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  1. I love when the cheftestants get along and clearly like each other. Here is an Instagram post by the three finalists.
  2. A fine home in a clean neighborhood with a dead body in the freezer.
  3. They didn’t have sex. She just made him come over in the morning dressed like that to make a point. In exchange for breakfast 😂
  4. Seelouis

    Crip Camp (2020)

    Is there already a thread for this? I couldn’t find one. If there is feel free to merge this. Has anyone watched this? It is absolutely amazing. Funny, heartwarming, smart, and so informative about a history many know little about. I loved it.
  5. Looks like MSW is back tonight at 11:00. Yay! I have a weird habit of falling asleep to it. I listen and see how quickly I can identify the episode by the first few moments without looking. Lol.
  6. My daughter was supposed to be going to Senegal over spring break with her school. Any chance it’s the same trip?
  7. Love the plots they come up with for Sunrise Bay! “She’s been trapped in a cave with you for 3 weeks and hasn’t looked up!” “ You are only chief of medicine because you are possessed by your father the former chief.”
  8. So the first scene with Katherine, she’s hiding a bottle of liquor that was sitting out on the counter. Am I to understand that they have alcohol just sitting around where Eddie lives?
  9. I have taken to watching this show on fast forward. These are ridiculous people and the writing is laughable. What happened to Ashley? What about Jon’s finances? Delilah is suddenly financially ok? Katherine is a lawyer who specializes in everything. Whatever the issue, just call Katherine. I honestly only keep up on this to enjoy the forum snark afterwards.
  10. I love that on any other show the plot would have been them not realizing it was Debbie, or at least then only finding out because Hitchcock was in the ladies room, but these very competent cops immediately knew and weren’t surprised at all by what Hitchcock heard.
  11. I think Willard also stole them to keep Britt safe after she was attacked. He made it look like they were stolen so nobody would come after her again looking for the emeralds.
  12. I love the cutaway scenes. In this episode for some reason the quick scene of “we got a new couch” “oh my god, tell me EVERYTHING” had me cackling.
  13. Sexy junkyard fight club. Wow.
  14. Whoever writes for Moira is brilliant. “We must keep the carriage in the wake of the mare” instead of “ don’t put the cart before the horse” is absolute perfection.
  15. In the first episode this season, Alexis found out she read the date wrong for her flight. It was day/ month and she thought it was month/day. So her flight she though was July 8 is really August 7.
  16. I laughed hardest at the video of Janet singing “you’re simply the test”.
  17. I have questions: 1. Are we supposed to believe the murderer wrapped the victim in the tarp, stole the car, got rid of the body and tarp and dumped the car and came back to the gala and nobody noticed she was gone? Wasn’t she running the event? 2. If the victim didn’t switch to thinking the husband was his dad until after the speech with his mom’s quote, why was he calling the wife earlier? 3. What questions did the bodyguard want to ask and why was he following Jeff? 4. What kind of name is Zee???
  18. Did they ever explain the doctor who pronounced him dead? Was he someone they paid to do that?
  19. I’m pretty sure it’s at least 1960 now given the title of the 2nd episode and the “vote for Kennedy” episode last season.
  20. Well then again he has already forgotten most of them.
  21. My problem with the writing, well one of my problems, is they always go for the easy and obvious. Regina tells a story about family meal and the sound of the table scratching the floor? You can be sure that sound will be heard later at her new restaurant. There is no nuance to the writing, no surprises, or bold choices. It’s just lazy.
  22. When does Gary work?? We see everyone else working. He visits Maggie at her office when she is expecting a patient. So clearly during business hours. Why give him an office job and then show him out and about during the day?
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