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  1. Oh, I agree. It is more annoying that the she is almost trying to down play her strategy so she looks less like a villain to her Parishioners. Whatever she is trying to do, it is annoying. And it isn't cute. And her lashing out at Genie was not cute or a part of her strategy. It was like she had to let Genie know that Shan was the one playing a great game and had conned people into trusting her. Genie wasn't Brad's number one, Shan was because Shan is so good at the game. It was an ugly moment and I suspect closer to the real Shan then the giggling I am being so evil on purpose aren't I s
  2. I finally watched last night, my son has decided he wants to watch and it finishes after his bed time so delayed watching this season. Shan is playing hard and I have no problem with that. JD rightly called her out for her hypocrisy but it bit him in the ass. He would have been better off quietly seething and reading the situation for what it was. Shan was telling multiple people different things and cannot be trusted. She was willing to stab Brad in the back and not tell Genie, why wouldn't se be willing to do the same thing to JD? Except JD is a young man over confident in his abilitie
  3. Can't they swap out pros so that Cody can work with someone healthy and Cheryl can focus on healing? This is unfair to Cody, Cheryl, and the audience. Mostly it is unfair to Cheryl. And it is bad for her health and recovery.
  4. We just discussed this my STEM Scouts group. Why is it that turtles and frogs and other animals give birth to lots of babies. In fairness, Malcolm, Woo, and Ozzy all made it deep into the game. Malcolm probably had the best social and challenge game we have seen in a long time. People knew that so he wasn't able to actually get to the end but he got close. Woo made it to final and was an idiot and took the wrong person to final tribal. He pulled a Cody and took someone he had no chance of beating. In fairness, I don't think Woo had a chance of beating anyone but tony was just a stupid
  5. There is a Grease 2 which I would guess they can use as well.
  6. Has it always aired opposite of Monday Night Football? My Husband is annoyed with me because I am watching this and we only switch to football when it is a commercial or not Cody.
  7. First episode: They showed him saying they shouldn't discuss strategy until Danny and DeShawn were back, out of fairness. Then he went down to see how they were doing and saw them hunting for idols so he went back and said if Danny and DeShawn were strategizing, then should all do the same. Second episode: They showed Naseer talking about his life in Sri Lanka and how easy it was to make fire without using flint (he used the embers/heat from coals to start the tinder on fire, it really wasn't that impressive or exciting). They also showed him finding bread fruit and knocking it out of the
  8. I suspect that Cody is just fine and it is more Cheryl still being under the weather. She looked out of breath and off last week while Cody looked fine. He does need someone who can teach him the steps and design the choreography. If Cheryl is not 100% then it is going to affect Cody's ability to learn what he needs to learn. I wish they would bring in an alternate.
  9. I have no clue about ball room dancing or how it is scored. I can only go on what looked good to me and the level of effort that seemed to be involved, kind of like when I watch gymnastics or ice skating during the Olympics. I can appreciate the skill of JoJo, I think she has the right background and is young enough and flexible enough to make it look easy. I really appreciate Miz and Jimmie because they don't have the background and I think that this is so far out of their norm. You can see them growing and getting better and they are just fun. I would love to see Brian and Olvia go
  10. I think that he is an awkward player. He discussed voting people out with folks, who bring the info back to the other person, and then he wants the people to come tell him why he screwed up. He is willing to talk about other people behind their back but gets upset when he realizes that people are doing the same to him. We saw that with Danny twice now, the first time on the beach with the idol hunt tell and then this past episode. I would guess that he has some mannerisms and behaviors that are different then the other players that they don’t quite understand. I just get the feeling
  11. The note that they found says that the penalty ends at the merge if the idol wasn’t activated.
  12. Gotcha, I was thinking of this season and couldn’t place a Chris.
  13. DaShawn knows because Evvie said that the butterfly thing was Xanders. He might not know about the broccoli.
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