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  1. What I don't understand about all of this, is why didn't Eddie or Francesca or any of the other crew ask Rachel about her obnoxious drunken behavior? I know Eddie and Francesca discussed it with Captain Lee, but I think someone should have enlightened her to the fact that she owed everyone a big apology for embarrassing them and ruining their entire day off. Not that I think Rachel would have apologized to anyone - she doesn't seem to have any remorse for what occurred. I know she can cook better than any chef we've seen, but her out-of-galley behavior disgusts me. Her mouth is foul (even when she's sober), she's rude and she's a nasty drunk. The only "positive" thing I can say about Rachel is that I am learning a whole new set of descriptives for genitalia!
  2. I couldn't believe that - must have been a trick she learned when she was a teenager and stealing beers! If anyone here watches "Below Deck" - there was a yacht guest a few seasons ago who opened all his beer bottles with his teeth - and they showed it over and over and over again. Made me cringe when a sloppy guy did it with a bottle and made me cringe when I saw Kathryn do it, too. I guess she must not value her teeth as much as she values those acrylic talons she has attached to her nails. (Oh, and by the way - they have openers for that available on Amazon!)
  3. Huh??? WTF did you just try to say, Meghan? I swear, she is a master at the word salad! I usually try to follow along, but this diatribe was just too much. Plus, the sparkly eyelids and incessant blinking was distracting - it was like looking at two little strobe lights! (And, she's probably blinking because all that glitter is either weighing down her eyelids, or it's getting in her eyes.)
  4. I am actually loving this show....it's like the People's Couch (or whatever it was called), except with yachties who all have experienced being on a ship with Captain Lee. Oh - except for Colin - he was BDM. I think some of their comments are hysterical, and I loved seeing all of these alumni (well, except for Bobby - you can keep him!). I LOVED seeing all their reactions to Dolores, her jumping off the boat and Captain Lee flipping out. They all, including Kate, looked shocked!
  5. Well, we do know that he/they own a wine brand or created their own label or something to show off in that over the top wine cellar - which was gorgeous, by the way! Whatever he does, obviously, his degrees or field of study isn't quite as important as hers - she couldn't even hang his diploma up in their joint office. Something tells me that whatever he does do, it would have to meet Tiffany's approval/high standards - she seems not only like a "Tiger Mom", but a "Tiger Wife", too. I'm not crazy about Tiffany - as mentioned, the vocal fry is extremely annoying, and the show-off pretentiousness is getting to me. No sense of humility or being humble there. I felt like I was watching the Dallas version of the "Crazy, Rich Asians" movie!!
  6. I actually thought that Kameron said "thai food" shot!! 🙂 I don't care what ANYONE says - there is no effin' way I would be putting chicken feet in my mouth, either!
  7. Looks that way!! Could be interesting, especially with D'andra trying to find her "zen" with that b.s. shaman guy.
  8. Meghan, basically saying that the increase in the ratings is because of her return. Doesn't she realize that people tune in because of the horrific events last week??
  9. I only saw a few minutes of Hot Topics, but WTF with those glasses?? First, they were ridiculous looking, second, they made her nose look larger than I think it is, and lastly, does she normally wear prescription glasses, or are they just an accessory to make her "look" smart?? (Not working if that's the case!) Off topic - Meghan was on Andy Cohen's Bravo WWHL show last night, with her good buddy, S.E. Cupp, who was wearing a similar pair of glasses. Guess Meghan liked the look and tried to copy it - problem is, S.E. actually looks good in her glasses, and I think she wears them because she needs to!
  10. But....she paid a LOT of money for that!!
  11. I think Rachel mentioned something about still being drunk from the night before, when they were all hanging out on the yacht. She looked terrible, and that outfit - OMG! Give that girl that bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser the stews use in the cabins! I know, it was probably linen pants and shirt, but at least make a tiny bit of effort. But, Rachel would probably just say "DILLIGAF" (I actually would LOVE a t-shirt that says that!!!) She is a crazy, out of control drunk who probably should NOT be drinking at all. It's like she's bi-polar, or schizophrenic or something. If Captain Lee saw her behavior at that beach club, I think he would have called on Ben to fly in and save the day, and sent her home, right behind the other crazy drunk, Dolores. Rachel's foul mouthed and a crazy scary drunk, but wow - she can cook! I want to try to make those sweet potato tater tot waffles!! Even something as simple as that, she made look amazing! Oh, hey - Chef Douchebag Kevin from last season - THAT is how you do a seafood Extravaganza!!! And, speaking of Dolores, does anyone think that she was really just an attention whore who wanted to be talked about on gossip/reality TV sites? I know she seemed to be completely shit-faced the night she jumped in the water, but after watching her get out, and her actions the next day, jumping from the tender, made me wonder if she was just looking to get her name out there. I'm really wondering if Rachel (?) was correct when saying that she thought Dolores was supposed to be chipping in on the tip - that tip, for what the crew put up with, all with a smile and another bottle of champagne, was pitiful! Oh, and Elizabeth and James are making me throw up a little in my mouth. She is really an unfocused dingbat, and he is someone who likes to look busy, but basically gets away with not doing a whole lot. They both should have been seriously reprimanded for getting busy while the rest of the crew was on "Dolores-watch". They really, truly, don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Not only that, but James knew that Izzy wasn't feeling good and had been resting in their room all day. Why bring someone else into a tiny, closed room that is probably full of germs. Elizabeth sure knows how to bat those eyelashes and give those adoring puppy-dog looks at James, and frankly, I don't think he really gives a shit about her - I think she's just another notch on his bedpost. He's just looking for a boatmance, and she's looking for love everlasting. I have to say I love Captain Lee even more now than ever. He handled the whole situation very well - including his treatment of the crazy woman known as Dolores. The only thing is, he should have been the one to tell her that she had to vacate the boat - not the primary charter guests or Francesca. When, during the first season of BD, they had that group that was supposedly snorting cocaine on board, he went right to them and told them he was turning the boat around and they had to leave immediately. He should have done the same with Dolores. I liked this episode, finally!!
  12. I was reminded of Medusa with Sunny's hair - or, she went to a beauty school and had a free student practice session for an updo. I just turned it on now, and was like "WTF"?? And, the messy fishtail braid extension on Meghan looks like she just grabbed it out of the Amazon delivery envelope and clipped it on five minutes before the show!
  13. Looking at this, and while watching, I realized that the "venue" was a TopGolf franchise, and what you are describing is exactly correct. TopGolf is a fun experience, and you can rent out the entire space for a private party, with food and drinks included, or you can just go there with a group or by yourself, and "rent" a bay or several bays (your designated play area) by the hour, or based on play. The interiors of all TopGolf's buildings are the same - they have a bar, a large space for gathering that open to the golf bays that are furnished with tables and chairs, overlooking a large driving range sort of area. From the driving range area and your bay, you can play target games or just practice your skills. The food is your basic pub grub, but is actually not too bad for a franchise-type establishment. TopGolf does offer all kinds of party packages - lots of guys go to TopGolf for birthday or bachelor celebrations. It's a great combination of golf fun with some food and drinks and socializing mixed in. I didn't get the whole golf/hip hop theme - I think Jen added the hip hop theme to the party so she could become a Beyonce-wannabe. The whole party looked like a mess, and Jen and Whitney were both an embarassment. This show, and the women on it are just too "try-hard" for me - they are all very much trying to stake their claim in the RH world, and by trying so hard, it all comes off as inauthentic and fake. I really don't like any of the women and find myself constantly distracted when I try to watch an entire episode. And, because it cannot be said enough, Brooks Marks is the MOST ANNOYING RH spawn of any franchise ever. I won't say he his the worst, because I think that RHOC Tamra's Ryan holds that crown in perpetuity, but Brooks is definitely an extremely annoying person.
  14. If Meghan would stop thinking that she has to "school" everyone on backstories and history of why Georgia is where it is, maybe she would have been able to answer the question directed to her. She's been glancing off to the right several times - I wonder if Ben is holding up cue cards for her, and that's why she's getting flustered?
  15. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Whoopi shutting her down! And, that the camera stayed on Whoopi's incredulous look for a few seconds!!
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