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  1. bitsy123

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I can't unsee it now!!! You are so right!
  2. bitsy123

    S13 E13: Game Day

    Are we not going to see the squad photo with the "bouquet of cheerleaders" this year? On one hand I miss it just because it grates my nerves every year when Kelli says that and I think I secretly enjoy thinking its so cheezy, but on the other hand, I never like that segment anyway and I'm glad we got to skip it. This episode, and this whole season, has me so confused. I don't know how I feel about this show anymore LOL. Thank god its over in 10 minutes for another year,....
  3. bitsy123

    S13 E13: Game Day

    How painful it must be to be cut on the last night, not only to have gotten so close but they are getting cut and escorted right out and there is no team around them to give them hugs or support. That was one very lonely walk for Lilly.
  4. bitsy123

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    This episode was draining. Heck, this season was draining. It was sad to watch Taras cut, I can only assume there was more going on behind the scenes beyond what was shown, the two office visits were all we really saw. I hope she has all the support she needs and would be happy to see her come back if thats the right thing for her. It was anticlimactic to watch Victorias cut. She was in the office more than anyone else this season (according to what was shown) with issues across the board, and it felt overdue. I low key suspect Kelli knew for awhile what had to be done but left her in training camp to give her experience. Kellis decision, but if that was the fact, I wish the show had not focused on her so much and had instead showed us more of the other girls we barely saw who were real contenders for this year. I am confident Victoria will come back and make the team and probably be a great cheerleader. That said, I have no interest in watching her journey all over again a second time and will probably tune out if they craft another season with her as central story arc. I liked seeing the groups do dances following their leaders- I'm all for more dancing on this show!
  5. bitsy123

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    My heart is breaking for Tara, that was very sad to watch.
  6. It looks as thought Victoria is wearing pink disco ball earrings with that dress which is not the most "classic" style choice. I don't think the dress is terrible for a young woman of that age but it seems they are looking for a more business/professional look for a luncheon that a more party/cocktail look.
  7. I will hate to see 2 episodes heavily dedicated to the remaining cuts, but after the drama of this years training camp, it would be really nice to have one whole episode at the end without cuts and stressed girls and instead just show them celebrating their photos and first game together as a team. But, we have a bit of cutting ahead of us so those would be 2 very full episodes for them to get them all in!
  8. Agreed- Taylor seemed to hear the critiques and suggestions of what to work on, and they clearly want her to work it out and come back. Victoria was just defensive about everything until Kelli made it clear she was ready to say goodbye right then- only then did she actually apologize. Before that she was justifying her attitude and did not seem to get they were upset she had not done something she specifically agreed to do in last weeks episode (no idea how much time in the real world had passed).
  9. Yay Brittany Evans! I really do like these Where Are They Now segments this year!
  10. Well, not a shocker there on Victoria- she is beautiful I think, and has talent as a dancer, but her immaturity has been obvious. I was surprised to hear Kelli say she needs to go figure out who Victoria really is, and start treating this like a job...sounds like she really was seeing what was happening.
  11. I saw that one too and thought the same thing! It was exactly the kind of feedback you would hope to see, and it was done very instructively. Also a good check to remember the shows edits may like to show the more dramatic stuff from everyone and not always the duller stuff like explaining tombe vs chasse (though I love to watch that kind of instruction, I could watch technical coaching all day and be entertained :) )
  12. I still think Jinelle was not brought in specifically as a fitness or nutrition expert, though I suspect she is knowledgeable in both. The TCC already talked to Jay and that nutrition lady who said stuff to her I suspect. I think Jinelle was actually brought in to teach Victoria personal structure and discipline which seem inconsistent and are core to solving her training camp and weight issues (weight gain, weird behavior in the office flopping on the desk, etc). I think Jinelles real job was to get her up the maturity curve, without that not sure how the other stuff could be solved. Kelli referred to Victoria as a beautiful storm in one episode so I don’t think she is completely blind to the chaos and lack of self structure with this girl. Jinelle would be a great role model there if one took advantage...
  13. I think it’s weird for sure, but it’s also weird no one said anything to her right away and cleared it up then rather than wait a number of weeks. A group leader could fix that in about 1 minute then and there. Seems like Kelli was looking for a fight, not a discussion on a real current problem/solution. Something is sure off this season with everyone sniping at each other and all the strange teardowns. Miranda bursting into tears because she’s so afraid of what Kitty might be saying to make Kelli dislike her??? Something sure is rotten in the state of Denmark...(or at least at the Highland Park HS football field!!)
  14. Well I guess tonight we got a taste of how Victoria acts when called out by someone who is not one of her enablers, and is not bowing to her corner. Who knew Jinelle would be the one to get the tiger to show her stripes??
  15. I also wonder if Jinelle was sent in there as K&Js lieutenant to quietly figure out what the heck is really up with Victoria, from someone who is not one of Vs fan girls, family members, Cowboys marketing staff, lifelong family friends, etc. There was a moment in the session with Kitty where Kelli for the first time seemed to show she was actually hearing (if not yet acting on) the negative feedback from outside the bubble who have coddled Victoria forever and struggle to see her objectively. I feel she would trust Jinelles feedback and maybe she was looking for an objective voice to help her reconcile it all. I suspect ther was pressure to get Victoria on the team a couple people felt under. 11 lbs over an already starting heavy weight would have anyone else out the door in a second. But as always who knows- we see what they want to show us. Though it may have been for the best, Dayton’s cut broke my heart. She is clearly a very trained technical dancer, a beautiful and sincere young lady, and has the world in front of her. She will go far I think. Go get em girl!!! i am happy to see Brennan doing well this year! I also am liking Jalyn.
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