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  1. Symone's lipsync was one of my favorites in many a season. Just connect to the song and sell it. Olivia seems a beautiful soul but her performance felt like an act. Much respect for Elliott proving herself where it mattered -- and overcoming that shady start in the workroom. Um-hm, she's got moves alright. I love that she describes her persona as Housewife with a Secret, and I see it every time.
  2. Chise and Dolores will be sorely missed in this competition. I didn't know, either, but was thinking, "He looks like Chance the Rapper." Thanks to Megan for clearing up that he's Chance's brother. Which somehow qualifies him to judge ballroom? And thanks to Leiomy for: "A resume means nothing to me, Mamita!"
  3. I'm cool with the weirdness of face-kini Ru, and respect her as the ultimate arbiter of who should wear her crown, regardless of who's beating her mug. Totally thought Gigi won the closeup lipsync, as soon as she started blinking to the beat. She used her whole face the whole time. Like one of the judges said, Jaida was smart to use the tight frame well. But Gigi had me locked in. And Crystal, I love her, loved the piñata, but...uhuh. That's what sold her video to me -- plus she threw some respect for Ciara into the performance, which I appreciated. Wasn't no Nelly Furtado in Crys
  4. "You mean a pervert for giving?" "No, I mean a pervert for perving." That killed me. And Jeff needs to get over Mateo already.
  5. I felt a decent degree of uncomfortable watching Pray cross a line he probably shouldn't cross with Ricky, but I was glad to see that scene in this show, and on TV. Not since Noah's Arc, and all that...and I wasn't watching Noah's Arc. The Angel v Damon battle did come on fast, but once Lulu jumped in, I think that signaled what the show was going for (the medical grade blow strikes again), so I went with it. Council meeting was a hoot. Maybe the emcees can work out a rotation schedule with the ladies who took their booth. And Femme Queen Vogue is one of my favorite categories, too,
  6. Funny enough, I think LMK's moves in the Groove is in the Heart video aren't that far off from Cher's disco moves with Michael and the Jacksons on her variety show. The Vixen was way off trying to call that particular Cher look obscure. That performance is iconic.
  7. Nope, that definitely was Venus. This was the season's first LSFYL to appear competitive, even if Monét clearly was the winner by the end. And Ru's runway look was E.VERY.THING.
  8. Stanley's looks almost always strike me as not bad but a bit boring. His Hard Rock Café rocker, for example. And this episode's white dress. I wouldn't wear Fabio's designs, but I know people who dress like him and would rock his clothes. There are plenty of designers already for those of us who want to wear more traditional silhouettes, so more power to him. That said, I did not like the combination of the smocked skirt and printed top, even though I enjoyed both pieces individually. This might have been my favorite PR final four in terms of energy and camaraderie, but not one of th
  9. I was surprised too at how hard Padma was giving it to em. I liked it, though. And I could tell from the way she rolled with the Glitter mention that she came to play. (She doesn't have to worry about living that down, cause Glitter is not her fault. Or Mariah's imo.)
  10. He said (or meant) Lake Como, and George Clooney famously* has had a house there for years. Stanley knew what he was talking about. I don't know what he was thinking with that hat on his model, though. Ugh. I loved Ken's look, and totally saw his story of a woman hosting a party in the Hamptons. * 'Famously' because I don't know the Clooneys but I've seen many references to George owning property in Lake Como.
  11. "Excuse me, I have to go explain society to somebody." That's like a tagline for modern life. Good episode.
  12. And the sooner I can work this into conversation, the better: "Are we done with the business part, because I'd like to start the clown portion of this meeting."
  13. They got me. I was sure Christine was going to eke out this huge win...
  14. Totally. I wasn't familiar with Crystal Labeija, but Aja sold the impression with her commitment and by actually being amusing. Her performance sent me searching for Crystal on Youtube, and Aja nailed the look, the voice, the attitude. ChiChi could have done the same with Maya Angelou, but she clearly had done no research on the lady beyond maybe a thumbnail pic in a google search. I would love to see what happens in offices if people start casually, y'know, because it's no big whoop, hanging "Fuck that bitch _____" signs around the break room. Shangela's not the only one playing this gam
  15. To quote one of this season's models, You hit the head on the nail. Except that guy projected more confidence.
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