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  1. I'm not a fan of these guests by any means, so part of me wants to dislike them even more for bringing additional people on the boat and making Kiko and the rest of the crew work so hard. But then I think about the fact that they haven't left the dock for their whole charter. Plus their beach picnic was a fail. They've basically played poker and used a few of the smaller water toys in what looked to be a limited area of water. I think they're legitimately bored and finding new people to hang out with is pretty much their only form of entertainment right now.
  2. Can you imagine if they brought back "beef cheeks" Leon from Below Deck to be the chef on Below Deck Med? I'd love to see Sandy try to micromanage him!
  3. I support Bravo not wanting to continue to work with him anymore. Don't invite him to the reunion, fine. But I can't believing their editing future episodes to reduce his time on screen. Counting deck crew, stews, chef and captain, there are only 9 people on the show full time. I feel like editing him out is going to mean leaving major storylines out.
  4. Agreed. What's sad is that Sandy handled the situations with Hannah and Malia the opposite way and both were completely wrong. Hannah came to Sandy asking for her help and Sandy told Hannah she should handle it herself. When Hannah then came back to her begging for help, all Sandy did was suggest a reset between Hannah and Lara. Meanwhile, Sandy, of her own volition, called Malia to the bridge and questioned her about the crew. Malia mentioned them calling her sweetheart and Sandy immediately swooped in, called the guys to the bridge and threatened their jobs if they say sweetie or sweetheart ever again. Which, as you mentioned, made Malia look weak for not talking to them herself. Malia also now looks like a tattletale. Great job, Captain Sandy.
  5. Lara reminds me of Mila the chef from last season. They both are impossible to work with and they're just terrible people in general. Hopefully, Lara will get booted after a few episodes like Mila did.
  6. I didn't agree with all of Madison's choices but I supported her while watching the show. However, the reunion definitely lowered my opinion of her. She acted immaturely and the eye rolling was beyond extreme. I don't think she is cut out to be a chief stew at all, at least right now. She's had a hard life and she needs to spend time working on herself before she takes on any type of leadership role.
  7. The bright spot of the reunion for me was Paget and Ciara (and their wine, of course). Paget definitely deserved to squirm for the whole Georgia thing. And I loved how Ciara was able to respond to questions so perfectly just by smiling and taking a sip of her wine.
  8. I agree that Malia is not starting off well. She's very focused on wanting the deck crew to treat her like one of the boys. That was all well and good when she was just a deckhand. But now that she's bosun, she needs to focus way more on getting them to treat her like a superior. Not addressing the "sweetheart" comment immediately was a big mistake.
  9. Hmm, why didn't his friends step up and defend him? That is strange. Maybe because he has a history of drug use and they weren't surprised by the possibility he had brought drugs on board? I have no idea; just throwing it out there.
  10. In addition to Adam being a psycho, he also had no qualms about lying to Paget's face when Paget took him ashore. He said he was looking for garnishes, when, really, he was gathering flowers for his girlfriend. Paget could have had other things to do on deck or be using his own break to help Adam. Either way, it's not cool that Adam lied to him.
  11. I agree. I think she is miscast in this role. I like that not everyone in the cast is a professional singer. (It makes me feel better about myself!) But Joan is a main character that gets so many songs and complex choreography. Unfortunately, Lauren Graham takes me out of these scenes because her singing/dancing skills are so weak.
  12. Jenna did ask Glenn if both her and Ciara could go swimming, so Ciara did have the captain's permission. However, I agree that since Paget is her boss as well, she should have gone to him and asked for his permission also.
  13. I cannot understand why Parker hasn't been fired yet. He has been spoken to and given multiple "second" chances. It's halfway through the season and he still doesn't know basic sailing terms. He has no awareness of his behavior around the guests. He's disrespectful, defensive, argumentative and spoiled. I know the producers ultimately decide who should be fired, but it's not like they haven't done it many times before. I really hope this next episode starts with Glenn firing him. I don't think I can stand watching Parker's antics for another half of the season.
  14. Does anyone else think Jenna's makeup looks terrible? She always has that thick, dark stripe of bronzer across her cheek that looks totally unnatural.
  15. I agree about the rib cage. When I was in high school, one of my guy friends gave me a bear hug and cracked my rib! I also agree that Jenna would be useless in a crisis but, as I mentioned in another thread, I still wish Madison had told her. That way we could have seen Jenna attempt (and most likely fail) to handle a true chief-stew issue. The way it is now, whenever this whole thing comes up on the show itself, on talk shows, twitter, etc., Jenna will always be able to say, "Well, if Madison had told me, I would have handled it perfectly." I don't like Jenna! I don't want her to have that ammo of "I wasn't told" to protect herself from critics!
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