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  1. I think the Sandy confrontation could definitely be about David. I found it very strange that Malia didn't show more concern about David's leg or his fall in general. When he was first asked if he was ok after he fell, he said no. If I were his bosun, I would have immediately wanted to assess him. But she didn't check him out at all. When she saw his leg the next day, she did ask if he was ok and he said that he was. I guess you could say she did her due diligence at that point. Although, it might have crossed her mind that it's pretty common for deck crew to try to tough out an injury rather
  2. I feel really bad for Courtney, Mzi, Lloyd and David. They are all loyal, considerate and hard-working. And now what are they getting for it? Less tip and a giant cabin switch. Katie better keep Courtney on service for the next two charters. It's the least she can do for all Courtney's efforts. I purposely didn't mention feeling bad for Malia and Mat. Karma, bitches!
  3. I agree. I still love Katie as a person, but she commands no respect. She looks like a deer in the headlights every time she talks to Sandy and she lets Lexi walk all over her. She wants to make everyone happy and that is working against her as chief stew. The original Kate understood that pleasing the guests was always more important than pleasing the crew.
  4. From what we have seen, Sandy doesn't know most of the specifics of Lexi's atrocious behavior and lazy work ethic. And it's entirely her own fault. One of Sandy's biggest failures as a manager is her terrible listening skills. Rather than truly listening and then responding thoughtfully, she immediately forms her response in her head and then cuts off the other speaker. It's what she has done to Katie all season. Another reason Sandy is completely ignorant about Lexi's true nature is because of her ridiculous decision to include Lexi in her conversation with Katie and in the crew meeting after
  5. I agree. That is all the twerking that I need to see for the rest of the season. They need to get creative with their free time. Why don't they play some old school games for part of a night? Drunken pictionary or charades may not be drama-filled, but they could be funny. It would at least be something different for us to watch. Plus, I could see a contest with Malia pitted against Lexi getting pretty intense!
  6. After watching this episode, I have decided that Lexi is Satan, Katie is a saint, and Malia is still a spoiled brat. I do not condone any of the things that Lexi said to Malia. She was way out of line and her lack of a sincere apology made it worse. But rather than stepping up as a senior crew member and figuring out how to make the living situation work, Malia happily let Katie volunteer to switch rooms with her. I didn't even get that mad until Malia's talking head where she gloated to the camera that Lexi is, "Katie's problem now." Once again, what Malia wants, Malia gets.
  7. I got Peacock to watch the gymnastics too, lol! I got the paid version, so I'm not sure if it's available on the free version.
  8. I got Peacock so I can watch early now, but I understand where you're coming from. It's not a matter of being spoiled by looking at the thread before you can watch. It's that feeling of being "late to the party" every week when you finally can read the thread. It just makes it less fun. No, it's not a huge deal, but it's still frustrating.
  9. I was surprised with Sydney's behavior during the reunion. She looked miserable and almost a little scared, as if she knew she was going to be roasted. She admitted that she knew that it was a one-night stand with Gary and took full responsibility for her horrible behavior toward Alli. She also said she was working on herself after seeing the show. Of course, the question is, has she really let go of her delusions or was the reunion just one more manipulative act of hers?
  10. Gary is gunning to be one of the all-time dicks of BD. I can’t stand watching him make that “ok, whatever” face every time he is rightly criticized.
  11. I agree that Daisy talking to Alli in the middle of dinner was a terrible idea. However, I have a feeling the timing wasn't really Daisy's fault. I suspect the producers intervened and made Daisy tell Alli at that exact time to create more drama.
  12. I'm so disappointed in Bravo for making this deal with Peacock. They want it to seem like it's this great thing they're doing. But really it means the loyal fans of this show now have to pay for a whole other streaming channel or risk being spoiled every single week.
  13. I was wondering why Alli didn't mention Gary and Sydney flirting at dinner. She seems to only remember the most recent dick move Gary makes. Maybe that's why the same thing happens every time...they have a drunken screaming match, which is followed by a conversation the next day where Gary apologizes and Alli says they can only be coworkers/friends. Then a day later, she's cuddling with him again. The cycle just keeps repeating itself and it's not fun to watch at all.
  14. I just read that the second season of BD Sailing Yacht was filmed in August of 2020. Filming must have gone into late August-September and Dani give birth just a few days ago. I absolutely believe that Dani has every right not to reveal the father, but the timing is...interesting. I'm very curious now to see if Dani and Jean Luc continue their relationship when the season ends.
  15. Captain Lee or Sandy would have fired her ass a long time ago. Captain Glenn is adorable but needs a little more backbone.
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