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  1. Valter just stands in the corner and looks on unapprovingly. Honestly, that would be better than Jen's shrieking and Mary's...whole vibe.
  2. Narrator: It was not good vibes only from here on out.
  3. This episode wasn't fun to watch at all. Jen and Mary are the fucking worst and not in a fun way. They're both unhinged and dangerous (in different ways). They seriously need to get rid of those two.
  4. I don't normally post during the episode, but I just had to say...I can't fucking stand Seth. He's creepy and just a dork who thinks he's super cool.
  5. That would have been awesome! Jessica should have had at least one enemy, given that she's a bit of a busybody and has busted hundreds of people for murder. Occasionally there'd be a police officer who didn't want her help, but of course by the end of the episode he's changed his mind about her. Or that episode with Juliana Marguiles. I don't remember how that episode ended, but I'm guessing her character ended up forgiving Jessica.
  6. I don't normally watch Days live, but I am today and can I just say - I really want the devil and Jan Spears to get their own spinoff.
  7. Everyone arguing in front of Jen about who talked the most shit about her was absurdly hilarious. If it were anyone else, except Mary, I would feel bad for them, but Jen stole money from old people so...🤷‍♀️ I do kind of feel for the other housewives in regards to Jen. If someone were right in front of me crying and telling me how scared they are, I would have a hard time not sympathizing with them. And I'm sure they have no choice in filming with her (which is why Meredith's "don't invite me if you invite her" rings hollow), so it's probably easier to just pretend that Jen's arrest is al
  8. Patton Oswalt has my favorite Christmas Shoes takedown. I was hoping this sketch would be more like Patton's bit, but alas, it was not.
  9. Mary is a truly fucked up person. A psychiatrist would have a field day with her. I think Lisa hates Whitney so much because she thinks Whitney is stupid but she's continuously getting outsmarted by Whitney and it angers her. I feel for Jen's family members who had guns pulled on them by law enforcement that day. As young black men, they were in real danger. But there was one person responsible for putting them in that position and that person was Jen, so she can miss me with her tears. I've said it before and I'll say it again - my loyalty to my friends ends with federal indic
  10. Lisa is soooooo bad at shit-stirring. Does she not know everything she says is being filmed? Good lord, woman, just stop. Whitney is the smartest of all of them. Well, outfit choices notwithstanding. Heather is a close second. No amount of overpriced handbags or shoes is worth hanging out with Mary. What a miserable asshole.
  11. I LOVED Prajje and Chasity's look, so I was really glad it won. I'm always happy to see color on the runway (well, except for Katie). I haven't been as annoyed by the sob stories as other people have, but Zayden and Coral this week...🙄😒🙄 And *of course* Elaine responded to it. Bones is annoying af, but he was right. When he and Aaron were fighting and someone (can't remember who) scolded him for swearing, I got super pissed, possibly because I swear a lot myself. Unless someone is using slurs or saying something offensive, don't police other adults' language. You're an adult; you'll
  12. Did they maybe mean Mary's late night gRifting?
  13. I copied this from the current episode thread because I didn't want to get too far off topic. What did make Marlena an awesome character originally? I didn't start watching Days until 93 or 94 and Marlena's always been fine, but not someone I would describe as awesome. Just curious.
  14. When I first started watching I was like, "Why does this kid look so familiar?"
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