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  1. Exactly. Time is of extreme essence on this show. Brooke's ability to read super-fast, with virtually no fumblemouth, is one of the reasons James and his team were able to get to 26 on their final chase. (James' immense breadth of trivia knowledge being the other.) Even The Beast quaked in his boots at having to beat 26. Watching Brooke keep up with James and The Beast, overall, is awesome. She is awesome in all ways. Brooke has to be one of my fave game show hosts of all time. I don't dislike Sara, but I'd trade her in in a nanosecond to have Brooke hosting. Too bad Brooke is tied to The
  2. A library and a media room would be amongst my must-haves. Oh, to have the money... I loved the sitting area in the main bedroom in D&T's house and, I think, the mini-library in their main room, but, yeah, you can't give up closet space for a sitting area in the master bedroom. That's what the extra bedrooms are for. ☺️
  3. Yep, exactly. And if the back of those houses were up against water and the obligatory bugs... N&J's screened-in porch at the front would be the place for me.
  4. So, three of the teams won weekly challenges based on how much value they added to the house, but the one team that won none of these challenges... won the competition. Wow. I guess real estate math comes from Bizarro World. Either that or HGTV just cut off all the previous judges at the knees by having the finale's, in essence, saying they were wrong. B&M winning was not a surprise, though. I mean, how many times did they say any team could win the last couple weeks? This show, this season, had no concept of suspense. I agree with @carrps with regards to B&M's house. Other t
  5. It was in the behind-the-scenes ep they aired before the regular ep. Yes, seriously, there was nothing "beautiful" about the Spanish Inquisition. I'd give Jeremiah the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he just heard "Spanish" and missed the "Inquisition" part, but, yeah, no. Pretty sure he just doesn't know what the Spanish Inquisition was.
  6. True. I don't think Julian or Corey are, and I have hopes that Julian/Kristen and Corey/Erin leave the island together. Kendal, on the other hand, is a real piece of work. The man could do with some hard-core therapy, because he doesn't understand (or care about) other people or his impact on them at all. Stick to your guns, Erica! Let him eat your dust! Yeah, I think most of the tempters are just faking it for the cameras, and Shaq was no exception. I didn't feel he was genuine at all.
  7. How any woman - Grace! - can face a group of men - That includes Kendal! - and say they showed her not all men are assholes proves the utter ridiculousness of this show. Yet, I watch.
  8. No, Jeremiah, no. Comparing it to the Spanish Inquisition is not a beautiful way to describe your design aesthetic. Do you even know what the Spanish Inquisition was? Yeesh. Alison and Mike kind of coasted this week. Their basement was lovely, but expected, though the walk-in closet for a basement bedroom was a nice touch. And Mike gets top honors, for all of the extras challenges so far, for his man lamp. That was really creative and pretty adorable. Tiffany and David's, ouch. And I mean that ouch literally. That was hideous. Those colors, with no relief from them in sight... Ouch.
  9. Aw, shucks. ❤️ That was pretty lame, especially after she said she'd do something "special," but at least it was visible.
  10. I was truly not overwhelmed by any team's overall design for the bedrooms/bathrooms this week. Again. This seems to be my refrain every week this season. That said... T&D's, I liked the sitting area in the bedroom, but it was sadly a real waste of space when they had such a pitiful excuse of a closet to offer up. Give me a choice of a sitting area, a big bathroom, a big laundry room, or a big closet, if I can only have one, I'll pick the big closet every time. N&J's, meh. I've never seen them on anything else, but, based on this show, I'd say they design with one customer in
  11. Welp, there wasn't much suspense in this episode. Once the Design Stars team outlined their plans to add a mother-in-law suite, with full bathroom, and a mudroom, short of having some sort of construction disaster, they were going to win. They were the only ones adding usable, valuable space. The rest were just... decorating. Didn't the other teams learn anything from Jasmine's win in Season 1? I do think they should've won, as they were the only ones who really transformed the space and made it better, structurally. That said, wow. That entry... Yikes. I think that $2000 should be given
  12. Steven Yeun blazes an Oscar trail as first-ever Asian American Best Actor Nominee Life after TWD is good.
  13. Color me surprised to say I was glad Alison and Mike won this week. Didn't like her at all last season, and I think she goes to the same well of design tricks over and over again, but that brickwork was a showstopper, both gorgeous and functional. I do agree with Tarek that carrying over the brickwork to the dining area would've been the icing on the cake, but, all-in-all, well done. Also give them top marks for being most creative in how they used their box of extras. I think all of the other three kitchens had elements to commend them and they all looked gorgeous. - Shut-up, Tarek, abou
  14. Carla Gugino (and Philip Winchester) to Star in Crime Thriller Series "Leopard Skin" for AGC Television
  15. I'm late to the party and everyone's probably left this thread, but I wanted to comment on a few things, so... Herman and Bess also realized that Philip was partially responsible for Seldon and his mother being sent to Kentucky - That whole "our responsibility" conversation with Bess's pointed look over her shoulder to Philip. - and, I think, that was the greater impetus for Herman going to get Seldon than Evelyn's involvement. As to Alvin, was he really the one who brought down Lindbergh's plane? He said the machine he was using would only cover 100 miles of air space, so, when the
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