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  1. I wonder if that hashtag, #ShotGirlSummer, was Meghan's "brilliant" ad campaign that no one wanted? If so, it kinda sucks, so I understand why no one was interested. And, I HATE, HATE, HATE when the way the word "bitches" is now used so often....imo, it's just such a derogatory term, and Meghan constantly uses it, along with so many others. Don't even get me started on the #AmericaFuckYeah thing.
  2. So, can we expect a few Meghan-less days somewhere around May 21st, while she's whooping it up, gambling and drinking shots in Las Vegas?
  3. There's always TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, FB, etc. - I don't know why Meghan didn't just start her wonderful ad campaign on there.
  4. I agree....now I am just so grossed out about clothing in the stores. I have been doing lots of online shopping for the past year or so, and really appreciate it when I get clothing that is still in the individual plastic bags!! Just one more thing to worry about - that someone wore something you bought for a party or something! I had an aunt who did this all the time with formal/cocktail dresses. My Mom and my other aunts would see her tags peeking out of her sleeve or neckline. One time, one of my other aunts (they were sisters), went up to her to give her a "hug" and pulled
  5. Well...judging from the outfit Leah's wearing in the photo included in this article, something tells me her conversion was a no-go.
  6. Yup!!!! I don't think they will go back in the studio until probably September, when the new season starts.
  7. You are correct - I had forgotten about that whole re-birthing of Tamra!!! Which was also just another ploy for a storyline. Tamra's hair was still damp from that full body baptism when she went back to being a nasty, two-faced, sneaky person. It seems Tamra no sooner found Jesus than she lost him again.
  8. I think that by the time the reunion rolls around and Andy asks her if she has completed her studies and converted to Judaism, Leah will have a whole host of reasons why she dropped the idea, most of which will be bullshit, because I'm thinking she grabbed at this to have a "personal journey" storyline which would secure more screen time for herself than the other housewives (we've never seen any housewife changing from one religion to another, or even delved deeply into their religion - except for the Salt Lake City women). As I said in previous posts, she is using Orthodox Judaism and
  9. The housewives could have teamed with Jill Zarin. She and Ally jumped on the mask entrepreneur bandwagon pretty early in the pandemic, and I recently saw them selling their masks on "The View" during their "View Your Deal" weekly sales promotions. https://jillzarin.com/collections/fashion-face-mask
  10. I was just kind of making things up about that kind of movie, but then, I started thinking about it, and there is an old Susan Hayward movie, "Back Street", which is kind of along the story of a poor, hard working designer who becomes famous (but, she has an affair with married John Gavin, so that is the main story). It's a great, soapy, over-the-top love story/drama!!! Another that comes to mind is Mahogany with Diana Ross - she wants to be a designer, becomes a model, moves to Italy and finally finds out her true destiny was back in Chicago with a dreamy Billy Dee Williams. But, the
  11. I think that this is all still part of Sonja's delusions. She imagines herself as some sort of modern day couturier with long ago used methods, such as overseeing every single phase of her "designs", from the actual designing (which she doesn't do), to creating the patterns (which she probably has no idea what that is), to setting up a production shop/offices (which she doesn't have), to procuring/commissioning fabrics (which she wouldn't know the first thing about), to personally overseeing the sewing floor and employees (which she only has in her little imaginary delusional world), to final
  12. I thought Leah also threw in the "not drinking" thing, along with the pandemic as a reason for needing a change of religions (something tells me she wasn't exactly a practicing Catholic for a long time).
  13. When Meghan said this word "shivving", and prefaced it by saying she was going to be crass, I honestly thought she said "They're shitting Liz Cheney" - I had to rewind to listen to it a second time. Great recap!! :-)
  14. Yes - I heard that as well. I think that this is just another one of Sonja's delusions that she's trying to push, to make her apparel more "luxe". Sonja always has a story/exxaggerated excuse as to why a business has failed. All she had to say was that her main retail distributor went bankrupt and she was part of the fallout. It's happening all over with Covid-related business failures. Century 21 recently announced a reopening (of sorts), so it will be interesting to see if they will be carrying Sonja's clothing line, or if she now has an "exclusive" with Walmart.com.
  15. So happy that the ladies of NY are back, but the show was kind of underwhelming. I don't know if the entire Housewives franchise has outlived it's appeal, or if the past 14 months of dealing with a global pandemic has changed my point of view, but I didn't feel the same sense of "fun entertainment" I've felt in the past. Or - is it that my whole perspective has been brought down because I really, really, really dislike Leah and all of her fake "wokeness" and faux downtown vibe? Converting to Judaism, but not completely committed to all aspects of the religion?? I can't believe any r
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