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  1. I love Jill. She is someone I love to watch with her Jill Zarinness, the PP, The Liberace apartment remodel, the fabrics, her beloved Bawby, etc. Jill is modeling a great point of view for a Bethenny who should wake up. Bethenny treats Jill (and Ramona to some degree) with the same scorched earth policy that Bethenny treats her own mom. Hold her accountable and she will tantrum to the 10th degree. Ask her Uber driver!
  2. I am familiar with her Dad's career and industry and his wealth, talent and fame. On day 1 when she said she didn't have parents and Jill thought she was an orphan for a long time (when B was living at Jill's house the summer in the Hamptons that Jill got her on the show) I knew immediately B for the fraud that she is. The signs were there before too. On Martha Celebrity Apprentice in one of the boardrooms there was the transparency revealed that she was bff with boardroom Koppelman's kid. She has always traveled in elite high $ circles. I just saw it sooner. Bethenny is playing the reality tv game to fame. But the reality part is slipping . I want the forensics on how much she inherited from her dad. Cuz ya know if she got squat we would hv heard about it on and on and on.
  3. Did I miss something? Why can't Jasmin stay with her sister. Did I miss that?
  4. THANK you! She drives me nuts. The kicker of this whole thing? Is that Anna's Linked In says........
  5. Tania is bad but Anna is WAY worse. Anna is crushing her boys with rejection, via her acceptance of Morsel denying their existence. She is a desperate, awful parent. It is neglect and patent abuse of her kids and f*** her. There. I said it. I am sick of her shit whining that the BOYS are causing problems. Anna YOU are causing the problem not your kids who deserve a childhood. Grow the fuck up.
  6. FBI forum forensics ! I am like Judge Judy when you tell one lie then everything is a lie. TLC is ruining this show with this dumb fake shit. Why manufacture that lie? Why merge the footage of the dining room table they looked at with a couch tryout? TLC you SUCK. If there is no storyline with a couple then DON'T air them! Gawd.
  7. Ok. SO. I paused the DVR over the price tag on the ugly consignment sofa. It says "HESTIA D TBL 250x101 cm" MAR B POL & BRA I & DK BRONZE $14,450. That's GOT to be a price tag for a TABLE that is 250 x 101 centimeters. Right? Right. We are not dumb TLC. Nice try to create drama that doesn't exist over a $14000 couch that doesn't exist. You ARE going to lose your audience w/this dumb shit. I will bet you $14,450 that that price tag goes to THIS: if you/when you pause your DVR you can see that the tv price tag is LAYING on the marble tabletop, not a blue couch--check it out! https://www.timothyoulton.com/products-furniture-hestia-dining-table https://www.timothyoulton.com/pub/media/spec/Hestia_Dining_Table.pdf It's a table of those dimensions (1cm off) Marble, Polished bronze and Brass are in the keywords which match the tag. STONE - MARBLE BLACK POLISHED 98.4"L x 40.1"W x 29.9"H 250cm x 102cm x 76cm This is one of the 6 USA stores it is sold in: Connecticut Lillian August Design Center 32 Knight St, Norwalk, CT 06851
  8. This show's ship sailed from a creepy fascination to boring this episode. Mom is the on w/major issues, omg her whole spiel about her childhood she is bringing that shit plus her grief down on these children. It's sad and I feel sorry for all of these kids surviving through her control and rampant untreated mental illness. I don't like it.
  9. Soooooo we have one daughter in daisy duke shorts and the other one always in a modest dress and the parents bragging they like the beach in season where people are clothed ? Whaaaaaat? No ice cream ?? ONLY CERTAIN BRANDS? C mon people Cherry Garcia won’t hurt ya! There is no acid in it !! That oldest boy is a married child. Now that he has the freedom to be an adult he is making the independent choices he should have been making at developmental childhood stages. They will NOT stay married. He looks LOST listening to Olivia speak. He wants the poontang but also wants to just go home and turn wrenches and play. And his parents want him home too. Not a one of them knows how reckless the racing mower and heavy old uninspected unsafe car with no steering was with no helmets . Ironic given the accidental death of the baby brother. Their protection and control just put the kids in abject danger. They have no decisions making skills. I cannot figure these people out. On screen kissing. Tossing these kids not just to technology but to reality tv. Do they want a Christian band ? The money? I cannot figure how this is being done by mom to help her with her unresolved trauma. Scary. TLC has this fuzzy heavenly light filter on all the camera work. Crickets and cicadas dubbed in. Eerie.
  10. Exactly! Despicable actions by mom. Abner Abner! I love your screen name!
  11. I noticed that Anna’s moles are in a straight line then I couldn’t unsee it. Also, if your significant other has to keep your kids a secret, that is a deal breaker. Period. Full stop. I despise this story.
  12. When they introduced Uncle Beau I looked over at my partner in crime and said "meeting ppl like THIS is why 90 day fiance is the best show on television." SAVE ANNA'S BOYS from their mom. What it must be doing do their psyches to be rejected that they don't exist by this man and his family. Don't think for a second race isn't a factor here (I am just gonna say it) . Those kids face enough struggle with no dad and what theyve been dealt now they hv a stepdad who will have no capacity to love them . I think this storyline is dangerous and repulsive and damaging to these children . Ship him home Anna and have your boys back. Michael wanted a straight up quickie BJ in that limo. Gross! Millionaire in a tiny apartment? Um ok..... why not wait 2 weeks and fly Juliana over when he was in the new house????? Their weird closed mouth peck kissing made it awkward. His kids are GOLD though. Emily's birth was total Blair Witch. Yikes. Rusty scalpel in an abandoned asylum. Scary . I already FF thru Tania & Syringe (so extra) And Robert / Anny (fake).
  13. I have a lot of questions. Where do these kids shop for clothes etc ? Like, do they get out ? They appear to dress on trend and in their own style well the big kids anyway. Do they go to the dr? Their teeth cleaned ? Do they leave the farm ? How did the daughter get an ID to fly ? The two holes story was funny . I was glad he was drinking beer and has made friends off the farm, his friends are even possibly culturally and ethnically diverse than he is and they seem to have a mutual understanding and acceptance and true camaraderie going on. Nice ! This is a fascinating train wreck. What motivates these parents to go from severe full on sheltered to a shit show of exposure in the worst way ? 180 degrees.
  14. Mad props to every hard working single parent of all time, no insult meant. Often fiances are tight for single parents for necessities alone . Made me wonder what her career is. She can't do that off her beehives! 3 boys! The shoes alone ! $$$$ and I wonder if her ex helps. Also, Michael's new home in Greenwich isn't even in Greenwich it's in a suburb. Purchased for over a million, but in Greenwich city limits and to some degree suburbs nearby small but nice homes can sell for that. A Nebraska 350k home is a million $ home in/near Greenwich. I wanna follow the actual money on these clowns . It would explain a lot.
  15. I feel like I need to more about the father of the boys and his absence to understand Anna. Who is he, what is his background and where is he ? Some interesting stuff about Anna’s mom . The very first Gulf War widow.
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