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  1. They loved it, @buttersister. And they ended up getting a laundry room because the 2nd floor came in under budget. They didn't get a garage, though. I looked it up on Wikipedia once and overall about 2/3 love it and 1/3 list it.
  2. Ugh, the couple on the episode that's airing right now is one of my least favorite couples on this show - Justin and Breanne. The couple with the laundry all over the place and she's pregnant. They're both just so obnoxious. She wants a house with five bedrooms, three baths, and an office for Justin, but the house can't be too big. Like David said, "If you want five bedrooms, they're going to be in a 3,000 square foot house, not a 1,500 square foot house." Justin needs two bedrooms, a home office, a laundry room, and a garage added to their current house, and when they need to cut the laundry room from the budget because of the cost of the structural changes they needed to make to support the new spaces on the 2nd floor, he had a tantrum. Who are these people who come on this show and are shocked (shocked!) to find out that construction is fucking expensive?
  3. I don't know who was more annoying today - Allie or Sonny. I'm gonna say Sonny. I was really put off by how he told Sami that she let down her grandchild because they told Ari she'd be getting a baby brother and now she's not. They're the dumbasses who told Ari she was getting a brother before the adoption papers were signed! That's on both of you for jumping the gun. And my goodness, everyone acting like Sami is the worst person ever for...checks notes...having a conversation with Rafe. Back in my day, Sami was doing legitimately awful things like raping Austin, lying about who Will's father was, pretending to be paralyzed, and probably a million other things I've forgotten at this point. So when Allie and Nicole and Sonny go on about how terrible it was that Sami talked to Rafe, I'm just like, "Oh my God, who the hell cares?!"
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get the big deal about Sami talking to Rafe about not adopting Alli's baby. And why the hell is it something to even flashback to, like it's some shady secret? She didn't threaten him. She didn't blackmail him into doing it. She just said that if she ever meant anything to him, he won't adopt Alli's baby. Ultimately it was Rafe's decision to say no. I started watching this show when teenage Sami was changing paternity test results...the first time, so I don't know, this doesn't seem that bad. I wouldn't even say it's bad at all.
  5. I wonder if Sunhe's softened attitude towards Jason has to do with the pregnancy. Like he's definitely not going away now. Angelica and Jason both saying something like, "I didn't know if I wanted kids," then use some form of birth control! Never thought I would have something positive to say about this show, but it is refreshing to hear a woman say, "I don't want kids," and props to Sarah for being upfront. And the conversation between her and Miguel about it was maybe the most mature conversation on this show ever. But they definitely should not get married if they're not on the same page about children. Don't count on the other person changing their mind. I asked my mom before if she were to, God forbid, need some kind of organ transplant that I could give her, which I think might only be a kidney, would she take it. And she told me no because what if I were to have the same medical issue she had and then I would be out one kidney. But obviously this was purely theoretical for my mom and me and it's an actuality for Laurie and Sarah. And like Sarah said, you can't just sit there and watch your mom die knowing you could stop it. It's a hard situation all around and I feel for Sarah, as annoying as she can be. Dawn proposing that Cher and the baby live with her and Jared visit on the weekends is insane. I just hate how she hides her selfishness in "helpfulness." Maybe she legitimately thinks she's just trying to be helpful, but it's clear that this has to do with her trying to maintain the relationship she's always had with Cher. She needs to accept that it has to be different now. Get a new hobby, Dawn!
  6. It reminds me of the Pygmoelian episode of the Simpsons: Moe: Plastic surgery, huh? Maybe they could dynamite Mount Crapmore here and carve me a new kisser. Carl: I don't know. Plastic surgery might make you look good on the outside... but you still might feel bad on the inside. Moe: But I'd look good on the outside, right? Carl: Yeah, but you'd feel bad on the inside. Moe: Plastic surgery it is! I think Brittani probably needs therapy way more than plastic surgery. But that's true of most people.
  7. And this is why white people being like, "I don't see race," is so dangerous. You don't see race...good for you I guess. But those people at that party did and that may have gotten Alonzo killed. And I don't want to come down hard on the friends because they are young and I can't even imagine the hurt and the guilt they still feel, but when you go to a party with friends, no one gets left behind! Especially not if that person is BIPOC or female or LGBTQ+.
  8. Thank you, @boes! I thought maybe she was a random Brady or Horton.
  9. So I watch Days on and off and I just started watching again when Kayla and Justin were supposed to get married and I know most of the characters, but who is Gwen and where did she come from? From what I've seen of her, it seems like she could be either really annoying or really hilarious. I haven't figured out which one yet. Claire's and Ciara's bachelorette party outfits were A LOT (especially Ciara's). Perfect for going to a club, but not for sitting around Julie's Place (or whatever it's called).
  10. I'm not a mental health expert at all, but I wonder if Sarah's overreaction with her mom not answering texts or the phone (at night, when she was sleeping) is a form of OCD. Dawn, oh my goodness, how annoying and selfish she is! It seriously shouldn't be that hard to understand why your daughter and son-in-law want time alone with their new baby. Now that I think about it, she must be losing it if she can't see them during this pandemic. Unless they're quarantining together. Normally I would think it would be weird for a mother and daughter to get bikini waxes together, but on this show it's tame. I did crack up when one of them said the Brazilian wax should be called the bald eagle instead. Mary and Brittani, I have no words for their creepy relationship. And Frank, dump her!
  11. There have been at least two bouncy house cases on Judge Judy, which is hilarious. It's even more hilarious to hear Judge J, or anyone really, angrily say "bouncy house."
  12. I was so angry at Sunhe and Angelica last night (I'm really embarrassingly invested in this show) that I totally forgot to comment about the lactation consultant. That woman seemed like the nicest, most patient woman in all of New York. She was so kind and understanding with Cher and even tolerated Dawn. The producers were clearly trying to get her to talk shit about the matching outfits, but she just said it was a sweet way to bond. And honestly, while I think the matching outfits are silly, Dawn and Cher - and Kathy and Christina as well - are so tame compared to all the other mothers and daughters on this show that I can't hate.
  13. Normally I feel bad for Angelica, but she was a real piece of work tonight. I can't believe she had the nerve to tell Sunhe's fiance (totally blanking on his name) that he should leave his underage children so he can move to Vegas so that Sunhe doesn't have to leave Angelica, who's 32! Why the fuck do they think their relationship is so much more important than his relationship with his kids? And to be like "We told you we were close..." I would say I'm close to my mom because I talk to her on the phone everyday. Being close with your mom is entirely different than having a co-dependent relationship with your mom. These two crazy bitches deserve each other. Too bad they have to drag other people into their fucked up relationship.
  14. I think Mary likes the drama and conflict between Brittani and Frank, otherwise she would tell Brittani to knock it off. Every time I hear the story of Frank's "cheating," I'm like: Also, Christianity isn't exactly ok with masturbation, yet both Mary and Brittani, "Christian women," have vibrators, which they apparently have no problem talking about or showing each other. So if they consider pornography so awful, why is masturbation not equally awful?
  15. To answer your question @Rai, I find season 2 much more unwatchable than season 9. Beverly was treated terribly by Heather and Sarah, but Grayson defended her multiple times. (It's a shame that Grayson came back in a later season and had a shitty attitude; I really liked her after her first season.) Heather was eliminated pretty early in the season, which just left Sarah to hate on Beverly by herself. In season 2, everyone was against Marcel, culminating in an actual assault. Even Elia, his one friend, turned on him. Plus, at least Sarah didn't win her season. It was awful seeing Ilan win. Speaking of winners, Top Chef reminds me of American Idol as the past winners are kind of a mixed bag. Harold from season 1, Hung from season 3, Stephanie from season 4, Michael from season 6, Richard from the first All-Stars, Kristen from season 10, Mei from season 12, Brooke from season 14, and Joe from season 15 all seemed like solid choices when they won and they've been pretty successful. Ilan from season 2, Hosea from season 5, Kevin from season 7, Paul from season 9, Nicholas from season 11, and Jeremy (who I don't even remember) from season 13 seemed like really underwhelming winners and we haven't really seen anything from them since their wins, though I don't follow them super closely. (I didn't include Kelsey since she won pretty recently.)
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