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  1. Did anyone else tear up when Captain Lee talked about his son? Not something I usually do during reality shows. He may have been prompted by the producers to talk about it, but it was obvious the pain was still so fresh for him. Plus, I think seeing Rachel and feeling the same helplessness had to be really hard on him.
  2. I think he also didn't want to get in a situation where Rachel might get angry and physical with him. Avoiding a possible violent altercation was definitely the smart way to go.
  3. I wonder if Captain Lee will allow them to finish the charter but they will remain docked for the rest of the time.
  4. Why do you believe Eddie is a terrible leader?
  5. Sandy would have made it Hannah’s fault somehow.
  6. I wonder if this season is so boring because last season was so widely criticized. I think the producers may have been scared to hire a crew that would create too much drama because they were afraid of another Ashton, Kevin, etc. They've also limited the crew's nights out. I noticed that in between charters this episode, they didn't even go to dinner, much less to a club. I think the producers' intentions were very good. I certainly don't want to watch another season of misogyny, verbal and physical assaults. Unfortunately, I think they went too far the other way and created a snooze fest instead.
  7. I've always liked Captain Lee, but I think he is going blind when it comes to who is doing a good job and who isn't. I completely agree that Eddie deserved the props he got at the tip meeting. He is working his ass off while managing a difficult, green crew very well. But why is Captain Lee complimenting Francesca? Yes, she may be hardworking, but the beach picnic was a complete disaster and he knows the interior is having communication issues. To me, these are things that fall squarely on the chief stew's shoulders. Then there's the fact that the guests singled out the food as being amazing when they were leaving. Where was the praise for Rachel at the tip meeting? Not to mention that Ashling and Izzy did a great job this charter too. Based on what we've seen so far, I don't understand why Captain Lee thinks so highly of Francesca. Or why he made everyone else feel like shit when it was really only Liz, James and Shane who deserved it.
  8. I agree with Dubbel Zout. I also think it's significant that Jolene was the only relationship Beth had left that wasn't formed because of chess. We know Beth's addiction and chess were inextricably intertwined. It may have required a friend completely outside the chess world to break through and truly reach her.
  9. I'm wondering if Rachel has ever watched Below Deck before. She seems to have no clue how breakfasts are done. Where are all the pastries and breads, fruit platters, big plates of bacon, etc.? Why was doing a breakfast special such an epiphany for her? We've seen the chefs do that on every other season of Below Deck. Then they have the time as individual guests wake up to prepare any custom orders. I don't dislike her but maybe do your homework before you come on the show.
  10. With the improvement in his scores, I think Nelly can easily win the final. Kaitlyn may have Bachelor Nation but that's nothing compared to Nelly's fan base. I looked on instagram and Kaitlyn has 1.8 million followers. Seems impressive except that Nelly has 3.1 million! As a rapper, he has an entirely different demographic voting for him than anyone else. His fans probably don't watch the show, but they vote for him every Monday anyway.
  11. Cheryl is now calling out the judges for being inconsistent. I think this is definitely true for Carrie Ann. Maybe Bruno at times when he gets carried away by a particularly sexy dance. However, I think Derek has been very consistent. He gives constructive criticism and his his comments are accurately reflected in his scores. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cheryl-burke-calls-dwts-judging-202100639.html
  12. I really hope it's someone we know. It's so good to have Eddie back, but without Kate, we really need another familiar face. It's hard to invest in this new crew, especially Shane and Izzy!
  13. Carrie Ann is now complaining about being bullied by fans. https://people.com/tv/carrie-ann-inaba-says-she-still-gets-bullied-over-dwts-judging-i-cant-believe-it/
  14. Sandy's flat out lies were unbelievable. First, there was the statement that Malia was first officer. We know that's not true because we have seen the first officer. And here is an article about Below Deck that proves it. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/below-deck-this-is-one-important-crew-position-viewers-dont-see.html/ Then there was Sandy's irrational response about Hannah and the Valium. First she said that all prescription drugs need to be registered. But then she said no one can work on a vessel if they take Valium. So following this logic, registering the meds would be a non-issue because no one who takes anti-anxiety meds could be hired in the first place. These reunion shows need to provide fact-checking as much as the political debates do!
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