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  1. I was completely annoyed by SueZahn and her bossiness. Seth and Makani should make a team and banish SueZahn just for her annoying was. But they would fail without her so....Gwen and Wes dodged a bullet when Kate tapped. She would have made them crazy eventually.
  2. I actually like Bulent. 😊. I just watched the 14 day challenge in Alaska with Steve and Laura ( or was it Sarah?)- that’s what team work is supposed to be about! They were supportIve of each other and worked together! Honestly they were interesting and I think it’s the best show I’ve watched. Not sure how they made it bare foot in Alaska Without frostbite but go team!!
  3. Clothed and opinionated Was the best!! I especially liked Jake and Charlie 😊now I am excited to watch next week lol
  4. After reading Sara Lacina’s Survivor bio and her long, very long list of pet peeves I think she would be a difficult person to be around. That chip on her shoulder is way too big.
  5. I don’t get the Zan love - not in the voice or in the image. I didn’t enjoy the crooners either- I don’t even remember their names. I would like a real stage performance where I can hear the singer and not just the background music.
  6. I just watched the episode with Danelle and Rod. She came I. With a big chip on her shoulder and right away was a pain in the butt. Rod was right - she did talk over him whenever he tried to say something. She was nicer to Lauren mainly because she felt superior and Lauren didn’t threaten her. I thought Diggie was amazing.
  7. Sandra actually had to participate in a challenge. I was hoping she would be on the losing tribe. Oh well.
  8. Peter you should run from your mother before she ruins your life entirely. And dad couldn’t say anything positive because of the death stare mama Weber gave him before he could say anything. I’m a mom and I can’t imagine behaving like she did and being so rude to someone my son said he loved. Madison has a backbone AND a lot of class. Mama Weber - not an iota of class.
  9. OMG Peter run from your family!! They did a number on Madison and they are doing a number on you too. I don’t know if Madison is right for Peter but his family sure made it impossible for her. I wonder what he’ll think when he watches this back....
  10. Dear god Victoria F can’t even muster an actual tear. Maybe she should stick her fingers in her eyes to generate some tears instead of snuffling and wiping under her eyes. Oh good lord....
  11. I think Hannah Ann’s tearful response was a little calculated...
  12. I don't believe Jazz was accepted at Harvard either. She may have the name recognition Harvard salivates over but I don't think they would stoop that low. She has neither the maturity or the brains required.
  13. My husband skipped watching the second and third hours of the Bachelor in favor of American Pickers last night. When we went to bed he asked for an update. I just shook my head and said I lost at least 50 IQ points continuing to watch the last two hours. I've never seen a season like this where there is literally no one to root for. I cringed every time Peter said "Come over here" and started macking on each girl in succession. I'm no prude but I wanted to brush my teeth and use mouth wash after that date....
  14. Run Kelly run! You are so much more mature than Peter. He’s like a belligerent toddler with her - he’s not listening to anything she has to say. OMG
  15. Sydney: you are not the girl Peter will bring home to Mommy. She would be horrified.
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