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  1. Vicky8675309

    S20.E24: End Game

  2. Vicky8675309

    S20.E24: End Game

    who shot her up with the hotshot and dumped her out of the helicopter/plane? I don't think they proved it----what evidence? Did he have access to a helicopter, etc....they never gave any evidence IIRC. Also if he did it then he must have needed help so who were the accessories (someone had to fly the helicopter while someone else had to dump the body out of the helicopter. So many details left unexplained imo.
  3. Vicky8675309

    S20.E24: End Game

    I was so busy hating this episode that I forgot to think about who actually killed the girl. Did we find out?
  4. Vicky8675309

    S33.E14: The Waterboy

    Is it just me or does Turbo seem like an asshole these past few episodes? I haven't been keeping up with the forums so I don't know people's opinions on him.
  5. Vicky8675309

    S20.E13: A Story of More Woe

    lol, Finn saying "I just nailed this guy" 🙂
  6. Vicky8675309

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    the previews for next week show a merge happening (Jeff tells everyone to drop their buffs). I guess the theme of David vs Goliath ends after 3 episodes. Strange imo. edit: Maybe not a merge but a tribe swap or something
  7. Vicky8675309

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    I sent you a DM. Since this is a spoiler page then I feel like I can say this....the edit comes down to Natalie vs Jeremy. Jeremey gets voted out.
  8. Vicky8675309

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    streaming sites that host 3rd party links.....I'm not sure if I am allowed to post them here (plus I don't want them reported and taken down). It sounds like the episode got leaked early and uploaded. Yes, the Goliaths lose. Do you want to know who goes home?
  9. Vicky8675309

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    How come today's episode is already available on streaming sites? I know who goes home tonight. Do you all want to know who goes home tonight? I know this is a spoiler thread but I'm still reluctant to say unless asked.
  10. will there be a reunion?
  11. Vicky8675309

    S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    about 5 or more years ago I was prescribed a percussive vest and IIRC it was supposed to cost about 10,000$ (I even had good blue cross/blue shield insurance at the time). I ended up not buying it (just used my rent to own cough assist machine instead). I guess I could google the cost of a percussive vest but I'm to lazy, lol. I don't trust my memory that much so the 10,000$ maybe incorrect. I did a quick google search and the prices range.....here is one example (I'm not sure of the quality of the product in the link below since I don't have a percussion vest). https://www.rehabmart.com/category/percussion_vest.htm
  12. Vicky8675309

    S02.E07: Champs vs. Stars: Go Deep, or Go Home

    Thank you!
  13. Vicky8675309

    S02.E07: Champs vs. Stars: Go Deep, or Go Home

    who goes home?
  14. Vicky8675309

    S19.E21: Guardian

    I'm confused about the "hot shot"----injection of illegal drugs with the intent to kill. Is that considered premeditated murder and in this case would it be considered attempted premeditated murder? Does a 15 year plea deal for that and the other crimes the guy committed seem justified? Out of a 15 year sentence, how many years will he actually serve (if this was real).
  15. Vicky8675309

    S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I still enjoy this show :)