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  1. Compared to the rest of the season, I really liked it - minus all the weird soap boiling...why so much soap? the sheet-tearing before they knew they'd be needing those to mark their path through the woods, June's wearing of the white cap unnecessarily like a bloody beacon, the lack of tackling of that dumb Martha who ran off, and a handful or two of other things. But where was Nick? For the love of all that is holy, where was Nick??? I think season three would have been a hell of a lot better if it had been rooted in real plans to get Hannah out, foiled or otherwise, and proper detailed cunning plotting of how to get a boatload of children out - rather than this last minute winging it nonsense. But there were numerous arty overhead shots to be made, loads of dreary dimly lit scenes at chez Lawrence, dramatic capital punishments for non-June characters' misdemeanors, and endless scenes of Serena being noble, changing her mind, angsting over the loss of 'her' baby, Luke being one-note and pointless, and June's giant face and roiling eyes, and no time to waste on actually plotting the damn season, so we got all that instead of a coherent storyline. I guess six handmaids had to stay behind to carry old Mossy in a dramatic overhead shot, but that was dumb and frustrating, also. Get on the damn plane! And Super Moss should've done a fake death dive, not waited to be shot. Still, I did enjoy the return of some suspense in the woods near the end, and clenched my knees so tight hoping the children would get out that they are still hurting. And Rita got out, so there's that.
  2. So just how many more extreme closeups of EM's unfortunate glaucous eyes will it be possible to cram in before this season ends? How many more can we the viewer take, until our TVs explode in protest? I mean, she does do a good job of exposing the whites in different ways, but it's not what I call acting. I cannot believe how completely this once excellent show has lost its sense of self and unity. We're supposed to hate June now, aren't we? Surely? But then we get told she's a BOSS. A boss. I am hanging in, just for Nick. This season should have been three episodes long, maybe four - but they didn't have quite the plot to cover three or four, even so.
  3. Yes! And Fred gave her the 'sexy' outfit and red lipstick. This time a little black dress with cutout back, high black heels with red soles, and a red lipstick just magically appeared in the Commander Lawrence household. I also found it really annoying the way she staggered along that hallway, having made no effort to at least wipe off the obvious blood. Drama.
  4. Well, that was a bit better - seeing those two captured was enjoyable, enjoyed the blood and body cleanup at Jezebel's, and some sort of plot is creaking forward for June's make it up as you go along plan - but it does not, for me, erase the fact that the bulk of the season has been annoying and pointless.
  5. Exactly. If, instead of going for the no doubt exciting to film but mindboggling to watch moment of June getting off the fecking truck, leaving 'Nicole' on it, and glaring demonically with rage into the camera, she'd stayed on board... what a season this might have been. I feel, 10 whole episodes in, nothing (that makes any sense) has happened. It's been all style over substance, and not even cohesive style. There is no apparent plot; the main characters' motivations make little sense and yet are telegraphed in the most unsubtle manner possible - and Mother of God, whose decision was it to stud the season with innumerable closeups of June gurning angrily, defiantly, disgustedly, etc? Huh? Why? Such a bad decision. "We haven't got an actual storyline, and we don't know where this thing is going, but ah could ya just glare again, Liz, babe? Oh, that was a scorcher!" For someone so full of righteous rage, she has done little coherent thinking or planning in the entire season. She has just waltzed about, practically begging to be hung up on the Wall (if only), and this stupid development where she is wiser than all (and yet a total idiot as far as furthering her stated desire to get Hannah out and/or bring Gilead down), and is providing insightful counsel and guidance to all and sundry (ie stating the obvious), argh... I fully expect, given the way this season has warped the internal universe of the show, Super June to suddenly take off in her plot armor and swoop down out of the sky and snatch Hannah and then fly off at warp speed to safety, at some point. But probably it will just be another three episodes of wandering around sneering.
  6. Oh my god! She had so much screentime I was literally shouting "Get off!" like a loon at my TV every time she drearily came back on in the last two episodes. Sooooooo many hospital scenes, so, so so many hospital scenes; and so much of the entire seven episodes of season 2 was Bonnie walking drearily around being guilty and depressed and shut down. She was the dullest character in season 1, and I did not need to see more than a few flashes of her feeling bad in season 2, and being dull as usual, and I certainly did not need to see her extended, endless backstory with her mother - seemingly to 'explain' why she booted Perry, which I thought a fair reaction anyway - and I sure as hell did not need to see the more interesting courtroom scenes chopped up to return to her stroked-out mother, or all the omg, Bonnie is going to kill her mother!/confess re her role in Perry's death! fakeouts.
  7. RIP show. I see no hope for the rest of the season now, given it's taken this long to get to here (ie, a brief moment of logic for June), and all we've had are two visually pretty episodes (1. Washington and 2. Hospital - though this one d.r.a.g.g.e.d....) and a load of thrashing about plot-wise, and motivation-wise, in some kind of spin cycle, and the only thing that has developed is my intense dislike for June. I'm sad.
  8. Yeah, it was unbelievable. I thought, you're not.... you're not going to.... seriously? No! ...again? Surely not?! No! Yep, you did. Have they no shame? In the alternate universe of everyone involved in this season, I imagine they all clapped each other on the back and highfived around the editing suite at that. I suppose it all starts with the writing (bad) and story arcs (nonexistant), but at some point someone decided that doing this would be a good idea, to repeat ad infinitum throughout the season. No. It isn't.
  9. Something else that bothers me every week is June's clearly bleached hair, with darker roots. In Gilead... In the previous seasons, when I was invested in her character and really liked the show, I used to ponder this. But now that I don't give a shit about her, really, since dumping Nicole/Holly/Nicole/make-up-your-mind and doing her best ever since to get herself along with anyone else faintly helpful or kind brutally killed -- instead of coming up with a low-lying cunning plan to secure Hannah and escape the joint -- I notice it almost as much as I notice the glowering faces and the gurning. Where do ya get the hair dye in Gilead, I think.
  10. Amen! And I'll tell you what really annoys me on top of all of this - she keeps referring to Holly as "Nicole" in her many, many (far too many!) voiceovers. As if we, the viewers, are too dim to know who she means if she said instead, as she would in an internal monologue, "Holly". Argh!
  11. Last week's was beautiful - back to boring, blundering, and incomprehensible. Martha talks at length to June, in plain sight of sneaky suspicious handmaid, whilst they open and close multiple fridge doors in a Busby Berkeleyesque sequence, and purchase no actual products... Martha dies... June meanwhile free-ranges about, gurns, and bangs fists on walls of daughter's school weepily - it took her how many episodes to get here? and that was her 'plan'? - and strangles snitching handmaid... All good!
  12. It was a different director, who brought her own eye to the rather pallid script. I did not see any torture porn - just one brief shot of the maiden's mouth 'sewn' shut. That director was not responsible for the inclusion of whatever else has been inflicted upon the women in any or all previous episodes - most of which, in any case, is happening to men and women all over the world currently at any given moment, while female genital mutilation is regularly performed on girls in first world cities... I was appalled with the direction the show had taken this series, prior to this (see my one previous comment), but I did find much to enjoy in this episode.
  13. I rather liked that episode. >>squeak<< I thought it was beautiful, with the sweeping overhead shots, the patternings of the architecture, the Nurembergesque tableaus, and the use of color -- ranked rows of redrobed handmaidens against the whiteness of the re-purposed monuments, the horrors of a gang of stolen children and the mouth rings sewn into the creepy household with its charming pale green walls and tea parties... The Metropolis-referencing elevators. The designated red kneeling spots like pools of blood. The crucifix rendition of the Washington monument reflected in June's eyeball at the end. Visually, stunning. After wtf-ing my way through the five previous episodes, I really enjoyed it! It was such a relief to get out of that gloomy house and onto a train, for starters. I thought it was the most eloquent and cohesive episode this season, and unlike the previous five, that dragged like molasses, I was not bored for a minute. I don't buy Nick and the Swiss -- I think they are maintaining his cover. I certainly hope so. But either way, there was a comprehensible story being told and no-one's motives and behavior were flip-flopping about, or implausible within that universe set up in this episode, bar June shouting at Serena behind the setting up of Fred's last video. I understood Aunt Lydia to be responding to the distress of June as her surrogate child, rather than with pity so much for the DC handmaids; she's always had a tender spot for June. And with Nick back in the picture, I even rewarmed somewhat to June, who softens in his presence, and who was also less Gorgonesque overall.
  14. All June has done for five episodes is pull increasingly grotesque crazy rage faces and behave out of character, and dangerously so. I find none of it makes sense, or even links to the episode before, let alone suggests any sort of known or planned storyline. It's as if a group of writers who watched seasons 1 and 2 on fast forward, while hungover and/or drunk, have got together and said, "let's rethink everything!" or "what if June/Serena/Fred/new Commander's motivations were completely different!" Even something as simple as the baby's name... She handed the kid to the escaping handmaid in the car last season and said, quite unnecessarily given the circumstances, "Her name's Nicole." Really? Her Gilead name, yes. But in this episode she tells Luke that baby's real name is Holly. Wtaf? Surely, she would then have handed over "Holly" to Emily for safekeeping and transfer.
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