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  1. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    Avery and her MOM. Signs point to mom as Mom-ager. Why would Avery reject everything she knows and branch off ? Mom control from the gymnast years. When Mom at the airport (who doesn’t support this, right?) said to Avery very seriously : “Where’s your confidence? Get it together.” it spoke volumes . Like Avery was about to go onstage. The little sisters giant hairbows and mom’s matching blue polo blue warm up jacket with a blurred out business name on it is mom’s agenda. No wonder Avery is rejecting it all going as far away as she can, and converting . Converting to Islam is the least of her conversion. This show is a primer for the forensics of where’s the dysfunction and I am here for it! That said, the Syrian dentist is cute.
  2. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Her father, Bobby Frankel, gave her away walking her down the aisle. Just a few years later she was on TV bragging that she didn’t have parents. I love the story in her book Skinydipping where she totaled her dad’s fancy car on a drunk and drug infused high and got pissed off when he replaced that car, for free, with a used American sedan for her. This was years before he walked her down the aisle. She is such a fucking liar, Camille. Fraud.
  3. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S03.E01: Crazy In Love

    I totally got pageant cheer coach mom vibes from her mom. The little toddler has cheerleader gymnast bows in her hair and Mom was totally wearing a gymnast/cheer t shirt and warm up jacket for perhaps her own business idk. My money says mom is her momager or coach and Avery gave it up due to injury and misses the attention or structure of schedule or revolt against the structure she has had w her gymnastics life. No offense to anyone competing at a high level on the up and up with excellent coaches. I just get a vibe of dysfunctional boundaries with everyone in the same house and such a switch from an extreme schedule of elite gymnastics to a sudden personality shift and the conversion to Islam. I hope she that was was not a Larry Nassar victim or along those lines. Going from the nightclub look to covering everything suggests some trigger for the 180 degree shift.
  4. The phonetic of cuh-rear gets me every time, and FLOVED the BLT quote! Bravo!! Who IS this Eric guy ? He loves being on tv.
  5. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    Season 5 Wish List

    Shaun Robinson! GO AWAY. NO control of Tell All. NO ability to confront an issue. C’mon TLC. She takes a dump on the conclusion of the whole season. Enough.
  6. Jesus Christ Coltee, when you can’t get whatever you want and even Your Mommy can’t make it happen it is rough for you huh? Throwing the water bottle at Shaun Robinson’s t v face says a lot about his anger toward women. Scary. What a pathological psycho.
  7. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Bethenny was always this awful person she is showing now. The con is catching up with her and the additional money made her double down on it since she is so social media fame dependent.
  8. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Get ON this! Lol That was creepy as hell. Like a bad horror movie! I wonder who was holding baby Axel during the tell all.
  9. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Sometimes I wonder if Bethenny keeps this custody courtroom thing going as one more reality show to collect likes and fans from fans who are drinking the koolaid. I mean a video of a 9yo twerking? Disturbing.
  10. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    They can check hotel and dress receipts all they want but you cannot fake Tinsleys backhand and her tennis game. Serious money and access bought that-and hard work and athleticism of course but she is a great tennis player. Tinsley has enough in her trust fund to do what she wants to a certain degree. Shut up jealous bitches! She has bank !
  11. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Bethennys REPEATED side snarking (over and over !) about trying to keep a straight face during the dog convo was middle school mean girl, she is a sick damaged straight up bitch.
  12. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    this is a good explanation! I am still Team Dorinda because she stuck thru that sham Tom wedding like it was her job. It was, as MOH. That was ride or die. Luann owes her.
  13. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I have to say that I don't even feel Dorinda was heckling she was just kind of giving Jovani a shout out (because like you said Luann mentioned the dress but not the designer), albeit a drunk shout out. I did not ever think it was heckling and neither did Dorinda.
  14. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Dammit Anddrrreeiieeeandele is such a blockhead but I felt something for that hairy cro magnon gorilla when he was saying goodbye to his dad at the airport ! 😥
  15. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    She's 9 I think. There is going to come a time soon when Bryn has social media of her own and WILL want this press and online stuff to stop. That's when it will end, in my estimation. Parents get very embarrassing in the tween years! Bryn can voice she wants it to stop. I wonder what that girl will think when she sees her dad essentially never said a word online, Compared to Bethenny's penchant for "mentioning it all."