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  1. I just keep thinking that I don’t remember her having the weird accent when she was on Celebrity Fit Club, but maybe I’m wrong.
  2. Fulton taking over would make sense. He and Charlie were the “true” Ducks in D1 (the only ones to come on to the rink when the rest quit) and D3. I only hesitate because I wonder if Elden Henson might be busy soon. Potential SPOILER for The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Daredevil is showing up in the new Spider-man movie, and Kingpin is showing up in Hawkeye. If they decide to get the whole Daredevil cast back together to get them in the MCU, Elden will be a bit tied up since he played a major role in the tv show. Of course these are all Disney properties, so who knows? I
  3. I do remember one episode where Jon and Beth kind of had a heart to heart and I think he stuck up for her as well with Aaron and Glen. She’s said that to this day, Jon is one of her closest friends. So at least something good came out of the season! I always liked Beth as well. Annoying? Yes. But IIRC Aaron and Glen were really hateful to her. Like… really, really nasty. Man, that whole cast hated each other.
  4. I get this: I’ll miss Midwife Maggie :( But wow, she had a great attitude. I cackled at “I made you a gluten-free pudding.”
  5. It’s even more tear-jerking in the book. He’s so proud of “his boy Ted.” Cried buckets. I wonder if Hot Widower will give Nonnatus House some money.
  6. Did anyone else imagine Maggie riding around 1950s London on a bike when they mentioned she was a retired midwife? I don’t care if she’s not from London. I don’t care if she’s not that old. I don’t care that she presumably never lived with a gaggle of nuns. The image is living in my head rent-free for the remainder of her time on the show.
  7. The only knowledge I have of Jojo Siwa is from when Lemon portrayed her on the Snatch Game on Canada’s Drag Race. Seeing her now, I realize how eerily accurate Lemon’s portrayal was. While I was happy to see someone from Cobra Kai, I really would’ve preferred William Zabka. I appreciate Martin Kove trying, but… this is not his gift in life. I did enjoy the John Kreese bit at the beginning. ETA: that cycling guy is EXTRA.
  8. I distinctly remember that he and Irulan were very disliked by the Road Rules team during the first Gauntlet. I will never forget Theo screaming,”GO HOME!!” after Sarah beat Irulan. Some Road Rulers said Alton and Irulan were incredibly rude to the crew and had diva behavior.
  9. The best part of the night for me was seeing Sam Sann again!
  10. Regarding Elden and Garrett... They dyed Elden's hair so they'd look less like brothers, actually. Plus, he was billed as Elden Ratliff when he was younger, so it's understandable that it might be a news to some.
  11. I was so bummed to see Beth and Syrus go! You don't get much more OG than Beth. Even in her younger, troublemaking days, I've had a soft spot for her. Now, as an older and wiser, relatively drama-free 50-sonething, I really respect her for coming back and holding her own. And damn, she looks great! Has she aged at all?
  12. Add me to the roster of people calling shenanigans on Reynolds's mother needing full time care. My mother is 66 and was diagnosed as Type 2 in her 40s. She managed it for years with oral meds, but this summer she ended up on life support when one of the meds built up in her system and pretty much shut her body down. I almost lost her several times in one week. After she got out of ICU, they put her on 2 types of insulin. Now, my mom has many other issues: epilepsy, horrible anxiety, essential tremors, Aspergers (not that that would stop her, but the anxiety and epilepsy tie into tha
  13. Oh, you're not the only RENT-head 😉
  14. My local station cut in right before Iggy was talking to Ella and came back with Iggy in tears. What was said?
  15. Where did the dog come from? Because I don't remember ever seeing it before. I also missed some dialogue, so maybe it was explained. I'm confused.
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