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  1. So glad you said that. Putting 2 and 2 together now. Andrea is talented. She and Gary are my favorites so far.
  2. I get it's all scripted, but I can't stand Kathy complaining about Christina having to work in the pizza restaurant. So women don't need to contribute financially to their family? They look to have a very nice house and starting a new business is risky. Girlfriend needs to do what's needed for her family.
  3. Calling gigantic shenanigans that Stacy can fit into the dress on the mannequin. No way. Such a producer driven gimmick. Booo.
  4. I wanna guess the "unprecedented judges' decision"! Andrea, the wedding dress designer loses and is sent packing along with her teammate.
  5. If she did lose 70 pounds, wouldn't she get braying about it? Saw one picture recently and her fupa was huge. And as a 600 lb life expert, sometimes 70 pounds isn't really noticeable.
  6. Can't decide if I'm optimistic about this show or just thrilled for something new. The locale is gorgeous. No one seems too annoying yet. Loved the runway show and how well I could see each outfit. The schtick between Heidi and Tim was less than S1. Gary seems incredibly talented. I'm in.... for now
  7. Is it possible that Darcey and Stacey are in the joke? That they aren't the vapid, needy, pathetic women they portray? Ladies, the men in your life HATE you. The daughters are cute and seem pretty typical teens. Both women would look so much better in clothes that fit and a new hairstyle. Those birds nests look so unhealthy. So much snark for 2 idiotic people.
  8. "I was rooting for Whitney, we all were" (in my best Tyra Banks voice). I did like her year 1. But her lack of growth and self awareness is mind boggling. Part of me must be jealous of Whitney and other "influencers" (hate the word and concept) who are famous for nothing. What an exhausting life though. My unpopular opinion, I hope she loses 200 pounds and finds a nice guy to give Babs and Glen a grandchild. And I agree MeFromMe, I don't hate watch, it's more cringe watch.
  9. Liked the "England" edition! Gok would be lots of fun. I reaaaallly struggled to understand some of the clients/entourages. Glad there were subtitles. Always love: 1. when all brides aren't a size 6 2. No ramming over-priced and often trashy Pnina dresses down our throats
  10. Grrr. Deleted too much and lost the original quote. Re Minuyette (sp) having no dedicated bedroom for sons. If it had been a father buying a 1 bedroom condo with no space for teen children, I would still think he was done parenting.
  11. Welcome Back Devi, Eleanor, Fab, and other Sherman Oakers. Wish more of my friends watched so I'd have others to discuss this with. Loved S1! Go Devi. Can't read any more comments. Am saving NHIE until the dog days of August. Have fun everybody!
  12. I kind of get it with the older son, but her younger one is 16. IMO she came across as finished with parenting.
  13. Agree, the kids may be more comfortable at their father's. My problem is that there is virtually nowhere both boys could stay at their mom's new place for even a single night.
  14. Minuyette (know the spelling is wrong) in Atlanta. She has 2 kids, 19 and 16. Get that the 19 year old is off at school or work, but the 16 yr old? He has 2 more years of high school. And holidays? The boys going to share the Murphy Bed? Am guessing they stay with her ex most of the time. HOA prices sure are $$ in bigger cities.
  15. Wow, interesting stuff about Cassie and the ministry. They really left that all out of the hunt. Kind of misleading though. Hope Kevin wasn't complicit in any of the shenanigans.
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