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  1. It wouldn't surprise me - I've also cried because of that. Sutton is at "that age" when menopause/perimenopause starts to do weird things to your body. You may be the same weight you always were, but somehow, things sort of shift....you're heavier in areas where you never had a problem before or your carrying your weight differently. I thought it was brave of her to discuss this at dinner with all these vain women who are all going to face this same challenge soon!!
  2. I have a feeling that Dorit gets clothing and accessories "on loan", so that she can post photos on her Instagram and credit the designer and/or the shop that she borrowed from. I don't know how many followers she has, but many social media influencers do this. If someone has a fair amount of followers, it's kind of like free advertising for the designer, etc. That is the reason that Dorit is always late for events, because she HAS to post those ridiculous photos of herself wearing these things. And, she probably does the photos and hash-tagging prior to the taping of the event, just in case the scene doesn't make it on air because of editing. I remember reading an article about how designers will loan couture dresses to celebrities to walk the red carpets at awards events, etc. Many times, the dresses are returned unwearable, but the mention of the designer's name on all the red carpet events ("Who are you wearing?" -- "Who designed your dress?".....Joan Rivers always asked that, and everyone else does now, too) was worth the loss of the garment. Kyle gets perturbed about this, not just because Dorit is always late, but probably because Kyle actually buys all or most of her own clothes and accessories. I can't say that I don't disagree with Kyle in this respect. Dorit is a phony, fronting this fabulous life and wardrobe, when the clothes/accessories are probably returned soon after the event.
  3. It would be great if that clip is used during the Reunion to question Kyle about Brandi's truthfulness.
  4. Where was she? I guess I missed that part of the show. I noticed she wasn't around for either the D&G shopping or the sports car/wine tasting. I actually enjoyed it all because she wasn't there to drag everyone down.
  5. I completely agree with your entire post!! I also believe Denise, and I even believed her tonight. I think that Denise was shocked at how quickly the ladies were to believe everything that Brandi has said, considering past histories with Brandi. I also think that Denise is someone who may hear things and just choose not to repeat them. That is going to drive all the other women crazy, considering that they consume more gossip than food. I think that Denise is also someone who doesn't always pay attention to details like EXACT dates and times she has spoken to someone. She seems to me to be a little scatterbrained or maybe just stoned or just has a lot on her plate that specifics about conversations with an aquaintance aren't paramount in her mind. I could be wrong, and Denise could be hiding more than she's not saying, but I just don't get that vibe from her. And, I say all of this with not really being a big fan of Denise's, just feeling that she is being piled on....mostly because she came out on the top of the "popularity" list last season, so the others are looking to tear her down.
  6. First time all season that I actually appreciated Garcelle being there!!
  7. Exactly!!! I was thinking of all this! I'd like to know what the actual answer is, because in that same season of BD, Captain Lee threw charter guests off the boat for having what looked like cocaine, but had no problem with Cat's anxiety meds. Could it be different in the Caribbean than it is in European waters?
  8. I've been trying to remember the situation with Leon when Captain Lee fired him. I think that Captain Lee expected him to finish out the charter, as well, so maybe, just maybe, Sandy isn't that far off the mark. And, Captain Lee didn't technically fire Leon "on the spot". He told Leon that the charter would be his last, and then Leon said "well, I think I'll just leave right now." I think I remember at the time, that many posters, including myself, were outraged that he would not finish out that particular charter as expected. Although, Captain Lee did not fire Leon in front of practically the entire crew as Sandy did to Kiko, and I think that they only had one dinner and breakfast for the guests. With Kiko, I think it was two dinners and a breakfast. I really hate to admit this, there isn't much difference between the two scenarios, except for the reason for the firing. One chef nearly burned down the boat because his lack of properly cleaning the galley caused an oven fire and the other chef just sent out too much fried food and bad looking nachos for one of four dinners of a charter, which the clients may not have raved about but also did not overly complain about, either. One other difference is that Leon was a raging, angry, no talent, mysoginistic asshole and Kiko is an extremely likable, good looking, upbeat and semi-talented nice guy. While I am completely on Kiko's side and had tears in my eyes throughout most of this episode, this is just a little food for thought.
  9. Captain Glenn!! He was definitely likeable enough, and actually pitched in to help when needed, but I just couldn't get past the fact that he allowed all the galley shennanigans between Adam and what's-her-name, the horrible chief stew.
  10. Does Sandy NOT watch the show after it is filmed?? How can she outright lie about what is very apparent on film? How can she not realize what a pain in the ass she is to both the charter guests and her crew?? I much prefer the captaining style of Captain Lee - hell, I would even be happy to see Captain Mark (was that his name) from Season 1 of Below Deck Med.
  11. I hope we do get to see the tip meeting, because I am really, really curious as to what the tip was. This group of charter guests were probably the BEST guests ever on any Below Deck!!! They were gracious, classy, fun, and really seemed to enjoy every aspect of this trip, finding good in everything. They even were complimentary of the Vegas dinner, even though they didn't really enjoy it. I'd love to see more guests like this!! Either they are all just very, very nice people, or they did their research before this charter and made a pact to not be "those guests". I'm guessing they are all just nice people.
  12. I think Sandy could have clearly given Kiko the proper direction and, with full support and advice, he could have improved. If there was ever a yacht chef that we have seen that did not make it about himself, it was Kiko. She kept boosting Anastasia last season, who also "CLEARLY DID NOT HAVE THE TRAINING"....she was a one person stew/chef on a small charter previously. But, yet, Sandy kept giving her pep talks, and she did the job. Again, fuck you, Sandy - you're a mean, mean person and only interesting in making it all about yourself. Oh, how I would have loved to see Leon show up as a replacement chef!! But, we have a love interest chef just waiting on the dock until Kiko and his guitar walked away.
  13. Watching WWHL with Sandy and Kate - Andy asks Sandy what was her choice for Kiko's best meal, and she can't give an answer?? What about the meal that she told him was "Michelin star rated"???? Fuck you, Sandy - you're a nasty person!
  14. That scene with Captain Sandy, Malia and Bugsy, discussing Malia's boyfriend was like the witches' coven!!
  15. Pizzas for the crew's dinner. Captain Sandy - that benevolent soul (I wish there was a sarcasti-font here, LOL!), after firing the Chef, but demanding he stay and work to make her look good, decided that Kiko didn't have to cook for the crew and sent Alex and Sneaky Pete out for pizza.
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