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  1. LOVE Kelsey. Love love. Even in her 50 yard line, don't know the GM days(I get super nervous under intense pressure too so I totally get it) I feel like she's added a lot of glam back to the squad. And agree, she just seems like a genuine, sweet, goofy person. I know I've noticed that air of snottiness in some before, but I don't get that from her...like Brooke and Schramm before her, I like that unique can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it quality she has that makes her stand out (to me at least)
  2. @sATL lol I just used the emojis on my phone keyboard ? #jazzhands #spiritfingers Oh, who caught the slow-mo tears falling off of Lauren's cheeks after the reveal? Neat. I feel like they amped it up this year, took the show up a notch...there are so many little details I've been noticing this go round.
  3. I always freakin love the squad announcement ep! And I always get a little teary ? just a smidge.? I was pregnant for last year's and didn't know it...here's to that not happening this year ?? Kelli has looked so amazing this season and her hair and overall appearance for the announcement was ? ??? 3 snaps in a Z formation, Kelli, ya look great, girrl ? KaShara ? aww, so sweet. I think it's safe to say most of us love you as point! werk. Alexandria!! My girl crush is gone already?! Dang! Happy 2017, DCC, congrats and ?⛈ THUN-DAH!!!!
  4. I'm loving this episode, y'all! I think overall they've done a much better job this year than in years past in showing us more prep, dancing, personality etc. Like! That humid heat is NO JOKE! It feels like you're suffocating..or as I like to say: "Drowning above water". It's always muggy down here and we've had some 90 degree days just this past week, ugh. I wanna be like hello, Florida, did you get the memo that it is indeed October?! We're ready for boots and scarves and for our hair not to be a dang mop within 10 minutes. But I digress. Kelsey is so beautiful! She seems genuinely sweet and like she'd be fun to hang out with. Forever #teamkelsey ☆And oh hay Emmitt Smith!☆ Nice to see our hometown Cowboy on MTT! Reppin Pensacola! I still say it would be the coolest thing ever to have the DCC at a Blues event (the homecoming show is coming up in November, just putting that out there?) ♡ I seriously might die from sheer excitement.(if not heatstroke first. ((jokes)) ) KaShara as point is A++ in my book. Not finished yet but I love catching up then reading the boards. Always entertaining ???
  5. @MrsEVH yes, the styles do seem almost identical. I liked the color, that smoky kinda almost greyish rooted blonde. I'm a fan lol. Is it just me or does Miranda always look like she's about to bust out in tears at any moment?
  6. I'm just now getting to watch this...with the Blue Angels flying overhead practicing..can we get the DCC and Blues to do something together puhhhleassssse?! ?? The TCC's who can't crank the cocoa are so obvious to me this year. Oh and I really don't like Bree. Really didn't like her whenever she chewed Angela out that one year. Yay you were on SYTYCD, I don't watch that show, but, girl, humble pie is a good taste for everyone ?? I like Keith. More of this and people like Jordan...Yaaaahhhh. ??? ETA: I did like Bree's hair/hair color this time, idk she just rubs me the wrong way. Also, when Brianna started crying after Keith's compliment- awwww! Presh. Really.
  7. I'm way more sold on Christina this year than any other...I do think that short sassy lil haircut helped lol. I watched some of season 10 and she is almost orange with dark hair, she looks so much cuter now. Re: Kalina/Chandler: I agree it was messed up for Tina to call her a grandma but Chandler IS one of those TC mysteries to me ie: Karen, Rose, KD, the really tiny, timid long-haired girl whose name escapes me, Karissa...girls who totally baffle me as to why they were ever brought into Training Camp to begin with. Chandler never had the •look• to me and sorta reminds me of Carly from the Bachelor. I think Carly is cuter though esp now that she's fixed those eyebrows ?
  8. Ahhh gotcha @HowdeeDo I just know I saw her in the background when the vets were practicing so I thought that was weird. Geez, I can't imagine her getting called out for weight! She's so teeny and toned, ntm b-e-a-utiful. Thanks for keeping in me in the loop ladies, I'm in and out with a toddler and 9 week old ?? Basically functioning on a wing and a prayer...Oh and caffeine! Bless you, caffeine ?
  9. Thanks @LadyMsJay? Well that definitely stinks. I know Holly is a polarizing figure but there's no doubt she was a fabulous dancer and a stunner. What a shame. I wonder if anyone knows what happened with Mandy as well cause something just seemed off with that situation
  10. Ok y'all, I'm a little bit behind, I knew about the Holly situation from earlier but she's for sure gone? Did she quit? And Erica's done too?(I assume from previously mentioned injuries) Friggin A this is mad crazy! I guess the big picture at the stadium is pretty glaring confirmation. Sucks @LaurenBrook, ello love, do you have any insight on Holly? E&H, We'll miss you chickies. Don't Cry, Cowgirls ?
  11. True, @bigskygirl, Meghan had a Julia-esque vibe about her. And I always liked Curly Courtney, that season she left I felt terrible for her. I think girl must have been going through some major shit.. In other news, every time I see Sarah Gourley that song "I'm so humble" from that Andy Samberg movie Popstar plays in my head.. lmfao, no??? Just me? ??? ?"The thing about me that's so impressive Is how infrequently I mention all of my successes"? ?
  12. I really liked this ep! It's different than what we've seen in the past with the alumni coming in etc etc: Ashton still looks so damn gorgeous, Mia is a doll, I've always liked Audrea, I thought Cassie's hair color was really pretty and Sarah is still queen of the RBF??? ..plus, hellllllloooo, The Star•⭐•, wowza...Jerry Jones and all that jazz. I thought his little speech was sweet. Rookies I'm diggin are Kalyssa, Alexandra, Keyra, Lauren, Madeleine and Lexie is just adorable Christina bugs me less this season but maybe it's cause we see her less??, Celinda is still kinda meh to me and I like Brennan a lot more this year. I think Briana is gorgeous but she sticks out like a sore thumb in there, just seems very young and delicate. I think she could come back in a year or so and glam it up a smidge. As far as Vets go, I adore KaShara, Kelsey, Maggie, Robin, Maddie, Lacey, Jinelle and Holly is a friggin rockstar. I'd love to see her hair long just for the hell of it ? She's just the total package. KaShara too. She's my girl crush. Kelsey too. Love her hair. I never noticed how truly thin Amy was until this episode, dang! She's really little. I think the girls are much more womanly and sexxxaayy this year than years past, yay! I'm excited to see this squad ???
  13. @beachespeaches I haven't gotten that far yet but I'm sure she did. She's a beautiful dancer. Just all this speculation about it...now we know
  14. Oh my Jesus they showed Holly's wardrobe malfunction ? Bless her heart! That was painful to watch
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