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  1. Does he really not realize his time in the spotlight is done?
  2. I read somewhere one of the daughters in law was a Playboy playmate in her previous life.
  3. Will have to watch Grease again and see if it was in there. Cause that's what Robin dresses like at times. A teenager in Grease.
  4. Me too. That was really cute but not sure why she had to take up the space with herself instead of the characters.
  5. I guess he does this type of show for couples that cannot decide if they want children. Ten sessions with Dr. on Demand. Maybe Robin will have some pointers.
  6. Someone on facebook asked Dr. Pol (the official page but certainly not Dr. Pol himself) why he didn't spend some of that money he was earning off the show and build a room to hold his radiograph machine so they didn't have to keep going up and down the stairs. The official answer was because it needed to be in the basement to absorb the rays. Let me just tell you--her butt was raked over the coals by his fans. I mean she doesn't have any skin left on her butt at all now. She may as well asked Dr. Pol if he had a girlfriend. I'm just wondering--does that mean all the other vets that do
  7. Today on my DVR it was the cuddle channel pair. Trash TV at its best.
  8. Thank you! It's about time. I'll have to rewatch season 1 to even remember. Right now I'm on my first watching of Lost.
  9. Many years ago I knew someone who called mimosa trees fimosha trees. True I promise.
  10. I hope it really is "new" and not remanufactured old episodes. The young male vet left recently and moved to another state. I liked him.
  11. For some reason JJ disregards contract law when someone doesn't lose money and are already "whole" as she puts it.
  12. I told ya'll some time back it would soon be the mywiferobin show.
  13. All I could think of the entire episode is she actually had s-e-x with him.
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