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  1. Ya'll gotta go to the youtube of this video and read all the hilarious comments. One of them: Me trying this: 🥴😳😬 Her doing this: 🥰🤩😍
  2. Welp you can bet your sweet bippy if I were to get a tattoo it sure wouldn't be of Dr. Phil. Who in the heck is coming up with these wild ideas?
  3. Why am I suddenly so depressed that it's labeled "beginner tutorial." Damnit who knew it was that much to remember.
  4. I think it depends upon the day and how badly he is hurting.
  5. I watched/FF this while feeding the dogs this morning. Of course Dr. P blamed Mom. What I got out of it was him saying "back off when he gets pissy."
  6. I hate to wonder about insignificant things but does he have a profession or career or anything?
  7. I'm sort of using it as a card game. What will happen first: I'm a mandated reporter. Mysonjay. Dr. on demand. I own Dr. on demand. My wife Robin. Robin's shocked expressions like she's been living in a convent. Robin's make up (which they've seemed to quit pushing as much). Robin's podcast. Coach Mike. Will he wear his tennis shoes or regular shoes. And on and on. Am I the only one thinking they've started using that type of camera lens on Robin they do in the film industry to soften the look?
  8. I actually like Marissa and that may be one reason I said something about she was way too young to get married. I can give many reasons (one of which involves baby carrots), but I am much older and wiser than she. I also wish her the best in her relationship and hope she has a long engagement.
  9. Didn't we just see this kid's twin last week?
  10. I have a feeling that mentioning a TCC has cankels, thuts, drumsticks and the like won't ever be seen on TV again. Have I missed any unpleasant descriptions used in the past?
  11. I know girls get married at 19 but this shows some of her immaturity in my opinion. Go to college, find out what real life is about, get a job, grow up, see what adulthood is like first.
  12. I definitely agree. I usually call the guests on their BS but not him. He is truly suffering.
  13. Oh I had forgotten that!! That man needs help desperately--not abandoning.
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