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  1. Molly just say NO to the black lipstick! NO! Robert and Annie gotta go. I miss Dean & Tariq. Are the done or just in time out? When is Loren due?
  2. Kell was spot on. I'll defend her forever. Bethenny's antics ARE FOR KIDS. They are not friends and they will never be friends. Kelly's self though flawed but arent we all is up there. Beth is in the gutter. Kelly wore wellies to the Brass Monkey in the rain. That's real. Bethenny is a fraud. Kelly KNEW. As an aside as I watched S1 last nigh she was at an event w her DADS LIQUOR BUDDY (did it herself dont get me started) and he said to eat a fish meatball and she said what do you want a trip to Cedars Sinai (sp?) Hospital. Guess the fish allergy isnt new.
  3. How supposeth the shit show goeth of Bryn going back and forth from Hazelton, Dad, on airplanes etc between her parents w/the coronavirus isolations? Court's off- so unresolved custody.
  4. When Avery speaks if you close your eyes she sounds EXACTLY like Evelyn (churchy Evelyn the singer of David & Evelyn). Try it!
  5. Likeable : Big Ed, Yolo, Geoffreys Russian lady dislikable: drug dealer Geoffrey, Nigerian scammer men 1 & 2, Avery AND Ash Best oddly compelling trashtrainwreck : baby girl Lisa NO MAS NADA -POR FAVOR: Darcey, Jesse Tom, Florian, Stacey. NOOOOO
  6. She is 50% volatile DNA of her mother and 50% hustler and worker DNA of her father. Except raised with privilege, unchecked, spoiled, unrestrained and moneyed. Petulant damages spoiled tantruming wolf child. She is Icarus and she is in danger of flying too close to the sun!
  7. Holy shit. That is some next level Scary Island Kelsey vs Camille Bass Lake Big Papa Prostitution Whore Table Flip Housewife DRAMA! WOW! I didn't even look at my cell phone for a full hour. Dayummmm! I am like Margaret, I have to process. I will say this. My heart broke when Juicy first greeted and kissed Tre and she didn't kiss him back with his same enthusiasm. You see it for a split half second. He was crushed at that moment and I felt it .
  8. RUN SOJABOY she uses FAKE maple syrup no one deserves that kind of negativity! Fraud !
  9. Oddly enough I can't hate Jen and her connections for this. She is their American Dream and everyone's is different. They are super proud of her station in life and raised her to live it. I think Jen is great t v and I like watching it. Not everyone on this show needs to be a Jersey Jersey girl.
  10. I feel like this may be a side effect of gastric surgery or some plastic surgeon voodoo off label procedure.
  11. God parenting? Frankel the horse’s story is wonderful he is a great extension of the respect had for Robert Frankel.
  12. Gosh I hate to even imply this because a visual isn't far behind but do you think 38/14 Grangela & Maykul were trying to conceive?
  13. What was the rosary bead tassel broken wristlet off a YSL knockoff Murse that Mursel was holding and fidgeting with?
  14. I love me some Bojangles I don't think Natalie is equipped upstairs to deal with that next level! lol
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