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  1. Well, ding dong, finally. I'm still dirty on Derrick Barry going out first and the shenanigans of India's win that episode. I believe Alexis. It makes no sense for Mariah to have voted for India, if there was the hint of an opportunity to join forces and save herself by getting Shea out. Why would Mariah's friend Mayhem not enlist her to join in their evil plot? I also believe Alexis and Mayhem voted strategically, as Shea is a threat, regardless of what they say about friendships and loyalties. Acknowledging to the other girls that Shea had had the worst critiques, and that was one way to look at who to choose, and that this was a good opportunity to get out a threat also makes sense. You could twist those comments if you wanted to, I guess, and I believe the truth lies somewhere in between the two versions of events. But even if it went down somewhat as India claimed, India is still shady as hell, in my view. All that said, who cares! It's a competition and it is not outrageous in this context to try to take out your top competitors. As soon as the cast was announced, I thought Shea's winning this. Full stop. The rest of the show was just marching to a foregone conclusion. But with the top queen only being safe, the possibility that she won't does open up a smidge. I thought Jujubee - or even more so Alexis - would be the winner this episode. I thought their Snatch Games were a lot funnier. Which is not to say the whole thing wasn't rather torturous Canada's Drag Race is so far a lot more fun than this.
  2. I was as amazed as the queens that BOA was in the top. I had her pegged as bottom three and first boot, ha. Really sad that Juice Boxx left already. I was scared Lemon, my favorite talking-head queen, was going to go. I really like the bulk of the cast, and Brooklyn is doing well in that role. It is odd having the guest host/judge play Ru, but it makes sense in a way... I guess it will depend on who the guest is each week how well that works. Jimbo was my pick for winner, over Rita Baga. All in all, it was a really good first episode with a warm feel to it that I've missed in the mothership, lately.
  3. "Overhead lighting!" Amen to that. I loved seeing Morgan McMichaels, who I have a huge soft spot for, lipsync her ass off. Thought she won that, but never mind. Sad to see Mayhem go, having finally got to know her a bit more, but that was a sweet send-off with Michelle Visage and then Morgan. Meanwhile, India Ferrah just keeps hanging on in there, I should accept that by now.
  4. Mmmm. It does to a sober person. All in the angle you look at it, I guess.
  5. It's All Stars, so everyone on the cast is brought back. edit to add: Oh, I see someone has already said that. It apparently needs to be said twice!
  6. God, I love Alyssa Edwards. The Joan Collins of drag. Always and forever a star. Her heart to heart with Ongina in the workroom made it all worthwhile. Shoulda left Derrick out of the bottom two last week if they wanted some fireworks. Untucked was so drama/interest-free they filled it out with shots of the crew! I appreciated the extra Alyssa footage, though. Shea has great legs. Jujubee was robbed, again. This season is leaving me quite despondent so far.
  7. She's only been doing pole dancing for twelve days, she said.
  8. Oh, gee. I am super bummed Derrick Barry got the boot so early on. I wish she'd just done a Britney act, and got read by Ru and/or Michelle for it, and stuck around a bit longer. "I Wanna Go" - with Heidi 'N' Closet's "Fuck, you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you" finale handwash clip doctored in somehow post-production - would've been nice. I thought the judging sucked, totally. The safe four, I'd assumed would be the top four. The top three were all dance numbers and maybe that's just more fun to watch as a crowd/in studio, but onscreen Indiah's was just high-energy and messy. I'd have given Mz Cracker the win out of those three. I loathe Indiah Ferrah, and her win was to my mind a cynical ploy to drum up drama for the episode, from pre-existing drama, and Derrick was the disposable pawn. The new twist is fun. It gives a bottom two girl a fighting chance. Mayhem bores me. Derrick may be limited, but within those limits I find a lot of charm in her act. So I am super disappointed that the group as a whole (apart from the discerning Jujubee!) voted for her, too. The plus side of the episode was Jujubee's beautiful song and talking heads. I loved Blair's makeup. And Yvie Oddly was a real treat to see again. I also like that Derrick left well, in the untucked ep. Sometimes the exits are too hard to bear. He did, I'm pretty sure. Wasn't the section where they played Cierto or Falso in Untucked?
  9. Yes, i agree, an excellent winner. I shall have to watch again with a different lens. I always enjoyed the Essence Hall talking heads the most, too. It is such an excellent cast of twelve - I wish All Stars 6 was just the whole lot of them back again.
  10. Bam! That was so jam-packed I'm dizzy. Prior to the episode, I thought Gigi had it in the bag, and then I thought Crystal might just wacky her way to the win, but I didn't see Jaida scooping the crown. Jaida won the closeup lipsync, I thought. Then faded out a bit in the next performance, compared to the flair and creativity of Crystal and Gigi. I really thought, after the first two lipsyncs, Jaida would be out. I didn't focus on her in the final one, as I was mesmerized by Gigi's costume change - that was really clever. So, I was a bit, What?@!, at the winner announcement, at first. But on rewatch of the final lipsync I see why Jaida won. Because the passion and the power, and the embodiment of the song, always matter more to Ru and she had that in spades. Plus funny, unassuming, polished, and with heart. Anyway, they all would have been worthy winners. What a great season (minus that other bit). Great to see Heidi get some cash! And really nice that all the girls left got 2 grand, also. I will buy Pantene as thanks for that!
  11. I thought that was a lot of fun. (I wish Jeff Probst would watch it and see how easy it is to do a reunion show using Zoom, if you put a little thought into it and prerecord.) I loved seeing all their room settings and lamps/candles and assorted backdrops. Top cast. Likable, funny, warm, human, and with great makeup skills. I am still itching to readjust Ru's mask so it's centralized.
  12. Given that Sandra quit this season, I think Sandra is a quitter. Even the "Sandra sit-out bench" is a quit sign, in my view. I hope all quitters, in future, call out 'The Queen stays queen" as they exit.
  13. This week was the first week Gigi's jawline bothered me. I think it was the black wig in the showgirl mini-challenge, and then I suddenly couldn't unsee it. I think they are a fabulously talented final three and what a relief that the Pie is gone and I can finally relax as I watch.
  14. It is weird to contemplate that Aiden Zhane is actually older than Sherry Pie... I am really looking forward to the reunion next week, as this was such a great season and there are stacks of queens I want to see again, especially Heidi, Rock M. Sakura, and Nicky Doll. Also curious how the finale will pan out, and whether they'll just leave it as a top three, and how it will be staged and televised. So much fantastic make up. I spend half the final fifteen minutes pausing to study someone's eye, Ru and Michelle Visage included. It's dreamily good this season. Jackie Cox is adorable. I was really hoping for the Pie to be in the bottom two and go home. Sigh.
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