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  1. I love a victory for the underdog(s). Krystal really needs to lay off the bronzer.
  2. I like that it's a bit more low budget as far as the looks go, and also that they began with a sewing and unconventional looks challenge. Style still wins out.
  3. Malcom's flowing locks, Ozzie's flowing locks, Woo's flowing locks! God love him, all his listed favorite players.
  4. Clearly wasn't paying close attention. He seemed to think it was about the hair and cool moves, and giving your advantages away (twice)!
  5. I kind of thought this season was toast, but this was a better episode. Very surprised that Genie survived that vote. Sad outcome for JD, but man you're only twenty! I always crack up when people on reality tv talk about how this singing/cooking/survivoring show has been my dream my whole life. I don't know if the poor guy did go out with good hair either. I wanted to take a set of shears to that massive lopsided chunk. The night sky at the start was spectacular. The turtles were so lovely. I was horrified initially imaging they would all chase and impale them. Erika looks promising. And
  6. I thought Veronica Green lacked oomph in her lip sync. Getting stuck behind Vanity for so much of the time didn't help either. Really tragic to effectively oust yourself by being helpful to someone ultimately ungrateful for your help and dismissive of the sacrifice made. Rather hope Victoria Scone doesn't come back next season, though expect she will. It's just getting silly now. Drag is more than makeup; they may as well invite Baddie Winkle to compete as well at this rate, for the underrepresented elderly female contingent.
  7. Also, I noticed Evvie's bizarre codpiece section in the rainbow shorts this episode. Egads! Talk about eyecatching, don't know how I missed that before. (Probably too bamboozled trying to understand the latest disadvantage found.)
  8. Oh, Brad. I screamed 'Brad, NOOO!' at the tv when he shared his advantage thing with Shan, of all people. Then he shared his other advantage thing with Shan! So I screamed it louder, 'Brad, NOOOOO!' Man, he was too trusting with the wrong person. I am not really liking this new version of Survivor very much. I don't care about all these stupid beware parchments with overcomplicated rules sucking up all the screen time in a dull fashion, and my (few) favorite players are playing dumb and/or are doomed.
  9. It appears Kai won Fan Favorite. (Sad for Nick and Vince.)
  10. Mussing with their stupid hair instead of building a proper shelter!
  11. The only player I really liked this episode was the sea. Beautiful colours! The tribe with Naseer and Deshawn on it seems nice, but so long as they're not losing challenges we don't get enough of them, or Genie. I still like Brad, but he is clueless. I like that he's so keen. Can't stand the pastor, JD, or Ricard. I hate those yellow tribe women being micromanaged badly by smug Evvie. Tiffany makes me murderous. I like Xander but I want to scream every time I see his curly lock dangling over his face like that. Dude! And blabbing to his 'alliance' about his (dis)advantage was so dumb
  12. I am bummed the band didn't stick together and were so keen to make sure Nick didn't win that James, who was lovely on the show, but who came in late, instead won. But really, I wanted Vince to win, anyway!
  13. I really like the British queens, they're so witty and irreverent - particularly like Chorizo May, River Medway, Scarlett Harlett, and Kitty Scott-Claus. I thought the wrong one went home.
  14. Tell that to Nick Cave. Also, it was a ratty brown, not jet black. I am wondering it he'll jet it up for the reunion show. Definitely needs a better colorist, and his eyebrows redone. I found it really distracting.
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