my TV “Puerto Rico is not a foreign country!!!”
  13. I thought the Riga episode was hilarious with how they tried to ramp up the conflict. It’s close to city center but not the university! Now it’s close to the university but not the city center! Did she want the agent to somehow change the laws of physics?
  14. I believe the other house was in Mamaroneck.
  15. Wow. Ecuador. That poor woman needs sone therapy. How many times can a person say “tsunami” in 30 minutes?
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