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  1. I think that showed that Diane was so good at compartmentalizing and minimizing that no one had a full picture of who she was.
  2. This was a documentary about several patients at Renfrew's Florida residential eating disorder treatment center. I found it to be incredibly frustrating, particularly the inept staff (there is no way patients should have been able to hoard and share drugs like that at a treatment facility, and the clinicians seemed petty and quick to label patients) and the issues with insurance. I was sad for patients who needed and wanted more care but were kicked out, and annoyed by patients who were ambivalent about recovery yet had tons of past admissions because they had more forgiving insurance. Sadly,
  3. Yeah, that's why I'm skeptical about her desire to have a kid. Unless she adopts or uses a surrogate. She's very fixated on her body.
  4. I doubt that Meghan was in a bad part of the country given the pics of the hotel she apparently posted (I didn't look, but someone posted about it here I think?). Anyway, I'm not going to infer anything about their marriage from the ring. Jim and Meghan are an odd couple but whatever, as long as it works for them. He was a dick to her on the show. Still surprised she didn't wear a fake but maybe she didn't want to buy one and didn't feel comfortable traveling with it as you suggest.
  5. Meghan looks good with brown hair in the reunion previews.
  6. Didn't Andy say at some point (maybe in his book) that Jim had wanted to go on WWHL or something? Jim has to have watched the RH shows. ETA, this article from 2013: http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2013/10/12/62890640/andy-cohen-meets-with-tony-la-russa-and-jim-edmonds
  7. This girl is all about taking short cuts and not doing the hard work or what? Go to school. Get a job. Intern. Network. Going on some stupid reality show for a "career"?
  8. I agreed with Cecily's assessment of Meghan. Whenever she came close to being "right," she screwed it up somehow. I want someone to put Vicki in her place, but that someone needs to be more socially savvy and understated than Meghan is.
  9. So she's posting pictures of them with her smiling? Yeah, just as I thought. These kids are just human props to her.
  10. Not even a gold band? I know that people sometimes wear fakes if they're going abroad (whether married or not-can be a good way to deter creeps) but no ring at all is weird.
  11. Storm. All joking aside, she doesn't seem to have a very strong sense of self, which explains her behavior.
  12. Let me guess, she'll post a bunch of pictures of herself with poor brown kids used as props with trite platitudes as captions. If she were sincere, she'd work with the charity to determine their needs and give them the money it is going to cost to get her ass over there. I hate it when privileged people think they can just show up, take a few pictures and leave. unless Meghan is a social worker, she won't be able to help these kids. She's like those clueless college kids who sell t-shirts to "raise awareness" or people who show up in disaster zones without a clue and just make things harder fo
  13. Meghan, exactly how much money have you raised? Just curious about how much an "official spokesperson" title is worth. Please tweet or better yet, write an angry screed denouncing haters in which you include the number (those make me lol).
  14. Here's my take. Fightcolorectalcancer.org does not have an official spokesperson nor was Meghan named as one. There are no press releases naming her a spokesperson, nor is she on the site aside from being tucked away in the fundraising section. Meghan started her trucker hat charity, promised to give money, and basically strong armed a CHARITY into giving her a title with her blog. She's a nasty piece of work.
  15. I'm so sorry. And that is something that Fight Colorectal Cancer should be worried about in terms of her being a "spokesperson." They run the risk of alienating people, like you, whose lives have been affected by colon cancer. She might actually make people re-think their decision to donate to Fight Colorectal Cancer.
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