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  1. I have to agree with you. Maybe he was he referee. But it looks like Robin has a new hairstyle more fitting with someone her age. Dr. P sure did incorporate her "expert" opinion and advice into the Dirty John episode.
  2. Maybe she figured it wasn't as dreamy as she thought it would be? Maybe it was actually a nightmare and too much pressure? I don't know but was wondering.
  3. Yep I think you explained it well. I imagine these girls are so nervous they are just waiting to see what part of the question is a trick.
  4. That's the weirdest comment for someone to make. I'd be blocking that person.
  5. I often wonder if it was the way the question was worded (i.e. "classical"). Surely the girl is not that lacking in the brains department. Surely if she took lit in school the teacher mentioned the classics in the book department. We actually had to read Wuthering Heights.
  6. I found them at Ultra Beauty Supply locally. Huge butt rollers with foam on them. Great size.
  7. So you don't think mysonjay's Dr. on Demand will cure her then? It's 10 sessions after all. I'm with the other poster. Who calls their kid Memo?
  8. I used to watch just to laugh at her, but it's reached a whole new low and I cannot stomach it anymore. I'm waiting for her to see her on My 600 lb. life and even then it will be disgusting.
  9. Maybe Cassie will have another "ask me anything" session!
  10. I can see this. Even on the show some of them are extra nasty looking.
  11. They are so ultra dramatic when taking someone's shoes and socks off!! Who takes 45 seconds to take socks off? I'd have mine off already and say "it hurts here Doc."
  12. Re: various "enhancements" DCC rookies tend to be sucked into after a year or so. I think it's refreshing to see the natural breasts on the new girls and hope they don't come back next season with built in flotation devices. They've already proven it's not needed.
  13. I loved her. Just a no nonsense no drama get the job done high class lady.
  14. PlutoTV just started the Dr. Phil channel not sure if it's 24 hours or 12 hours. There is a stark difference in Robin's "face" when watching anything before 2019.
  15. Something really weird about her look. Almost as if she's trying to be just an "every day regular" person a/k/a real estate agent? I'm not sure. Wish we had someone to see the old and new Holly and let us know.
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