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  1. Is it on Youtube? I can't access his website at work, blocked, so I can listen on Youtube. I have enough other things going on at home that I don't listen to Podcasts.
  2. If you are going to live in the remote areas of the country you need to have all the necessary hunting permits. I do think you are allowed to kill animal if you feel that your life is in jeopardy but you better be able to make a solid case to the Rangers/Police if they find out about it. But most animals have a specific hunting season and will tell you how you can hunt the animal (baiting/no baiting, gun/crossbow), how many you can kill, and how to report your kill. I suspect that the rules for people living off the grid in Alaska are very different then people who are going hunting with a guide in Alaska. And I know that they are not in Alaska but I would imagine similar rules exist in Canada.
  3. And as a fan of the show and fan fiction, I can write what I want in my head. There are far too many signs that point to a diagnosis on the spectrum. I am not sure why the writers are afraid of Sheldon being diagnosed with a known issue, maybe the writers are worried that they would be seen as portraying a stereotype. (shrugs) The fact that so many people see the same thing probably means that the writers are talking out their butts because they have been told to give a specific answer for some reason.
  4. Production can say that all they want. My Brother can say it about himself and his daughter. His daughter has had two doctors diagnosis her with Aspergers that he chooses to ignore because he thinks the doctors are wrong. It doesn't change the fact that my brother is wrong and the writers are wrong. There is no way in hell that Sheldon is not on the spectrum in some way shape or form. I know plenty of super smart people (I worked with literal rocket scientists for years) who are no where near Sheldon in terms of behavior. They love games and comics and discuss all things sci fi but they have social skills and can read the room. I know folks who are on the spectrum and Sheldon fits in with them very nicely. So the writers can say what they want and I can tell them that they are ignoring the obvious. And Aspergers or Autism is not an indication that some one is crazy, it means that the people diagnosed with these issues process and react to the world very differently then the rest of us. Full disclosure, I have ADHD and LDs. I know that I process and respond to the world differently. It is not a big deal. I use medication when I need to. My parents and I worked on behavior modification. I have a job that is cool with my being, well, me. So the writers can say what they want and I will continue to ignore them.
  5. Finally watched and it was ok. No idea about names yet. We have the dude who was older and broke his leg, which sucks. He was actually working to make the environment work and seemed to be a good shot. Too bad he wasn't watching his footing. It was nice that he was bummed not just for himself but the people who might have been selected who would have been watching their footing nad might not have broken their leg. Dude who choose not to bring a ferro rode. Yeah, that was a stupid decision. He had better find some good fire starting stuff that he can tuck away and keep dry to make restarting his fire that much easier. I think there were other people but I don't remember them. I do think it sucks that they are starting so early in the snowy season. Hopefully we get some people who are able to build great igloos.
  6. Speculation is a bit ridiculous. I think it is easy enough to remove candidates but there are still a decent number of people left. The only ones that I think we can 100% rule out are Ron and Aurora. we can probably rule out Aubrey because Julia discusses some other issues that the two had. Outside of that, I can't say if it was Eric, Joe, Julie, Gavin, or Victoria. And I suspect that who ever it was was was more an idiot then a racist. It sounds like one of the reasons Julia didn't appear in the first few episodes may be because of the racism angle, there was too much conversation about the two incidents that she mentioned and TPTB were doing their damndest to pretend it didn't happen. It might also explain some of the tribe divides. I would actually argue that it might have been Eric or Julie because he was tightly allied with Ron and I can't see Ron allying with someone who was using a racial slur. Overall, the season sucked for a variety of reasons and now we have another reason why it sucked.
  7. hmmm I guess I'll have to go and see if my DVR recorded it.
  8. I have two copies of Kingmaker by Avalon Hill. One is opened, the other is still shrink wrapped. It is a re-enactment of the war of the Roses. I always loved being Plantegenet, you just can't kill him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingmaker_(board_game) It took forever to play but was good fun. I don't by the 2-6 hours to play, it took longer then that. My cousin has all the Avalon Hill War games and still buys the Civil War and WWII war games. They are popular with a good number of folks who spend a good amount of time discussing the historical accuracy of various cards and lay outs.
  9. Well, I guess I don’t even need to wait my norma 2-3 weeks to be disgusted with the HGs and stop watching. Excellent!
  10. Thank god, a reasonably regular season.
  11. She and Victor are one of the reason I am not watching Amazing Race this season. Nicole is just annoying and Victor was a pig during his season. He was very much one of Paul's boys and said his fair share of offensive stuff. The Amazing Race choose some of the worst combos they could for this season.
  12. Thanks! I don't rewatch and confuse people.
  13. Mike, as in crazy Mike who was pulled for weight reasons, had a whole bunch of smoked fish and fish heads saved that he had not been eating. Had he been eating them, he would not have had the same weight loss and he would not have been pulled. It was a huge mistake on his part. They flat out showed all the smoked fillets and fish heads in his shelter when they pulled him.
  14. The scene was added when JMS was allowed to re-edit the polit but the scene was shot when the pilot was shot. There were no re-shoots for the pilot re-edit. So while it was a new scene in the sense that it was added to the pilot, it had been shot and cut in the original shot. Watching season 1 the first time through it was very clear that Sinclair was destined for something Minbari related. Delenn’s comments that “we were right about you.”, the Minbari assassin who made the comment about the hole in Sinclair’s mind. The Soul Hunters comment that Sinclair had no idea what the Minbari had planned for him. The regular references to Sinclair having a destiny. The memories he unlocked in the Sky Full of Stars and Delenn’s role in that mess. Garibaldi’s iscovery that Sincalir was the only person the Minbari would accept to lead Babylon 5. The fact that he went on to become Valen was in no way, shape or form a surprise given how much effort and energy the Minbari put into Sinclair. I mean, it was surprising because I would not have predicted it but it 100% fit the story that was developed over time.
  15. There are places to go where people don't watch Survivor or you rent out a location and create Ponderosa II for the pre jury. But yeah, I have no idea how this season doesn't end up spoiled. I have always loved spoilers, I don't care if I know how something ends, the story as to how they got there is more important to me.
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