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  1. I wish the brothers had done a Trojan Horse. It would have been awesome and made sense. The problem with Will is that he has to be expensive so he is being shown too much. I would rather have the experts show us some sculpting tricks.
  2. I think Ben is more comfortable this season. Remember in his first season he was relatively fresh from fighting a war and suffering from PTSD episodes while shooting. This is all speculation on my part. This season, Ben has had a few years to get treatment for the PTSD and I would guess that winning the money probably gave him a certain amount of relief because he had enough money to care for him and his family while he was getting treatment. I hope that he is in a better place mentally and that is allowing him to enjoy playing a bit more. I am taking it as a sign that he is in a better place. I don't think he is playing with any more intelligence then he played his first season, he just seems to be in a better place. I agree with what you said about Rob. He is more looking for body language and reactions then anything. I have no clue why Adam or Denise even brought the idol to tribal in their bags. Neither one of them was in any danger, they could have left them buried at camp and then could have emptied everything without any issues. Denise's poor game play has been a bit of a surprise to me. She seems to be making mistakes I would not have expected.
  3. I guess I see bullies in a different light. I think that they are trying to hurt someone in order to establish their dominance. Rob is playing a game. I suppose you could argue that his manipulations hurt others game play and establish his dominance but it doesn't feel like he has ill intent. I look at Dan Foley, or Dan from last season, or Russell, or Mike Holloway, or Will or the idiots whose names I cannot remember who took and hid the machete in that one season and I see bullies. I see people who are mean for no good reason and lord themselves and their power over other people because they feel that they can. When called on their bad behavior they deflect and blame everyone but themselves. Outside of Lex, who is kind of unstable, I don't see too many former players who are all that upset with Rob or how he plays. He seems to get along with most folks and is respected. Manipulation and back stabbing are expected in the game. Everyone of the people who won did some manipulating or backstabbing. But you can do it in a way that is not hateful or harmful. Or you can be Russell/Will/ Dan.
  4. I don't think Rob is bullying anyone. I do think that Rob can read the room really well and identify peoples weaknesses. I don't think he would have tried the "If you don't tell me who is putting my name out there then you are against me" against someone like Parvarti or even Ethan or Jeremy. He knew Ben would fold so it was the response. I don't see Rob really brow beating people. He is a charmer with a good amount of charisma. He works around camp, is a beast in challenges, and can be funny. I can imagine that he is fun to be around. I hope that Adam and Jeremy and Denise are looking to keep Rob until just before the merge and then cutting him. Denise has surprised me. The idea that she would share an idol with Parvarti is crazy. Denise is crazy smart and a therapist. She should be able to see through Parvarti and Rob's smoke screen but it seems like Denise is not seeing through Parvarti. I am thrilled that Adam was comfortable going "No" with a look of horror on his face. And then go on to explain why it was an awful idea. I am also thrilled that Denise listened. I do not object to her thought that the idol should be used to draw someone into her group of three but Parvarti is a ridiculous choice. I love Jeremy and how he plays. He is the anti-Tony. He is not panicked or overly worked up. He is a sponge who observes what is happening and listens to people. He understands that he a challenge threat and that he needs to take the target off by being more chill in his strategic play. I think Adam is playing pretty well. He has a good alliance in the work, sees the danger in that alliance, and is working well with others. Ben is an idiot. I want Cops R Us to succeed. I love Sarah and I want her to go far. I can handle Tony is small doses, like this episode. He is a meat head but he has a good heart. Everyone was telling him to stop and pointing out the danger. Medivac was mentioned several times. Tyson's talking heads about Tony as a Cop policing the streets were pretty hilarious. There are worse pairs to advance far into this game.
  5. If this is like the first EoE, Natalie would be the first Jury member. Everyone who stayed on EoE was on the Jury. I cannot see them changing that rule this season because they would love to have all the winners pick the winner.
  6. And this is why I don't like EoE. These are all winners. They shouldn't need support from people who were voted out and who might get back into the game. There are idols and advantages to be found in the woods, go find them. Otherwise the idea is ridiculous.
  7. Danni makes sense in this way Ben and the other new school players wanted an old school player out. They wanted proof that there is no old school vs new school which mean that an old school player had to go. The old school players did not have the numbers to vote out a new school player. Danni was targeting Parvarti this episode and Rob in the first episode. That means that she was not a reliable alliance member and had shown she was more willing to work with the new school players. As such, Danni was an easy person for Rob, Parvarti and Ethan to vote for. While Rob and Parvarti are good targets for all the obvious reasons, they are better at challenges and are less likely to end up at Tribal with Rob and Parvarti then with Danni. Danni's game play bites her in the ass. What I don't get is the worry about losing challenges. In a season like this one the pre established relationships will help with alliance building/merging at the merge or during a tribe swap. It is not like these are strangers. A good number of them already know one another are a going to be willing to work outside the tribal lines. this season doesn't even have the hookey Heros vs Villians type label that makes idiots like JT, Colby, and Rupert believe that the "Heros" need to work together because they are the good guys, establishing a BS tribal division to die on. I understand that going to Tribal is always risky but if you end up there, take out the end game threats. Rob or Parvarti should have gone home last night. Or, go to EoE.
  8. They had one in another season, I want to say it was last season or the stupid one with the Island of mistakes. It didn't work then either.
  9. I am trying to figure out who is a bigger idiot. Ben, Danni, Adam/Jeremy/Michelle. Danni got herself voted out. Ben proved he is a wild card that cannot be trusted. AJM were stupid to not vote out Rob. Screw Parvati, you all dumped your bags because Rob told you to. Next thing you they they will all be going out holding hands and arguing over how much crispy rice to give Rob. Tony is Tony. That is all that needs to be said.
  10. My son has a book buddy for K-2 grade. 6th Graders with K, 5th graders with 1rst, and 4th graders with 2nd. I don't think that 3rd graders work with anyone.
  11. LOL Stephanie and Bobby Jon were not exactly stellar players more like well loved losers.
  12. It looks like boots but I suspect there might be tokens to the tribe as part of a reward or maybe hidden tokens or tokens as part of an individual reward or immunity win. I wonder if the person from EoE who returns to the game will be able to bring accumulated tokens back into the game.
  13. LOL the average American is eating over 2,000 calories a day. There is a reward that might provide food once every 3 days. On the other two days they are getting maybe 500 calories a day. Rice is not that caloric and the 1/2 cup to a cup that they are eating day is barely anything. Then you add in whatever fruit or fish that they find. Even when they win chickens one chicken divided between 2 people is low calorie, like maybe 500 calories, never mind when it is distributed among 8-10 people. So yes, there are reward challenges with food. But those are not all that frequent and a fair amount of what is consumed is quickly returned because their bodies cannot process the quantities and the way it is prepared after eating mainly rice. Contestants on the jury are losing 10% of their body weight, minimum. Many are losing more then that. Given that many of the contestants are not showing up overweight, that is a lot of weight for them to be losing. Toss in that their bodies are burning calories in challenges and around camp and the minimal amount of calories that they are getting is not enough to match what they are losing. If I tracked their food intake on MyFitnessPal there would probably be no days where they are close to going over their allotted calories for a given day. Most days would show that they have close to a 1,000 calories left to eat.
  14. I think everyone expected him to use his winnings on pot because he seemed high most of his season.
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