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  1. Bubbetv

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    I’ve not been in This thread before because the former seasons are mostly blended in my memories. Would someone help me know what season was the Blue Collar/white Collar/No collar gimmick? Thanks!
  2. Bubbetv

    S37.E13: Finale

    In that moment and with that editing context, I totally got on board with her, “jam your hubris up your ass” fake idol play. Not my proudest sensibility ever, but there it was. I hate watched that broad, and thought the rest, especially the stupid second fake idol plot, was her clueless hateable self. But laughing the first time-yeah I did take a beat to stifle my own...
  3. Bubbetv

    S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    For me, Davie has not disappointed at all -his part in all of the strategic moves with the Davids, his voting for Christian, all make great sense, and done, it seems, without being a jerk around camp. I’m really hoping he gets to Final Tribal and we get to hear his address to the group- just because for all the talk about genius this and brilliant that, I love the way he thinks. Because he had me with, “OCTOPUS!!” and since then, there’s no one else I want to hear from.
  4. I think this was the “emergency” that Kelli ran away to handle. I think she saw VK in that uniform and didn’t want MTT filming her discusssion of how anyone looks in their cameo-certainly keep it to a bare minimum. She can’t keep up the VK bullshit for an entire day of appearance evaluating. If that broad makes it past finals next season, I’m done with this show. p.s. Marshall gap lip smile should be the cover of my calendar. I’d buy extra for that.
  5. Bubbetv

    S18.E02: A Fond Farewell

    Thanks Charlesman!
  6. Bubbetv

    S18.E02: A Fond Farewell

    I guess I can’t really see the trouble about scoring the Wellingtons. Can someone tell me what I missed? to me, the scoring looked the same as on the Ramsay website recipe. (Won’t let me upload the picture) thanks!
  7. Tina, dear, we are the same age. And all the fried hair and lipstick in the world ain’t Savin you from looking like a tired drag queen.
  8. yesssss Charlotte is 100% qualified, savvy, motivated and loving this small corner of her work. i suspect she is also aware of the trainwreck that is Tina Kalima. I thni she also gets into the relief of mostly harmless snark at the tcc folks ~ it’s gotta be a break from bottom line spreadsheet finance crunching...but she HAS an eye on the thread and I think she knows Kelli F is MUCH more into That snark...based on- just rewatched 3rd season MTT and their new view via Jumbotron - the hearty chuckle over who is HD ready - really personally gleeful? - makes me view Kelli now as a Tina K clone/Asshole BUT with Better Optics because the eyes/hair Keli has-covers a lot of spanx and dress choice fails... and maybe Charlotte is happy to give her un-dance-specific opinions, and also aware that the management snark should be monitored-because folks in the boardroom plain old do not give a single shit for miss Fingle ASS or her blathering about world famous blah blah when the money shot show is going to be represented by VK. Kelli may know the money-shot+picture-face, while Kelli is also Tina Kalina -in the actual value of a person face, with prettier optics. Kelli is a prick. With pretty complexion. I think Charlotte sees that, and uses that. Because it works.
  9. When Kelli called out Judy to Say Something, Kelli looked a little bully-ish to me. When Judy snapped back, “why don’t YOU say what YOU’RE thinking” I applauded. I pictured (right or not) those two talking often about Judy likely screaming all through unfilmed practices, and Kelly wanting to awwww, then get frustrated herself with VK’S schtick-but awwww poor dear-then get pissed at VK’s asinine Mess again...and now she’s trying to get Judy to be a bad guy for the camera without the balls to get honest herself. Kelli could have mentored VK re weight-how many years she was splitting outta the spanx? Just sayin...
  10. I thought that might be Kelly in the front row.?
  11. Is Kitty usually on the panels before SG Panel? I thought the formula was to have her in prep, then SG, then guest judge a month or so into camp. I am mostly enjoying Kitty now that she’s improving her hair over prior years. Her banging on -is whatever- but her hair was distracting me. On my little HD screen, all I could think was, “Poor thing has lost her comb.”
  12. They love to inflate the numbers about audition candidates. I wonder if they don’t have early kick line because it would mean they can’t find 100 women to go to the next round.
  13. Yes, Janc, that was the jacket!! Oh and it looks great for her! Oh I wish I could have it too-but I’m so glad she likes it and she will rock it! Thanks for posting that! ?
  14. They went over $300...not insane for leather, but I was afraid they'd be thin pleather -good film optics but junky actual textiles...so I bailed at $200... I'd love it if the buyers would let us know how they enjoy the things they're getting!! and pictures!
  15. Sigh, no. They went crazy high over my limits... still, it was fun to take the teasing from my friends and watch the competition going mad. Thanks for asking!