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  1. Bye Martha. I get it that these designers don't do much sewing now, but my question is wouldn't you think that virtually all designers sewed at some point in their career? She was in the words of my dad "Tits on a boar".
  2. I figure its kind of a crap shoot. People apply to be on the show, they get interviewed, you have to figure that the homeless angle is new, so let's film them. Sometimes you get Kandi and Brandi who were great tv, sometimes you get Dominic and James.
  3. Haven't watched yet. To be honest, have been hate watching for the past 3 seasons. I remember reading the forums last season when a lot of people thought that the hot air balloon ride with the fam would be a great end of series moment. Now, again. Time to pull the plug on the show let Jazz have some privacy in her life and hopefully get some therapy. The other three kids can finish school and work on their careers and Jeanette can get a huge makeover and quietly go away.
  4. None of these stories connect. Influencers, dancing videos, workout videos, bikes through wine country, babies.... Do the producers get a big white board and write ideas all of it for a season and then they just throw them all together? Whit is unsufferable.
  5. They seem a good match, but I tend to agree. I only know 2 lesbian couples and both moved in very early in their relationships. I married my first BF, it has lasted. Just wish Mariah didn't act so entitled.
  6. So much wisdom in this forum. Jazz knows mommy will always pick her up. I get it, she is 18. But they need to let her fall and figure out how to get back up herself. Also, I get that she needs to be her true self but I'm sure one of the conditions of her being valedictorian was getting her speech approved and then not changing it. But rules don't apply to the amazing Jazz if they interfere with her true self. Gaaahh! Not downplaying her class ranking, being valedictorian is something to be very proud of. Wonder how many seniors were in her graduating class however. I used to root for Jazz, I really did now she's just showing how selfish she is.
  7. Did love how there wasn't a fourth, third, second place. Did like each designer supporting the others. Love this show, but the talent level dropped off from last season a lot.
  8. Chase couldn't keep a straight face during the argument between Whitney and Ryan. Tried to find results of the weightlifting. I think I found the correct website it was October of 2019 but there were no results online that I could find. This show is awful as are all of the participants.
  9. Gotta stop being so late to the party. Parent-Teacher conferences and report cards have attacked my free evenings. These people cannot communicate to save their lives. Oh, I would be shocked if I'm the only one who didn't think of Meri fading out in the black and white picture just like on America's Next Top Model.
  10. Have watched this show since S1. Seems like Jazz is truly spiraling and needs therapy now. Her family and TLC are complicit if they continue filming her now. Shame on all of them.
  11. Not sure how far behind filming is. Yes, she graduated high school May/June 2019, so this is her gap year I believe.
  12. Geoffrey for the win! Just a few thoughts. Not surprised that Marquise and Britt were out as they had both already been eliminated. Second, even though Sergio is totally full of himself, it doesn't seem to be his habit to mock the other designers unlike Brittany. I was pretty underwhelmed by the avant-garde aspect this season but I probably like Sergio's the best and Victoria's the least.
  13. Really liked this episode. Dealing with aging parents is hard. When my sibs and I were dealing with that, we each had our roles. One was the financial helper, one coordinated medical, I was the fun one, always taking mom to movies and dinner. Like Rebecca said to Kevin, she needs that in her life. Kevin has really grown the most in 4 years, yes he has had struggles, but is a good man.
  14. Late to the party. I used to like Jazz, I really did. Now.... not so much. She shows such little empathy towards others. Why is she is so busy? She is done with high school, doesn't have a traditional job, has few if any responsibilities at home, the Drag Show is a TLC plot device. I save this show till weekends and then I ff through it. May be done.
  15. This is one of those times when they want to have it both ways. Janelle gets to know about her kids pregnancies first, but Christine was a much more hands on mother with Maddie when Maddie was 15 and younger.
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