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  1. I love that episode, too. It's like a one last good time for the whole crew and the audience. I wonder whatever happened to that baseball, for reals. I coveted it then. I covet it now.
  2. Oh, I'm well-versed in the strategy of it. I remember the guy on GSN's version who took the low offer of $1000 and, perhaps consequently, the second contestant taking the low offer of $5000. Lucky for them, their third went for bigger money, though they eventually lost to The Beast. The first kid said $1000 is better than no money, and he's not wrong, but... I know some who do it call it "strategy," but I'm more inclined to see it as their losing the nerve to take that step closer to Beastie or whomever is the Chaser on this version. I haven't seen this week's ep yet. I was referring t
  3. Has Brad Rutter ever been considered for host? I think he'd be perfect.
  4. Eee, people hated Decker? I loved him! Ah, but I was young and he was hot... Still enjoy the Subspecies movie with him and Faison.
  5. Yeah, Ken was definitely off his game this ep. You wouldn't know he's the GOAT from this performance. I read an article today quoting "insiders" at Jeopardy as saying the host's job is Ken's to lose at this point. I'm not sure why; he has some of the same issues in his past that got Mike Richards canned from the position. These insiders could be wrong, of course, but I guess we'd be back to three Chasers if he does get it. Personally, I'd rather see Brad Rutter or Buzzy Cohen get it. This season has really been lackluster. The contestants are winning too much! Which is a strange thin
  6. Okay, Sara deserves an Emmy for having to say that Lake name! Yikes!
  7. Sara is an attractive woman, but jeezalou... How can ABC's stylist, with all their money, do so very badly for her, week after week, when penny-pinching GSN's did so much better for Brooke? I still contend the lighting on this iteration's set is not flattering to Sara, but... Jeezalou. Maybe the stylist hates her. On either iteration, I've never understood why a contestant goes for the bottom offer. If you wanna go for that level of money, go on Wheel of Fortune. At least go for what you earned! How many shots are you gonna have in life at big money? Ken is full of himself tonight.
  8. I don't remember her calling them by those nicknames last season either. With ML's addition this season, I have no problem with her calling him "Beast". (Though I think I would if she called him "Beastie". That's Brooke's thing.) It's what we're used to with him. But with the other three, we're not and it seems so manufactured. And awkward. Really awkward. We know how good these guys are. We've seen it. We don't need to be told via silly nicknames. Looking at my cable guide, it shows repeats the next two weeks. What's up with the spotty schedule this season? COVID restrictions making thin
  9. After Brad's performance in the GOAT Jeopardy tournament, I can believe he'd give the contestants opportunities with pushbacks. He did not shine in that tournament, though, admittedly, he wasn't as fast on the buzzer as Ken and James. Still, he really flubbed on some Daily Doubles. That said, I still think he ranks as one of the best and has earned his seat here. But! Missing the Alice and the Little Women questions? Self-inflicted wounds, indeed!
  10. I still feel the questions on this iteration of The Chase are quite a bit easier than on GSN's, and Sara seems to have gone back to slow-asking the questions in the final round, but I do love me some Brad. He has a great dry wit - Loved his reaction when the contestant said she'd never seen him playing better. - and he seems to have a better rapport with Sara than she has with the other Chasers. I dunno, on the GSN version, I always rooted for the contestants. On this version, I root for the Chaser. A consequence of knowing them and having been invested in their success on other game show
  11. I don't think James took a dive, either. He's too competitive for that. That's why his performance was puzzling to me. He was definitely not on his game.
  12. Yeah, I don't remember her actually calling them by their nicknames in conversation, instead of their real names, in Season 1. It worked on GSN's The Chase, with Brooke calling Mark "Beast" or "Beastie" because she did that exclusively from the get and it sounded natural. Not like here, where we know these guys as Ken and Brad and James, and not by these obviously made up for the show nicknames. It was awkward. I also smelled the faint aroma of fish while watching this episode. I won't say cheating was involved because, hey, that's just not worth it to the network, but I did think the con
  13. The set for this iteration of The Chase seems, to me, overly busy and garish even for a game show, and I've come to the conclusion that the lighting is not flattering to Sara. Nevermind how ridiculously small and not intimidating the Chasers look at the top of that huge board. Even The Beast! That's one thing I always liked about The Beast. The trashtalking does come more easily and naturally to him, with humor, than it does the other Chasers, but he always gave credit where credit was due to the contestants at the end along with the occasional dash of self-deprecation and sympathy.
  14. This site needs a gagging emoticon because, suuuuurrrreee, ya did, Sonny. It's embarrassing the lengths this show will go to to tell us Sonny is a good guy.
  15. Exactly. Time is of extreme essence on this show. Brooke's ability to read super-fast, with virtually no fumblemouth, is one of the reasons James and his team were able to get to 26 on their final chase. (James' immense breadth of trivia knowledge being the other.) Even The Beast quaked in his boots at having to beat 26. Watching Brooke keep up with James and The Beast, overall, is awesome. She is awesome in all ways. Brooke has to be one of my fave game show hosts of all time. I don't dislike Sara, but I'd trade her in in a nanosecond to have Brooke hosting. Too bad Brooke is tied to The
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