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  1. I think that the brother and sister sent the love notes to secret accounts on the star and co-star’s computer so it would look like they were emailing each other. But in reality neither one knew about it or ever saw the emails because they were in hidden accounts. Designed to look like they were hiding the emails. The robbery thing was a little odd but I think they wanted the police to pay special attention to that robbery so they would notice the drug used to kill the star came from there and then the sister could just casually mention that the co-star knew the security system was out. A bit convoluted when the sister could have just told the police what was stolen and they would have made the connection to the death.
  2. Seelouis

    S06.E22: Crazy Hair and a Teeny Tiny Part of Canada

    Who else would it be? The cats can’t write. And they don’t want the milk put away!! So funny.
  3. Seelouis

    S06.E15: Return of the King

    Ugh. Worst episode ever. I could barely get through it.
  4. Seelouis

    S06.E14: Ticking Clocks

    Fear of missing work
  5. The acting on this series is laughable. The guy who plays the cop partner is awful. I agree on the no chemistry between Holly and Rick. It’s painful. I don’t think they showed the salsa festival. Unless it was in the last 2 minutes. I turned it off after the murderer was revealed.
  6. Seelouis

    S31.E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Is Rupert going to race around the whole world with that stupid toothpick in his mouth? Ugh.
  7. Seelouis

    S03.E17: R&B

    Yes! Even the actress playing young Beth. There was a moment in the restaurant where Randall was talking about his adoption, his dad dying, etc. that young Beth gave a slight look with her eyes that was exactly how adult Beth looks.
  8. Seelouis

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    That was one of the most beautiful episodes of tv I have ever seen.
  9. Seelouis

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    My graduating class had just under 600 kids, so if each had only 2 guests that’s over a thousand. Topic: team Beth all the way.
  10. Seelouis

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    It bothers me that in a previous episode Jon said his big regret was buying the bottle of wine. So he would rather have died on that plane? Never have met Delilah and had Sophie and Danny?
  11. Seelouis

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Rebecca didn’t know Nicky was alive until now. Jack told her he had gone to see someone he was close to in the war, but never told her it was his brother. Rebecca is just now learning that Jack kept this secret from her.
  12. Seelouis

    S02.E02: Midway to Midtown

    That Joel had come back to Midge and she had turned him down.
  13. Susie in the show at the end! I died.
  14. Seelouis

    S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    I am wondering if her being French is a retcon the writers threw in when it became apparent the actress can’t hide her accent. Now, they just need to retcon why she can’t act.
  15. Seelouis

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    Go back and watch the last few scenes. First the guide tells Kevin there is no Nicky Pearson listed as killed in the war. Then there is a scene of a man entering a house. And a shot of mail addressed to Nicholas Pearson in Pennsylvania.