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  1. Yep, Tom Bergeron was one of the very few assets this show had left. And the words "new creative direction" always strike fear in my heart. The judges and pros had best watch out. Some of them are probably next.
  2. They did just put out a Complete Series DVD set, not too long ago, that comes with digital copies for every episode, so they can travel with you in their way. But I hear ya on the other HBO content, and the DVD set is pricey. I'm glad I invested in it, though. Like @Chaos Theory, this is one of the few comedies I watch over and over.
  3. What a heartwarming moment between Carly and Joss, as they bond over how "resilient" Joss has become to violence and danger. Violence and danger she'd not have to bounce back from if Mom hadn't married a mobster, but whatevs. Carly totally puts her kids first!
  4. My take on this episode is short and sweet: What universe is that CFDA judge living in that he thinks there's anything new or different (or signature) about Victoria's hats (that she didn't even make)? My sister has had a hat like that for years. Geoffrey could've vacuumed up his own dang feathers. Fashions? What fashions? The only thing I liked was Sergio's final dress. In conclusion, this is the first PR season where I absolutely don't care who wins. None of these people are worthy, especially when I remember many of the very talented designers who lost in previous seasons. This season is just a big meh.
  5. Ah, I loved The Edge of Night. One of my all-time favorite soaps. Raven would totally rock some of the designs that have come down the runway on PR. In previous seasons. I was more a One Life to Live fan, than GH, though I loved it back in the days of Luke and Laura. Now, Susan has another kid, the Quartermaines have been decimated, and the show is more like Mobsters 'R' Us. Hate the Unholy Trinity. On topic - Sorta! It involves ironing! - I, too, have what are now happy memories of waiting my turn at the ironing board, after Mom and my sister, while watching the soaps. Never any gunk on our iron, though. Yeah, I questioned the designers' perception of color, as well as their taste in fabrics, with those "reds" they all picked out. All three picked out something more like fuschia, on my TV, when there are so many other more vibrant shades they could've picked. When Christian was getting on their case about all picking the same color but they all still decided to use red, fair enough. But why that shade? You'd think one or two of them would've at least decided to mix it up when they saw the others' color choice.
  6. None of the designers this season hold a candle to Sebastian or many of the losers from last season, so much so that I don't think any of them really deserve a win. That said, I think Sergio, Nancy and Geoffrey are the best of what's left. Marquise might have potential, but he's not there yet. Brittany and Victoria... No. Just no. Nancy, Sergio, and Victoria are all so not open to others' opinions on their work, they just go their own way regardless, that I don't think they'd benefit from a CFDA mentorship. On that basis, I guess I'd give the win to Geoffrey. If he keeps designing garments like this week's, though, I say they just call this season a wash and start over next season. I don't sew or visit fabric stores, and certainly have never been to Mood, but what is up with the fabrics this season? They all look so very cheap. What are they spending their money on at Mood, or do they all just not know fabric?
  7. Shipwreck Yields Artifacts of Missing Seafarers in Canada's Arctic with an accompanying vid:
  8. Not gonna lie, I'd love it if it were Coach. I wouldn't be surprised if it were her husband who'd do it, but I"d hate that. As cynical as this show is, they seem to want to pound it into our heads that there are no good people. The hair alone would propel my retired Navy dad into an epic conniption, never mind everything else. Everything else would give him apoplexy. And, yes, the recruiters just hanging out in the school hallways for days on end, especially in what we're told is a podunk town with a barely there population is ridiculous. That's a lot of man hours wasted on one now ambivalent football player. Agree. I still don't like her, but she really is the most sympathetic, and it's because we've been shown why she's so miserable. Coach, not so much.
  9. Agree, and it made me nervous, what with the designers working with boiling water. That fatigue could've led to something really ugly and for no good reason. I think, this week, the judges got the placements just right, though I would've put Marquise in the bottom instead of safe. Christian was right when he said Marquise's design looked like an ice skater's costume, and I'm surprised the judges didn't ding him for that. Why they decided on just two in the bottom this week, I don't know, but no harm, no foul, I guess, because he didn't deserve to be sent home on this one. Victoria did, though! OMG, that was butt ugly. It reminded me of Carol Burnett wearing the curtains (plus rod) in her old Gone with the Wind sketch. But, when the judges kept mentioning they could at least see an idea there, the writing was on the wall for Delvin. And I'm not crying over that. His design this week was bad, and seeing a replay of some of his past designs, he has been rather one-note. I'm happy with Geoffrey's win. I would've given it to Sergio, just because his garment seemed to have way more technique in the construction, but I loved both designs. They were beautiful.
  10. Well. If this episode's purpose was to make me hate Coach even more? Job well done. If this episode was trying to make us get all up in our feelz for how bad she's got it, yeah, no. Hard no. She has a loving, supportive husband, a beautiful daughter, a lovely home, her boring ass sidepiece, Addy waiting in line, and her cheer squad she's rapidly molding into little monsters just like her. What more does she want? This show's gonna have to do a lot better in showing us why Coach is so miserable, instead of just telling us, if they want me to buy it. If the "he" in Lighter Lady's "He aint worth it" was Will, that's correct. If the "he" was Mr. Coach, it's the opposite. She's not worth it. It's a sad commentary on this show that no one seems to value Mr. Coach. Question: How did Will know what the other Marine did at the party? He wasn't there, as I recall.
  11. Thanks, @DVDFreaker! I'm glad to hear it was his own choice. I was afraid they'd canned him. So far, his replacement/s have been nowheresville.
  12. I'd rather he was still there, too. I was wondering why he left. He left of his own volition?
  13. People who keep children in cages are worse than awful. My perspective on that is quite clear. Yep. I didn't read embarrassment or sheepishness in his attitude at all when he realized Nancy heard that conversation. Quite the opposite, actually. That isn't the whole of why I think he's awful, but it sure sets it off.
  14. My takeaway from this ep... Delvin is an awful human being. And, is it my imagination or did Victoria have even more hair? That's all I got. What a lackluster bunch of designers. Not a one of 'em, except maybe Sergio and Dayoung, if she'd stayed, is worth a Christian save.
  15. This episode is a bit better than the previous ones. I like the slight differences in each character's perspective of events. That is realistic. And I'm glad there was some forward movement on plot, though it's still anyone's guess where it's going, if anywhere at all. Beth remains the only one of the three that I can feel anything at all for, but I think that's a reflection of the actress's skill rather than the writing. I still don't like any of the three. And, Coach, good golly Miss Molly. Your little speech on responsibility and not risking what you have might work better if you weren't having inappropriate parties and sleepovers with the girl who you're letting, oh yeah, aid and abet your adultery.
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