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  1. I missed the opening segment, and was wondering why Meghan is sitting sullenly and not contributing at all to the other segments - I guess I know why now. She can't even contribute something lighthearted to the pick-up lines conversation? They all obviously have those lines written on their blue cards - FFS - she's annoying!! I'm guessing she came in with a bad attitude because Paula Faris is on?
  2. I stand corrected - thanks for the clarification! I'll go back and edit my post. Looking at those photos, they do have a gorgeous view.
  3. Jennifer is just jealous of Jackie, plain and simple. She was shocked to hear about Jackie's money and blown away by that Hamptons house. Hell, I was blown away by it, too. Although the homes in that area did seem pretty close to each other - not like the other Hamptons homes we've seen on RHONY - but, that view!!!! (I'll deal with close next door neighbors to have that amazing view, an oceanfront pool and be stairway away from the sand!) Jennifer is probably wearing out her fingers googling real estate/properties that are bigger and better. Jennifer was practically green with envy when Jackie was dropping those little financial security bombs during dinner. When Jennifer was rapid fire questioning Jackie, I got shades of Bethenny Frankel when she would start interrogating someone about something that she didn't know about them and thought she should. It wasn't just a friendly interest - this was just being nosey because she was envious that someone else could possibly be more wealthy than she. It wasn't the questions Jennifer asked - it was the way she asked them. She finally figured out that maybe she was overstepping and threw in that "if you don't mind me asking" as an afterthought - never thinking that Jackie would respond with "I do mind" and Jackie not answering the question! Good for Jackie. But, could you imagine Jennifer's kids hanging out at a beach house - actually swimming in the pool and boogie boarding or surfing in the ocean? Eating hamburgers off the grill and s'mores from a beach bonfire? No??? Well, I can't imagine them doing any of that stuff, but I can totally see Jackie's kids doing all that and more. I can't even imagine Jennifer's kids actually going outside at all. "It's too hot out"...."I don't liiiike the sand"...."I'm bored"...."The ocean's too cold/rough/fishy"...."Make the pool hotter!!! Turn on the heater - NOW!" - these are all the things I could hear Jennifer's kids saying. I actually liked Melissa at the lunch, trying to explain to Jennifer that overspending on stupid things is not helping their kids much. She is 100% right, and hopefully, she'll start heeding her own advice (although I doubt it-it looks like she and Joe just dropped a stupid amount of money buying and renovating a bay-facing home in Toms River - a nice house with beautiful views, probably not far from where she grew up), and cutting back on the frivolous spending to put something aside for her kids' future. Jennifer not understanding what Melissa meant just goes to show how mercenary Jennifer is. She couldn't understand that Melissa was saying that Jackie and her husband will have quite a nice inheritance to potentially leave their kids in 30 years from now, and Melissa and Jennifer may not - not that Jennifer's kids would not be successful. Jennifer was so off base on that. She wasn't listening to Melissa - she was too busy trying to defend her stupid, low comments to Jackie. I'm not a fan of Jackie's, but I was with her 1000%. I think that this is the only time we've seen her get so visibly upset - she is usually very cool and collected - it looked like she had actual tears in her eyes and she was angry - but, she kept her cool, unlike Jennifer who immediately starts throwing silverware. Jackie is actually starting to grow on me a little. I still think she's a know-it-all and thinks she's above the other women, but she's becoming a little more likeable. And Jennifer is quickly becoming Danielle Staub's understudy with the shit stirring, lashing out and throwing of miscellaneous tableware, without all the other crazy associated with Danielle.
  4. Alexis was the lead charter guest - a former Real Housewife of Orange County - celebrating her divorce from her horrible ex-husband, and busy shoving her tongue down her new boyfriend's throat when not dropping major hints about marriage. If I recall - Tanner got up to give Rhylee his seat at the table, not Kevin. Also, the entire crew seems to fit around that table just fine when Captain Lee has a post-charter tip meeting and he's handing out money.
  5. Something tells me that the little pink employee handbook is going to be revised to include a clause that all servers must wear some type of underwear!! 🙂
  6. To me, it sounded like she said "Me-gun"! 😂 And, she wonders why no one likes her!! I mean, if you can't discuss ANYTHING else besides politics (or, and maybe, grief and the Real Housewives), who IS going to like you?
  7. I didn't get the whole explanation about the no underwear thing. They said it's because the dress material is thin, so you can see through it? Well, don't most of these girls wear thongs or g-strings anyway, and don't they make those and other underwear in nude colors? And, these girls are all in nice shape - they do make regular underwear that is virtually seamless and not visible. (I know this because I have a few pairs, and, if there are no visible panty lines on this less than in shape, older body - they would probably disappear on those girls). Also, what happens when these girls have their periods? The hems were so short they would definitely be displaying a tampon string, if not wearing underwear, just like Brandi Granville!! ETA: I would LOVE to see John Taffer lay into Sandoval - that would be amazing!!! 🙂
  8. I think the better question would be "Is he that insecure?". And the answer would be an unequivocal "YES"!!! 😂
  9. When he said this, I wanted to ask Sandoval why is it okay, then, to jump back into bartending every once in a while at SUR? (Didn't we see film of this happening in the season opener episode?) So, jumping in and assisting with bartending in a BAR that you "OWN" is not okay, but jumping in and picking up shifts at a competitive bar that you don't own is okay? Wouldn't a good owner jump in and help wherever help is needed - whether it be bartending, serving, bussing - it kind of shows your employees that you're with them, and appreciate what they do. Wow....explain that one, Mr. Smarter than Everyone Sandoval!
  10. I think the reason that Scheana is getting so much airtime is mostly because she is still single, desperately single, and is all about finding her true love/next fuckboy/hookup/gift receiver. The rest of the original cast, for the most part, are settling down, not out carousing and hooking up. Essentially, they've grown up and have become more responsible. I think the premise of Vanderpump Rules was to show these "wild and carefree" servers/bartenders and the crazy, sex-fueled life they live outside of their working hours. That is no longer the case with the original cast. They've become monogomous, gotten married, living responsibly in the suburbs and even talking about starting families (eeeek!!-Jax as a Dad!). Schaena is the only still out on the prowl, is STILL boy-crazy, and is okay to be looking for sex and fun - along with the new castmembers.
  11. Not only did he run to Ken and Lisa to whine about it, but he wasn't completely truthful in the explanation of the situation. He only told Ken a small part of what happened. He neglected to tell Ken about the drunk rage-text he sent to Stassi, essentially cancelling the event that Lisa had approved. Stassi was totally wrong to yell at him that way in front of customers, but she had good reason to be totally pissed off at him. He's just such a jerk most of the time, and we know that there is past bad blood between Stassi and Sandoval. If he had just stayed out of it, not shown up (looking for a fight, imo), the whole event would have gone off fine, TomTom might have made a few bucks that afternoon, and he may have gained some new future customers.
  12. Exactly!! I am not a fan of Sandoval's (never really liked him at all) - he's just soo friggin' impressed with himself, all the time! Sandoval, to me, thinks he is smarter than his bff, Schwartz. He also thinks he is smarter than most people. He thinks he is a better businessman and more savvy than Schwartz. That may be the case, but as far as we know, Sandoval and Schwartz are both equal percentage (albeit very, very small percentage) owners in TomTom, so he should support any business that Schwartz brings - even Stassi. Stassi went through the proper channels - LVP and then, ONE of the two other partners. I don't know of anywhere that you have to have separate approvals from each partner to have an event somewhere. Sandoval is jealous of Stassi - so sorry that he's "so afraid that people will think" that!! He's jealous that she's more popular, has had a book published, etc. She is making her Bravolebrity work for her while she can, and cashing in on it. While he sits there, with pipe dreams and stupid schemes, and plans out a breakdancing studio in his unfurnished house.
  13. Also, I don't think someone should be asking another guy if a woman is being too much of a bitch to stick his dick in her. (I think it was Brian who said that to Tanner, regarding Kate.) I've got to give these guys credit - they are all certainly EXTREMELY comfortable in front of cameras - they all say whatever the hell they want without thinking of the consequences. The thing that really, really galls me about Brian and Kevin is that they both have young daughters. I'm sure they would not appreciate hearing some douche talking to or about their daughters in that manner in 15 years or so. Isn't fatherhood supposed to help you grow up and stop the douchery?
  14. I wondered about that, too. Maybe Ashton's "charms" don't work on Simone because she's met many other guys just like him while she was growing up, she's not impressed and she let him know that? It is weird that we hardly see any type of interaction between Ashton and Simone, at all.
  15. It is as Captain Lee said - they are BOTH wrong (Rhylee and collectively, all the of guys). Rhylee looks for an argument or fight in every conversation, and the guys are more than willing to have a go at her. Rhylee is a very combative personality and she has an extremely hot temper. She also could give lessons in passive-aggressive behaviors. She is a master at muttering comments under her breath, but just loud enough for the other person to hear. She passively-aggressively throws down a gauntlet, almost daring someone to pick it up. And when someone does picks it up, she goes in the for the kill. She really doesn't do herself any favors displaying anger all the time. She's exhausting!! She would be much better off if she could learn to control her temper and have discussions instead of arguments all the time. The guys, collectively, have decided that Rhylee is the enemy, she is the "cancer" (as Ashton so horribly compared her to) on the ship. They decided, before even meeting her, because of Ashton, that she is to be ridiculed, disliked and excluded. They didn't even give her a chance or tried to get to know her. Who knows - if Tanner flirted or gave her half a minute of attention, she probably would have fallen into bed with him, like she did with that replacement deckhand last season (and, we all saw how that played out - she was a very happy camper when she was getting some sexual relief). I'm soooo not a Rhylee fan, but I admit - I felt very, very badly for her when those assholes wouldn't even make room for her to sit at the table. It's like they were looking to Ashton for his approval before any of them decided to move. It was sad seeing her sitting on the floor of her bunk, eating lunch alone. On the other hand, Rhylee does always come in hot, and you never know what you're going to get with her. I'm just so over all of this - it's been a stressful, not fun season of Below Deck. I hope they do have a reunion, just to see if any of this is resolved.
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