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  1. It didn't make sense to me, either. You would think that something like a lawsuit brought by an unhappy patient would be something that Terry would have shared with Heather. Unless he told Heather about the lawsuit, but never mentioned the patient's name. Now, I want to know what the outcome of the lawsuit was - did he settle and pay her? If so, how much? What was wrong with the surgery? Were there issues with the implants, was there a problem during surgery, or did she just not like the results? Did she get her breasts corrected? I just want to know all the answers now - I'm
  2. I kind of felt bad for Shannon while she was on the "Tour of Pretention and Ostentation, featuring your tour guide, Heather." I was also surprised that Gina had never heard of or seen refrigerated drawers before - they've been around for so long, and really aren't all that original or expensive, for that matter. The cabinet refrigerator is something that I've seen a couple of times and I love it - that is definitely more original and more expensive than the drawers. I wonder what happened to all those cabinet doors that had to be redone because they weren't to Heather's liking.
  3. It doesn't look like anyone lives in Heather's house. So cold and austere. No warmth at all.
  4. WTF did Shannon do to her face?? OMG - she looks scary! So, is this girl, Nicole, lunching with Heather and Noella going to be a "friend of"? I think the cast on the Bravo website only shows Noella and Dr. Jen as new castmates.
  5. Judging from the amount of luggage some of these charter guests have, I'm hoping there is at least one night/day prior to the cruise and then, several days after!
  6. I mentioned the same thing last week - that there is usually a first officer (that we don't see on the show) and then, a bosun and three deck crew. It seems like Eddie is bridging the gap between those two positions for the sake of production and filming. I felt like I was watching an episode of "Deal or No Deal" with the little suitcase of money. I kept waiting for Howie Mandel to pop up somewhere. 😂
  7. These guests were actually pretty laid back, and very kind. Very low maintenance. They asked for a casino night, and only played Left, Right, Center dice. (Such a fun game for all ages - maybe that's why) I don't recall them asking for the 80's theme, but they loved it. They went to bed early and not super demanding or crazy drunken shennanigans. Plus, a TREMENDOUS tip! Rachel continues to knock it out of the park with her food....too bad the interior crew can't get their act together for serving it. YAY - Rachel did her famous French Toast, and it did not disappoint - it l
  8. No worries - I'll just put on some Christmas music to erase it! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
  9. And, now, I have that song in my head!!! "I'm ironing the Captain's shorts....more steam, more starch...."
  10. I'm not sure - the last time I remember a "featured" first officer was Season 1. It was Aleks. But, it seemed that he was around a lot during the day, too, managing the deck crew. I think that production probably plays fast and loose with the actual job descriptions, based on how they want things to play out.
  11. So far, I am finding this season rather lackluster. I'm not really loving any of the crew, and there seems to be no "instant" camraderie between any of them, not counting the one-night boatmance between Jake and Rayna. Eddie doesn't really seem to know what he is supposed to do. As first officer, he said he would be in the wheelhouse more, but it seems that he is still always on deck, doing all the same things he did as bosun. Where is the difference? I'm not feeling one way or the other about Heather. She's not standing out in any particular way, good or bad. I don't think sh
  12. I think that Meredith knew exactly what was going to go down and when - that is why she went to the Vail house early, and then staged that "I don't have a care in the world" bubble bath to greet her guests. Who the hell decides to take a bath when expecting guests within an hour or two? Someone who wants to project a laissez-faire attitude toward all of the drama happening. At first, I was thinking how rude, but the more I thought about it, the more I feel that Meredith was very aware that law enforcement agencies were coming after Jen and Meredith decided to "get out of Dodge" for the arre
  13. When I tried to read the transcript above (gave up, as it doesn't really make a lot of sense and as you said, is just rambling nonsense), the first thought that came to my mind was Michael Avenatti, another shyster who was more concerned about his own celebrity and fame than actually being a lawyer.
  14. I know, right? Not only was it specifically mentioned that Tara and Johnny needed more "zing" on the upper part of their outfits, but Tara Lapinski is somewhere between 5' and 5'1" tall. She is very petite - those big poufy skirts would totally envelope her, and make her look weirdly disproportionate. Octavio's jacket reminded me of overly ruffled pantaloons that were worn as undergarments back in the 1800's, but in a very ugly color. Either that, or one of those old fashioned toilet tissue covers that had a doll's body on the top that my grandmother and my great aunts all had them
  15. I thought the same thing, especially for a Catholic Church funeral. But, then I thought, we get cleavage from three ladies and killer cheek bones and facial structure from another, and I'm okay. Brandy's facial structure captivates me every single time I see her. God blessed her with that!!
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