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  1. Is anyone else curious as to how the bus ride back to the city from Newport went? These women were barely speaking with each other, having broken off into small groups. I wonder if they all took separate car services instead of traveling all together by bus.
  2. This is something that bothers me a great deal about Leah. She claims to be so "downtown" or the antithesis of a UES lady, but yet, she's not, based on a lot of the clothes she wears, like this sweater, and bags she carries. I've already seen her with YSL handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage and Burberry tote bags. Why isn't she promoting her own fashion line or does it no longer exist?
  3. To be honest, all the hats and fascinators were pretty bad. Dorinda's was kind of cute. Leah's fascinator looked like she was wearing a molting swan on her head and Luann's looked like a dead sunflower. Ramona looked like Queen Elizabeth (as someone else mentioned upthread) - very dowdy (and where did she get that fascinator and when did she switch from the old lady straw hat to the fascinator??). Sonja looked sloppy, from head to toe. Elyse looked good, and Tinsley looked like, well, Tinsley. Ruffles, puffy sleeves and short skirt - she certainly has a look that she sticks with.
  4. I agree....I actually think I've referenced Lola from Copacabana in the past, comparing both Sonja and Luann, but now, I think I can also add Ramona to the comparison.
  5. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I think that part of Dorinda's issue with Tinsley is that Tinsley hasn't been completely truthful about her relationship with Scott. I wonder if Dorinda knew that Tinsley and Scott were seeing each other (off and on) from the start of filming and Tinsley was always denying it, so lying to them all. I think that Dorinda, at this point, is just frustrated with Tinsley. I could be completely off base, but I've been wondering about this for the past few weeks, trying to find a valid reason for Dorinda going so hard for Tinsley. I'm not a fan of Tinsley's - I find her immature and vapid. I hate the way she acts like a 16 year old - from being thrilled at being told she looks just like Barbie to the screeching. I don't think she is as sweet and innocent as she appears to be. She knows how to play the game to appear sweet and innocent - she is probably the only true socialite among these so-called ladies. Yes, she is fairly kind and adopting her two dogs from China was a wonderful thing, but I also think that Tinsley can be calculating when it comes to how she wants people to see her.
  6. That guy reminded me of younger version of Cooper from the early seasons of Southern Charm.
  7. I would even go so far as to say that I suspect Sonja was a paid escort (not a hooker/prostitute), but actually, someone who was paid to look pretty on an old man's arm for events that he needs a "plus one" to attend.
  8. I like Elyse, too - she seems to be above the lowbrow behavior, and tries to be reasonable with everyone. I would have really preferred Elyse being a fulltime housewife over Leah, who is just seriously displaying some disturbing behaviors. But, as you said - I think Elyse is just too level-headed and normal, and doesn't bring the crazy, drunken shennanigans that seem to be a requirement of the Housewives franchises these days.
  9. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I do not like Charli at all. I think she is a little too try-hard, and most of her one-liners or jabs seem very well-rehearsed and practiced. I guess she had a lot of time to practice in front of the mirror, being unemployed and stuck in her apartment. I think the age jokes are stupid, especially since she knows how old Jax actually is. The only slightly redeeming thing I can say about Charli is that she does know how to get under Jax's skin. Jax could never verbally spar with Charli, because she is smart and quick - two attributes that could never be used to describe Jax. BTW - is Jax going to become an Elvis impersonator once things are back to normal? He looked ridiculous.
  10. That was one background I didn't notice - maybe because I just don't care that much about Max. I really found myself getting distracted by all their backgrounds and homes. I had to rewind several times, so I could pay attention to what they were all saying instead of the furniture and decor in their houses. And to that point, someone needs to tell Britany that one or two faux topiary is enough. She must have bought out her local Home Goods entire faux greenery aisle - just for that built-in, alone!
  11. I was thinking she was trying to emulate Daisy Mae from L'il Abner (if anyone else here is old enough to remember that play/movie/comic strip)!
  12. I was actually wondering how Bethenny would have reacted to seeing Leah's craziness. Would it have triggered some memories for Bethenny about her own childhood? Would she have been able to calm Leah down? I wasn't always a fan of Bethenny's, but, for all her faults and her disagreements with Sonja, she always seemed to look out for Sonja when she would get shit-faced drunk. She was very good at dealing with Sonja (most of the time). She even dealt with drunken Dorinda a time or two, and handled that very well, also.
  13. So, Leah is bi-polar?? Well, that explains everything!! I'm guessing she's not taking her meds. This also sheds a big light onto why her Mom wouldn't talk to her after she found out that Leah was drinking again. If we are going to see more of this as Leah's storyline, I don't know if I can watch. I watch the Housewives for mindless, snarky entertainment, not deep, serious topics like that.
  14. I actually liked a lot of Elyse was saying on tonight's episode. She was the only one who was making sense, and was actually sober during that dinner. I know the mantra is "kids are off limits", but Elyse was just trying to get to Leah to see how horrible she behaved. Leah didn't like it and walked out of the boutique because she knows that Elyse is right. I don't like Leah, at all.
  15. Probably because she was still drunk or buzzed.
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