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  1. Absolutely and I honestly didn't mean to cause any hard feelings. My own widowed 50 something grandmother ended up marrying and being happy until her death with her 2nd husband who was 17 years her junior. I was referring to the in all likelihood scripted plotlines which, IMO, encourage often over-served women into catfights, faux arguments and a superficial view of pretty much everything to boost flagging ratings. I simply prefer a bit more reality in my entertainment. But, as my much beloved step-grandfather was fond (and accurate) in saying; 'you go to your church, I'll go to mine
  2. With respect, I disagree. Admittedly I stopped watching any and all (scripted) reality shows, including the various HW series years ago but, were I to watch, I'd rather see women of any age not going on any terrible dates. I'm not amused by desperate appearing women incomplete without either having a man or being arm candy. I find that premise to be both insulting and misogynistic. I don't see drunken catfights as either okay or entertaining but offensive and simply sad. Perhaps I'm in the minority but I see my gray hairs and no longer 20 year old skin as being well earned through a
  3. The show will start airing on CMT Friday, September 17th. Crazy slow turnaround IMO. Thank you Ladies, appreciated!
  4. I realize that this info is likely out there but I'm unable to locate it... Do we have any info on when/where the auditions/training camp Making the Team will be broadcast? Help, please.
  5. What ever happened to Ramona's ex husband?
  6. And the obviously CGI created gentle snow wafting down to up the romance level. Just about every show and film. It was always just a guessing game as to when that would be cued in.
  7. Sir Paul had stayed at Grey House B&B. When he checked out Cassie discovered that he'd forgotten that old notebook of original, hand written lyrics. Calling to let him know he proved, yet again, what a nice guy he is by telling her that...no problem...he has plenty, just keep them and could she possibly send him some more of her blueberry muffins? Sadly, that scene was cut so they'd have time to show Stephanie's restaurant scene.
  8. It's also possible that contract renewal talks broke down or that at least some of the cast/crew had signed on to other commitments. I have no inside info, but it's not uncommon for a production company to simply pull the plug on an aging and flagging show rather than commit to another period of time/episodes. There'd be no guarantee of a return on their financial risk.
  9. I've no idea as to whether Catherine Bell is still of childbearing age but my own grandfather was what was then referred to as a 'change of life' baby. His mother was somewhere around 50+ and his closest sibling was 20 when he was born.m I like to image the conversation around the dinner table; 'honey, I have something to tell you...' It can happen. Within reason
  10. Okay, I admit that I gave up watching this show a few years ago but still enjoy reading these comments so...as to the lack of continuity; most TV series have what's referred to as the bible (small B) which give writers/directors and whomever else would need info the backgrounds of all characters, plot/character arcs going back to the beginning, proposed future arcs, important locations and so on. Obviously the reason for this is keep things from running off the rails regarding continuity. Maybe Good Witch doesn't have one, maybe it was tossed out, maybe the show has no ongoing plot/charac
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that the promos look kinda like a ripoff/copy/revisit to 'Charmed'? No saying it's good or bad, just saying.
  12. Anything to keep her name in the media. And I care...why? Pathetic to be that needy and sad (that wasn't sarcastic).
  13. When they bring in a small child to up the cute factor and try to establish some kind of new plot around a kid we'll know they're officially circling the drain. Anyone remember Cousin Oliver????? The last desperate gasp of a show which outstayed it's welcome and lost it's course. And yes, JMO.
  14. I think that they all look plastic and embalmed.
  15. I'm afraid that I have to agree with free2think above. I used to watch the show--not my fave but it was a diversion on a Sunday night. But now it seems to me that the producers/writers and whomever have removed anything which could possibly have had anything resembling any sort of questionable activity. No, not talking about serious controversy but anything which strayed an iota from the Hallmark brand of family entertainment in the blandest, safest, least possibly offensive sense of the word. And no, I don't hate Hallmark; some of their cards are quite nice. No, not suggesting that the c
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