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  1. I didn't see any tears or see any nose discharge.... She thinks it is very unfair to be a registered sex offender. I think she was hoping Dr. P would give her ideas on how to get that undone.
  2. Thanks for the link. I don't think vets "gown up" to sew up wounds on a horse in a barn or pasture setting. At least they never did when I had horses. But I do believe animals should be intubated and proper protocol should be followed during general surgery procedures in a clinic.
  3. Okay thanks for the explanation. I thought it was a home for wayward teenage children!! Oops.
  4. Was the defendant wearing a woman's wig? Or was that his real hair?
  5. I'm not sure why to think of the Hephzibah House episode. Dr. P sure took the 3 girls' sides fast and sort of discounted the girl saying it was her saving grace. I'm sure those girls were mad at being there when the parents sent them. They were probably as rank as could be back then. Maybe if not for HH they would be in prison or worse. Maybe they just decided it was time for vengeance. I really don't know and don't think I know enough to decide.
  6. It means his kids don't have to worry about making a real living for themselves. Otherwise he might be living in the hood.
  7. Surely all the girls said typical girl things like "what are you wearing to the interview?"
  8. I don't click on "sponsored" ads but wonder if any of ya'll have checked this site out.
  9. He was on via satellite last week in the episode where the woman had the errant 10 year old brat that she could not control. Frankly, it reminded me once again why I am glad I never had children.
  10. Insert somewhere in there "I'm a mandated reporter."
  11. I am liking it. Did you notice DCC was mentioned in the first episode?
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