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  1. From the number of comments in the last episode thread, lots more people are either watching and/or commenting. Have watched from episode 1, glad to see more interest. It's a sh**show, but it's got some real emotional depth.
  2. This family puts the fun in dysfunctional for sure. One thing to always remember is Kim and Barry are adults. Yes, Olivia has made mistakes, but she and Ethan are kids, and were what 19, 20 when they met and dated. And yes, I'm sure the TLC producers are scripting a good portion of this, but there are raw emotions that ring true at times like Ethan's rage/sadness and Max and Micah's bromance/crush.
  3. Always love witty nicknames that are found here. From here on out, I will refer to Aaron as "The Silver Fox". He should have been Top 3, but I know PR editing, and sometimes the quiet ones at the beginning go far. Here's hoping.....
  4. Loved Aaron's outfit and personality. Definately deserved to be Top 3. The gold dress in top was just producer driven drama. Am predicting ( hoping??) he will be in the hunt at the end.
  5. We refer to Daniel as "M'Boy". Makes it easier. 😁
  6. jacksgirl


    Yes and babies shouldn't be calorie-restricted, and we don't know how tall (long?) Avalon is. If she is tall, the higher weight may make some sense. That being said, genetics and environment both play a role in weight. Both Tony and Mykelti are overweight. They really need to monitor her weight and listen to advice from her pediatrician.
  7. This show... makes me stabby. Rachel using her baby sitting $$ for a few nights at an AirBNB? Ha! And having to use her mom's phone to call Dr? No way that makes sense. Kayla- FFS, Luke has one year of college left, suck it up and go with him. Then he will have his degree. Transferring schools may lead him to lose credits. Brianna, if you are potty training and your mom cares for your son on any kind of regular basis, she needs to be committed to helping which she wants to. No need for you to worry, you can "take the lead". You're an idiot. Don't care anything about new Kayla J, and Kiaya is
  8. Whitney and Dr. Now are my vices. I could do a lot worse. I agree with posts above, she can't talk her way through the procedure if she is asleep.
  9. Good question Cookies. Is it because she's a star?
  10. Going to play nice. Whitney looks lovely in this outfit. She is appropriately dressed and it's cute and flattering. Even a broken ⏰ is right twice a day. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUvvTUxs8B4/?utm_medium=copy_link
  11. Janelle, FFS, stop shilling every quackish new "health" fad and go put and get a job. No one cares about your chicken cutlets or water supply. You will be happier. I promise.
  12. I cringe watch this show. How on earth does Whitney convince her legions of fans that she's in a relationship with a man she's never met? Le Blur struggles with small talk (I realize English was prob not his first language learned). He doesn't sound one iota interested in a relationship with Twit. I'm so over her whining and excuses about how busy she is. Why do I watch?
  13. Gary has done well since his Belden Lineman days. He has Leah and Emilee. He has what looks like a great partnership with Kristina. He has a working farm that he maintains. Kristina has changed career paths, but she is hardworking and a good mom/stepmother. I don't think that's why he still supports Leah having a relationship with Ambie, but why wouldn't he? He holds every card. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And if it's just lip service, I wouldn't blame him as awful as Couch Tater Ambie has been.
  14. Ok. I ff'ed and watched the end. I think Gary is pretty articulate in this conversation. He talks to Leah in a very age appropriate way. Also agree that some discussions need to be held with Leah (and Bintley) about why they are continue to film. Leah's peer group may think it's cool, but time to pull the plug.
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