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  1. Gosh this episode was depressing. Really don't care anything about Bethany, but hope her children escape. She show less Insight than anybody except the Assante Brothers I think. World's worst counselor for sure.
  2. Such bs shenanigans on Tal's condo. When someone buys a new house or gets an apartment, the first thing you say is "Where is it?" At least they could pretend like this wasn't totally scripted. Whitney's social Barnacles are sad Barnacles these days is that one of the the story arcs this year? Everyone sad that she's moving on?
  3. Didnt hate "The Stripe" because it was fun which is what Cyndi Lauper was to me. Not punk. The editing monkeys are always busy. I smell a possible redemption arc for Sergio.
  4. This show fascinates me. Didn't catch names, and even though all are obese, the only one who is scary overweight has enormous breasts. No idea how she carries all that weight. If you love your partner, you want them healthy, bottom line.
  5. Agree the talent seems to be lacking this go round. Also, they editing monkeys made it so clear Team Chaos would win. Lastly, I do love Christian as a mentor and I get we don't see all he does, but he really saved Team Chaos IMO
  6. Kid dynamic has really changed. Liked the older kids better. Gabe is the only one I like now because he hates his dad. Kody pines for son-in-law Caleb.
  7. So they all automatically assume that the neighbors don't like them because they're a polygamous family? Maybe the neighbors don't want the TLC Sideshow. I would not want camera crews and trucks in my quiet neighborhood.
  8. Really didn't love any of the outfits, still too many designers to get to know them. Liked stylist a lot more than nutjob Marnie. Half the fun is the Mood trip and picking fabrics. So much asymmetry. Disappointed this week.
  9. Love these 2. Lonnie is definately the glue that keeps them moving forward. Love the trainwrecks, but this is a palate cleanser. Wishing them both success and good health. Agree, they are the Anti-Assantes.
  10. I call total bullshit shenanigans on Juliana and her lack of prenush knowledge. No way a "yacht model" had not heard about prenushes. And she wants to be Independent? Then get a prenush that states that Winedouche pays for 4 years of college tuition or other training so she can get a job if the marriage breaks up. She doesn't want Independence, she wants guaranteed security. They deserve each other. And watch your cute kids climb the rock walls you asshats.
  11. Too hard to go back and quote and having trouble with pop-ups this morning but a quick question for those of you who watched the show not falling asleep like I do. Has a curvier model ever been the winning design the past two seasons?
  12. Am enjoying the season so far, but still way too many designers. The huge difference between Lifetime and Bravo, Lifetime looked and felt cheap, Bravo doesnt seem like they are pinching pennies all of the time.
  13. Agree, but this seems to always happen with this many designers. Get down to 8 or so and then the real fun begins. Last season I picked Sebastian as my favorite on episode one or two. This year is more wide open.
  14. Yep. Too many designers to get too involved yet. Marnie can go away now. Liked the challenge, like the positive vibe. Guy who finishes early and hides from Christian- you are gonna get yours soon. The editing monkeys always have a plan.
  15. Yes! He may have been that white blonde at 5, but it looks colored to me too.
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