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  1. Wow. Going to miss her spirit.
  2. All there is a topic for the Next Generation, please bring Next Gen chat to that topic. Thanks!
  3. A place to discuss Life Below Zero: The Next Generation I am including a link to the shows website for people who are interested. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/shows/life-below-zero-next-generation
  4. I don't think so. I'll ask about it Created the topic. Have fun!
  5. Sue has told the bear story a few times every season. Ricko has mentioned coming out to the family home a bunch of times and that the kids do not live out there. I don't think he has hidden that the family lives in a town or city some place and that they are coming out to the family location. He is teaching them how to Survive in Alaska and their heritage but I don't think that there is an attempt to pretend that they are only living out there.
  6. Sinclair was never meant to go to the end. He left the show earlier then planned because of O’Hare’s illness but Sinclair completed his planned arc.
  7. I am hoping they reboot the series. The series could be great with an upgrade in actors and the chance to rewrite and shoot some of the awful episodes. Really do season 4 and 5 properly, instead of the rushed method that they landed on because of the cancellation issues.
  8. It is available in Amazon? Cool. I have all the DVDs...
  9. I'll have to look for this and see if it is on in the US. I remember James eating plenty of meat and fish on Top Gear and Grand Tour, so I don't remember him being a vegetarian. Maybe that is a new thing? Richard was always the picky eater.
  10. I would love more focus on what they are building and how. There are some cool bricks that they use in a unique way.
  11. They ran out of ideas ages ago. Most of these episodes are repeats with new pictures. I have a bunch on my DVR and have not bothered to watch them. I might end up just deleting them.
  12. Any idea on how many episodes? We could look into a topic or a forum for it.
  13. S01.E01: Asian Fusion "After a de rigueur opening tease giving away all the best bits from the series, James starts his culinary journey by taking on the food of Asia. As the publishers of his new recipe book are in attendance, he immediately starts with a glass of wine. The first dish of the day is a Thai noodle soup, a staple of Southeast Asian cuisine. It's a delicate balance of flavours that the literary folks, thankfully, seem to enjoy. James also whips up a quick rice and seaweed breakfast made with Nori, the sheets of seaweed you get when you buy sushi. Then it's time for some proper fusion: Spamen, ramen made with Spam and a pot-noodle. If you are flicking through Amazon Prime thinking, 'where can I find a show that combines Western wartime rationing with the flavours of Japan?', you've come to the right place. Last but certainly not least James dusts off his trusty wok to cook salmon, served on a bed of stir fried vegetables."
  14. Denise seems desperate and I don't know why. I get the feeling that she just wants to be on TV and this is her way of getting on TV. Wasn't she a part of Andy's medical team in Florida? I don't know the background but I got the impression when she was first on that she was a Nurse and it felt like she might have been paid by Discovery to move back with Andy so he could have some medical help while healing and return to the show. Andy being Andy, I don't feel like there is an emotional connection between him and Denise. It feels more like that wanna be mentor relationship he had with the one guy who came for wilderness training back when Andy was married or the teen a few years back. Nothing about their relationship feels like they are in a relationship. Chip is Chip. I would prefer the show focus on Agnes, she is awesome. There are a good number of shows that focus on Agnes and the kids. Love Sue but her story line is getting very repetitive. Sue fixes different things in camp in order to get ready for deep winter. And there will be hunting episodes. Then there will be Sue at her retirement cabin fixing things and hunting. Love Rico and the kids. Mainly because I like watching the kids learn things. And Rico is fun to listen to. Jesse is interesting because he is changing a fair amount in his life. So there is a lot of watching him grow and build. It has not reached the repetitive stage that Sue and the Hailstorms have reached. The show really just needs to cycle through people every 3 years to keep it fresh. Glad that Glenn is gone. I would be fine with losing Andy. I think Denise is suppose to be the fresh bit to his story line but Andy is Andy and not much is going to change who he is and how he acts. Denise is not interesting and her story line doesn't make sense to me.
  15. You don't know that the snow is clean. It covers up animal tracks and possible droppings. It falls through the trees and ends up with bugs or tree debris. None of that can be deemed "safe". You have to melt the snow and then boil it. Boiling water over the fires that they have was taking 15 minutes or so when it wasn't crazy cold, at least that is what several contestants said on the show. Melting snow in shelters where it was cold enough for ice to form on a fire pit is going to take a long, long time. Then bringing it to a boil. It is something you could do in the middle of a huge snow storm when you have no other option, otherwise, it is faster to go to the lake, chop the hole, pull out cold but not frozen water, and then boil it.
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