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  1. I don't color my hair but gosh I need a haircut. In my state deaths and cases continue to climb. So I am still pretty much staying on the farm. I did have to learn to groom (clip) my poodle. It's a good thing poodle hair grows fast. I am getting better. And have saved a ton of money!
  2. Gurl you are slipping! Twenty lashes with a hair extension for you!
  3. So I watched the short segment on the sisters that were fighting over their mother's will. One sister has been living in house for 5 years and refuses to move. Other sister cannot get her out so the house can be redone (sister is a "bit" messy and has "rescue" dogs that poo inside). So Dr. P flies them all the way to L.A. to tell sister to hire an attorney. Commercial break and then to a woman who needs skin care tips!
  4. Anyone see yesterday's episode about the lady with the filthy house? I wanted to tell her she is not a single mom. She is a married woman with children and a life that has gone off the rails.
  5. I did not know there was a part 3 on Lois. Or maybe I did watch it. I'll have to go back and see. That was quite the pitiful case. She is obviously not well. I don't think Dr. P was of much help.
  6. Why doesn't someone just ask Judy if she's retiring? Kelcey--I barely know who she is.
  7. Thanks for telling me that. Alli I apologize for not knowing all the latest trends.
  8. A few of those girls auditioning look as if they are mad at the universe in their photos. Allie Richardson is scowling.
  9. I'd like to see how Meredith does this year. There is something about her personality that I like. She doesn't seem as if she has a mean bone in her body or has any agenda. I don't want her cut. There is so much about these girls that we never really get to see. I would be great to hear "the rest of the story" on so many of them.
  10. Just imagine how long it would have been had it not been "brief."
  11. Thanks for letting me know! I almost hate to admit it, but Wagon Train comes on at the same time as Dr. Phil and I've been recording that every day. It is so much better than Dr. Phil. If ya'll are young you aren't going to remember Wagon Train. Flint McCollough is so much easier on the eyes than Dr. P. And his ladies always had some meat on their bones.
  12. Guess I better get the DVD going again. Thanks!
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