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  1. Who knows what still remains deep in the vault. I am referring to the deep recesses of her bra of course.
  2. I am a few min behind . Libby needs to SHUT IT and stay with her in laws so they can bond with their granddaughter and see their son. She is up her family’s ass on the daily in FL she cannot begrudge him a few weeks with his parents ? F that !
  3. All of them, unfortunately. Poor Bethenny raised by wolves she had one stepdad, and her Dad. Her daughter had a revolving door of men, one of which died from an OD. Imagine how Bethenny would've have milked that on RHONY if her moms boyfriend died of an OD way back when.
  4. So much wrong with picking up your Jack Russell Terrier after he nearly rips someone's face off.....drives me CRAZY! HOLDING THEM IS A REWARD! Just perpetuates the behavior.
  5. Bryn and Bethenny will wind up right where Bernadette & Betheny were in their teen years.... it is inevitable.
  6. The baby bottle was BAD. BAD BAD. No need of that at 4. Yazans father is beautiful, very striking and handsome. Ariela is a spoiled brat. She can’t even talk baby talk to the dog it is all vocal fry. Man is she in for a rude awakening !
  7. Omg I bawled like a baby when his mom held him in her arms and said “how can you think I don’t love you?” Big sniffly tears !!
  8. Watching Angela w her mom reminds me why I like Grangela so much better than Baby Girl Visa. Why couldn’t Coltee just say it is our last night here I was hoping we could cut out early ? Producer driven or is he that’s hampered that he can’t express himself ? Unfortunately he won’t ever be happy because he will never ever find a woman who can see and meet his needs immediately like a mother can. Mother Debbie ruined him for her selfish desire to stay close to him. She needs to go to a 55 and over complex that has apartments based on income and live her own life.
  9. I am so late to the party. Jenny is a DOPE, just OMG. Somehow I find Sumit likeable though. Love the Mex gay couple, wish them the best. I have strong rage for Kalani and parents and their repressed dysfunction that roped in Auselo who is doing the best w/what he got- and at the pregnant Jewish girl who has older parents and needs a LOT of attention to the extreme on her way to Ethiopa. I am going to rage comment about their BS all season I believe. I feel like Ariela has never heard the word "no" from her parents EVER. She is adventuring looking for boundaries and hasn't hit one yet her whole life. Deavan made her bed and she can lie in it. Britney does NOT once again, live in Palm Beach. I can see why her upspeak, vocal fry, head shake and braces appeal to old men she is developed for an adult but presents like a child. It is a gross thought but I see it ugh.
  10. I didn’t like that either. Asuelo is, developmentally a child. He has limitations and isn’t ready to parent even on his best day. Low on the other hand is a frightening individual who terrorizes his family through threats and control . I fear for his wife. And I mean what is he going to go and do? Physically assault Asuelo ? I hate family Kalani and their dysfunction. One contraception mistake on Kalini’s part because she probably didn’t know you know, about science...biology.... started this whole mess. She’s a mess.
  11. haha thanks shout to ya'll discussing this mess gives me such great joy and laughs! And because it cannot be said enough, Dorinda has snapped and Blood Manor is sketchy.
  12. It was weird. My nearly homeless perpetually bum cousin signs up to do these "seasonally" for laughs and to get enough cash money to buy a decent future hoard of weed and exert his rage on vulnerable people to satisfy his need for dominance as he scares the sh** out of them. He could have been in the clown costume. Yeah. Our family reunions are fun aren't they all? Maybe they were out of work Broadway actors, I mean IDK, I'm just sayin'. My bias says they are working a 2nd job after the Elmo costume in Times Square. I hate Haunted Houses. Given the pandemic (I know this was pre pandemic/Oct) I was just cringing at the small spaces and his yelling breath in their faces. Filthy. Not my thing.
  13. WTF is it Dorinda's business AT ALL where Tinsley is, who she is with, or what she is doing? SERIOUSLY WTF! And Dorinda is still on social media harping about it now from October? Tinsley owes Dorinda NOTHING. Dorinda was (in Oct) and still is (today) off her rocker. GET HELP.
  14. Luann totally did that guy in the bathroom at Boutique. Isn’t that what “I used to party with you at Boutique” means? Her cringey body language was funny. Dale needs to put her doll down. Her doll would be Tinsley. I love Tinsley I want her life (so does Dorinda) and she looks happy. Her mom limits her independence. Cut it out Dale. Dorinda is a drunk angry bitch. Bitches can’t even be happy for Tinsley ! The age difference between Tinsley and Leah versus the others is not working .
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