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S16.E02: An Unconventional Recycling

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1 minute ago, Mindthinkr said:

"Indeed. Indeed". 

What is it about the twins speech pattern that drives me nuts? 


I'm on the west coast but keeping up on reddit. Please someone tell me that evil twin gets awf'd?

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4 minutes ago, Nordly Beaumont said:

Wow, I really thought that they were Ballin' on the Bottom! Terrible! Especially Ayana's! I mean, what the hell?! So ugly. But Team Tsunami's was pretty crap too. Wabi Sabi was my pick for top.

Ohhh, loved the guest judge telling Shawn something like "with the perfect model and perfect materials, this is a great prom" and then watching Shawn choke down her "well, fuuuuuck you!" Seriously, you could see the words trying to free themselves from her lips.

It's been a while since the phone call home meant they were being auf'd, so Sentell going home surprised me. But his was a big nothing. Like Heidi said, at least Shawn's skirt was good. And no, Sentell, you didn't lose yourself by being to much of a team player. You actually thought your look was good.

I'm good enough, I'm curvy enough, and doggone it people like me!


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Oh sooooo close to the most annoying twin being auf'ed! But as much as I liked Sentell his dress did look like a sad twisted garbage bag. Too bad he spent so much time helping Shawn. 

Aaron is doing ok so far having not designed for women before so I don't understand the twins excuse for stressing out over designing for a 'Curvy' woman who wasn't actually curvy at all. The judging panel touched on that and good for them for saying what they did. And not all rock stars and celebrities are stick thin. 

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Cue balls' model is skinnier than she is. I guess we all can't rock a "Millennial AF" sweatshirt like she can.

Miss "Modest" won. Fine. And I did drink for "modest" so excuse me if I don't make any sense. 

I didn't like much of anything.

I did like that Tim seemed personally offended by the team names.

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Ugh.  I'm so so pissed.  Yeah, Sentell didn't do very well with this one, but by all that's holy with The Little Black Dress, Shawn needs to be shown the door.  As soon as humanly possible.  She's really...awful.  And get over yourself sweetie, everybody helped finish that outfit while you bitched and whined for an entire whole day.  

The first time around I didn't get the Ballin' team, but when the judges pointed out what they found as so fashion forward, I kinda got it.  It was cohesive, it was fitting with the story they had, and when they finally buckled down they worked well together and helped each other, without stepping all over each other.  It was a mix of Coffy meets Burning Man, so it was kinda cool.   

Ya know, Fashion Week is Sept 7-14 - it's going to be very interesting how they work the decoys this time around.  Just from this show tonight I so hope neither twin shows a collection.

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verbage is everything...
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I can't take the twins, their bright lipstick hurts my eyes and the person who said they embody nails on a chalkboard is 100% correct. So much complaining from Shawn about the same thing over and over again, they need to send her home , she can't handle pressure well at all

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I love Maggie and the Maria Claire woman practically jumping out of there seats to shut that "curvy" shit down. And the judge saying the model was thinner than her. Priceless. 

What is the model/fashion definition of curvy? Because I view breasts as one of women's curves. So if the twins design for pop stars they are telling my that none of them have boobs and or an ass. That Katy Perry doesn't have curves. 

I knew the crybaby twin wasn't going home because of the "this season on PR." So you can tell if an event or challenge hasn't happened yet a designer isn't going home. She spent a day and a half running around and crying. I can't with the twins they are just to horrible. 

In last week's thread someone joked about modest having to do a barely there Heidi Klum challenge. I actually would give anything to watch her try and pass of a Mama's Family style nightgown as fashion or a wet suit for a swimwear challenge. 

Remember when designer would get super dressed up for the runway. I always thought it was a little dumb because they would still be working on their looks. But after seeing the bottom two idiots look like they just got back from the gym. It seems a little disrespectful and unprofessional. It wasn't even "fashionable" it just seemed lazy. 

Tim looking like he walked into a fart when he heard the team names. Amazing. 

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Forgot to add something
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I was already tired of Shawn last weekend and her whining and drama queen ways.  Unfortunately we're stuck with the twit because of the Twin Drama.  I wonder if any of her team mates was tempted to slap Shawn upside the head.

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I liked the winning team a tiny bit better than Wabi Sabi.  Many of Ballin's designs looked stiff and uncomfortable, but looked good as a whole.  

I really liked what Wabi Sabi did with the lacey six-pack rings.  That came off both pretty and fun.

Shawn is a mess and needs to go home. 

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Every season, there's somebody on Amazing Race who didn't learn how to drive a stick shift when they knew they were going to be on the show- or to swim.  And somebody on Top Chef who doesn't know how to use a pressure cooker. It's the same with Project Runway- while they used to have stick figure models for most challenges, there was always a "regular woman" challenge.

I liked Wabi Sabi, which was really cohesive, but some of their materials still looked like something other than fabric, and I think the judges favored something where the origin were more disguised.

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Judges were not tough enough on shaved head person and her "curvy" repetition. She should have been kicked out right then, if they want drama. That was ridiculous as the model was barely of average size, if that. By kicking off the other guy they excused her remarks, that thing she made was no better. 

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1 hour ago, Straycat80 said:

Do we need the Stuart Smalley-type affirmations in the mirror by the models? I could do without that. 

I agree, but I have to say that model Monique is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen!  

1 hour ago, chitowngirl said:

Never designed for a curvy girl? Katy Perry is one of the curviest girls out there!

I'm glad the African print designer turned it around. She was my favorite from Road to the Runway. I liked the winning look also. The judges and I agree two weeks in a row. I'm shocked!!

You knew they weren't going to lose that Twin drama so soon!

Plus, when we saw Sentell (sp-?) Facetiming with his new husband - you had to know he was going home (well, plus the hot mess of a dress that he created)!

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1 hour ago, Suzysite said:

It sounds like they're descended from Thurston Howell III and Lovey. Or they wish. 

Ayana's swishy fringe reminded me of a car wash. Is fringe considered 'modest'? 

And, in past seasons, designers were chided for that same design, calling it "dated" and "we've seen it before"....

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Ugh, two episodes in and the aufs are all for the drama. Shawn should have been gone, but you know the magic wondertwin powers will keep them both in this competition far longer than they should be. Shawn was in the bottom last week and this week, and didn't even make the good part of her outfit...but the guy who did make it gets sent home... While I agree his gold wrapping paper thing was awful last week and this week wasn't much better, he didn't 'score' in the bottom last week. (I know, I know, one week your in, one week your out, but come on) Shawn had a bad attitude and made a crappy outfit. She should have been sent home. But we know for at least a few more weeks if anyone goes against one of the twins, they are going to be the one aufed.


I didn't mind the winning team, though those white/transparent shorts things were awful... and the patterned pants outfit looked so stiff and weird in motion, it ruined the affect. I'm okay with the win, it did look cool in motion. It looked less cool up close- the front looked like little kid art projects, but they all did. Fringe has always been popular with Heidi, remember a few seasons ago when all you had to do was throw some fringe on and it was a winning look? Heidi wore that blue carwash dress to some red carpet.


The middle team was pretty middle for me, too. All the teams had some boring looks and some interesting looks. I did like the designer who did the braided halter on the losing team, her outfit turned out quite good, and I like that the judges liked her best when twin girl was all "everything is braided, yuck! Waa waa crybaby!"

Overall, disappointed in this challenge... maybe because the materials were less interesting? Or too much random painted fabric lite options... No coffee filter amazingness or hot glued leaves or some of the other really creative unconventional materials...

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1 hour ago, Elizabette said:

The twins (obviously) have no fashion sense as not only did they dislike last weeks winning design, but also they also didn't like the only dress from their team that the judges did like. They thought the braided bodice was too 'expected'. And the long hair twin had netting on her ugly skirt, again. They are one note x 2. 


They really make it so easy to dislike them. I'm old enough to be their mother, and that pretentious speech pattern is really thickly laid on when they are addressing someone in the position of authority. I couldn't imagine being their mother, "Dear Lord, shut up! Just SHUT UP ALREADY! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE -Times TWO!!" 

I suspect their mother taught them to talk like that.  It sounds very affected, but they never drop it which makes me suspect it's natural, and learned at home.  Even the first episode when Heidi (or whoever) mentioned they haven't seen their work room yet - most of us would we reply, "we haven't".  But one of the wonder twins replied, "we've not", which I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say before.

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I cannot stand Shawn “woe is me, I’ve never designed for a curvy woman” “I don’t know what to do!” “everybody else is doing girly things, I don’t understand that” There’s something about her that makes me think of Katy Perry, & I don’t like Katy Perry.  And what's with the way they speak?

On 8/24/2017 at 7:50 PM, Suzysite said:

It sounds like they're descended from Thurston Howell III and Lovey. Or they wish. 

This describes it perfectly

Loved it when Heidi said “Shawn, since you rolled that bus onto that stage…”

No way Sentell should have been aufed, he sewed Shawn’s top, she shouldn’t get the credit.

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2 hours ago, rustyspigot said:

I did like that Tim seemed personally offended by the team names.

Well, the term "balling" means having sex, so that kind of stunned me too. Who wants to be on a team called "Having Sex on a Budget"?

It was wonderful to have tiny little Maggie Q  remind Weepy Twin that women of all sizes deserve fashion. Not that there's a lot of fashion going on with this season's crew; tonight's offerings were mostly boring. The winning dress was nice, but I thought "modest" meant no sleeveless garments.

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3 hours ago, rustyspigot said:

Cue balls' model is skinnier than she is. I guess we all can't rock a "Millennial AF" sweatshirt like she can.

Does she have an "Annoying AF" sweatshirt too?


3 hours ago, Straycat80 said:

Aaron is doing ok so far having not designed for women before so I don't understand the twins excuse for stressing out over designing for a 'Curvy' woman who wasn't actually curvy at all.

Aaron or Brandon? With Brandon he buckles down. Works hard. Stays quiet. (He's a Millennial too, heh. )But more importantly, he designs to his strengths using pattern and color. I imagine that tailoring/ princess seams on a plus model would be hard for him but rarely are challenges that specific, and he works with what he knows. I liked last weeks top and the pants this week were really great. He's also done 2 crop tops, which could get one note but he has other thoughtful design elements that make up for that.

I'm introverted so I'm a little biased to the joy of silence, but if Shawn would just stop talking for 10 minutes I think it would help her greatly in focus and calm. 

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