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  1. Eh, Parvati was allied with a bullying asshole and seemed to encourage his bad behavior. Sandra did her best to work with the Hero’s to get rid of Russell but the Hero’s were too stupid to listen to her. By the time the remaining Hero’s figured out what was happening, it was too late. Sandra played a better social game and managed to convince Russell that she was not a threat. Russell actually thought Sandra was a goat. Sandra is not a physical player but she is smart socially and she understands how to manipulate people. She earned that win in HvV. The best part was Russell telling Sandr
  2. My mild issue, so far, with Biko is that much of what he is doing appears to be planned. I get that they are suppose to be recording themselves and that it can turn into their form of entertainment but his feels more calculated. We have had the comb our hair in the camera thing and other similar comments this season, and every season, all normal. Things like ripping off the sleeves to his shirt don’t feel like a natural move but a calculated move. I expect him to sing, he sings as a part of his regular life, I just don’t like his particular genre. (Grins) The bone in the nose thing was s
  3. I think Biko would have moved his camp to the other shore if there was better hunting. We have seen people do that before. Didn't a squirrel steal someones mushroom this year?
  4. I don't know, people have buried food like that for ages and not had too many issues. I have seen it on other shows and there is evidence of humans doing this thousands of years ago. I would guess that there are easier places to go for food that take less effort than digging up what is in the ground. I think Biko was hoping that the area on the other side would be better for hunting, that it would be less dense forest that would allow him to set traps and hunt. It isn't an awful thought but I am not sure swimming across to check it out was the best idea. Build a raft and pole over, then
  5. I thought the rule with trying a new plant that you are not sure of was to eat a small amount, wait a bunch of hours to see if you react. If you don't then eat a little bit more, wait a bunch of hours and see if you react. It looks like she was following that practice so she had some negative reaction but nothing that was too dangerous. She knew that the "parsnip" looked like the hemlock and appeared to be cautious in her approach. Biko still annoyed me, I don't know why. It seems like he is making decisions based on being entertaining and not thinking his actions through. I don't get cu
  6. Rose is not inspiring confidence. She has done nothing on her shelter. Her fishing rod was interesting and she is already shooting off bangy things to scare away bears. Biko is making bad choices. Lets swim across cold water barely dresses and see what might be over there. Oh and remove sleeves from a shirt. Not sure what else he accomplished. Oh, his shelter looked decent. Not sure that the bark sheets will really help with wind prevention because there were gaps. Matt caught the field on fire. His shelter looks compact and well insulated. But he has massive issues with mice.
  7. I liked the bridge episode better last year, at least it led to some great looking builds. The height requirement on this led to very few cool looking designs. I did like the math based one, I liked the colors and the scaling and that it was very differently built. The builds were pretty uninspired and boring. I wish they had spent more time on how the structures were built and how they were different would have been cool. Just not feeling this episode.
  8. I believe two women finished second. One was pulled by production for health reasons. The other pulled herself for frostbite last year.
  9. We saw one of the guys set up a fishing line with a plan to check it after he worked on his shelter. I suspect that there is more of that happening then we see. They tend to focus on shelter for the first show or two because it is the big thing that the contestants focus on. This year is interesting because there seem to be a bunch of different approaches to shelter.
  10. I guess I need to listen better because I missed a few things. hehehe For someone who never built a boat before, he seemed to do a bang up job. It works and it didn't take weeks of work, unlike the last big boat build attempt.
  11. I wonder Colton will add outriggers to the boat, that would help with the balance, right? He got the boat together pretty quickly and i am not sure that the outriggers would need to be be water proofed or just sort of add ons that will help with the wobble.
  12. She did say that she was born in the US and lived her for a significant amount of time. I would guess that she has spent a good amount of time in Ireland or with Irish academics as well as with British Academics based on her area of study and has adopted some of their language patterns. It is kind of like the Italians I lived with. they spoke English with a British accent, because there are a lot of British English teachers in Italy, but some words have a very American accent because they learned it through our TV or movies or talking to Americans. I fluid accent was weird but cool at the same
  13. Thanks! Good to know about Matt nut NJ is still different then further North climates. Better prep then I had thought though. hhehehe on the Cabelas Hobbiest Survivalist, that seems to fit. Rose strikes me as worse because she appears to be a big game hunter survivalist wanna be. I can see Tim wanting to test his hobbiest skills but Rose seems to be more interested in glamping and killing things while claiming to be a survivalist. ummm LARPing might be fun for folks but has not a damn thing to do with survival. At least Theresa is honest that she has an academic background and is int
  14. I have not looked it up but I would guess her degree is in History, Anthropology, or Archeology and her specialization is Stone Age tool usage.
  15. I missed that. Stone Age tool women would make a certain amount of sense but they didn't show pictures of her house and there were a tone of shots of her hiding things, working with stone age type tools and the like. I would have thought that they would show a picture of the house. The other woman maybe? She said she taught classes on surviving and the like to high school kids.
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