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  1. That's a weird set up. So instead of a plate they have a cutting board to cut their own stuff up. Why is Robin wearing gloves but using a serving utensil to shovel in salad (?). Is that a roll or a potato? Who took the photo?
  2. These people “coping” with isolation are nuts. I live on a farm and may not leave for a couple of weeks at a time. Find something useful to do! I’m not watching any of his virus episodes. Rather see reruns.
  3. Interesting article about Ashley Pro. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/big-brother-clay-honeycutt-ashley-prochazka.html/
  4. I may be a tad behind in fashion, but why is she wearing rubber boots???? That whole photo is just way odd.
  5. Didn't quote your entire post, but I definitely remember this case. I do remember they divorced. I definitely believe this woman was either severely disturbed herself or just didn't have the knowledge/ability/whatever to properly care for her not normal children. I absolutely agree the girl was so drugged she could barely function. Thanks for the update.
  6. No nothing definite. The plaintiff was one nervous nellie. Nothing was mentioned about benefits by anyone.
  7. I FF through it stopping 2 or 3 times but didn't find anything worth listening to. just not sure why we he thinks we should all be listening to his show as an expert source.
  8. I just read somewhere Dallas is now on Amazon. Some of you may not be old enough to remember. J.R. was the best villain ever.
  9. I can see a future episode in my mind: Out of control, disrespectful former A+ student tested positive for Covid and will not stay in quarantine. He/she left toddler home for me to take care of and I can't go find her/him. I bought her/him a new iPhone to check in with me and my number has been blocked. What's a mom to do? OR I friended someone who said she had Covid and started her a gofundme. She got 50,000 and I need to confront her and ask her why she did it because I am so hurt now. OR Town explodes with population increase 9 months after being in quarantine from Covid. Meet all the new munchkins. I guess I'm bored today.
  10. I tried to watch last night. But they've butchered the music beyond belief. It's horrible.
  11. If ya'll do Netflix try Offspring. A great series about a wacky family, but believable.
  12. I'm not defending the pomeranian defendant at all. She absolutely did not need any more poms. I don't know if he hunts, but hunters keep packs of beagles even in these times. And they don't stay in the house.
  13. I wonder how much discussion TPTB have had about public appearances and the corona virus.
  14. I think he had some sort of disability not sure what. But his partner seemed to be watching out for him thankfully. I think some type of price was talking about surely if though there was nothing in writing to prove it.
  15. I wish I could remember a link to a video of a cow with the abscess that I swear took 10 minutes to drain. It was amazing! Had to be 5 gallons! I love abscesses!
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