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  1. Plus, even reduced, the fat checks they get to cash would be hard for someone as materialistic as Vicki to turn down.
  2. Beden

    Good Witch

    The show has devolved into what my father used to snidely and with annoyance call 'happy people with happy problems'...and not in a good way; in a the writers have run out ideas and haven't a clue what to do with the characters or plotline. Add to that the majority of the cast sleepwalking through each episode and it's a recipe for one seriously boring hour of TV. 'Used to be interesting with a hint of mystery. Now...not so much.
  3. Beden

    Good Witch

    Am I the only one who has a mental picture of the writers/producers offices at Hallmark having either dart boards or roulette wheels to spin so they know which plot points to use this time? You know; 'hey great, let's go with a plucky but down on her luck leading lady (25-30ish, pretty but not intimidatingly so) who needs a job/place to live/to save the family business which is a bakery/quaint restaurant/coffee shop/vineyard/B&B. She meets a handsome stranger when her car breaks down/bumps into him spilling whatever she and he are carrying/while dropping her nieces and nephews/babysitting charges off at school. He's in town to escape the expectations of his family/company/royal position--likely a prince-- which he feels obligated to fulfill but but secretly wishes to paint/be a photographer/chef. It's almost Halloween/Christmas/Valentine's day but she'll show him why it's vital to embrace hometown traditions and values. He sees the error of his mercenary/spoiled/business obsessed ways and connect while fireworks/a sunset/the town festival swirls around them. Or, alternately, plot B: She's a hard driving up and coming business professional working as a realtor/company PR hack/dedicated brilliant doctor who has forgotten her humanity when she's assigned a visit to a bucolic small town around Christmas/4th of July/fall festival/spring Azalea blowout to finalize the demolition of the town's beloved inn/gazebo/park/beloved mom and pop restaurant/bakery which is run/protected/being rehabbed by a handsome local carpenter/photographer/chef who embraces local values and the beauty of a simple/homespun life. By the end she's become a believer and they smile/kiss at the celebration gala/country barn dance/fireworks display. Cut and paste to any current movie of the week or TV show in production. Is it just me?
  4. All true but the staff and support people around her are--I assume--being paid. Having worked for decades as a theater professional, a gig is gig and we all have bills to pay. Does she actually write that tripe? Damn. Really serious crap, that.
  5. Nope. She didn't earn that money; she SUFFERED DAMAGES AND THIS IS REPARATIONS. I don't doubt you but...really? Who knew?...Clearly I'm no lawyer, majored in fine art so live and learn. Thank you.
  6. I also suspect that it would also be before taxes were taken out, as I assume that would be counted as income.
  7. Beden

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Took a quick look at her new site...pretentious BS and psychobabble.
  8. Beden

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    Schiaparelli coined that phrase back in the day and was the one who made it popular back in the 30's. My mother always referred to that shade as 'whorehouse pink'. But that was my mother.....
  9. Just wondering...part of the prize package for a Nobel is around $1 million. Okay, fine. But does the Nobel committee pay the winners (and maybe a +1) to Stockholm and pay their expenses while they're there for the ceremony?...hotel, meals, maybe a reception at the palace with the king and that kind of thing? I can easily believe that S & A would pay for their closest friends to join them (let's not get into the family/no family issue here) but their own trip? Anyone know?
  10. That would have been weird. But, maybe she should have been in Stockholm.:) Um....well, they're both lovely cities. And if I wasn't brainfarting this morning I would have made a point to stop in Stockholm for the ceremony first.
  11. All true. But I also point out that Sheldon is a man well into his 30's (or even in his early 40's), a highly respected professional who has lived and worked a good distance from his biological family since he was a young teenager going to university. I agree that Mary should have been in Oslo if she reasonably could and there were a number of dramatically feasible ways she could have easily been more incorporated into the story line--helping with her daughter's young kids for example, a simple and quick explanation. I buy that she would know that he was well cared for by his wife and close circle of friends. I'm close to my own 30 year old son who has lived/worked across country from me for a decade. While we both have our own lives, we text daily, visit back and forth when we can. While he'll never win a Nobel (and damn right I'd be there if he did), Perhaps this time Mary had a good reason for not being there-yes, more reason should have been given but I'm willing to accept that she knew Sheldon was well cared for without her. And maybe he and Amy stopped off in Texas on the way home.
  12. Beden

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    Yes, unfortunately you're right. I offer the horrible example of massive years long coverup sexual abuse nightmare of young female athletes by Larry Nassar, now being compounded by a similar case involving hundreds of male gymnasts at Ohio State. The principal of the elementary/middle school of the town next to mine was just arrested last week for trying to seduce an underage former student...and it turns out his brother is already in jail for the same crime. I mean...damnit. Sorry for the semi-off topic but it was brought up in last week's ep.
  13. Beden

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    Well...you're right, there are tons of fashion schools out there for formal training in technique, sewing skills, estimating needed yardage and the like. But there are other ways to pick up the essentials--my own mother taught sewing for decades (having a degree in Home Ec from back in the 40's when such things were common). I learned the basics from just growing up with her then added to whatever skills I have by minoring in costuming in college. I went into college already knowing how to use a sewing machine, set a zipper and things like that. My point is simply that there are any number of ways to become reasonably proficient in whatever your area may be. First you need to have the desire to know your craft, to understand the realities of what you're doing, not just airy-fairy ideas. I taught theatrical design in a university, gritting my teeth at a fellow professor who always told the students there was no real need for designers to learn the nuts, bolts and how-to's of costume or set construction, insisting that, basically the tech director, carpenters or head of your costume shop would handle those pesky details. Essentially saying that designers design, the hired help did the grunt work, Just--wrong. If a designer doen't know the potential or limitations of their materials how the hell can they know what is or isn't possible? PR has endless examples of designers not understanding how various fabrics respond or how to--I dunno--set a sleeve or hem a skirt. There are countless wanna-be designers out there, some talented, some not so much. This is a TV show; I strongly suspect that the producers cast contestants with ratings in mind. Hester is an example of that to me. OK, JMO, as they say.
  14. Beden

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    I don't have any opinion regarding Garo's being on another reality show or not (was he? I didn't know or care). But as I recall those horrid twins a few years ago basically seemed to be making their careers out of being on different reality shows, spewing lies about how they hadn't cheated but were misunderstood victims. I'd presume they continued to get the gigs simply because people would either not know they'd been around that block before or were so awful people would tune in to see what BS they were up to this time and it's about ratings. Clearly the producers would have access to know where they'd been and how they'd fared. Illegal, against the rules? Maybe, but money is money and ratings are ratings. I don't defend it, just understand it.