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  1. I feel asleep during the episode so I have to finish watching it but there is a possibility that multiple people make it 100 days and win the money.
  2. ACKKKK!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!! Sorry for the caps, a bit excited. Yeah!
  3. Canning equipment would take up almost all their 10 gear spots. And I am not sure that they can grow enough veggies with enough fat to live in the Arctic even at the beginning of the winter. None of the contestants seem to be lacking protein this season, fat is the big decider. What fatty veggies and fruit can you grow in the Arctic in any type of abundance?
  4. I am impressed with Roland's head to tail approach to eating the musk ox. He is not wasting any part of the animal. There are a bunch of different foods that are made from the ears, nose, lips, brain and eyes of an animal. I don't eat them because, well, I think they are gross. Part of that is where I was raised and what I was raised on. There are plenty of places where those are considered delicacies. Blood sausage anyone? I get that it is not what most of us would do and that it seems to be gross, but he is not wasting any part of the animal that he killed. That is something I can respect. Kind of like the fish head soup we have seen other contestants make.
  5. Roland said it himself, the musk ox is too lean. He needs fat. His fishing hole is dangerous.even when it freezes over, the climb down and up is going to be dangerous. He needs something with fat, so he is going to have to fish. If Keiyln can keep getting fish, she will win this thing. The crying doesn’t bother me. Let out whatever emotions you have, don’t hold them in. Process them and be done. She is just fine.
  6. I thought it was Amos’s shelter on fire. I know there are only 2 episodes left but I still think that someone could make it 100 days. Eventually, the Contestants will be less active and they can fly through days.
  7. I think that 100 days is possible. It might not be pretty but it is possible. They choose a bunch of Contestants with solid skills and experience, which is a huge improvement over past seasons. I think the really issue is going to be finding fat sources. I think there is enough protein out there but the fat is going to be the bigger issue. The four remaining contestants have good shelters and seem to have identified good hunting locations. I am not sure how many episodes are left, I think only a few, but there can't be a ton of action at this point. They are all going to be wearing down and moving into conservation mode, so they can move through days more quickly. I won't be surprised if no one makes 100 days but won't be surprised if someone does.
  8. I will readily agree that the bunny screaming is over the top. It’s awful. Just don’t need it.
  9. Joe was too set on his game plan and didn’t adjust. A perfect shelter is not necessary. A warm shelter with a good fire place is. Thrilled that Mark tapped because he was seriously sick. I wonder if he would have been pulled for medical reasons if he hadn’t tapped? Amos better hope he scared off that fox. That thing had no fear. Dang was it bold. Callie wears the camo gear, Kielyn wears the headband or red hat. They both seem to be doing pretty good. Callie has lived through some hard times; two dead brothers? Ughhhhh that sucks. I am glad Kielyn had her moment. It is better to be sad and let it out then try to hold it in. Have that time, embrace the suck, and move on. They cast a great crew this year.
  10. There are contestants with solid skills who are more charismatic. I don't think that there is anyone on the show right now who doesn't have the right skill set to win this thing. There is an element of luck to it, in terms of trapping and fishing and hunting. But even that allows some leeway for skill. It should be easier to see the animal tracks now that the snow is falling. Roland has strong skills, there is no denying that, but his personality is a bit more hard core then wjat I think most people are comfortable with. He is not the first person I have seen who drinks or licks the blood or eats the heart raw or eats the testes. Andrew Zimmern has done all of that one his show, mainly when visiting an indigenous population where that is a part of what they do. What Roland has done is not that different then what hunter gather type tribes did and are doing in places where they still live remotely. It is disturbing for us because most of us don't even hunt. So I don't have a problem with it. If anything it is making the full use of the animal he killed and that should be respected. But I also loved the F Word, the UK version, where each season Gordon Ramsey would raise the animal that he was going to be serving in the final episode. The point of that was to allow people who don't farm or hunt see the birth to death process of raising animals. it is an eye opener but something that I think many of us need to better understand. Roland relishes living off the land in a very visceral manner. He is a bit more into it then we have seen from the other contestants. I would be fine with his winning.
  11. The rooms seem to be different with the different interviews so I think they are done at different time periods. While each contestant knows what they did, they don't necessarily know what happened to the other contestants so it could be that they send them the episode a bit in advance of the airing and then complete the interviews. Have they told us if there could be more than one winner? Roland appears to be in great shape but we are just nearing the halfway point. There is a lot that could go wrong still. If another contestant gets a big kill or keeps up the steady small kills, they could go the 100 days as well. I suspect that they have not clarified on what happens if there are two or more 100 day survivors only because there are none or there is only one. Joel's comment about struggling is something that you hear from Survivor players every season. In some ways it is worse for them because they are coming out of a game where you are looking over your shoulder the entire time so you have the quiet, camping lifestyle and all the brings plus a duplicitous game that leads to trust issues.
  12. ummmm Did Mark just burn down his house?
  13. Snares can break a neck, depending on how quickly an animal runs into it, but they will strangle an animal to death. I am assuming the fox is a protected species and cannot be hunted. I am sure that there are some type of rules in place if a fox is killed in a snare or a trap. I know that in some places that if a protected animal is killed the hunter is responsible for calling the officials and turning the carcass over. The hunter is not allowed to benefit from the death of the animal. I can think of one case on a show were Chip Hailstone killed what he thought was a male Caribou and it turned out to be a female. He called the officials, they took the meat and distributed it to other families. The hide and bones and the like went to tribal elders to use. Hunters are not perfect, they are not going to get in massive trouble if there is an occasional misstep but they are not going to be allowed to benefit from the accident.
  14. A part of me is excited because it will be something different. A part of me dreads it because I will read hte live feed crap, get disgusted, and stop watching like I do most seasons. (sigh)
  15. Is Russell acting like an ass or has he chilled a bit?
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