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  1. I agree - I don't think Jennifer promotes a healthy lifestyle for or to her kids. Even if she isn't athletic, she could have them involved in some type of sport/activity. There are so many things out there for kids - not just traditional sports, but rock climbing, trampoline gyms, dance and even yoga for kids. She has an indoor basketball court - with all her money, she could even hire a personal trainer of some type for a kids' exercise program. Jennifer annoys the hell out of me every time she refers to her children (and other children - at the birthday party at Jackie's) as savages. And, not just in talking heads, or as an aside - she's called them that to their faces. I find that incredibly insulting, and I am, by no means, a perfect mother. I've called my kids (now grown) spoiled brats, slobs, wild, etc., but the way she says "savages" is just so belittling and nasty. I get the feeling from her that her children are an unfortunate necessity of her lifestyle.
  2. Yes to your entire post - and the fact that LeeAnne wanted sooo badly to go to a "ladyboy" show annoyed me, and then, further annoyed me when she was so affronted by the "ping pong parlor". And, while sex trafficking and these type of sex shows repulse me and many, many other people, we also have to remember that in other cultures and parts of the world, they are considered acceptable (although disgusting) entertainment, unfortunately. Too often, governments turn a blind eye to what is right in front of them, because, while not legal, it is condoned and tacitly accepted as part of their culture, and often, probably run by organized crime families that are much more powerful than the government. It's so sad.
  3. I wish they had added in the football to the head scene - that is one of the funniest things ever on the Real Housewives!
  4. I feel the same way about "Jiminy Cricket(s)"....Tanner's favorite phrase!
  5. EXACTLY!!!! And, chicken parmesan with a RED sauce is not quite ideal for a white party dinner menu. There are so many other sauces he could have done that are white in color over the breaded chicken breasts. I also get annoyed with Kevin when he is describing his food - everything is "This is JUST a this or that"....does he not have confidence in his food? It certainly doesn't sound like it when he is speaking to the guests. And, why does he have to do that at every meal? I don't remember other chefs having this much interaction with the guests. Usually the stew on service does the meal descriptions, if I recall correctly.
  6. Well, that would just completely ruin my current favorite franchise. Also, I cannot imagine Kelly fitted in with the ladies of the UES.
  7. I'm trying to figure out who was the biggest douche this episode - the primary charter guest, Kevin or Rhylee. All three thoroughly pissed me off. Kevin could possibly take over the title of "Biggest Asshole Charter Chef" from Leon. The only thing that may prevent this is that it seems he can cook well. His personality, however, completely sucks! He needs to be careful - crossing Kate is NOT a good thing in the Below Deck world. And, I wonder how much of bonus Rhylee gets for starting shit right from the start - she really didn't waste any time! I totally understood the disagreement between her and Kevin (but, I do feel that she took it next level, and that wasn't necessary), but she also went in on Ashton and Tanner from the jump. She either was asked to ramp it up right away, or she needs some major anger management courses.
  8. I watched a rerun of Tamra's "baptism" today and thought - wow....how quickly Tamra has fallen out of grace! It didn't take long for her to forget all about that baptism of hers!!
  9. I didn't get that whole conversation between Shannon and Tamra - Tamra actuallly thinks that Shannon "staged" or "set up" Kelly to speak badly about her? Shannon - who cannot stand and barely speaks to Kelly?? And, don't these women realize that calling someone a "puppet master" is actually kind of a backhanded compliment in the RH world? That means that the rest of women are the "puppets", so they are easily manipulated to do someone else's bidding. Stupid, stupid women!!
  10. If Jennifer thinks she is such a "trophy", maybe it's time for Bill to put her on a shelf somewhere and let the dust accumulate, so that she'd no longer be on the show! 🙂 Yes, it does. They offer several different ones.
  11. Of every single freakin' Real Housewives franchise, it would seem! I seriously wonder if all of the is really "Chanel" or is it faux? I know Chanel has a "fashion" (read-costume) jewelry line, but even those pieces are very expensive. I can't imagine all of these housewives having the money to spend on the real thing. I also sometimes wonder if Bravo has some secret, hidden fashion closet that they let the housewives "borrow" stuff from for their respective seasons, as we've seen many duplicates in jewelry, handbags, accessories and even some clothing.
  12. I did watch the interview, and I think it was there that Teresa said she is considering selling that house and downsizing, exactly for the reason that it is expensive to upkeep. I think she will have a hard time selling, even with a pool, but also, she will have an even harder time finding some place smaller that she will deem "suitable" (y'know - all "cleans-y" and new). I do think it will be in her best interest to sell the house, but she probably has some major mortgage(s) on it, so there really won't be much of a profit. It would be great if she could make a substantial profit and hopefully put that money away for the girls' college tuitions, but that doesn't sound like something Teresa would do, either.
  13. I turned on the show just as they were being introduced, so missed the first 8-10 minutes, but, I looked away from the TV when she was screaming and talking over DJTJ, and I thought Kimberly sounded exactly like KellyAnn Conway. I looked back quickly, because I thought she jumped into the table without me knowing!
  14. I wish they had "gone there", because on this, unfortunately, I have to agree with DJTJ (but ONLY on this one subject). Whoopi's comments regarding Roman Polanski were horrible. I would have liked to hear her explanation for that.
  15. They probably have had veneers done. And, if I remember correctly, Ivana had pretty large teeth, so they may have inherited that from their Mom. It's probably better that Jr. does have larger teeth, because at least on today's show, he was looking a little weasel-ish! 🙂
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