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  1. I haven't watched the episode yet, but I just did a quick Google search - the last time in snowed in Pasadena, California was in 1949. Even Los Angeles hasn't had any snow since 2007. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me that Erika would embellish a story with a lie that is so easily proven.
  2. Isn't one of her Cartier panther rings worth like $20,000? I would assume she has more than $200k in jewelry alone (unless a lot of it actually fake - like Erika Jayne)!!
  3. Or, maybe that was the only way Erika would agree to appear?? I hope it is filmed with them all together. I hated the Zoom reunions. When they're in one room, it's more organic and the flow is better. On Zoom, it's more of just a Q&A to each housewife, with very little interaction between them, or the interaction is so garbled, no one can understand it.
  4. So, the other housewives should be held responsible for Tom and Erika's bad behavior? What kind of twisted thinking is that? Maybe Erika's Mom could start a Gofundme......for the victims that her daughter is ignoring.
  5. So true!!! I really don't want to go an entire season hearing about Jen's "shahtastic" vagina (which Brooks couldn't have even seen-get your anatomy correct, LOL!!) I don't know about Brooks, but that friggin' commercial triggers me EVERY time - to change the channel as fast as I can. One of the most stupid commercials I've ever seen!!!!
  6. I'm guessing he didn't make the cut for the new season of "Project Runway", so we'll be seeing a lot of him this season. I'm thinking a portofolio that only includes a black track suit purchased from Ali Express with monogrammed bias tape on the side seams isn't enough. Oh...and you really must have to work at design and know how to sew. (there have been a few who didn't know how to sew, but they could at least design). I get the feeling that Brooks isn't too adept at either of these things. Brooks just irritates the hell out of me.
  7. Well, these are all wishes....I would imagine that Erika is not on the deed of the home, so it is being handled by whoever is managing Tom's finances. I know we all think that house is extremely dated and needs a lot of renovation, but there is some historical significance and I love how Flagg manages to point those details to potential buyers. The house is quirky, just like he is. I can just imagine his face when seeing her "chapel"!!! I'm wondering what Erika is going to get, if anything, from the sale of the home. I know she said they did not have a pre-nup. Will be interes
  8. Then, I would really have to hate her....I love Josh Flagg!!!
  9. Watching the clips from the episode on the aftershow (thanks, jinjer) - I think it's important to note that Sutton NEVER actually said the word "Liar" when talking to or about Erika. Sutton said that she was confused by a lot of what has been said or written, she said that Erika wasn't being entirely truthful, but as far as I can recall, she never said "You're a fucking liar, Erika!!!" (TM-Kyle to Camille). Erika was actually the one who turned to Sutton and said "Are you calling me a liar?" Again, Sutton gave a fairly thoughtful and considerate response, but Erika went in for the kill
  10. I wonder what the Million Dollar Listing LA agents would have to say....also surprised that there wasn't some kind of crossover between the shows. I'm pretty sure they've featured listings in Pasadena before. I'd love to see Josh Flagg dealing with Erika!!
  11. I agree, but, as we've seen in other franchises, the actual person who committed the crime/act is protected, while the supposed "snitch" (for lack of a better word) is thrown under the bus. It is always about deflection. Deflect from the actual issue and make the story about who told on whom. We've seen it on RHBH - LVP/Dorit and puppiegate. On RHNJ - Teresa accusing Caroline of reporting her to the Feds; RHOC - Vicki freaking out at Meghan Edmonds and Shannon for exposing Brooks' cancer scam. It is currently happening on RHBH with Erika, who may be the Queen of deflection, threatening an
  12. I agree - and when Delaney said that, the first words that came out of my mouth were "June, June - Hannah....June, June - Hannah". 😂
  13. Me too....plus, prancing around in her barely there bottom, too - in front of ALL the kids. Seriously, that is awkward - seeing your Mom/Stepmom's butt. She could have worn something with a little more coverage and save the thong-style bottom for when she and her husband are alone. I will also be fast-forwarding through the upcoming scenes of Whitney and her husband with the spanking.
  14. Yup....and, she remembered to take her Baccarat party favor!! Good for her!
  15. Exactly what I was thinking!! Rinna is a self-admitted "hustler" and will do almost anything for a buck, including exploiting her husband's joy of cooking/baking. I wouldn't be surprised if she's shopping the bolognese recipe around to manufacturers.
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