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  1. I am a bit weirded out that on the basis of what seemed an eternity of wretched footage, but was really not that much more than fifteen or twenty minutes showing two people feeling hurt and/or misunderstanding one another, Greg is now a gaslighter, an emotional abuser, and (gulp) a psychopath! Because 'duping delight' is something the earlier researchers of psychopathy noted as a hallmark of psychopaths, not just liars per se.
  2. Well, this thread was more exciting than that episode. I am on Greg's side, but even so thought during that lengthy whatever it was that he would get exhausting pretty fast. I cannot believe Katie (is that her name?! I've watched every episode and seconds ago finished reading this thread and suddenly I'm not sure, maybe my braincells are dissolving from too much of this dreary schlock) basically iced Greg politely after his passionate outpouring, and then replied inanely, 'I love looking at you!' because she's thinking, Steady on, I still have to have sex with that randy bearded troll before y
  3. I'm thrilled Pandora Boxx is safe, and there for Snatch Game. Still no idea what the 'game within a game' is... Two parallel Snatch Games? I bet whatever it is is just another bring back Ru's favourite stunt. Meanwhile, Kylie doing well, Pandora safe and getting actual air time, and some interesting chats. I thought it was quite a good ep; but enough of the singing and dancing ffs.
  4. I enjoyed Kylie's lipsync, and thought she did quite well in her role eventually. I wish Pandora Boxx got more airtime and recognition, but at least she didn't go out first unfairly like last time on AS, so I should just shut up and be grateful, I guess... I think not! Realised I am not very interested in anyone else left this season.
  5. Excellent reunion. I'm glad I get to see Pupi in every episode, now that she's won Miss C and been shoehorned into the finale. Happy days!
  6. There's an old thread on reddit re this: What does metal donnas mean : DragRace_Espana; and another where all the Spanish references are decoded... Meanwhile, the loss of Dovima and then Pupi is too much for me. A fine final three, but not my final three.
  7. It was a really boring challenge. Poor Jan, poor Scarlet. I don't know who I would've sent home, but it sure as hell wasn't Scarlet. Hope she comes back - if someone's coming back; six episodes is too many to keep this 'game within a game' (which I suspect just means we're going to find a way to shoehorn Silky back in) an unknown quantity.
  8. I thought it was a play on the Spanish for Methadone...
  9. What a snot-fest. Not a single tissue in the whole show, just endless sniffle and snort back. Gross. Only matched by the endless talk of this revolting WoW challenge. I'm sad she sent the guy who looked like a pussycat away - he even looked like a cat when out of his cat costume - but Connor B got to play a few songs on the show, so there's that. Just so weird that she kept the uptight, prematurely aged, crucifix wearing virgin, Mike P, and Brendan, who has hardly appeared all season, over someone like Tre.
  10. Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for that. I just assumed he was one of those men I encounter on public transport who feel the need to snort their snot back for the entire hours of the journey, while I battle the urge to offer them a tissue. ETA: Mind you, he manages to not tic when he's with Katie, so that is somewhat suss...
  11. Oh, man. I will miss Dovima - makeup skills, presentation, persona, dry commentary, and now heart. Really bummed that Pupi bombed. I think Sag was right, Pupi should really have been in the bottom with her. Beautiful ep, but painful in so many ways.
  12. Hunter and Blake both remind me of evil trolls in a fairy tale. I am curious to see if Blake's appearance improves minus the pointy beard, but not curious enough to search for images. Hunter is getting a lot of screen time, and almost every single time he appears on screen he snorts back snot. This does no add to his limited appeal. It took me three days to get through that episode...
  13. Laganja was so exciting. Stellar work. I was sad seeing Silky so chastened this season, and felt guilty for disliking her in her season. Things must have been really rough post show. Wish I knew what this game within a game thing was... I missed the thread, but didn't have the wherewithall to start it myself, ha. It's been so long since I saw the ep, I have no further words.
  14. The energy of the host and the judges is so infectious. Such a contrast to the joy-starved, snippy, bitter feel (Rhys excluded) on Down Under. That was a fun reading challenge. I love little Pupi. Thought she might win this episode. As usual, the placements baffle me, but the right person for that moment in time went home (as per each week prior, in my view), and did so gracefully and with a joyful heart. I am really enjoying this Spanish season and how mood-elevating it is to watch. And lest we forget, the lewks, and the variety and ingenuity of expression. Spectacular runway.
  15. Hooray! Wrong technique in earlier linking attempt.
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