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  1. Yes! The first thing I would want was some sort of fast grab American fast food binge (maybe Starbucks?), a 45 minute shower with unlimited screaming hot water, her mother's lasagna and to sleep in her own bed. Weird she said the surgery. Wonder if she did quarantine in her apartment by the dr's office for a few days and the arrival was all for filming a few days later, she'd had all that, and really did want to schedule the surg. I'll go FBI the hair and outfit scenes...
  2. Surprised Ari and the baby are not required to isolate for a few days? Gosh Avi is so so cute! Yes Janice, it's been "so hard" for YOU. Side eye to Janice. Enabler. I think she is 90% of Ari's problem. When Victor came in the apartment and turned on the running hot water like it was magic. He is 1000% using her. And hey, if she's down for that- she just needs to know going in. She is going for love, and he is a man going for survival and the good life. Jenny, meh. Good on her "friend" to remind Jenny that she IS in India.
  3. Learning about Cuba & having some food. (pizza!)
  4. Hostels. That's all I can figure. Hostels on all of his missions. A lot of anonymous hooking up going on!
  5. Ari caring for the baby for a 20+ hour flight is the most she will have cared for him in her life, wonder how that'll go. How many freakin' scenes of Evilin confronting Corey about the cheating did we see? Three? FFS. I didn't even watch the end. Corey + Ellie from Providencia is a MATCH. I've said it before and I'll say it again! They can go live in the PNW open a pizza place, recycle, hike and walk their rescue dogs in perfect whiny voiced pinch faced harmony. TLC this is your next crossover show $$$$$$ Also- with all those repetitive scenes of Corey and Evilin we didn't get
  6. I am coming in late and hot with this one but WTH Mauricio! Waltzing into the dinner and banging on the drums and gong? It was some sort of dumb cultural appropriation AND the instruments of a professional musician to boot. Those are NOT yours to touch and bang on like a dumb loser at a frat party. Have some respect. He is dumb and such an entitled privileged asshole, as bad as Kyle and that's saying a LOT.
  7. ALL of this. I am seriously side eyeing JANICE at this point. The baby needs hernia surgery asap where he is not the steps that please Janice and Areolae. I have always wondered how Kenny financed 4 kids (technically 2 pregnancies one a single birth and the other triplets), what was his career? All I remember is disco dancing and that probably (?) wasn't his career. :-) If he is self insured for his practice he might be able to get away w/adding her and saying she does "billing" or something remotely. But that shit can be shady depending on their plan. I believe based on bot
  8. When Ari's dad isn't making bank and has to retire that will be the beginning of the end. He's the bankroll. I feel like he "has to" keep working and is past retirement age for many doctors. Yes, yes many doctors work way past retirement age for enjoyment but this poor chap doesn't have the choice. ARI.
  9. No they won’t. I don’t think they ever will. I might do some sketchy things to travel to Turkey in that adorable apartment !
  10. Lol she is a character from my high school French books who thought hitchhiking is charming! Sorry for the confusion ! I'll never forget hitching was one of my French vocabulary words !
  11. I am 100% sure now that PT is staged and lit by production. Because there's NO WAY in hell Ron and Betty's hoarder house and clutter is honestly being shown. That bedroom is on a Soundstage or production did a major overhaul on their bedroom. Their house is cluttered mess.
  12. Ari not even seen holding or carrying her own baby. Last week in the van to bring her ex do the airport when Leandro said he'd miss Avi. She said something like "yah everyone lives that little guy " in the 3rd person. I heard HUGE manipulation from her and the unsaid "I wish someone loves me like everyone lives Avi". She's a mess . Also, Papa Armando has only met Kenny twice. I would need some time to meet my child's fiance too. Overall I thought Papa Armando did well. Great scene.
  13. OMG PEOPLE is that SteVen's Mormon underwear/temple garment sticking out of his shorts and his sleeve?????!!!!?!?!!?! And yes, l'autostop was one of the first words in the stories in my French textbooks. Those were the days! Mireille pense que l'auto-stop est charmant Mireille thinks hitchhiking is charming
  14. I wonder too, Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood. I think there is some social cachet for Sumit that he seeks to be in the "industry" and esp American TV.
  15. This ^^^ His Michael Jones call center catfish stunt HAD to have been tried on dozens of women before Jenny. He finally got one- AND he is on TV with her! That's the jackpot for Sumit, her small trust fund (how he views Soc. Security) and he's a tv star.
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