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  1. LadyNebula

    To Tell The Truth

    It's Doris, actually. And I came here to say the same thing. She seemed downright cold to her. I watch regularly, and she seemed very off with Alyssa. Very disappointing. I love Alyssa (who was very professional, as always). Back rolls??!?
  2. LadyNebula

    S10.E17: All Star Skills Special

    Who knew Sean Bryan had a sense of humor? That freestyle competition was a joy to watch.
  3. LadyNebula

    S01.E20 Preventable

    My biggest problem was actually the HIPPA violations. First off, Helen isn't Max's doctor any more, so she really has no business knowing what's going on. I'll give it a pass though, because hey, 2 oncologists were discussing a patient, and she's the department head. But then for her to tell Reynolds? When it has no bearing on Max's case? That's a HIPPA violation. I don't care how noble her reasons were.
  4. LadyNebula

    Past Seasons Discussion

    Aw, I loved her as Georgette on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  5. LadyNebula

    S03.E18: Her

    I just want to know what state they're in. Not emotional state, but actual geographical state. I'm assuming that older Tess and her parents are still on the East Coast. Am I remembering that Tess works in Newark or am I making that up? When Randall called Toby, it seemed like he was close by, and he must be to make it so quickly. Maybe Kevin's huge house is in the NYC area, which makes my Newark memory make sense. Plus I doubt Nicky would up and move to LA. So I'm assuming all of the Pearsons are East Coasters now? I think too much.
  6. LadyNebula

    Past Seasons Discussion

    Son of a bitch. What a waste!
  7. LadyNebula

    Drag Me Down the Aisle

    Yeah, it's a one-off. If it does well enough, they may make it a series.
  8. LadyNebula

    Drag Me Down the Aisle

    I really enjoyed this! It was a nice twist on the bridal makeover show. Plus I'm not too far from Lancaster - PA Represent! I'm quite familiar with all of the queens, and it was great seeing them outside of Drag Race. I think this was a one-off; hopefully they do more.
  9. LadyNebula

    S03.E14: Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk with Me

    This Ricky plot is possibly the dumbest thing I've seen on this show, and that's saying something.
  10. I had a friend growing up who was JW but he was super low key. He'd talk about it if asked, and everyone knew he was a JW, but he sure didn't flaunt it. Although they came to my door once and later he said he was at the other side of the double (our town was mostly row homes) and wouldn't knock on my door. Not sure if he still practices. I doubt it. He went to college and moved far away. Another time they came to my door and I said I'd get my Dad to talk religion with them. They beat feet outta there. Maybe because I mentioned my Dad was a UCC minister...??
  11. LadyNebula

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    What did they throw on Archie in intake after he was hosed down? And why?
  12. LadyNebula

    S04.E05: Delivery Day

    Whoa, Orson Bean! Dude looks ancient (and he looked old 20+ years ago on Dr. Quinn). Nice to see he still acts. Also... Price is Right model James as a doctor? Yes, please.
  13. LadyNebula

    S04.E04: Costume Competition

    I feel Garrett. The worst repeat song I ever dealt with was a Christmas duet between Rosie O'Donnell and Ricky Martin. It was called,"Ai-Yi-Yi, It's Christmas." Drink that combo in.
  14. LadyNebula

    Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    Bruce deserved a million dollars for that medevac alone. So much shit going on! Except for Bruce. Heh.
  15. LadyNebula

    Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    Sorry, I think Bruce had the same issues and was older so I jumped there.