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  1. I think what you are referring to in your post is body dysmorphia, where someone focuses on perceived flaws in their appearance. It is a mental disorder that usually leads to or is associated with anorexia and bulimia. But, what I've bolded here is that I don't think that Teddi has EVER worn the perfect outfit. She really does not have a fashionable bone in her body, nor does she have any type of personal flair with accessories, etc. I've seen Teddi look nice, but nothing she wears blows me away in a good or bad way. She's also looked awful in sooo many outfits. If anyone on this show could benefit from hiring a personl stylist, it is Teddi. Hey - maybe someone can start a "fashion accountablity" company and Teddi can text them everyday with everything she is wearing. They can text back and yell at her "NO....DO NOT WEAR THAT!!"
  2. I would totally take Luke over Leah any day! I really like him. (Ladies of London fan here!!) The only thing is that Sonja would probably try to monopolize him!
  3. It wouldn't shock me in the least to find out that Kiki already read that article before Ramona even brought it up on the show. Google is most young kids' best friend (as it is to almost everyone). They are always looking things up on the internet, usually using a search engine like Google.
  4. And, this is why the New York ladies will always be the best, imo. Ramona, for all her faults, just always makes me laugh.
  5. Oh - Teddi will be back next season (if asked), barring anything major happening with her business and the bad press it's been getting lately. Teddi needs this show to finally feel good about herself - and Kyle needs a sidekick!
  6. Sherri Shepherd could give you some details on that!! (Remember when she said she wasn't sure if the earth was flat when asked by her son??) 🙂
  7. I'm just wondering if Meghan ever does her "homework". I mean, I assume the panel must get research work so they can speak on the topics (i.e., books, movies, TV shows, etc.). It seems like everytime something like this is discussed and Meghan is asked "Did you read/watch that?", her answer is always a big fat NO, but I did watch/read blah, blah, blah [insert name of whatever Meghan decides to promote]. How can someone have some type of intelligent, informed discussion about the pre-decided topic and NOT do the research?? At least Sunny gave it a little bit of effort and watched for a short time.* *And, at this point, Whoopie is so checked out, I don't expect her to do anything more than show up every day at 11:00. I think that was the point that Sara was trying to make. There could have been a good discussion about this movie (which I have not seen and am not sure if I want to watch) and the whole "Cancel Netflix" thing (which is cancel culture, regardless of what Sunny says) if more than one person on the panel had seen the entire movie.
  8. Sunny keeps saying that any debates between Trump and Biden need to have live, real-time fact checkers so they can dispute any wrong information. Maybe that person should start out interning as a fact-checker for Meghan, who always seems to be spewing party lines, rather than actual facts! 🙂
  9. Rinna may get a villian edit, but I don't think it will be a harsh one. Rinna is much like Teresa Guidice in that respect, willing to do whatever it takes to keep her paycheck. Although, I think with Teresa it's a little different, because she is just not smart at all, and does what is asked without question. Rinna, on the other hand, I think is very, very smart and very cunning. She probably comes up with the things she does on her own, and pitches them to the producers. I agree!! Rinna has major issues "owning" her own behavior as just blatantly wrong and horrible. She always has an excuse and it's usually the fault of someone else that "made" her do something. (I wonder if those puppet strings ever get tangled around her neck when so many others are controlling her with them!)
  10. The lips are bad, but again with the glitter on the eyelids!! Absolutely ridiculous look for someone who wants to be taken as a serious political pundit!! And, that eye shadow looks especially stupid with a plaid blouse/shirt - who knew that "sparkly lumberjack" was a fashion look??
  11. I read about Dorit and PK moving too! I wonder if Dorit is going to return any of the housewarming gifts she received~~to the actual gift-giver and not the store where it was purchased! 🙂 I don't think Dorit and PK have the bank account to purchase something outright on their own that would "support" the lifestyle they are trying to front. I think they do some shady dealings with a partner where the partner puts up the money, they live in the house for a while and then they sell it. I can't remember exactly, but I remember seeing something somewhere about this, and it all sounded very sketchy to me.
  12. So....who would love to hear a podcast with all these ousted Housewives? I would pay money to hear Denise, Garcelle, LVP, Joyce, Camille and whoever else wanted to spill the dirt on the remaining cast. (Excluding Brandi, of course!!)
  13. Geez - if you didn't keep saying "Rinna" here and mentioned two daughters, instead of two sons, I would have sworn you were talking about Brandi. The description here fits both of them perfectly!
  14. I don't know, given a chance, I think that Sutton could be fun.
  15. I agree with your enitre post - but the part I bolded, especially!! These women acted like they are federal prosecutors interrogating a witness!! Again, there are things about all of them that have remained a secret. But, they should all be warned. If Brandi Glanville has even an inkling of a possible rumor, it will be become truth and will be announced and repeated as often as possible. Karma can be a mean bitch. She plays fairly (but not always cleanly) - everyone gets their turn eventually!!!
  16. Absolutely!!! If for no reason other than she did not side with Rinna, Kyle and Teddi against Denise. I actually kind of liked Dorit during the reunion, mostly because she did defend Denise. Actually, I hope they all turn on each other, just like a bunch of cackling hyenas.
  17. Thanks - I didn't recall that, but it does sound like something that Erika would do. Okay - so with that, I would still never forgive my husband for not getting to New York to see me as soon as I deemed it was okay, which I am sure was before Covid hit and Broadway shut down. It looked like it may have been February when the ladies went - he could have gone then. There was plenty of time - I mean, the man has a private plane - he could go whenever he wanted to and been back in LA the next morning! I just think that we are seeing that Erika and Tom have a much more platonic marriage than a romantic one.
  18. I'm thinking with the way Dorit and Erika were kissing up to Rinna, she will be ousting Kyle next year as the HBIC. Beware, Kyle - the tides may be turning, and you'll be next on the "get rid of" list.
  19. I agree....and, I will be eternally grateful if I never, ever, ever again hear the words "Own it" out of Lisa Rinna's fucking disgusting mouth. Practice what you preach, you fame-whore lowlife! I HATE Rinna!!!
  20. I just do not understand how it is acceptable for someone's husband to NOT be at his wife's opening night on Broadway!!! I would never be able to forgive my husband for that!! I think Erika spilled more about their marriage in that one statement than she wanted to.
  21. If I were so unlucky to be another one of Rinna's friends, I would be seriously upset, seeing as how she so easily threw away a longtime friendship for some C-list celebrity status and for selfish attention she desperately craves. Clearly shows that she doesn't value friendship over fame.
  22. I screamed at my TV when Rinna said that - if it isn't about YOU, why are YOU pushing and pushing about it - mind your own fucking business!! And again, I HATE Lisa Rinna!!
  23. Rinna's texts with Denise are "private", but Denise's texts with Brandi are NOT? And, Rinna has copies of them - where did she get those - from skanky Brandi??? ....give me a fucking break!! God, I HATE Lisa Rinna!!!!
  24. Did anyone else think that this should have been the background music when Rob and Jess were tyring to fix their relationship? They were both soooo deep into their feelings and trying to explain that to each other. But, what it basically boils down to, as we saw later in the episode, is that Rob can be a little flirty and Jess can be super jealous!
  25. Imagine how skanky Pete must have felt (Just to clarify - I DO NOT feel badly for him at all)!! When Aesha came on board, he probably thought "Oh wow--here's my chance to be part of the "Love Boat" crew, but NOPE--Aesha's not interested. So, off he has to go - into the sunset and reality TV oblivion - less than the other crew on the yacht that we never see - y'know - the ones that do most of the actual work!! That kind of karma is well deserved! Pete thought he was going to hooking up with every female crew member, and bragged about it.
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