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  1. Her Dad works for Garlick also. I am hoping we see them on 90 Day Fiance! Garlick and Dannnnnielle are the best K1 visa shit show since Fraudin' Mohammed and the other Dannnnnielle from 90 DF. The only other couple I would like updates on are the Winders- I kinda like them right now- and hope the darker haired wife gets to have a baby too.
  2. Oh and by the way I am down for the Sonja with a matchmaker storyline. I would love for Sonja to find her match, lose the damn attachment to her townhouse, and be freeee!!! Luann deserves to watch that show. Luann is insufferable again.
  3. Due to covid I feel like we are going to get limited filming things like this never ending Hamptons trip. It's been Burning Man, winery, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Nude portraits, fishing, and what all for what feels like a year. That complicated making Leah a "friend of" after every scene was in the can. No way she'll be back in a normal filming season. PLEASE.
  4. Oh I have a guess it's because Mother Kalani parents them all day, and the kids are starving for time with their Mom . Jovi's mom shows more affection and intimacy for Mylah than Kalani does for her own babies. I don't see a bond.
  5. Oooh Heather NOOOOO momma, noooooo. Articulate? That was bad. Very well said @Momager. My heart sank when Heather said it. Eboni is spot on. It was funny in the make up apology scene when Luann told Eboni she "had to educate them." I was like oh shit here we go again with education and the irony of Luann asking to be educated.
  6. Anyone else get vibes that he is now unemployed because he is too traumatized to drive ? Kalonic has no idea what totalled even means. She is not worldly enough to know how insurance, contraception or a job works either. Is there evidence she has ever lived outside the home of her parents or worked a day in her life? Also if Libby and Andrei really want the last laugh, this came to me last night, they need to move away, get jobs, continue HEA, and make sure *the Family Libby isn't filmed*. Take em off TV. Man, that would destroy them.
  7. Thank you. I knew I didn't articulate that as well as I could have and do not wish to generalize, truly. Garlick pisses me off and I am happy his family drew the line. Also, see link in couples thread re her dad.
  8. Big 90DF fan here. When Bert called him "Garrick-eee" I about died laughing ! Brazilian Larissa from 90DF called her American fiance Colt, Colteeee.
  9. I think the unintended bullet points are spot on ! Lol maybe Dannnielle will read them !
  10. http://www.rayoflightliberia.com/donations.html Dannielle's Dad's former gig, it would seem and a mission page branched off from his church. It's not 100% defunct but the mission doesn't seem to have been active in a while and he is no longer in charge and the link to the church ending in .org is a dead link. Maybe just under new management so to speak.
  11. I don't get it either. Alls I can figure is he's the man- and what he says goes, biblically. His parents have drawn the line and disowned him so they are out as a guiding hand- they can't check him............... And Dannielle's parents? Well, it's a deeply religious family. I found a link of a now defunct church the dad used to run. I think Dannielle has been influenced by deeply patriarchal conservative Christian value and it is why she is so passive. Are links ok for that stuff?
  12. Good call. You are prob right! That looong hug when she arrived is to keep making sure he marries her so she secures her shot to come to the US. This would make a great 90 Day Fiance crossover where it involved the K1 Visa, it should be it's own show for sure. Garrick is the one she needs to keep pleasing because the others will fall into line. You know, patriarchy and all that he is the boss. It has been mentioned that Dannielle's Dad is a very conservative Christian so this is 2nd generation situation for Dannielle which I think, contributes to how passive she is. I like her Mom though so I
  13. Her Dad's face said it all. He was like "JFC oldest trick in the book, the it's-not-mine alibi." He knew. He just didn't say it. He thought it and capitulated for Daniel.
  14. Thank you. EXACTLY. Father Chuck never ever addressed Becky whatsoever. He should be the one in between them to break it up. He clearly cannot afford to alienate Becky and the others are in lockstep. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ The money is the triangulation.
  15. Everything you said @chewycandy! I think Luann is insecure about formal education because she doesn't have one and her kids, plus Nicole, who have some college or a 4 year degree are artists who I seriously doubt are self supporting and not living off a trust fund. NYC is $$$$ expensive and probably do not worry about student loans and purchasing health insurance on top of rent and groceries and utilities. The nude painting was something Nicole & Victoria got paid to set up and throw as their art. I am not impressed. They came up w/this idea, found a bartender they knew from a frie
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