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  1. Would you say this applies to Natalie also? I don't think she "hated" it. But gosh she worked hard to get there that second year.
  2. But it's like this every year. I vividly remember Breeland, Morgan, Vivian, etc., etc. This year is no different. Personally Morgan wasn't a favorite of mine.
  3. Well now that I think of it that may have been the burger that somehow I thought was the mushroom. So you are correct, a cooked mushroom would have been horrible to handle.
  4. The younger checkers at my grocery store are similarly limited. I swear every girl in the south should know what a turnip root, rutabaga or acorn squash looks like. I don't know what these girls eat in real life. Well, I guess I do.
  5. I don't watch any of the "I can't control my wild child" anymore (a/k/a juvenile delinquent) or "I want to be famous on social media". Those episodes just seem ridiculous to me. I don't know what has happened to his producers for them to think we are attracted to some screaming immature idiots. Give me a catfish any day.
  6. It really was pretty entertaining. They did cook the mushroom.
  7. Would that not be the most watched scene ever? I'd love to see them both do it. With Shelly of course helping.
  8. But one thing I heard her say was she was "overwhelmed." The show was edited so much there was little mention of the accident that took her friends' lives. But apparently it affected her in TC a great deal more than was shown. She thanked TPTB for their patience and help. Hope she gets/got some grief counseling and comes back next year.
  9. How many DCC would it take to cut up a whole chicken? And how many would be bleeding before it was done?
  10. I actually enjoyed the cooking contest. Now I want the cookbook. I also saw Julia's field brush off and was amazed. She must have forgotten the cameras were filming? Victoria looked beautiful and danced nicely. It was a good episode.
  11. Kat will never be in a situation where she is at a loss for words.
  12. Kallie Fullerton just seemed like one of those girls that genuinely wanted to be a DCC (not just saying it whatever that means).
  13. The saying when I was a teenager (from mom) "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"
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