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  1. Well, he gave one in that episode. A pair of black/navy palazzo pants would have been a better choice for that tacky little top than the tacky little uniform skirt that Tyler sewed onto it. I truly saw no intent to sabotage there at all by Sergio, who knows his onions, even if he's a bit arrogant about his abilities as a designer. The only person who sabotaged Tyler was Tyler himself. ---------- I am wondering if some here have had Tyler confused with Alan? I have just binge-watched the first four episodes to catch up with the show, and I saw very little of Tyler prior to this episode, and when he was fucking up his outfit further in the Christmas materials challenge. Reading the last three episodes' threads, I am bemused at the Tyler love. He sometimes wore a hat like Alan's. It was Alan who did 99% of the witty talking heads, not Tyler, who made one dull remark I have forgotten - I think it was a negative remark about Sergio, and as Sergio seems to have been declared the season's horror villain c/- his arrogance, I guess that gave Tyler an enormous tick in many people's books? Sadly, he did not provide the goods, design-wise, and was in the bottom, three times in a row. And for good reason. He should have gone home the week before instead of Alan, who had some creative flair, and at least tried to take direction and criticism on board and make some changes to his designs, often to his design's detriment, and was good fun. I will always remember him for his response of utter joy outside the workroom with Dayoung, that they were there, with that amazing view. Tyler had an inflated sense of his own worth and abilities, and the fact he said that he stood behind that tacky piece of shit says it all. Here's a tip! Just saying something and/or believing something does not make it so. He gave Karlie a nasty dig in a kneejerk response of rage at being harshly criticized, and then he declared he was a professional and therefore he hadn't meant that, as he was leaving. No-one on the panel bought it. I have never seen such a stiff and reluctant goodbye from Karlie. And then the little twerp honestly thought that Christian would waste his one season save on him! Delusional. To end on a positive note, I did enjoy watching him apply his makeup with a sponge to the undereye area, pre-challenge last week. Love a nicely applied foundation, and always interested in others' ways of doing it.
  2. Donathan! How could I forget darling Donathon!
  3. Sia isn't about the wackiest, zaniest characters. Sia is about heart. Hence, Mark the chicken and Tai. Never give up cheerful dad-bod Rick Devens. Plucky Elaine. Brave Janet. Jamal gently teaching Jack. (Can't recall any of her other awardees!)
  4. I thought it was sweet when she made her final statement somewhat articulately and Jeff said, Well done.
  5. Thinking back to the tribal where (gasp! how dare they!) they were going to get Tommy out - and instead Dean ratted on the plan and then shrieking Noura outed Elaine's idol, causing it to get burned... And down fell all the dominoes. Imagine if just one of them had shut the fuck up. Instead, we got this final three. Whiny, petulant, entitled Tommy and his two suckups! Ugh. It was truly bizarre that Lauren whined - having been on an island reliant on it for over a month and knowing this was part of the final game - that she'd never made fire! Entitlement in action. Bizarre that Tommy gave slimy Dean his clues to the pink/red trail of advantage at such a time! Ditto. Bizarre that Dean couldn't have parlayed his sneaky moves into a better final tribal presentation. Bizarre that no-one gave Noura a vote, when even though she played the game like a whirling dervish on crack, she still fanangled her way to the end, along with achieving some well-timed and deserved immunity wins. If I'd had to choose from those three - none of whom in my world would have been within a sniff of the final three - I would have chosen Noura, the sparkly goat, over the sulky goat or the slimy goat.
  6. Well, that sucked. But the horror of Tommy winning was somewhat leavened by Sia's gifts, thank god! Thank you Sia for making Elaine cry with gratitude. Who would've thought Sia would be the savior of Survivor. It took the bad taste out of my mouth for a bit.
  7. Imagine Dan getting Reem'd. She wouldn't put up with this shit, or place a doily over it.
  8. Molly was the other woman who spoke to Janet about Dan's problematic touching in the first episode. The episode started with Night 32, coming back from the tribal where Dean blew up any hopes I had of Tommy going, and Noura called out Elaine's idol. (Then this, that and the other and then Elaine was voted off Night 35?) It said Day 36 as Jeff came up to tell the tribe, who were just about to make their morning coffee, that Dan was gorn.
  9. It's both cultural, and cultural to CBS, apparently. I mean, isn't "Mr Moonves" one of those guys? Clearly slow learners.
  10. Episode one. Vokai, day 2: Janet lying flat on her face on the ground near the shelter, pipes up gamely as Dan approaches from behind: 'What do you need me to do?' 'Nothing,' says Dan and kneels down and begins massaging and cracking her back. 'Oh,' says Janet appreciatively. 'Ah...' 'What is going on?!' Kellee says, laughing, as she arrives on the scene. 'It's a massage parlor,' a woman's voice says from the shelter. 'Dan is so good,' Molly says, turning to smile. Kellee, in the background, turns her head away and makes a rueful face... Cut to Kellee confessional: 'You know, in the game of Survivor, there's a lot of people that you're living with for the first time, right, like living with anyone is hard ---' Cut to footage of Kellee lying prone on her back in the shelter with a miserable face and sweaty Dan lying back horizontally and getting his head comfortable on her. '---and I'm a germaphobe when it comes to, like, other people's grossness.' To Dan: 'Do you want to go here? Go here.' Directs him away from her midsection and onto her thighs. Janet stands and watches with an odd look of slight exasperation on her face. Dan: 'Oh my God. Combination of, like, human... and slightly more elevated. If it gets too heavy, let me know.' 'Are you sweating on my leg?' Kellee says, lifting her tired, sweaty head anxiously. 'No, no,' says Dan, rubbing his hair to demonstrate. 'Feel the back of my head.' Cut to Kellee confessional: 'Dan's a really touchy person...' Cut to footage of Kelly lying on her stomach and smiling as Dan's fingers prod and massage her upper back. 'He makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, and I don't think he like really realizes it.' Her face shows discomfort as he slips his fingers under her shirt to reach the back of her neck. 'His lack of spatial awareness, being like, for me, a germaphobe---' Cut to confessional: '---but also like a girl. I'm like, Dan, I don't want your head on my leg. It's too much. Like, I don't want your sweaty body on me. Like, at all.' Cuts back to previous scene of them sprawled on the shelter like a litter of puppies, Molly's head close by. 'Do you want a back rub?' Dan's voice says, with his hand touching Kellee's back lightly. 'Do I want what?' 'Do you want a back rub?' he repeats, his hand still lightly on her. 'No, that's okay,' she murmurs. 'Thank you.' He takes his hand off and looks a bit wistful and sad; meanwhile Molly jaws on re sports. (Me, back then: Poor middle-aged schlubby gay guy, he's just trying to be valuable for the tribe! Janet likes him! And please don't misuse the term 'germaphobe'. If you're on Survivor, you're not a freaking germaphobe.) Cut to Molly confessional: 'I was a little taken aback by Dan at first. He's like really touchy. And, Dan does not know personal space.' Cut to Molly on the beach beside Janet: 'Dan's been making me feel a little bit uncomfortable. And I don't want to cause any problems at camp, or something like that.' Janet's all, head on hand, nodding, uh-huh, looking unimpressed. 'I think that Dan's an easier person to have on your side,' Molly says, turning her head away and smiles awkwardly. Cut to a different Molly confessional, intercut with further footage of the two women talking on the beach: 'I'm trying to be delicate about this, because it is a game, and I don't want to ruffle feathers for as long as I can, and if you get yourself into a hole earlier it's really hard to climb out of it.' Shot of small campfire flame. Three women stand close together looking down at the fire. Kellee says, her eyes lowered: 'Dan is really touchy, and it's really a lot.' 'Yeah,' says Janet, her arms folded. 'It's too much for you?' asks Lauren. 'I don't like to be touched too much,' Kellee says, grimacing. 'It's too much for Molly, too,' Janet growls in the background. 'Oh, okay,' says Lauren, as Janet stands looking directly at her with her hands on her hips. Cut to Janet confessional: 'The girls are very uncomfortable with Dan's physicality with them. And I've learned in my life, as a woman, you need to say what you think.' Cut to Dan and Kellee laying side by side on the beach, Dan looking like she's speaking Martian to him: 'I think I totally, like, recognize love languages, like, your way of showing, like, that you care -- but for me, I'm like, daah! you know--' Dan, nodding: 'I get it.' '--whereas for me,' Kellee says smiling, 'I'm like--' 'Yeah, I know.' '--I'm not trying to like reject that, I just come from such a different place--' Dan keeps interrupting and nods rapidly, in a weird circling motion with his head: 'Yeah, I know. I have to be open, to--like, I have to be open to not thinking, "Oh, God, she doesn't like me, because I can't hug her the way Janet can."' ...'Hopefully over the course of these 39 days, it will like get better,' she says smiling genially. 'We will realise...' Dan burbles. They smoothe things over, and then we cut to a Kellee confessional: "We're playing Survivor, where it's about fitting and connecting. Dan being a touchy person... it's a lot. We kind of talked about it, and it was a really, really good conversation, but I think Dan's lack of spatial awareness is really going to affect him in the game.' ------ Hmmmm... I seem to recall a further comment that ep from Janet re the girls spoke to him, or similar, and that that was for the best; but that was enough torture trying to rewatch and transcribe that. tl;dr: I trusted Janet's assessment, that episode. Le sigh.
  11. Really pertinent, I thought. From the Ringer article linked above: They've misplayed this the entire season; and even knowing what they know - and knew at the time of filming, were informed of, and/or had footage of, also - they still edited the season as they have. Bizarre. I always knew Survivor was a bro-club misogynistic meat show, at heart, but it had so many redeeming features, and such good moments, contestants, and surprise built into most seasons, that I've eagerly looked forward to almost every single one for the last 20 freaking years... It sucks that in a season with so many great women as potential winners we've got this likely final four and likely winner... So long, Elaine. If Elaine was a dude, a bro-dude that Probst had one of his man-crushes on, she'd have been brought back "to even up the numbers" after the Dan ejection... I really loved Janet from episode one, and now she is just covered in the stank of Dan for me. (Not that she's likely to get within spitting distance of the final tribal now, anyway - no, we need two smug, entitled, superior and yet remarkably ineffective men for that.) So, now it's like, woah, yeh, go whatsyourname and Noura, yeah... But I can hardly root for anyone who didn't join forces when given a golden opportunity and endeavor to get one of those remaining dull, entitled men out. (Including Dan, who I can only assume as he is distinctly unappealing and unpleasant in his social manner in general, aside from the above, was kept around with the unsaid thought in back of mind of the remaining players as an excellent person no-one would vote for in the final - a stenchy dead goat, if you will.)
  12. Well, that blew chunks. I was so mad when Dean got the trip to see Rob (who I now love, wtf!) and Sandra, and won something useful, and then won Elaine's immunity.... So mad every time Tommy whined. So mad when they started ramping up the soulful violins to underline Elaine was definitely going... So mad when she went, but goddamn, she sounded so cute and lovable, she was like Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz - she's got to come back. Soon. So mad when I thought I'd only taped one half of a surprise double episode or something, when Jeff showed up - and then that shock announcement, blerk - and then there was no Elaine bounding up the beach like a happy puppy, "I'm back!! I am off Janet. I could almost handle Lauren winning at this point. Frankly, Noura would not be so bad, after all of this. Anyone but Dean or Tommy Van Gogh.
  13. Imagine if those Lairo asshats hadn't voted out Tom and Vince. Janet would have had an alternate bonding buddy to skeevy Dan in Tom, and Elaine would be having fun... instead of having to hang on by her fingernails while acting casual. This season is going down in flames after such a promising start. Only one thing can save it! Elaine going on an epic Idol and Immunity run!
  14. That freaking little weasel! I utterly despise all the top dogs now, and the stupid little bottom-clingers, Noura and that smug little moron. What a suck-up. So mad! It could've been such a good night. And now Elaine's idol is gone. WTF with Noura shouting it out she had one! Two tattletale turncoats, one hysterical and the other so keen to be a cool guy, ugh. Dumb Moves R Us. The highlight was seeing old Van Gogh's skinnier brother getting all thin-lipped about his name being floated. Ooh-er, how dare they!
  15. For once, I am excited about the loved one's visit. They had better bring out Karishma's husband for it. I want to see a slow-mo run across the sand into his arms (hopefully with no Bachelor handshake).
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