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  1. checker

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    LA, NYC, Denver, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho? Puh-leeez! Surprised that Ruth/Rhain didn't show up to audition...or did she??
  2. checker


    After five episodes, I'm out. Some of the scenery was sensational, but all I hear when I watch is, "Augie! Aauugie! Augiee!! AAUUGIEEE!" and "Cal, CAL, CAL!!!". They're constantly running after each other. Why don't they just stick together!?
  3. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    Matt is free? "Fired" by Billy?
  4. Spoiled uptalking Diva-child with tooth-licking Cher moves vs. one young, good-natured, light-hearted dude on foreign territory. RIP dude.
  5. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    Season 8ish of Alaskan Bush People premieres on Discovery Channel Aug. 19 with a new episode (probably a recap, season preview or "Lost Footage" episode) at 8pm ET/PT followed by another new episode at 9pm ET/PT that's most likely the real Season 8ish premiere. https://www.tvinsider.com/701607/discovery-alaskan-bush-people-season-8-premiere-date/
  6. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    What is this?!??! Check Nov. 2nd tweets Twitter @JoshBamBamBrown Twitter @FathomThisFerry www.fathomthisfilm.com Curious to hear your opinions!
  7. A/C is a whole 'nother subject. They think it's unhealthy to go from hot to cold and back so fast. "You're gonna get sick!" They're just not used to it and really think it's so wrong. Big subject, I haven't been able to convince anybody to be thankful for A/C. They curse it. Now, I too like windows I can open.
  8. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    The Alaskan Bush People sojourn in the L.A. mansion.
  9. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    I came up with the info. that she's not Billy's daughter but her invisible sister Brandy is?!?
  10. checker

    Alaskan Bush People

    With so much time and no new material to clog up my brain, my thoughts have boiled down to just a few questions that have to be answered, before I can completely block out this farce. Is Billy getting his own medical treatment right now, too? Does Ami have cancer, or a fungal lung infection? Isn't the $21.000 PFD due date Nov. 2017? Is that the reason they're blowing all their money now (incl. payment for new season) --so they don't have it when it's due? I've decided ABPE is a part of the promotion hype, because everything they've exposed was exposed by Reality TV Scandals long ago. They'll never make it together to Colorado, everything is falling apart. Will the children ever get a share of any money paid out to Billy? Boats are always money pits, Rain shouldn't sing, Gabe IDK, Noah is in luuv, that's all peanuts. I'm sooo ready for some new events, and hilarious recaps!! How loong can this go on?!! Aaarrgh!
  11. checker

    Season 5 Discussion

    Thanks a lot! :) So many thought-provoking subjects on this Forum, and so many different experiences resp. knowledge to share--I love it here!
  12. Garry's back to entertain us. Like Elvis, Tupac and Michael Jackson, he's immortal.
  13. checker

    Season 5 Discussion

    Work-for-hire with lump sum payment, no royalties and no rights whatsoever, is my guess, especially because reality formats are low-budget, non-union productions. Travel expenses (pre-approved) would be paid by production company, claimed by production as promotion expenses. Don't know about living expenses. Here's a recent article I found interesting - about some cases in France and the court decisions: http://ipkitten.blogspot.de/2017/09/reality-tv-stars-performers-employees.html
  14. checker

    Season 5 Discussion

    Is a sin sot expected when two Thais marry? Is it as much as for foreigners? Do Thai brides want the personal gold in addition to the money for their families to cash on in if they break up? Do virgins (who aren't supporting their families with sex money) call for a higher sin sot than prostitutes? Are prostitutes even looked down upon in Thailand? Or are they more of a financial asset to the family? Does the foreigner have to keep on supporting the family financially after he's paid the sin sot they arbitrarily demanded?
  15. checker

    Season 1 Discussion

    Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby can learn from each other's experiences, opening both of them up. The age difference doesn't have to be smoothed over, they can both benefit and enjoy what the other one has to offer, sophisticated wise life experience or naive joie de vivre. It's always interesting to hear how people experienced historical events, especially when you weren't around at the time. It gives a better, deeper understanding and interest to something of which you've only heard or read. So what if Abby doesn't know what she wants from life, it's a privilege to have the time outside the box to figure it out. The missed cultural references and missed jokes are a bummer. They would spend time with people of their own age on their times away from each other to make up for it. I really think the relationship can give a new positive outlook on life to each of them, keep them on their toes. Abby shouldn't poorly wither away and Chris doesn't have to calcify. They each have something to offer, and it works for them. They can still laugh together. Sean would get on my nerves, for sure, expecting and pressuring too much. Chris stands above it all and might let me be me liking it for what it is, enjoy the moments.