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  1. I think Sydney is as fake as Alayah. Why do Bachelors give the rose to the tattletales?? Do they really think those women have the Bachelor’s best interests at heart and are not trying to further their own chances? Be afraid Peter be very afraid at being blindsided.
  2. I hate the whiny sob stories. It’s so fake. I had hopes for Victoria P until she started sobbing about her dad dying when she was a child. And how Peter makes her feel worthy of love. My father died when I was young and I didn’t feel unworthy of anything because of it. OMG
  3. I just started watching this show sporadically. Being in the medical field and working with residents, I have a hard time believing Shaun would be a successful surgeon with his issues. He is portrayed to be "brilliant" but his lack of social skills, inability to tolerate or function within the normal chaos of a hospital makes this show very farfetched. Maybe it is just the character as it is written but in real life I would not want him to be responsible for my health care.
  4. MIley Cyrus was a total trainwreck but JHUD (who gave her that name??) was a condescending bitch on the show. Oh look at me I'm Broadway - here let me throw my shoe! Kelley has let her "fame" go to her head and has become annoying to the point I want to mute her every time she opens her mouth - which means I would be watching the show in silence. Alicia Keys was lovely, and I want her to come back. I want Blake to relax and just be - don't try to impress or try to override Kelly in all her craziness. Adam can come back and just sit there shirtless - he's so damn pretty.
  5. I was disappointed Kelly Clarkson was back again. She never stops talking and she talks over the judges constantly. Her "perkiness" is so annoying. Please bring back Alicia Keys. She has stunning looks, class and can make her points without shouting or making stupid digs at Blake.
  6. I just watched a marathon of ANTM seasons while home sick. I never realized how narcissistic Tyra Banks is. She made EVERYTHING about her. Once one of the judges said something ridiculous about a contestants forehead and Tyra chimed in " my whole family calls me "X-head". Really Tyra??? And watching back she really torpedoed any one with "IT" who could rival her. Even though she rarely models today...
  7. CH isn’t sugar coating and of this - can’t wait to see Jed do some squirming. Hannah Beast is not a pretty sight. Sorry Hannah’s dad- looks like you’re still stuck supporting her.
  8. I can’t believe she let Tyler go on so long. What a bitch.
  9. I actually thought Luke got off easy. It wasn’t a mob of men screaming obscenities at him all at once. They took turns spoke quietly and said their piece. This comeuppance for Luke has been long overdue. He behaved badly and without thought about anyone but himself. All the damn season, week after week...
  10. I thought I liked Katie Perry but after watching her on American Idol I think she is a vapid narcissist. Could she just once talk in a normal voice and provide some constructive criticism about singing? She is so”look at me” I expect her to come out naked next. I respected Lionel Richie as an artist until I watched him be just as shallow as a dried up puddle, and Luke Bryan is acting a fool. I hate that Jeremiah is gone. Must keep pretty people even if they don’t sing well... looking at you Lacie. And Lane is way too oily and slick. Please you are not a reincarnated old time Country Star. Try being yourself for a change.
  11. I used to cut Kailyn some slack but after watching a few recent episodes, she really is a heinous bitch. And the tattoos do her no favors. She can afford child support.
  12. I can barely tolerate Lionel Richie and Katie Perry and Luke Bryant are unbelievably annoying. I hate the sob stories - JUST SING. I got so snarky watching this crap fest I couldn’t stand myself so I turned it off and read a good book. Will follow this column for updates.
  13. I am watching Colton on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen, and he is so charming, and funny. I adore this guy!! I hope he is happy now.
  14. Kirpa was taking a picture of the ocean, slipped on a wet rock and took the fall on her chin. 5 stitches plus a sprained wrist... saw the deleted scene with her explaining what happened.
  15. I can’t believe how sleazy the guys are. There’s nothing “ religious “ about these families. The husbands are horny and entitled. The wives are... stupid.
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